The Making of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Video - The Beginning

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Pedro Abel Beltrán Disciplina
Imaginen todas las posibilidades con esas físicas. D:
Devon C
Devon C - 5 days ago
Nintendo, have you considered making a phone that's mainly a gaming platform? It could be something similar to the Switch that relies heavily on bluetooth peripherals. Basically, for all of the calling functionality, bluetooth peripherals would be used. Then, when it's time to game, the full device could be used much like the Switch is now. It's just a thought. I think you can enter this domain as phones are already regularly priced at $800.00 USD. ^_^V
Connor ,
Connor , - 6 days ago
Honestly can’t play any other open world games now cause botw’s creativeness and openness is completely unmatched
This game has become my favorite gaming experience and one of the greatest experiences I have had in general. It was motivating enough for me to have over 330 hours on it with 100% completion in master mode. Thank you Nintendo for the overbearing dedication put into this Zelda entry.
SkyLizard MsArianna
SkyLizard MsArianna - 8 days ago
They still should have released that 2D Zelda Nes looking game.
Kraig Adams
Kraig Adams - 9 days ago
do women work at Nintendo?
Chris Fielding
Chris Fielding - 11 days ago
My real question is: how are they going to top this one?
dietpepis - 11 days ago
This game took 3 month 2 make
Takahiro B
Takahiro B - 11 days ago
well nintnedo 's online services are not in India . Buy Buy DLCs
Bobby Neal
Bobby Neal - 13 days ago
Clearly it took nearly 2 to 3 years of development. And people keep saying it took 4. If they took 4 years of development, and decided to release the game 2 years before that date, that's 6 years of development.
Coco Red
Coco Red - 17 days ago
Best Creators. Best Company. Best Game.
radiodread - 17 days ago
"... how to enter a house seamlessly"
Turned into Link pushing doors wide open like he owns the place. 😂 jokes aside, this was a really good game. Story could have been a little bit more fleshed out but I guess that energy was put literally everywhere else. Can't blame 'em.
Dean Botton
Dean Botton - 22 days ago
Great game, but not a great Zelda game. Please remake Ocarina of Time with modern graphics.
Andrew J
Andrew J - 24 days ago
hice caras de que entendia pero en realidad no entendi una verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrga
Mahdi Gamer
Mahdi Gamer - 26 days ago
I wish if we had it on pc at least
QineC: - 29 days ago
Enter a house"seamlessly" huh? XD
Blaudrache - 29 days ago
i can confirm people enjoyed the multilingual voice acting. it was a breath of fresh air
ShadoeFax - Month ago
I never knew how much I wanted to run across a field while Giants battled with laser beams.
jxrald - Month ago
Buying a switch and botw is one of my best decision.
Mazorok - Month ago
They should make a game right before botw called The Legend of Zelda: Age of Calamity. It would combine the current 3 timelines but create 2 more where they lose to calamity ganon and beat calamity ganon
TJxGAMING10 YT - Month ago
I licked the game card..
Now I have breath of the wild
Legendary Flop
Legendary Flop - Month ago
4:27 this 2D prototype became the new Links Awakening XD
르쿠드 - Month ago
Watch and learn, Game Freak. Watch and learn..
737 - Month ago
thankyou Nintendo for the best game ever!
Smiley Face
Smiley Face - Month ago
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Christine - Month ago
Best Zelda ever!! Glad you broke conventions. I enjoyed the others but BoTW is another level of incredible. I hope the next one follows the new conventions😊
Tran Travels
Tran Travels - Month ago
When I am not playing this game. I'm thinking about it. It is the best game I have ever played. Great job to everyone who worked on BOTW.
TheWickerMan1981 - Month ago
It's not very good. I don't get the love for this game. I grew up on the original, maybe time and fun has moved beyond me? The last good LoZ game were 64, Majora, 4 swords, Oracle/ages/seasons. This, and Twilight felt hollow and linear.
TheWickerMan1981 - Month ago
Minish Cap was good too.
Tom B
Tom B - Month ago
Honestly Breath of the Wild is an awesome game, but its no classic zelda game for me!
 I'd prefer a game with a more lineal story, which forces you to do the dungeons again, but still you can increase your armor/stats whatsoever by doing little shrines, so the "main quest" gets easier. In addition i want dungeon items back so the progress is slower, because it always felt like an achievement when you found the hookshot etc.
Basically combine botw mechanics with any 3d zelda like OoT or TP and it would be an incredible fun game!
Fulfil my wishes nintendo!
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - Month ago
I was disappointed when I learned that the hookshot wasn’t in Breath of the Wild, can you imagine scaling cliffs with it? I also would’ve loved full underwater exploration and maybe even a way to explore the skies, can you imagine if the Loftwings were somehow brought back and you were given the ability to fly around BOTW’s overworld? Maybe the next 3D Zelda will integrate these somehow.
Katie S
Katie S - Month ago
Greatest game ever!!! From beginning to end, I never enjoyed any other game as much as I did BoTW. Thank you!!
