The Making of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Video - The Beginning

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Haley Talbot06
Haley Talbot06 - 3 hours ago
I play BOTW on Switch and it was/is amazing I got all 4 divine beasts and calamity Ganon! I still have to do the shrines though but I’m obsessed with this incredibly amazing game and I guys deserve lots of credit from everyone who bought the game and from me! Well done! It’s an game that I can’t forget!!
Imaan Soltanalipour
Botw 2 babyyyy
RightBurst 101
RightBurst 101 - Day ago
We all know the Wii U the product that failed was obviously was a prototype for the switch plus look at the captions on 0:33
Natura 100
Natura 100 - 2 days ago
I have ZeldaBOTW and Its ohne of the best Games i have see, but the Yhiga Secret base Its hard for me!😂
Mansoor Ahmed
Mansoor Ahmed - 2 days ago
But I wanted the green iconic tunic for link
Cokez Z.
Cokez Z. - Day ago
You can still get it if you find all the Shrines, or get certain Amiibo. I personally dyed the Hylian Tunic green and thinks it actually looks even better than either of those options.
MrPotato - 3 days ago
Now imagine this but x10 more work and thats the dev story behind botw 2
GiX - 3 days ago
We want to see the making of form botw 2!
Gustavo Mendes
Gustavo Mendes - 3 days ago
02:55 BotW2 concept
Hakkyou13 - 4 days ago
I’m watching this to get a sense of how long I’m gonna have to wait for the sequel. Someone thought maybe end of 2020 but that seems way to early. End of 2021 or mid 22 sounds closer. 😰 anyways, I’ve been reminded that I want to try playing the game in French, maybe I should do that while I wait
Samuel McGee
Samuel McGee - 4 days ago
I’ve had so much fun with this game. I can’t wait until the sequel comes out!
Adrián Wills
Adrián Wills - 5 days ago
2:53 Maybe... That could be the new Link's mechanic in BOTW2 :o
NumberJ42 - 5 days ago
I wanna play that 2D prototype
Thomas S.
Thomas S. - 5 days ago
6:41 i have never considered doing that...
Ivax60 - 5 days ago
This video was interesting to know how the people who create a videogame do the game, and my favourite game in this case XD.
Edit: like if you think making videogames are more harder than defeating Ganon whit a stick.
Pedro Freitas Mendes
Pedro Freitas Mendes - 5 days ago
Parabens pelo trabalho foda nintendo
Magnus - 5 days ago
0:30 when i saw when they started making botw i were wondering if i was on the right video
Fat GoldFish
Fat GoldFish - 6 days ago
Saw this in my feed almost cried thinking it was an update for BOTW 2
Mr gangnam Baig
Mr gangnam Baig - 3 days ago
Lol same
Heven demo
Heven demo - 6 days ago
I wannnntttttt to watch an hour long documentary of this with the sequel too
Minevale 1021
Minevale 1021 - 6 days ago
Oh cool this is in my recommendation
Harry - 6 days ago
oh yes i am erect
Dedis Susanto
Dedis Susanto - 6 days ago
minish cap remake please...
Ka'eo Kaneko
Ka'eo Kaneko - 7 days ago
Lost Brudda
Lost Brudda - 7 days ago
These video made me replay the game
Jossen - 7 days ago
BOTW is that type of game you play when you have a bad day and just want to dissapear into another world, love it and cant wait for the sequel🤗
Harumaki - 5 days ago
That's my feeling with all the Zelda games, they are just pure magic. Specially my loved and favorite one, Majora's Mask. A masterpiece.
続 編 開 発 中
Chris L
Chris L - 8 days ago
I know it was only a prototype but I'd love to play the 2D zelda they created.
Duelz - 8 days ago
Amazing game
Great job guys :)
Chinese Jay YouTube
Chinese Jay YouTube - 9 days ago
Who else is waiting for: The making of Breath of the wild 2?
Criver2000 - 9 days ago
I actually did what he said... I'm from a spanish speaking country, but I have my Switch in english, and I played the game in italian with english subtitles, because at the time I was learning italian. It was a great experience.
