GETTING A NEW TATTOO!! Tattoo Confessions!

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NikkieTutorials - Month ago
carly mendicino
carly mendicino - 15 hours ago
Levenslang my dad passed away two years ago from als but I’ll love him for a. Lifetime He always encouraged me to do what makes me happy and knew my passion for makeup which I will love for a levenslang My instagram Handel is carlyraemendicino
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis - 16 days ago
I will be watching your videos for a levenslang!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️😘
Carmen Van der Auwera
Carmen Van der Auwera - 18 days ago
Please advise Sephora that the validity of the gift card must not be levenslang, because I would spend it in a second! (No, just joking, give me 2hrs, because I always start doubting between so many brands!!). Love your tattoos, maybe I should get some french fries tattooed.. Bye! (Insta: wings.before.roots)
Bridget - 19 days ago
I will be watching Nikkie for levenslang!!!! Luv u! You cute little tattooed Clarice!
Leena Almgrabi
Leena Almgrabi - 20 days ago
I have levenslang cousins Insta: l.xyt9
Mirthe Van der Heide
Mirthe Van der Heide - 5 hours ago
Dit zijn alle woorden die mij doen denken aan een levenslang leven
Diana Barragan
Diana Barragan - Day ago
amazing tattoo !!
Jessica Harrell
Jessica Harrell - Day ago
I will eat mac n cheese for levenslang!!!!
buffat - 2 days ago
Really enjoying the soft classical music in the background
Jim Hill
Jim Hill - 2 days ago
I wish to be happy for a levenslang.
Shannon Suess
Shannon Suess - 2 days ago
It's going to take me a levenslang to pay off my student loans hahahaha
Emma Gosling
Emma Gosling - 2 days ago
Wishing I could see the black glitter lips too!
Stephanie Krerowicz
Stephanie Krerowicz - 2 days ago
Stephmk2008 instagram
I’ll be a twin for levenslang!
Salwa Aftab
Salwa Aftab - 3 days ago
First time see a girl with tattoo on full body
Fefe Hammell
Fefe Hammell - 3 days ago
I have one tattoo and it's for my pop (granddad)
Alyvalley123 - 3 days ago
A levenslang of love
Wieke Vergeer
Wieke Vergeer - 4 days ago
Ik blijf levenslang naar Nikkie kijken :3 / I will be watching Nikkie for levenslang
Andde Mendez
Andde Mendez - 4 days ago
I love all those tattoos!
Just me
Just me - 4 days ago
Norwegian word of the day lifetime = livstid
Ann Moynahan
Ann Moynahan - 4 days ago
Having lost my parents, mother in law and 2 close friends in a span of 5 years.... I will remember them levenslong!!! Loooove your make up today... so beautiful
Ellie Borruso
Ellie Borruso - 4 days ago
I got my first tattoo 3 years ago "be brave", I now have four (a semicolon, and the words "promise" and "believe". Like you, I get tattoos that will be a reminder to me, and it makes me sad that some people "make fun of them" and I'm like "you don't know what I'm going through and these tattoos are a reminder for me to keep going"
Ig sodaswirls
Ig sodaswirls - 5 days ago
I have been watching your videos for levenslong!
I g: sodaswirls
Ig sodaswirls
Ig sodaswirls - 5 days ago
Levenslong !
Oda Marie Sund
Oda Marie Sund - 5 days ago
I have lost the count of all my tattoos..haha. And i love your new tattoo!
People; how is it being a mom?
Me; A levenslang of worries
Levenslang - or as we say in norway - Livslang
Barbara Hunt
Barbara Hunt - 5 days ago
The very first tattoo I got was a rose on my shoulder, and the next tattoo I have is a breast cancer sign with a little chain and a heart at the end and above the tattoo it says strong enough ❤️
Sami Lynn
Sami Lynn - 7 days ago
Im so sorry for your loss. I understand completely I lost my mom a little over a year ago so I understand how hard it is to lose a close family member. Times really does fly. Again im so sorry for your loss.
