For Honor: What Is For Honor? | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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ali samaei
ali samaei - Месяц назад
For honor isn't suitable for noobs it has a hard and challenging gameplay
BATMAN LAW - Месяц назад
News flash. The game is now trash. I won't be playing it anymore.
TheToilet Gamer
TheToilet Gamer - Месяц назад
You guys should add a campaign for the new faction and how they got involved
Nic0_ T3nn0
Nic0_ T3nn0 - Месяц назад
Ruined game, really... New heores aren't balanced at all! Application was 60 gb heavy and now is 30 gb, wtf?! Really?! This game it's ruined!
Noel Cotelo
Noel Cotelo - Месяц назад
It's an addictive game but it has such a piss poor algorythm and mecha ic to certain things. Not to mention it's garbage fanbase and modifying. Servers drop constantly and the game favors obviously from the beginning. Its fun but overall not worth the frustration. Sorry Ubisoft. You have a couple hundred more patches to go.
Game 23 studios
Game 23 studios - Месяц назад
I C - Месяц назад
Was waiting for the punch line the entire video, then realized it was all serious.
krispin idan
krispin idan - Месяц назад
Plz buff aramusha
London Punk
London Punk - Месяц назад
I can't wait for the sequel: 5 Honor
DARK FLASH - Месяц назад
Please for mobile 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 make it
VenomtheOne - Месяц назад
Terry - Месяц назад
Broke the game with marching fire. The perk system was only rolled out to make people with DLC feel like legends. Fu ubi-soft
Average Jokes
Average Jokes - Месяц назад
Hey so probably a unpopular opinion but I miss the gear stats I hate the perks
Wolfinstine The Flaming
Wolfinstine The Flaming - Месяц назад
Still really upset they removed the soldier killing animations, they looked actually cool an made killing foot soldiers more realistic in homesty, like now you just wipe in their general direction and they flop over dead. But in breach then yeah you don't need the animations since the soldiers have full body shields and such
Exodus Prime
Exodus Prime - Месяц назад
For Honor: where there is no honor, only cheese
Ailton Junior
Ailton Junior - Месяц назад
The worst update of all! WTF is Jiang Jun? Stupid damage and your ridiculous dodge !!! Congratulations ubisoft for this garbage 👍
Gulag Gunner
Gulag Gunner - Месяц назад
For Honor? More like For Daubeny.
popster lobster
popster lobster - Месяц назад
FreedomAintFree1 - Месяц назад
the new perk system makes the game unplayable. I was a level 40 and just can't play anymore. UBI ruined it with Oct 16 patch.
DragonZPlayZ - Месяц назад
Where is Centurion on the classes?
Jorge Arias
Jorge Arias - Месяц назад
christian cervantes
christian cervantes - Месяц назад
There's no Bloodiest awful everything in War, stop blaming my History!! 2:37
A Godly God
A Godly God - Месяц назад
Nice fight!
Nice fight!
Nice fight!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Xxxsnipersensationxxx has left the lobby
Zentrix 1887
Zentrix 1887 - Месяц назад
For honor

Its brocken
Maarten Bondt
Maarten Bondt - Месяц назад
We already know but, I thanks😔
Professor Diddles
Professor Diddles - Месяц назад
Will Arcade mode be coming fo free when the Wu Lin heroes come out of Early Access, or will you always need to pay for it?
WolfinStain - Месяц назад
Each faction contains highly skilled warriors *shows shugoki*
Chris B
Chris B - Месяц назад
Imma feel bad for any new players thinking we actually play with Honor in the game. There is a 1.999999999% chance of that happening. Good night. Good luck.
Hypnotic - Месяц назад
For honor without honor
Gage Edwards
Gage Edwards - Месяц назад
Vikings=“Cool kids” they this they are but not really but love the show
Samurai=WEEBS, Anime.
Just gonna release your trailer a couple years late. Okay. O-oh, and console is still broken as all hell? I see. Of course!
Grump 78
Grump 78 - Месяц назад
How is this on FPS ? i haven,t even install,d it sense they gave it away
Graywolf - Месяц назад
For Honor
The biggest game of players fighting without honor lol
dig bick
dig bick - Месяц назад
For Honor: Scum to win
Warriors play free
BabyDeath OfDOOOM
BabyDeath OfDOOOM - Месяц назад
I think Ubisoft is my new favorite company
Edson Dark
Edson Dark - Месяц назад
What's For Honor?
A game with multiple ways to fight without honor.
