First African-American FBI agent finally gets recognition

commie nazi
commie nazi - 11 days ago
hey guys were totally all equal and stuff character over color and all that so let's explicitly make a big deal about hiring someone of a specific race
Travis Monroe
Travis Monroe - 22 days ago
V Lo
V Lo - 24 days ago
Basically they just said that the FBI was hiring black people undercover to spy on the black community because they can get under the radar in environments only black people can go undetected as feds... #staywoke
Tero Nummenpää
Tero Nummenpää - 23 days ago
Hahahahaha "#staywoke"
Juana p
Juana p - 25 days ago
Now that's awsome!!!!✔
Dakota - 25 days ago
No wonder views are down. They’re even targeting the FBI and making racist claims! Silly news.
Derail07 - 25 days ago
More CBS race baiting
Shahquelle L.
Shahquelle L. - 23 days ago
damon waring
damon waring - 26 days ago
Notice the reference to Wayne Williams in regards to the Atlanta Child murders.
nikorn chinakul
nikorn chinakul - 26 days ago
From Hong Kong! The US Government is doing the RIGHT thing and it has been doing it for the past 20yrs or so. Just give these Negros what they want and they in turn would stop Burning down each and every American towns in the USA. And those Images alone would not look good to the rest of the World.
Michael Harley
Michael Harley - 23 days ago
@nikorn chinakul = is obviously a very racist pos that has a pea brain that is malfunctioning because of incestral molestation!!
nikorn chinakul
nikorn chinakul - 25 days ago
@Juana p There is no doubt, the comment was very Ignorant, because it came from a sad and ignorant person, like me. My sincere apologize if it cost anybody any pain. My comment was just a Mirage, a Refection of what is happening in the U.S Society. For that point alone, what was the reason for the event of the Million man march in D.C, 1995? Was that a call for Justice? If not! What was it for?
Juana p
Juana p - 25 days ago
Your statement is so ignorant and that's real talk.
Domepeace_ltd productions
codename: token
seeking wisdom
seeking wisdom - 26 days ago
We must STOP looking to the heathen for recognition for anything!!!
Lord Solar
Lord Solar - 26 days ago
Want a cookie
Brother John's
Brother John's - 26 days ago
Nothing good about this because they were hired to spy on black Americans not to produce something called justice!
V Lo
V Lo - 24 days ago
Brother John's preach brotha preach.
Cyph3r _
Cyph3r _ - 26 days ago
Brother John's initially, that’s correct but changed post-the cross dresser
Eric x
Eric x - 26 days ago
Less than 5% FBI agents are black because the FBI has standards and just can’t hire on tokenism.
Michael Harley
Michael Harley - 23 days ago
Eric x = is a token homosexual!!
cosiss etc
cosiss etc - 26 days ago
uhhhh it has a lot to do with African Americans not wanting to go into that field of work. but I mean hey, if you like hating black people cause they cant get skin cancer from the sun then so be it. just know that the sun doesn't want you here.
Grandmas Boy
Grandmas Boy - 26 days ago
Nobody cares about the first African-American Everything! It's hard because black girls just want to get on the pole and the black boys just want to play football so they can hit white boys with their helmets!🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤔
Oscar Warren
Oscar Warren - 25 days ago
and who is dying from od
Erin McG
Erin McG - 26 days ago
James Phony
James Phony - 26 days ago
I was *fired* while director of the FBI, where's my recognition?
GOLDY GOLDY - 26 days ago
This is News....Sad!
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin - 26 days ago
👨🏿 Agent Green it’s okay! We got everything! We’ve got GUNS. MORTARS! It’s Like A Ware House of WW3!! We Got It All-
Reign - 26 days ago
No photos that is beyond racist
Family Phone
Family Phone - 26 days ago
Where is the NEWS? This isn't black history month!
Lajoy W
Lajoy W - 26 days ago
Just another ignorant Heathen who support 45
Evron 360
Evron 360 - 26 days ago
You the type of person that just hasn't run into the right one yet keep pressing your luck on a real one
Ada Johnson
Ada Johnson - 26 days ago
Black history 24/7/365. SMH. Stop trolling and get a life. Some people always trying to negate the success of Black America. Yeah we out here same as everyone. It’s news because the story was never told publicly. Why no picture? I can think of a few reasons.
BC _
BC _ - 26 days ago
About time.
Trump sucks co*k!
Trump sucks co*k! - 26 days ago
Awesome! 👍
Super stop motion Story person
That’s sweet!
MansouR Al-Aqeel
MansouR Al-Aqeel - 26 days ago
Great 👍
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