Frida Gonzalez
Frida Gonzalez - 7 days ago
I don’t have a tattoo because I’m 8 years old but I really want to get tattoos because it’s a way to express you’re self
Lynn Dewane
Lynn Dewane - 7 days ago
Levenslang! = how long to be slaying it 💋
Deidre Forbes
Deidre Forbes - 8 days ago
The amount of money the jewelry on her neck, wrist and hands cost 🤩
Lea L
Lea L - 8 days ago
I don’t have a tattoo yet but in like 3 months I will get my first one on both of my heels. It will be the birth year of my father (on the left side 19 one right side 64) who passed away 4 years ago.
Also I want to say that I‘m German and I’m always incredibly surprised that Dutch and German are so similar
Jordan Roman
Jordan Roman - 9 days ago
bloem bloem
bloem bloem - 9 days ago
Makeup of influences only work in face fronting light. In daylight when natural lighting and shadowing takes place you see the clownesk makeup face, a cartoonesk Indian face full of stripes. Don't they see that themselves?
Jennifer Paul
Jennifer Paul - 9 days ago
beau angel
beau angel - 9 days ago
Hou ervan dat je nederlandse woordjes geeft😂❤️
Kira Behar
Kira Behar - 10 days ago
I actually found you're channel because of a video, where you talk about your tattoos
Jennifer Gold
Jennifer Gold - 11 days ago
i love levenslang movies
Anne Massicotte
Anne Massicotte - 11 days ago
Anak Rose
Anak Rose - 11 days ago
Levenslang you too miss 😂 jk
Jessica S
Jessica S - 11 days ago
Thats such a fun word you say, I said to my boyfriend "I love you for a levenslang" and all I got back was a blank stare of confusion lol
ig: jessica_sroka
SoWhat - 11 days ago
Dear Nikkie,
Last year, 2 of my loved ones passed away. One was the love of my life and my heart is broken LEVENSLANG ....
I am with you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
ashley silva
ashley silva - 12 days ago
Angie T
Angie T - 12 days ago
There is actually a type of penguin your make0up reminded me of, they are called Macaroni Penguins and the have striking yellow hair at the top of their heads, so that's cute :)
Saadet Demirci
Saadet Demirci - 12 days ago
I will be entering to your giveaways for a levenslang and not winning any of them SAD

Insta: saadetdemirciii
Adna Lia
Adna Lia - 12 days ago
Living without tatoos levenslang. Cause my religion doesn't allow and I can't go against it
Saadet Demirci
Saadet Demirci - 13 days ago
I will be entering to your giveaways for a levenslang and not winning any of them SAD

Insta: saadetdemirciii
Geek2Chic - 13 days ago
I always thought that being rich is in the moment but being wealthy for a Levenslang
A. Bish
A. Bish - 13 days ago
“Leave the ice where is is” 😂 howling 😂
BEST COMMENT - 13 days ago
i feel like getting tattoos is for levenslang than having a wife or husband hahahahhaa
Jasmine Loren
Jasmine Loren - 13 days ago
Fact : No world map projection is correct. Because 3d can't be translated into flat or 2d and the world is sphere so 😁
Maud Duchateau
Maud Duchateau - 14 days ago
Levenslang ✨🧡🚀 Groetjes uit België!!!
Maud Duchateau
Maud Duchateau - 14 days ago
Instagram: duchateaumaud
Chelsey V
Chelsey V - 14 days ago
Levenslang ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @chelsey_paisley3 on insta. Only one could dream I never win anything haha
LuAnn Taylor
LuAnn Taylor - 14 days ago
I will be watching your videos levenslang! Thanks Nikki! @lht0663
Elizabeth Silva
Elizabeth Silva - 14 days ago
I'm living for this look!!! Such a beautiful backstory. Love the little 🍔 😭 so sorry for your loss.
Kimberly Cook
Kimberly Cook - 14 days ago
We can never have too much makeup in this levenslay
Shania Antoine
Shania Antoine - 14 days ago
My idol for how long??
TB - 14 days ago
Levenslang @terribeary IG
Giovana Rezende
Giovana Rezende - 14 days ago
I will love your videos for a Levenslang
@gimartinello on instagram
Lama - 14 days ago
Mikai will stay in your heart levenslang.
Love you
Devan Alethia
Devan Alethia - 14 days ago
Levenslang Devan Alethia L fb
Devan Alethia
Devan Alethia - 14 days ago
You’re so sweet, seriously.