Toast. yes
Toast. yes - Месяц назад
For honor has NO HONOR
Toast. yes
Toast. yes - Месяц назад
For honor has NO HONOR
Ur usual cup Of tea
Ur usual cup Of tea - Месяц назад
Thank you for fixing it Ubisoft your he best.
Brandon Gregory
Brandon Gregory - Месяц назад
Feels good Daubeney
lemon hurdle
lemon hurdle - Месяц назад
How become when I got the season pass before the game came out. (Got 100$ version.) But I still gotta pay for the new heroes?
Danzus JD
Danzus JD - Месяц назад
Video is 4:20 long... I See what u did there
Meenal Hirwani
Meenal Hirwani - Месяц назад
This game is online or offline
Samuel - Месяц назад
This game is awesome! Play it! But it should have a better reward system for honorable players and a punisch for 1v4 ganker like players. Actually the title for Honor absolutely don't fit in here...
INSIDEoutGAMERxD - Месяц назад
ubi games never seemed to disappoint me. some bugs and server issues here and there but the games themselves stay great!
hardi prakarti
hardi prakarti - Месяц назад
please do rename it as "with honor"
Temper ZA
Temper ZA - Месяц назад
Honestly anyone who owns this game on console should just uninstall it. It's a trash game that the developers just threw onto console for some extra cash they don't care about the feedback from console players.
Shao Kahn
Shao Kahn - Месяц назад
Dominion mode is all about ganking and getting light spammed from the back by amateurs using orochi.
Xxninja gamesxX
Xxninja gamesxX - Месяц назад
if only this game wasnt made by ubisoft they really need to work on balancing the playable characters. and the 1v4s makes me want to die irl, in short this game really sucks. i literally almost broke my controller over this game, smash like if you agree.
DigiORNO - Месяц назад
Wtf Warden has a shield
Jabba Hatt
Jabba Hatt - Месяц назад
Also, ledging and salty honorable kids
Esteban Martinez
Esteban Martinez - Месяц назад
That's odd I don't see salt anywhere.
Ass Hat
Ass Hat - Месяц назад
Well its a better trailer and currently its kinda the season of give me your money from Ubisoft
Chinese Birdmann
Chinese Birdmann - Месяц назад
Wht about this is age restricted?
Luke Vigil
Luke Vigil - Месяц назад
I smile evertime I see the warden meme in the end I forgot his name
Deus Vult
Deus Vult - Месяц назад
Best game I've ever played by far. It has a sharp learning curve but some of the most satisfying fighting and gameplay ive ever seen.
Gabe Grizzly
Gabe Grizzly - Месяц назад
Gets hype for a game i already own
Fernando Morales
Fernando Morales - Месяц назад
Waiting for the Shugoki rework
Gabriel Riddick
Gabriel Riddick - Месяц назад
2:06 Tachanka boss fight?
captain xbox
captain xbox - Месяц назад
Thicc warden boss fight.
Rayoza - Месяц назад
I played on release, left because of connection issues.
I will say this however:
They really took care of this game.
That alone says a lot.
mx ultra
mx ultra - Месяц назад
I can't believe they deleted revenge builds before fixing light spam or balance issues.
GlitchGaming45 - Месяц назад
I would get this dlc but damn! Too much things coming out at once!
Capitão Saam
Capitão Saam - Месяц назад
*Lawbros Leave a coment*
Ur usual cup Of tea
Ur usual cup Of tea - Месяц назад
There is a glitch in season 8 of where I can’t get into my match when it instantly puts me in one and it’s breach. So if you can fix that then it would be great because it happened to me 30 times today and yesterday thank you.
Eddy Guerrero
Eddy Guerrero - Месяц назад
Great game thou
Liam Maclaine
Liam Maclaine - Месяц назад
For honor is a meme
Iv_painful_vI - Месяц назад
What is for honor well let me tell you about console for honor light spam and servers that are so awful you want to die and a strict nat type even when it’s the only game you have that on

Edit: forgot to say you’ll still play and won’t know why your still on it
Axel Hernandez
Axel Hernandez - Месяц назад
King Bro
King Bro - Месяц назад
Codytcc - Месяц назад
*cough*shaman is balanced*cough* XD
jacob stevenson
jacob stevenson - Месяц назад
Was i the only one looking for Waldo???
DibDab ThroughTheWindow
DibDab ThroughTheWindow - Месяц назад
Play nice and clean with people who do the same, enjoy a challenge and admit defeat, learn the mechanic and master your favourite characters from experience. People who gank, dirty, toxic, spam etc, ruin their time, and maybe they'll get pissed off and go ruin another game.