YourPalJake - 9 days ago
Youtube finally did it right and got me something good on my feed after botw 2 reveal trailer
The Rational Man
The Rational Man - 10 days ago
2020 Skyward Sword Remastered. 2021 BOTW Sequel. 2022 Another 2D Zelda Remake. 2023 Full Remake of Ocarina of Time.
smh - 7 days ago
oh shi- are you from the future?!
Alessandro Rojas
Alessandro Rojas - 10 days ago
So *takes out my Hello Kitty calculator* if they begun the creation of Botw in 2013 to sell it in 2017 that makes like 4 years of development and since they announced the developement this year (2019) it means that it will probably be released in 2023 because 2019 + (2017-2013) = 2023
Richàrd Mikolai
Richàrd Mikolai - 10 days ago
Dying - 12 days ago
i swear man, nintendo makes me hella happy
E_ woggn
E_ woggn - 12 days ago
Dude seeing this trailer only makes me more hyped for the sequel because we can clearly see what their games are capable of being
T SMACKS - 12 days ago
Where’s Metroid prime 4
JB Gimena
JB Gimena - 12 days ago
The amount of care and detail in this game is astounding.
Cryxonia - 12 days ago
2:56 What if this happened in the sequel because we saw that thing with his hand
Mirco Bex Gilioli
Mirco Bex Gilioli - 12 days ago
I want an Hirule chicken as my bodyguard!! 😂😂😂🐔
LyfeGlyder - 12 days ago
I've never said this to you, Nintendo, but thank you for creating my childhood.
PALversusNTSC1 - 13 days ago
best zelda game ever.
they are all great, but this one is very special. its the elements of nature, where nobody thought of that gave oppertunities in gameplay.
there was no music wich makes you felt one with nature, brilliant.
IcySand 1038
IcySand 1038 - 13 days ago
dinkylittle6 - 13 days ago
Breath of the wild is a legendary game. Truly a console seller.
Mr Anonymous K
Mr Anonymous K - 13 days ago
I'm pretty sure Botw 2 is gonna take less longer to develop, since they're using the same game engine
Boboloboloo - 13 days ago
Same engine plus (probably) most of the assets (npc models, weapons, etc) plus some new ones. Honestly, having a general design for the overworld is probably gonna take a year off the development time alone
fergy19872002 - 13 days ago
I have played ever Zelda ever made, this is by far the best Zelda game. Am very excited to see what BOTW 2 expands on in the original format. waiting on bated breath for the next instalment. Thank you for continuing the game on switch
Bogdan 96
Bogdan 96 - 13 days ago
fergy19872002 no female is garbage because is male...I wanted a female!
ProX Gaming
ProX Gaming - 13 days ago
Wait a minute is BotW 2 gonna take 4 years to make then?
ProX Gaming
ProX Gaming - 12 days ago
@Gamentor ah, I see
Gamentor - 12 days ago
Probably not. They've got a lot of stuff from the first game to work with like -an already made engine -a detailed world to use as a base for the sequel's -already created basic game mechanics -likely, a good amount of leftover assets, given all the weird directions they tried to go in the conceptualization of the first one -a lot of feedback from the first game Also, given the trailer, they've likely already picked a direction to take the new game in. Though, they are probably still very early in development as they are speaking in rather uncertain terms about it. I personally expect/hope the game will take about 2 and half years to make and will release in late 2021 or early 2022.
Flávio - 13 days ago
Oh my I really wish Nintendo could make this version of Link (2:51) available as DLC. I'd love to play truth this more mature and "realistic" version of Link.
jmqm - SMITE Videos
jmqm - SMITE Videos - 13 days ago
These developers talk as if this is the first time they've created a 3D game
Ohrgitterwels Schmeika
Ohrgitterwels Schmeika - 14 days ago
Ok, BOTW 2, see you in 4 Years
Emos sind Cringe
Emos sind Cringe - 14 days ago
And now part 2 is in Development
Eliza lol
Eliza lol - 14 days ago
Bro the sequel is getting made ALREADY!?!??! Amzing nintendo never ceases to amaze us!!!
