Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Animal Fails Compilation November 2018 #1 - Co Vines✔

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Raquel García González
Raquel García González - 16 hours ago
3:50 ese gallo tiene un sueño u es jugar al fútbol
vasy bylli
vasy bylli - 22 hours ago
I Love❤️t this vidio mix👍👍👍👍👍
vanshita Modi
vanshita Modi - 23 hours ago
When mom says come down its school Time 1:53
Linda Brashier
Linda Brashier - Day ago
This is another one of those videos that is not funny. It's people getting a kick out of the discomfort of a pet.
killacaliboy KCBkotastrophie
it’s freaky when you watch a random video on you tube and end up seeing your family member.
Jenny Tobin
Jenny Tobin - Day ago
6:09 that 8s cruel!
Dark - Day ago
Shout out to the person watching dr.phil
Souparnee Jana
Souparnee Jana - 2 days ago
Good girl bad girl
龍&虎&鯨 - 2 days ago
Pail Horse Gaming
Pail Horse Gaming - 2 days ago
When the water turned on, that cat immediately realized how badly he’d messed up.
Me Me
Me Me - 2 days ago
4:29 here's the thumbnail, apparently no one thought of marking it lol
arcel laforteza
arcel laforteza - 2 days ago
watch this this cute dogs too,,just click the link subscribe if you want,,i'appreciate it...
Shelly Beans Jellybeans
5:59 it was cute till the cat fell down the stairs then she should of gotten of her lazy ass to help him instead of sitting there and videotaping it.
Makes me wonder if people today would rather just sit there and record you and watch you get hurt or die or would they actually be a decent human being and put it down to save your life. Imo ppl would rather watch you die to live stream it or to get likes rather then save you. That's fucked up
Mercedes Sager
Mercedes Sager - 3 days ago
What u stupid people don’t realize is that these animals could’ve been seriously hurt. No shade or anything just telling the truth
Kayla  Acabal Perez
Kayla Acabal Perez - 5 days ago
I like the video of the mouse chasing the dog
ToXc Yato
ToXc Yato - 5 days ago
3:08 tom jerry
Wavy Yt
Wavy Yt - 5 days ago
5:28 holy shit animals are evolving 😱
syed raza
syed raza - 5 days ago
1:53 when you have schools on mondays
schwifty live view
schwifty live view - 5 days ago
Ok Let's see how Many dislikes This Comment can get
Chris Mason
Chris Mason - 6 days ago
4:50 what is that
Pamela Freemam
Pamela Freemam - 7 days ago
11:45:me at home watching youtube
12:45:me laughing so hard my mom call the doctor
Ølivia Løves Fell Sans
Bae means POOPIE
carla vos
carla vos - 9 days ago
ahmad abolpoor
ahmad abolpoor - 10 days ago
It was a joke that I had a pipe and a hole in my head.
Ava Stuckey
Ava Stuckey - 10 days ago
R.I.P vine
georgebookie - 11 days ago
This dog has eyes behind his back?!!
Virus Virus
Virus Virus - 11 days ago
7:34 that cats hung jk
CTG 0921 RBLX - 11 days ago
2:57 me in a horror maze
CTG 0921 RBLX - 11 days ago
2:51 when my beyblade is out of control
CTG 0921 RBLX - 11 days ago
2:05 me on school days
MALAB RAY - 12 days ago
So cute doggies.....
MALAB RAY - 12 days ago
I like em
Jacob Harper
Jacob Harper - 13 days ago
What kind of dog is that Rottweiler mix it looks just like mine and we don't know what kind he is
妍哥曲檀兒 - 13 days ago
2:25 你比鬼還恐怖⋯⋯
The Mskpoplover13
The Mskpoplover13 - 14 days ago
At 7:22 .This is me when someone tries to steal my foodsss!!!😊😊
Gacha Keki
Gacha Keki - 14 days ago
At 0:17 if she didn’t have glasses who knows what would’ve happened
HUGO FFS - 14 days ago
9:32 What kind of dog is this?