Ansley Not Ashley
Ansley Not Ashley - 15 days ago
We will always cherish the memories of our loved ones, who have passed, for a levenslang. (It has been a little over a year since my grandma passed away). You’re in my thoughts and remember you aren’t alone. Much love 💕
Instagram: @ansleyk98
Kelsey Partridge
Kelsey Partridge - 15 days ago
I will love ice cream levenslang🤪 my insta is kelsey.partridge
Tiana R.
Tiana R. - 15 days ago
I can't wait to get a tattoo one day, I've always wanted a piece of art of my body that will last for a levenslang! Love you Nikkie!!
Instagram: tiana_reddick
Twitter: @TianaReddick
Sonryza_Mariie - 15 days ago
I got my first tattoo when I was 18 on my finger of a cross. It was a stick and poke that my friend did for me. I then got a botched wolf on my ankle and I regret that 😂. For my next one I want to get something that represents my son. I want him to know mommy loves him for a levenslang. 💕
Ig: Chichibabiie
Upcoming MUA
Make-up and tattoos will be my levenslang love ❤️ / ALSO CAN YOU PLEASE HOST ESC 2020? This was literally my first thought when I heard that Duncan won 😍 much love from Austria
lovewordssss - 16 days ago
Hopelijk maak je levenslang video's!! je bent geweldig Nikkie
danna3000 - 16 days ago
Makeup will be my Levenslang love next to my husband and kids instagram: @dynamic_beauty4lyfe I have 6 tattoes and 2 more to get very soon ;)
Lisa Lum
Lisa Lum - 16 days ago
Oh yeah. That tattoo bug is an ass. I have like 3 more planned but the darn kids keep growing and needing new shoes, clothes and such that I just don’t have the funds.
Kids are for a levenslang as well as tattoos. 😜
Mochi Tea
Mochi Tea - 16 days ago
You have inspired me to get a 'Levenslang' tattoo, which will last for a levenslang. Trust me when I say that it will truly hold meaning not just from you but from my levenslang and best memories ❤️
Montque Hitchmough
Montque Hitchmough - 16 days ago
Instagram @MonH
Montque Hitchmough
Montque Hitchmough - 16 days ago
if i ever got a tattoo my mum would run after me for a levenslang
Maren - 16 days ago
levenslang! I speak Englisch, German, and Russian. I want to learn a few other languages too. Is dutch difficult to learn? I'm sorry about your brother Nikki! In the US there is a cancer charity for children called The Sam Bish Foundation. Sam was a little boy who died from cancer and his parents started the organization to raise awareness and money for cancer research, to help other kids with cancer, and to help the families of kids with cancer. My grandparents volunteer every year at the events and its a lot of fun. They have like bounce houses and games for kids and then an auction for adults where all of the proceeds go towards helping someone. It's pretty cool and you are doing an awesome thing. :D
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis - 16 days ago
I will be watching your videos for a levenslang!!! ♥️♥️😘😘🤣🤣 IG: jessied4219
Camille M
Camille M - 17 days ago
how long i’ll stay a subscriber: levenslang ❤️❤️ love how creative you are with your content
Chris H
Chris H - 17 days ago
This makeup look will stay in my life levenslang💋 Instagram: @christinhobrlant
waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw
your so photogenic N -- stunning
waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw
Silence of the Lambs - really? -- odd and very dark i must say (*: - i have a few tats - i created my back tattoo which goes from the top of my shoulders down my spine ending at my ass bone :D
وحش بوبجي
وحش بوبجي - 17 days ago
Belize make us an Arabic translation because there is a lot of Arabshm
Madss MSP
Madss MSP - 17 days ago
I was so confused when i found out that you live in the netherlands because you sound so american to me.