Only earlier today, I was in a brawl against 2 semi-decent players with a bot on my side. If they played properly, not double teaming etc they probably would have beat me, but because they made the mistake of being toxic, I double teamed, revenged and revived in retaliation and they lost. They lost themselves the win by trying to play dirty. I can only hope they learned something.
Eddy heysen
Eddy heysen - Месяц назад
what is for honor? is a death game thats what it is
AwesomeAQ8013 - Месяц назад
Its kinda fun with friends was gonna sell it but i played again and im loving it
serhat sural
serhat sural - Месяц назад
Kerri Lee
Kerri Lee - Месяц назад
What is for honor:a great game
malugge muhammad
malugge muhammad - Месяц назад
Please make it offline too
Master chief is noble 6
Master chief is noble 6 - Месяц назад
Wow all these new trailers and events and ui changes, graphic upgrades and more. They really want this game to come back to life. But the reason it died even after they added the dedicated servers comes down to balance, witch this game has never had. Until they fix frame issues on console and the light spamming orochi gods that come with it, the game cant make a come back. And than overall you still have heroes like lawbringer and shugoki who are so bad the community has made memes out if them. And than heroes like centurion and valkyrie where once you learn their tricks their basically garbage. The game needs a lot of work. And hopefully more people play and they give this game the work it deserves. Cause it really is a cool concept and can be a lot of fun.
Dávid Bakalík
Dávid Bakalík - Месяц назад
first repair your servers then you can do trailers NAT Type STRICT all the time. i wrote you 2 times on support !!
Kittynoscope Gamer
Kittynoscope Gamer - Месяц назад
Ayaz Colak
Ayaz Colak - Месяц назад
for honor
-no honor
Reflexive Gaming
Reflexive Gaming - Месяц назад
Been playing this game since launch, still watched the whole thing for some reason
SUB ZERO - Месяц назад
This game is just a bunch of RB spamming
DPRHTZ - Месяц назад
Could someone explain me the new equipment system?! I don't get it...
Peyton Ibarra
Peyton Ibarra - Месяц назад
4:20 blaze it
Ryan Stillwell
Ryan Stillwell - Месяц назад
The video ends at 4:20 all u need to know
Fergal Flynn
Fergal Flynn - Месяц назад
does the marching fire expansion not work for anyone else i pre ordered mine and says i need to buy it and i go into my add ons and it says "this will not download because it is not in the ps store"but my other friends have it some dont
Flaron 72
Flaron 72 - Месяц назад
Fixxxxxxx Rainbow ubi😡😡😡😡😡
Jaron Brdar
Jaron Brdar - Месяц назад
A game where they complete destroy the old character build system so you hardly know why or what's going on
Combine - Месяц назад
raspira - Месяц назад
I woke the morning of Marching fire to play, updated got on and then realized you have to pay again... Another 30 bucks,on this fundamentally broken game, after i bought season pass and the game itself already, Rip off! im officially done with ubisoft anything. There greedy, DisHonorable, Lowest of game developers.
Le Mystérieux
Le Mystérieux - Месяц назад
Who fight for the honor ?
W-RäZ. - Месяц назад
So, we now got new faction "Wu Lin".
If they ever going to release a new faction (which they most likely will do), i hope that it is Spartan's.
Bort - Месяц назад
This game just consists of spamming the best attack your character has over and over until one of you falls. Maybe throw a feint every now and then, if your feints aren't getting interrupted by lightning fast Orochi light spamming that is.
That fish dude
That fish dude - Месяц назад
For honor is two words:Sodium Chloride.
TheGroundPlays - Месяц назад
I’m well suprised they event mentioned the story mode lol
Weissman Hyperion
Weissman Hyperion - Месяц назад
2:36 Bloodiest wars in [UBISOFT] history
Dangercore - Месяц назад
for honor is a cancerous game played by people who suck at real fighting games....this is the game where all the nerds who got destroyed in tekken and street fighter went because it doesn't require much skill to win since the gameplay revolves around cheap gimmicks rather than real fighting
Mason Ginn
Mason Ginn - Месяц назад
For those of you wondering whether or not to buy this game, if you like competitive multiplayer games......BUY IT NOW!!!!!
Dangercore - Месяц назад
don't listen to this guy this game is the most cancerous game you'll ever play avoid it like the plague
Larry Foulke
Larry Foulke - Месяц назад
Unbalanced, bug-filled, toxic game where the developers don't listen to the community's outcries and keep making bullshit things to keep players coming back instead of fixing issues to rake in as much cash as possible.
I love the game but quit cause it had way too many core issues with the gameplay and with all the seasons I just saw them get worse and worse.
ANDY21555 - Месяц назад
The answer is...Trash.
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