Minecraft: STONE WHEELBARROW CHALLENGE GAMES - Lucky Block Mod - Modded Mini-Game

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PopularMMOs - 3 months ago
We have some really cool mobs coming for this series!! Enjoy!
Gacha Ash The devil wolf
Woo hooooo
Chase Koons
Chase Koons - Month ago
Shadow Lord 22
Shadow Lord 22 - Month ago
PopularMMOs I murdered cloud
Shadow Lord 22
Shadow Lord 22 - Month ago
PopularMMOs h
Kits Achumi
Kits Achumi - 5 hours ago
Macka kinght s from kirby
Gutetama Plop
Gutetama Plop - 5 hours ago
24:38 wait I’m confused was that supposed to happen?
DolorBird - Day ago
*D I R T*
Gamingwith Sisters
Gamingwith Sisters - 2 days ago
Pat said WHEELY when he called it really cool chestplate = 5:56
Lucys Toy Chest
Lucys Toy Chest - 3 days ago
You know how this works
1. Pat
2. Jen
3. Cloud
4. Chuck Norris
5. Kylie Jenner
6. Ted
7. Bomby
8. Honey boo boo
9. Sylvester
0. Your choice 😌
MARK_ MINER - 4 days ago
can i barrow your sign pls :)
Yorkie Poms
Yorkie Poms - 4 days ago
15:49 Jen said " I tried to kill him with my banana"
owen fahlgren
owen fahlgren - 5 days ago
pat uses furneces lol
More Zorth
More Zorth - 5 days ago
Toys-r-us is dead
THE MASTER - 5 days ago
I haven’t been watching for a while

Pet armour???
Dillon Clark
Dillon Clark - 5 days ago
Fight a ghost
Tammy Jones
Tammy Jones - 5 days ago
Onle jens last enchantid golleden aplle🍎
Tammy Jones
Tammy Jones - 5 days ago
You shod do a burgur challenge🍔
Tammy Jones
Tammy Jones - 5 days ago
Jen is the killur🍴
angelica saldana
angelica saldana - 6 days ago
Get the horse armor
Morgan Vaughn
Morgan Vaughn - 6 days ago
I love you guys keep up the good work❤️
*-*Shadow_Wolfie *-*
*-*Shadow_Wolfie *-* - 6 days ago
Me:Oh,he’s still playing Minecraft life always..
Taco Man
Taco Man - 6 days ago
Why does it seem like there are so many comments of "haven't seen u in awhile. Popolarmmos hasn't changed a bit" Comments.
Taco Man
Taco Man - 6 days ago
Main theme in this episode: Karma sucks
game best in the best game best fan
No I don't ew
Hyperhero 25
Hyperhero 25 - 9 days ago
galaxy wolf
galaxy wolf - 9 days ago
the chestplate from the hero villager had protection ll on it
Camron Buck
Camron Buck - 10 days ago
That was a weally bad well at the beginning 2019for evas
Cherno Alpha
Cherno Alpha - 11 days ago
This is the weirdest boss I've ever seen and heard of.
Andrew Shi
Andrew Shi - 12 days ago
I think there might have been a beacon under the sacrifice thingyyy
Mya Rainbow
Mya Rainbow - 12 days ago
Can u please do a challenge games based on Game Of Thrones??xxx❤️❤️
I want coNtEnT
I want coNtEnT - 18 days ago
I just got a hentai ad WHy
Chronic ccinnt
Chronic ccinnt - 18 days ago
I’m really bout to get cho pickelchine
stwamps roblox
stwamps roblox - 19 days ago
can I see your bananas?
Zarah Kauser
Zarah Kauser - 19 days ago
When 2019 comes and fornite is here pat keeps playing minecraft #legend you are the only reason i loved minecraft
geometry master OMG and drawing with xgame
this sword is a sword that meta Knight use in kirby games
Rainbow Crafter
Rainbow Crafter - 20 days ago
14:27 #pat.in.a.hole
Rainbow Crafter
Rainbow Crafter - 20 days ago
Skip to 10:12 #skeletwinforever
Milo Weinberg
Milo Weinberg - 20 days ago
olim1.tk for free online games
YoloKid Hunter
YoloKid Hunter - 21 day ago
Pat: Jen watch out there is a M-m-m-mecha spiderman
Me: *laughing my head off*
Renegade Gamez
Renegade Gamez - 22 days ago
If its food its mine!!
????????? ?????????
????????? ????????? - 23 days ago
I've seen you for like a year and I think that u are absolutely awesome keep up the good work! 😊🖒
The Awesome Heracross
The Awesome Heracross - 23 days ago
Wait.... A Galaxia Sword. Robobot ITS KIRBY THINGS
Enchanted Unicornsss
Enchanted Unicornsss - 24 days ago
Can we all thank Pat and Jen for keeping minecraft alive
I mean, they are on of the few YouTubers who haven’t been taken over by FORTNITE!!!
bulbysaur !
bulbysaur ! - 25 days ago
Lol u got meta knight's sword its caled galaxia as we and looms the same
shayleysmommy - 26 days ago
Jen:It’s cause you didn’t twerk on it
Pat:(beep)jEN NO we talked about this

Omg jen😂
Khang thecatboy3
Khang thecatboy3 - 26 days ago
You wanna see my hairy bohnana
Spottedj999 - 27 days ago
I understand the wheel are dust before you said it
Alden Wong
Alden Wong - 29 days ago
Spawn the wheelbarroes in the hole then it will be so much easier
Gucchicarrotz ,
Gucchicarrotz , - Month ago
A wheelbarrow only has one wheel bud
Winnie Fi
Winnie Fi - Month ago
19:11 jen said i will teleport and i thought it had crashed because her head with a bow.....then she apears behind pat😰😨😱
Sir Yup
Sir Yup - Month ago
This vid has 9 ads so...question.