Evelyn Lazaro
Evelyn Lazaro - 17 days ago
I have one tattoo that I will have for a levenslang
Ig: _evelyn_lazaro_
Amanda Brock
Amanda Brock - 17 days ago
Thank you so much for sharing this. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. I lost my little brother to an aggressive brain cancer March of last year. Its so hard to believe he is gone, I miss him every day. I can't wait to get my tattoos in memory of him. I thought your burger was FANTASTIC. My brother LOVED going to Wendy's, especially after his treatments started, if he wanted a burger, by gosh he got one!
noe - 17 days ago
i hope i find the guy of my dreams and stay together levenslang
Alyssa Johnson
Alyssa Johnson - 17 days ago
I have tattoos for a lavenslang also!! 💗💗💗
Rose McCormick
Rose McCormick - 17 days ago
I have been watching you for a LEVENSLANG 😘😘
Joycelyn Nguyen
Joycelyn Nguyen - 17 days ago
levenslang ig:@joycelynnguyen
Joycelyn Nguyen
Joycelyn Nguyen - 17 days ago
who else was getting batman vibes with her eye look?
Jessi Cleghorn
Jessi Cleghorn - 17 days ago
I have a Silence of the Lambs tattoo too! I got the moth but in a completely different style
Samantha Lindley
Samantha Lindley - 17 days ago
I have two tattoos! Funny enough they're both on the most painful parts of the body lol. My first one was on the inside of my foot on my arch and it says "I'll be there Hun" because it was the last thing my grandpa told me before he passed away. My second one I got almost a week ago and it's on my right side on my ribs and it's an outline of the state of Texas and it has a heart in my hometown!! Both were painful but somehow I powered through considering that my pain tolerance is extremely low haha
ItsHelloSydney - 17 days ago
This week has felt like a levenslang
Insta: itshellosydney
Laura Testa
Laura Testa - 17 days ago
I want a levenslang supply of makeup ❤️ in my country we dont have sephora but going to spain in summer 😍 i can use it there ☺️. I have 5 tattoos and thinking about the 6th one. My instagram is testalolly85 luv u nikkie 😘
Vanessa Vogl
Vanessa Vogl - 17 days ago
It's incredible how similar 'levenslang' sound with 'lebenslang' which we call it in austria 😅🇦🇹
Alyssa's Busy Life- Healthy Body
I’m so sorry for your loss!! I may not know the date, but my body always know when an anniversary is coming up.
kerenelc - 17 days ago

IG: kerenelc
Tynika Hughes
Tynika Hughes - 18 days ago
I will remember my little brother for the rest of my levenslang x
He passed away the day before my 11th birthday and every day I think of him.
Thinking of you and your family!! x

ig: Tynikaa.a
Michele Humphrey
Michele Humphrey - 18 days ago
It would take me a LEVENSLANG to perfect that kind of liner... And 2 more LEVENSLANGS to get it even on both sides! You got game sis! That why you Da Queen Bee!💜💚❤💜💚❤ @shamelesschele on all platforms! (If by some heavensent miracle you see this comment and choose me as the winner... Hehehe) jk I totally have faith!
Janne Joillet
Janne Joillet - 18 days ago
I will of course watch your videos levenslang!
Ali Hashimi
Ali Hashimi - 18 days ago
Omg your getting a tattoooooo
AmaraBrianne - 18 days ago
I love my tattoos, I’m glad I’ll have them for a levenslang😇
Ig: ssweethearrtt 💜
junjou1000 - 18 days ago
Lol plot teist her next tatt is a glazed doughnut
Savannah Steyn
Savannah Steyn - 18 days ago
Levenslang have been obsessed with magic and fairytales. So I have a tattoo of a bunny rabbit on the inside of my wrist to remind me to fall down the rabbit hole and allow my mad side to come out especially in my art. I also have a collection of tattoos around my ankle for my top 10 fave Disney movies cause I'm just such a lovable dork I guess 😂💜
Nicole Banker
Nicole Banker - 18 days ago
I have only 2 tattoos right now, and only one of them is sentimental. It's a combination. It's partly in honor of my grandfather who passed away, and also a "sisters" tattoo that my 3 sisters and I have. I will cherish this one for a levenslang ❤
Dania De Leo'n
Dania De Leo'n - 18 days ago
I haven’t been on vacation/holiday in a levenslang! I’d really like to be on the beaches of Jamaica right now having the slang of my leven
Brooke Sampson
Brooke Sampson - 18 days ago
i’m graduating from high school in two days and let me tell you, it felt like levenslang.

@brooke.sampson (ig)
Cymone Archer
Cymone Archer - 18 days ago
I bet your gunna end up with tattoo sleeves.
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