英蘇球 - 14 days ago
I think in 2020 or 2021 we will have a game called "Legend of Zelda Maker"
Someone Somewhere
Someone Somewhere - 14 days ago
All I heard was *we have fired the guy who developed the horse mechanics*
Kevin Howard
Kevin Howard - 14 days ago
only thing I don't like about the game is its short unconventional "dungeons" if you can even call them that. they took less then an hour to finish. 1:17 like that. I miss the thrill of hearing that sound and wondering what I just got.
Ashykinz - 14 days ago
Kevin Howard based on the new trailer, looks like they gonna have real dungeons
Honk Andursun
Honk Andursun - 14 days ago
In America, you kill chicken.
But in Hyrule, chicken kills you!
Grass - 14 days ago
sometimes, I forget this is a Zelda Game
pickaxattacks - 14 days ago
Here after botw 2 reveal
Octo bannana dragon kiwi
Octo bannana dragon kiwi - 14 days ago
YouTube 2017: No
YouTube 2018: No
YouTube 2019: *NOW*
Falconer 92 ツ
Falconer 92 ツ - 4 days ago
Silver Something960 *cuz this is the best game ever created !*
Silver Something960
Silver Something960 - 5 days ago
Falconer 92 ツ What does that say
Falconer 92 ツ
Falconer 92 ツ - 6 days ago
It's never too late for this recommendation これはこれまでに作成された最高のゲームだから !
Faze Booze
Faze Booze - 14 days ago
Zelda botw sequel is day 1 cop NO CAP
Iris D-N
Iris D-N - 14 days ago
they're going to have to do all this *again* for the sequel..
thank you for all your hard work nintendo!!
Iris D-N
Iris D-N - 9 days ago
Hazel Frazzle Oh you’re right! That takes some of the burden off then haha.. Either way I’m SUPER excited ^^
Hazel Frazzle
Hazel Frazzle - 14 days ago
Well they can re-use assets this time so it won't be quite as excruciating. The game will probably take like 2 years instead of 5.
•metro• - 14 days ago
*oh god my tears are ready to shed for the sequel again*
Robley - 14 days ago
amayabuns - 14 days ago
Nintendo: BOTW2 is in development
Me, tears in eyes: Ah yes, here we go again
James Willett
James Willett - Day ago
James Willett
James Willett
James Willett - Day ago
@Lord Felix ihj
Lord Felix
Lord Felix - 5 days ago
@Nicolas Besikian literally says at e3 that it is a new game
Sporkinator - 5 days ago
Breakable Weapons™ 2: Electric Boogaloo!
Stricker Clan
Stricker Clan - 7 days ago
@oof 😂 no worries.
Cooper Whitlock
Cooper Whitlock - 14 days ago
Breath of the Wild Sequel is in Development
DeZrawlitz - 14 days ago
Here after breath of the wild 2 reveal
Carrie Blaine
Carrie Blaine - 12 days ago
@Linda Carrasco I've been it Zelda since before I was old enough to hold a controller Wich was 5yrs ago
Carrie Blaine
Carrie Blaine - 12 days ago
tye phillips
tye phillips - 12 days ago
MEGA same
Linda Carrasco
Linda Carrasco - 12 days ago
DeZrawlitz I hope it comes out soon tbh! I just got into Zelda two months ago, so my switch is on the way 😂😂
Tilda Lemon
Tilda Lemon - 12 days ago
Blaze Playz Gamez
Blaze Playz Gamez - 14 days ago
THANK YOU FOR BREAKING THE MOLD OF LOZ IN THIS GAME!!! one of the best games I've ever played in my entire life!!! Thank you!
mal s
mal s - 17 days ago
The amount if detail that went into this game makes it absolutely beautiful!
dayshift at freddy's 1980's games
i like this cool game i love it!!