How much money did they make?
TheNoesc4u - Month ago
Where did you get a lucky block
Maddox Mork
Maddox Mork - Month ago
You should just do a scrambled word for Jen
Son bui
Son bui - Month ago
Pat and Jen cool books I LOVE YOU GUYS too
T&W productions
T&W productions - Month ago
Bro just visiting back my seven-year-old memories are you still watch popular MMOs so much
Invinite Studios
Invinite Studios - Month ago
Wheelie Stone Double O, Borrow man sounds like the guy who steals everything from rick and morty 😂
LewH 33
LewH 33 - Month ago
Lewlew 006
Lewlew 006 - Month ago
He could have got golden horse armour and a golden apple from the horse and drops I’m so triggered 😂😂😂
eliteforce - Month ago
Mackenzie Jones
Mackenzie Jones - Month ago
when you are running out of mobs
Ayla Hansen
Ayla Hansen - Month ago
*i don’t know why but I love jens laugh and I always laugh when she does* ❤️❤️❤️
Banana kid
Banana kid - Month ago
Must be a really heavy wheelbarrow..
elementallobster x
elementallobster x - Month ago
The Potato Master Lopez
Pat are you running out of ideas. Lel NEVER CHANGE pls I luv u
Nathaniel Richardson
Nathaniel Richardson - Month ago
"why am I trying to open a potato?"
Violet - Month ago
How did I guess she was gonna say “wheely stone double o borrow”
Project Teal
Project Teal - Month ago
Y u no take beacon from well!!!!!!!!
Eitan Kanai
Eitan Kanai - Month ago
How do you come out with these hints
Joshua Pattison
Joshua Pattison - Month ago
Damn deepthroutin those golden apples
Stephen Doran
Stephen Doran - Month ago
Jen do not know gwutar
RickAshaw_11 - Month ago
pat you know if it says Luck 0 on the lucky weapon use emeralds gold or diamonds to make it better
No good names left
No good names left - Month ago
Make Jen fall into more holes
Tab Lord
Tab Lord - Month ago
Why don't you trade emeralds for diamonds?
Tab Lord
Tab Lord - Month ago
You guys blew up
Damacio Trujillo
Damacio Trujillo - Month ago
I just broke my foot playing soccer
Shadow Lord 22
Shadow Lord 22 - Month ago
All comments are about how they haven’t watched PopularMMOs in 2 years
Boi if you don’t
Angelina Padilla
Angelina Padilla - Month ago
Milagros Garcia
Milagros Garcia - Month ago
Weel-stoo -barrow if you say it fast it makes sense
Olliver Fitzgerald
Olliver Fitzgerald - Month ago
Change your intro it’s been like 5 years
trapper's shadow
trapper's shadow - Month ago
Nothing changes
L.H. GAM3R - Month ago
Plagio é crime copiando a serie da moon
tposeluigi - Month ago
Wait what, a stone wheelbarrow? Wth
Mike Barrios
Mike Barrios - Month ago
I god at me haha
Mimigrl 101
Mimigrl 101 - Month ago
At 10:34 that's from Kirby!!
greg brower
greg brower - Month ago
You guys should do face cam
Valmira Muzhaku
Valmira Muzhaku - Month ago
popularmmos is running out of boss ideas!
ᴀʟᴇxᴀ - Month ago
Wheely stone o o barrow-man
michelle3000 - Month ago
Its been like 3 or 2 year since i watch you and i see you havent change your still all the same
Sharon Cronin
Sharon Cronin - Month ago
Anyone notice how he said none of then had regular protection yet the chest plate had protection 2
James Turner
James Turner - Month ago
Gwetar :)
Sean GeneralHonoredGloryKing
What was that cut out part I laughed so hard when that happened
Gaming raptor5
Gaming raptor5 - Month ago
Sofia Johnson
Sofia Johnson - Month ago
I’m such a huge fan
Sofia Johnson
Sofia Johnson - Month ago
Omg I just signed into YouTube today and subed and I feel so much better
dj girl msp
dj girl msp - Month ago
U could of got a wheel and named it “CAN I BARROW A WHEEEEEEEEEL” 😂👌
Crayon Andrew
Crayon Andrew - Month ago
I started watching when u were in your thousands, left and then returned last year
Jaidas Reborn world
Jaidas Reborn world - Month ago
26:01 the battle
jordan bader
jordan bader - Month ago
I love your channel and this series I have been watching for 4-5 years
Madison Allsup
Madison Allsup - Month ago
I thought it was Wheel barrel
Wolf Sheen
Wolf Sheen - Month ago
rip toy r us :(
siv Jo
siv Jo - Month ago
The puns are unweel
its.graceelizabeth - Month ago
i’m freaking 15 and haven’t watched sense i was like 12 and i forgot how much i loved this part of my before teen childhood😂
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