Aaron Boone, Brett Gardner, and CC Sabathia get ejected, a breakdown

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Jomboy Media
Jomboy Media - 18 days ago
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Ordonity - Day ago
I watched this video at least 6 times today
FS N - 2 days ago
1:26 😂😂😂
Im Discomplete
Im Discomplete - 3 days ago
James Koo
James Koo - 5 days ago
Poor Brett Gardner 😂😂😂 that’s twice he got ejected for saying nothing
Noah Frye
Noah Frye - 5 days ago
Poor dude got ejected for
Just fixing the roof smh
michael bartow
michael bartow - 10 days ago
damn this had me laughing my ass off sooo much. God I bet anybody sitting there on the home team side was going nuts over this. I like the old guy giving the Ump the official 1 arm gesture to show him how much he cares for him.
Jordan - 10 days ago
You did this uh uh you did this
Jon Patterson
Jon Patterson - 15 days ago
Nobody hates the Yanks more than me. But those umpires are ridiculous. Do whatever the fuck they want without any consequences. Constantly making the game about them. I'd be banging my bat every fucking day !!!
clutchcity25 - 15 days ago
Jesus Christ, who hasn’t Cameron Maybin played for?
gearhead 400
gearhead 400 - 15 days ago
MLB umps are fucking terrible lately. Wtf is goin on?!
quest 77051
quest 77051 - 16 days ago
lololol....they will GARDNER out for children starving in africa....you watch. smh lol
ThereIsNoTry V
ThereIsNoTry V - 19 days ago
I love how you read what they say as they're saying it. I've grown so fond of these
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders - 20 days ago
Why doesn’t MLB make umps sit behind the high speed camera....Have them call the game from there...They keep their jobs & hopefully less arguing.... Your videos are damn entertaining though!!!
justinbounds23 - 21 day ago
Gardner is a cry baby 😭
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis - 22 days ago
Cuzzi did the same thing to Ron Roenicke in a Brewers-Blue Jays game.
nick viviano
nick viviano - 23 days ago
hahahahaha so good
ELEMENT Salty YT - 24 days ago
I was there
Yumi Jaymesme
Yumi Jaymesme - 25 days ago
Maybe Brett needs a stress ball.
Tim Baumann
Tim Baumann - 25 days ago
Stay classy yankees
D Me
D Me - 26 days ago
CC is the last of the old-school pitchers. Over 250 wins, over 2500 strikeouts, complete games, etc. Pitchers now rarely go 7 innings & then they gotta get rubbed-down by Mommy.
Juan Cero Baseball
Juan Cero Baseball - 26 days ago
The top of the dugout is taking a beating this year in New York
Krispy Kramer
Krispy Kramer - 26 days ago
Yankees and Umps have been the best baseball rivalry this year
Shawn Jeffery
Shawn Jeffery - 26 days ago
Gardner is a whiny little shit that deserved to be thrown out, acting like a 5 year old having a temper tantrum...lol
VCres1000 - 27 days ago
Mutha fuckas is terrible 😂
Ethan Baker-Hayes
Ethan Baker-Hayes - 27 days ago
Brett Garner is the master of getting ejected by not having to say anything.
MasterKiller 737
MasterKiller 737 - 27 days ago
Those umps are god awful man
Creston Price
Creston Price - 27 days ago
Why are the Yankees getting ejected so much for acting like children and arguing close pitches? I thought this was an organization that prides itself on professionalism, clean shaved, etc.
rigman031977 - 27 days ago
"This fan is gonna give him the business ..." & BAM
r mac
r mac - 28 days ago
Gardner loves dildoin that roof
thor odinson
thor odinson - 28 days ago
Jesus Christ MLB ump's are the biggest fuckin crybullys in sports.
As a matter of fact ump's are softer than far leftist crybullys.
Wow when did MLB turn into a PC sjw nightmare.