LumerIsDead - Month ago
What a nice video
schlaepferAA - Month ago
why on earth more than 500 people dislike this master piece? seriously wtf is wrong with you
Eduardo Ordakowski
Eduardo Ordakowski - Month ago
8:50 very cool, I like how you guys just don't care about Portuguese.
Brazil and Portugal, we love Zelda like everyone and we love to play in our language, but hey you just can't get what you want every time.
Greetings from Brazil.
Paula Tuono
Paula Tuono - Month ago
Faltou o Português, que tal ao menos as legendas? Façam pra nós baixarmos, por favor
sonny elvira
sonny elvira - Month ago
Thank you for creating this awesome game
Al Beshure
Al Beshure - Month ago
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BGz GamersVoid
BGz GamersVoid - Month ago
Nintendo makes me smile, simple as that 😊
Brandon Hohn
Brandon Hohn - Month ago
See? They wanted to release in 2015, but they realized they weren’t ready, SO THEY DIDN’T FORCE IT. They took their time to make it perfect
Moose Odom
Moose Odom - Month ago
This game is so good. Really glad they made it. All these people deserve huge raises.
robinchwan - Month ago
I'd love to see a steampunk Zelda on the switch or the next console after
*nome* - Month ago
theo b
theo b - Month ago
3:27 what happens when airport security allow water bottles on the plane
Las Vegan
Las Vegan - Month ago
worst game i have ever played, far to difficult, not fun at all.
Daniel James Dolor
Daniel James Dolor - Month ago
I also thought the hylian knight armor could electrocute me so I kept the hylian armor
Aidan Peet
Aidan Peet - Month ago
I would pay 60 dollars for the 2d prototype
Wavy1 - Month ago
I have to watch this video once a while just to admire the making of a true masterpiece.
Old_Newbie - Month ago
That alien-like Link design with the morphing arm looked kinda dope!
The MBC - 2 months ago
I played all the Zelda games and LOVE Breath of the Wild SO MUCH.
It is the only one I even like more than Ocarina of Time.
Between the 1000 games I have played in the last 25 years, Breath of the Wild is my No 3/1000.
The game is almost perfect, I would love to see you make Breath of the Wild II with adding a bit more Zelda.
So basicly take Breath of the Wild, add a bit Ocarina of Time on top of it, polish and make everything about both even better.
Seeing the already existing elements and game mechanics inside of BotW getting upgrades would be nice to see, too.
Lastly I know you will never do that, but having a 40-year-old Link living in the wild in BotW2 with scars and a beard would be better than awesome, cant wait to see the next Zelda
8dreadLock8 - 2 months ago
best solo game of the decade without a doubt
Pug Lovers Unite!
Pug Lovers Unite! - 2 months ago
I sometimes wish they would make a Breath of the wild 2 that would be as great as the first.
V Line
V Line - 2 months ago
spoilers wtf
arsnakeheart - 2 months ago
lol, I remember when I was a kid that there always were games in English or with options for other foreign languages, but almost never in my native tongue, Portuguese. At least in console games, that is. With some luck you could find Spanish, which is close, but generally options other than English were relegated to sports games, which I suppose are popular over in Europe.
So you had to learn by yourself from context. Surely it somewhat prevented you from enjoying the story in story-heavy games, but working through English was generally accepted here as part of the challenge in a game. It was a great opportunity to learn the language. If it really stood in your way (for instance, the piano puzzle in Silent Hill) you could buy a walkthrough magazine, but then you had to wait that some publisher would actually make that magazine.
Back then my dad only knew a bit of English, and I was learning from school and by playing games way more than he did, so instead of only having my parent help me, we helped each other and worked through understanding dialogues and text in games, even using the actual physical dictionary lol
Fun times. Well, the video games are still there so the current times are fun as well.
Solid Snake
Solid Snake - 2 months ago
"If it ain't broke don't fix it" or in this case don't break it... Destructible weapons were a mistake, especially in a game like Zelda that traditionally rewarded you with new permanent item and weapon upgrades for exploring the world, that's what made Zelda games better than other games where you get a power up and then lose it moments later. Forcing the players to micro manage an inventory of inevitable trash is the worst.
Starkeysnow - 2 months ago
I loved Breath of the Wild. I'm so happy to hear later this year, that the remake of Link's awakening will be coming out.
Before I got my Switch, my first considered game was Breath of the Wild. I thought about it for a while, and then when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out, I decided I needed to get Smash Bros...
that was a bad choice, I definitely should have gotten Breath of The Wild. When I finally did get it, I loved it. It was amazing, in every way. It was unique. I am now a Zelda series fan all because of Breath of the Wild.
Thanks Nintendo!!!
Rosenrot - 2 months ago
yurmom gay
yurmom gay - 2 months ago
If only those brain dead fortnite fan boys knew what what a good game looked like...
cornflakes334 - 2 months ago
и все таки кодзима гений
Kyle Osial
Kyle Osial - 2 months ago
Guy whos never on the internet: whats breath of the wild?