Neveah Falling
Neveah Falling - 14 days ago
It’s really amazing fun yah, but I won’t adopt anyone of them anymore, hrmmm I’ll still willing to feed strays 🐱 n 🐕
Rpar D
Rpar D - 14 days ago
When your pet gets  his/her head stuck in anything  they are going to freak out. Because  they just cant lift it off like their owners  can! So owners put down your cell phones and help your pets  that you love so much out before getting hurt. . Its  not funny or fun to hear the person laughing  and recording  as your pet is  falling  all the way down the stairs with a box over his/her head. And then Post it!!
kiara la crak zurco
kiara la crak zurco - 15 days ago
Maltrato animal no se ase eso 😠
Jeffrey Brockmiller 3
Jeffrey Brockmiller 3 - 15 days ago
That girl is scared of a grasshopper wow her life must be depressing
Janar Kull
Janar Kull - 15 days ago
4:48 sounds like a dying dragon
Antonella Cozzi
Antonella Cozzi - 15 days ago
Sono favolosi,super simpatici!!!!!!!!!!
Karl Gaming
Karl Gaming - 16 days ago
1:37 Legend has it that they are still running
Robbie Tait
Robbie Tait - 16 days ago
It when somebody just said they hurt
Nat Day
Nat Day - 16 days ago
The one that got me was the one with the donkey
Siddhesh Sawant
Siddhesh Sawant - 16 days ago
6:45 when teacher used to ask me a question back in school.......😅
Its Thea Brodahl
Its Thea Brodahl - 16 days ago
1:54 im dead
Marie Mackey
Marie Mackey - 16 days ago
1:53 one more for the road, you have to be kidding. 🐕🍸😲
jamaria gifford
jamaria gifford - 16 days ago
4:30 thumbnail
Player Reşat
Player Reşat - 17 days ago
Dk 6 daki kari bizim evin zili gibi guluyor
No entiendo
Mayank Jalwal
Mayank Jalwal - 17 days ago
7:06 which breed
Mayank Jalwal
Mayank Jalwal - 17 days ago
3:31 which breed
Marie Kandová
Marie Kandová - 17 days ago
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow - 17 days ago
the first one is my sister waking me up and me chasing her
Icre8 Top
Icre8 Top - 18 days ago
So funny
awesome buddy
awesome buddy - 18 days ago
2:00 when I am woke up for school
rodigo braga
rodigo braga - 18 days ago
Que fovos
Cawa I Bunga :3
Cawa I Bunga :3 - 18 days ago
4:49 omg is it a zombie?!
Reyna - 18 days ago
8:10 This dog is full of ingenuity😂
Reyna - 18 days ago
1:19 A rare image of me trying to achieve my goals
Breanne Venn
Breanne Venn - 19 days ago
1:17 😂😂
ramsy420 - 19 days ago
4:18 what is she laughing about I do this all the time
Do It With Nick
Do It With Nick - 19 days ago
4:48 the fuck was that laugh 😨
Alejandra Meza
Alejandra Meza - 19 days ago
6:02 what an awful owner. Her laugh is evil!
Ganesh Reddy
Ganesh Reddy - 8 days ago
I think she will definitely play the next harley quinn😅😅😂🤣😂
Spiral Feather
Spiral Feather - 20 days ago
It looks like dog.exe is prone to crashing if the brain is too small.
Wiko Wiko
Wiko Wiko - 21 day ago
CUTE dog's
Beáta Krebs
Beáta Krebs - 21 day ago
Nicht witzig!!!
Austin Hall
Austin Hall - 21 day ago
The vid at 0:06 is my dog every day, same with the squirrel
Miley's Channel
Miley's Channel - 21 day ago
0:59 that dog snatched yo WEAVE
Muadib Adder
Muadib Adder - 22 days ago
0:01 the cat be like " whu you barking at biatch, huh,huh"
feynthefallen - 22 days ago
Izzat a Terrier fleeing from a rat...?