World of Tanks blitz replays Blitz
That’s girl is cute at 2:06
dsroaddogg - 28 days ago
I would rather have Roger Dorn than Gardner's waste of a roster spot
bjfdog - 28 days ago
Trump is a pig. He lies cheats and steals. All his supporters are fools. Fuck them all for behaving like Nazis. They should all be ashamed. Explain this evil to your children. Go ahead. I dare you. Now, back to the game...
bjfdog - 28 days ago
This guy is like the lip reader on Seinfeld.
Dublin O’Seven
Dublin O’Seven - 28 days ago
Wasn’t that the yellow guy in “Sin City”?
TheLeftyrighty - 28 days ago
Q: Why doesn't Trump need glasses? A: He already has 2020!
thehiphopprophet - 28 days ago
Can you do a video about how my extremely underrated Oakland Athletics have been kicking the Stankees ass so far this week?
edward kim
edward kim - 28 days ago
lmao @1:28 phill cuzzi "Ya did this ugh ugh ya did this"
Earl Vaughn
Earl Vaughn - 29 days ago
I live in FL but I want to go get free Friiiies. Do they have veggie burgers? Its a long trip for free friiiies if they dont.
hyprvypr - 29 days ago
C'mon Gardener, GET OUT, it's time to go! Yeaaah! Look at this, look how he's playing, look how UGLY this is. You're a professional player and I can do this to you. You're a terrible player. This is disgraceful!
hyprvypr - 29 days ago
Yankee players are the biggest bitches in baseball. It's an absolute disgrace to the game. Gardener and his pounding of the bat is disgraceful, CC, who's not even on the fucking roster and shouldn't be allowed to be in the dugout is disgraceful, Yankee players left and right complaining about every fucking call. Go buy some more players, cry some more you bitches and go fuck yourself - the rest of the sport thinks your organization and franchise is a disgrace.
SharinganRebirth - 28 days ago
You cry and bitch too much hater. If players get mad after being screwed over with bad calls, they have every right to get mad as much as they like. Any other team or player would have done the same you ignorant idiot.
Javier Castillo
Javier Castillo - 29 days ago
Hey I think rich eisen was talking about this video with Dave Roberts on his show today.
John C
John C - 29 days ago
So they can eject for anything what's next he looked at me
John C
John C - 29 days ago
So touchy
John Roby
John Roby - 29 days ago
YouTube deserves this.
paulh123456 - Month ago
I know the ump!! Lmao grew up with Ben May in Wisconsin
Radalfi Ledesma
Radalfi Ledesma - Month ago
Yankees are under attack
rocketHtown - Month ago
fking Yanks cry a lot
Javier Olazagasti
Javier Olazagasti - Month ago
Gives him the busines bam!!!
Javier Olazagasti
Javier Olazagasti - Month ago
Best one yet
Oliver Penner
Oliver Penner - Month ago
Girl with the knee brace, please email me immediately
BostonTransplant1 - Month ago
Gardner acts like a child. Keep tossin' him out.
Joshua Crandall
Joshua Crandall - Month ago
"Montclair" (no "e")
Magnum Muscle
Magnum Muscle - Month ago
The current crop of MLB umps are all millennial pussies. They SUCK!
James Meidinger
James Meidinger - Month ago
Brett Gardner pulling a Clark W. Griswold like, "I wasn't talking to YOU."
Ethan Carroll
Ethan Carroll - Month ago
After bullshit ejections like this teams should just refuse to play on. Umps need to be checked because they are ruining baseball.
Niro M.
Niro M. - Month ago
MLB should make that overgrown childish, angry looking thumb Gardner pay for the damages to all the dugouts he's done that to, lol.
Thomas Glynn
Thomas Glynn - Month ago
The ego of these a-hole umps is almost as bad as calls...
infernalone666 - Month ago
as much as gardner seriously needs to stop doing that (and how it keeps looking more and more like he's doing it for attention the more he does it), when we're coming into a time when many people are questioning how necessary the umps are and ask the question of them having too much power in the game, what a genius idea on their part to become "muh feelings" when it comes to arguments.
they're ejecting people now for microaggressions, for comments other players make (gardner for maybin's comments), and, in some cases, you have some bad umps like kulpa who thinks he can deliberately make bad calls with the only defense being "I can do whatever I want" and angel hernandez who pulls the race card when he gets criticized.
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