Me: its only the best game ever
Guy whos never on the internet: ah ok
Rosario Diaz
Rosario Diaz - 2 months ago
Zelda the best
Cristian Becerril
Cristian Becerril - 2 months ago
3:28 -- the Zelda game we need, not the one we deserve....
jkhdfkjashdfk - 2 months ago
English is the language of business in the world. How do these guys not know English?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 2 months ago
You do know that Nintendo of America is a thing right?
Noe J Nava
Noe J Nava - 2 months ago
Din Bach
Din Bach - 2 months ago
2:20 wish the Pokemon devs would do something similar. Modernize the Red/Blue games, just like they did with NES Zelda.
Erdem Johnshämör
Erdem Johnshämör - 2 months ago
Domo Arigato to whole Nintendo crew.
You are super-heroes.
Ryuzaki J.
Ryuzaki J. - 2 months ago
Without doubt: the millennium's best game until the date.
isthisarice - 2 months ago
At the end he's trying to sell how amazing it is that you can change the language, isnt that something completely normal in most games? 😅
Alain Nasseh
Alain Nasseh - 2 months ago
i guess even nintendo needs to make their video more than 10 minutes
Strategist Wang
Strategist Wang - 2 months ago
2019.. great Fu**ing game!!! You nailed it!!!! I had so much fun with this game. My heart was pumping like crazy exploring this world.
wandaba - 2 months ago
this completely blows my mind. how far have we come, when it comes to technology, that games of such high quality can be designed. just insane. can't even imagine the efforts made to make this amazing game
Christine - 2 months ago
My most favorite Zelda EVER....I hope the next one follows the new conventions as well.
alessandra - 2 months ago
I hope their next game is in this open world style and same art style
Juan Fajardo
Juan Fajardo - 2 months ago
Geniuses talking about genius things... while remaining completely humble.
Josef Červínek
Josef Červínek - 2 months ago
Where can I found the first trailer to BOTW, Where Guardian runs behind Link?
Ben Broomfield
Ben Broomfield - 2 months ago
*Turns on Spanish mode* ¡Hola Link!
Andrey 13
Andrey 13 - 2 months ago
Dont have Portuguese
Keith Byrne
Keith Byrne - 2 months ago
O,g so this is how he I'm a BIG fan so make a new game please!!!
petr Wolf
petr Wolf - 2 months ago
I can't help myself this just reminds me so much of the game Mini Ninjas
eugkra33 - 2 months ago
I love this game, but do wish it was a tiny bit more like the N64 games. Maybe it was the lack of meaningful side-quests, or the fact the dungeons didn't feel unique enough. Plus I still miss weapon upgrades to unlock areas.
Potato Sanchez
Potato Sanchez - 2 months ago
why did this give me the feeling of asmr
WESKER - 2 months ago
Nintendo es para mongoles con autismo severo
Christopher Murillo
Christopher Murillo - 2 months ago
Although it was Delayed, Props to Nintendo for releasing a polished Masterpiece.
Dominic Boucher
Dominic Boucher - 2 months ago
Surely the game over would be yellow...?
SamTheMan55555 - 2 months ago
Sightseeing - 2 months ago
Most of the dev team probably grew up loving Zelda games like that 2D prototype.
Daemion Johnson
Daemion Johnson - 2 months ago
Can we at least have a metroid prime 4 demo? (I know this is unrelated but comments were disabled.)
JokeLord - 2 months ago
Animal crossing switch
meow meow
meow meow - 2 months ago
i love Zelda Games
jet fuel cant melt dank memes
imagine nintendo developed on the PC
Hissing Blaze
Hissing Blaze - 3 months ago
I suggest that in another DLC that you add multipalyer through a champion shrine of ressurection that you have to build post game completeion, this will bring in more profit value, and allow people to play together if you allow it to add multiplayer to the game, the host will be link, while the others would have no armor, and would only use the specified weapon type, Mipha = Spears, Daruk = Two handed Weapons, So on and so forth, please take this into consideration as it is a huge request, or add it to the next (Zelda : Breath Of The Wild) Game / DLC.
ShadowELITE - 3 months ago
Am I the only one that wants endgame DLC? What happens after Link beats Ganon?
Meme Chronicles
Meme Chronicles - 3 months ago
You could have given them the sakurai text to speech voice
Fulano Beltrano da Silva
Fulano Beltrano da Silva - 3 months ago
8:42 -- Waiting for (BR) Portuguese
Khang Mai
Khang Mai - 3 months ago
They stopped using the old link, replace it with all new characters
wahyu lab
wahyu lab - 3 months ago
Please zelda with ninja consep,make battle fast and anime stayle
breker19er - 3 months ago
Best game ever!
Rainer Dinkler
Rainer Dinkler - 3 months ago
Oh you had an orchestra for the game? Well I wonder why the whole game is so silent all the time then
birdeynamnam - 3 months ago
I love this game so much
SYNEED - 3 months ago
2 Months and its 2 years old omg the time flies by so fast (greetings from Germany)
Emidretrauqe - 3 months ago
4 years of development well spent.
Mátyás Hajnóczki
Mátyás Hajnóczki - 3 months ago
Where is the #WiiU ?
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