Vengefulspoon 84
Vengefulspoon 84 - 22 days ago
What you came for is at 4:32
Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith - 23 days ago
Me mumbling about school on Monday’s half tired, and upset that I was pulled off Detroit become human.
līl kīd
līl kīd - 23 days ago
*snatches weave*
Dimitra Koukakh
Dimitra Koukakh - 23 days ago
Χχχχχχχχχ this is so fanny
Ozlem Emeksiz
Ozlem Emeksiz - 23 days ago
RizzlerXIII - 24 days ago
That laugh at 4:49 legitimately scared the beejeezus out of me!
nyda welsh
nyda welsh - 24 days ago
😂 made my day!
NoFlu - 24 days ago
Diego Rozalén Cortell
Diego Rozalén Cortell - 25 days ago
"Voy a ponerle una caja de pañuelos a mi gato cerca de las escaleras para que se caiga y poder grabarlo mientras me parto el culo..."
Kam9Zerk - 26 days ago
3:27 what kind of dog is that😍
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn - 26 days ago
great stuff. LOL and NO stupid music! thanks a whole bunch :}
B B - 26 days ago
6:02 made me cringe with that woman laughing. Go take out your cat's head of the box, if he hadn't broken something yet by falling uncontrolably from the stairs >.>
That JayC
That JayC - 9 hours ago
​@Pail Horse Gaming Several cats and dogs through the years, and yes it can be funny to watch animals freak out sometimes. But there was another clip where they opened a jar of cat food knowing the cat would stick it's head in there and get stuck, The difference is that they stopped recording when the cat started to panic. The lady didn't. When she lifted her fat ass of the couch she wasn't concerned about the cat, she wanted more "hilarious" content. That's what pissed me off.
Pail Horse Gaming
Pail Horse Gaming - 2 days ago
Do any of you own a cat? Because I do. And watching them do stuff like this is amazing. She obviously was following the cat to make sure it wasn’t hurt. Y’all need to chill and get angry at real animal abuse.
That JayC
That JayC - 15 days ago
You can hear the food or treat rattling in it as the cat falls down the stairs. She did it for the clip. Cruelty in my book.
Sorai - 15 days ago
It stopped being funny after he seemed to be super distressed and started falling down there stairs :(
Megha Sharma
Megha Sharma - 27 days ago
Nonsense lady
Aprilsown - 27 days ago
3:10 what kinda mix is that? My dog looks exactly like that we just never knew what she was.
tardis mole
tardis mole - 27 days ago
Warning: Don't watch this when you have a bad chest. I'm saving this to "watch later" for when I've got rid of my cold. Coughing fits are no fun. :D
Mensajes Mensajes
Mensajes Mensajes - 27 days ago
Mateo 5:7 " Felices son los misericordiosos, puesto que a ellos se les mostrará misericordia.
slmnoee TV
slmnoee TV - 27 days ago
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman - 28 days ago
Chicken playing basketball. Now I've seen it all
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman - 28 days ago
Omg the puppy sneezing cause the shoes smell. Too funny
oni chan
oni chan - 28 days ago
That last one the woodland critter be like oh look breakfast and a show nice
funy420 funy
funy420 funy - 28 days ago
best thing
cellogirl11RW - 29 days ago
The last one was the best! The squirrel is saying, "Haha, you can't get me!"
Arthita Dasgupta
Arthita Dasgupta - 29 days ago
#3:46 Rooster playing soccer 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Delivert Us 4rom Nesha
Delivert Us 4rom Nesha - 29 days ago
4:48 I thought that was the dog making that noise and was hurt at first 😂😂😂
Juniør Puppy
Juniør Puppy - 29 days ago
It’s not the dogs, it’s the people’s laughs
PvP and Me
PvP and Me - Month ago
2:30 so funny
Tiamaat 23
Tiamaat 23 - Month ago
I quit watching at the terrified cat with his head in the Kleenex box. What a-holes
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