Griff -
Griff - - 18 days ago
It's sad that Treehouse couldn't pull together actual good voice acting in English. Aonuma and Fujibayashi's vision deserved much better than that!
Luigi gamesbr o melhor jogador do mundo
Multiplayer dlc plz nintendo
(Squall Leonhart) Donnie
The game that killed Zelda for me, espeically after I heard the next one will be like this. Congrats Nintendo you lost a player that's been playing since 1986.
Greta Wolff
Greta Wolff - 14 days ago
What is your reasoning for disliking Nintendos new direction with this franchise?
Jerbois Inspo Page
Jerbois Inspo Page - 23 days ago
botw is my fav
J Phillips
J Phillips - 25 days ago
No game touches my heart, piques my imagination, makes me nostalgic, or gets me as excited as a Zelda game. Thank you Nintendo.
ARDENT 38 - 25 days ago
6:12 Is literally my favorite thing to do.
Because if you get a metal boomerang (Lizal/large) and throw it with the right timing, it'll smack into your enemy's face and then BLAST them away!
This game was true genius in action.
Lulu Bunnie
Lulu Bunnie - Month ago
i am SO happy you made a symbol of Satoru Iwata in Breath of the wild! (Lord of the Mountain)
you guys are awesome!
Lulu Bunnie
Lulu Bunnie - Month ago
i wish you had added more temples in Breath of the Wild y'know the divine beasts? in ur next game can you make more temples please!
aaronluce15 - 13 days ago
at least more harder bosses - i think these four ones were to easy including ganon in normal/master mode
KBurchfiel - Month ago
I liked this video 4 seconds in
ElGavino - Month ago
"We could make a game that... so you know... well... you could... you would... you sai... no... you would... we could make a game that... you could do anything!"
- Boy who replaced Reggie and got Bill fired 2015
themininoob - Month ago
#Best zelda let
AndreHGames - Month ago
SB7SKILLS - Month ago
which software was this game created on
Nick Farrow
Nick Farrow - Month ago
Going to try the multi-language setting. Thanks for the hard work.
Kayaker Dude
Kayaker Dude - Month ago
All the Zeldas are amazing - I'm plaing Minish Cap right now and had to buy a used Gameboy Advance to do it but I love Zelda that much that I went for it - Minish Cap was the only Zelda game I had not played - I think Breath of the Wild is the most epic game I've played - I'm also going (on recommendation) to play Bloodborne and Witcher 3 on my PS4 soon enough - I know I'm spoiled :)
shisui edits
shisui edits - Month ago
I bought the game and dlc you dont gotta advertise to me
Molly Walker
Molly Walker - Month ago
It’d be interesting to see a Zelda game where Link is middle aged and has the 2:54 design.
Hawks - 5 days ago
Julian - Month ago
Nintendo beats every other game company there ever was. PlayStation and Xbox doesn't compete with nintendo. They wanted more people to buy it and instead of being lazy they put together a wonderful game where anyone from everywhere can play it. They even went the extra mile to get a voice actor for each language. Great job nintendo for making the best game i have ever owned.
Maple Sappy
Maple Sappy - Month ago
I think the best thing of breathe of the wild is the music. It has this beautiful, vast, skin shivering beauty to it. Like the orchestral to an age old adventure film.
Roadhog360 - Month ago
I want to play that prototype...!
Jeremy Man
Jeremy Man - Month ago
I wish they spoke more on the music and it's creation. Truly a masterpiece that's become my favorite game
Daniel - 2 months ago
9:23 Lol he described exactly what I'm doing
kristaps salna
kristaps salna - 2 months ago
My birthday is march 3rd so thank you for the present nintendo.
-Spinel- - 2 months ago
Pedro Abel Beltrán Disciplina
Imaginen todas las posibilidades con esas físicas. D:
Devon C
Devon C - 2 months ago
Nintendo, have you considered making a phone that's mainly a gaming platform? It could be something similar to the Switch that relies heavily on bluetooth peripherals. Basically, for all of the calling functionality, bluetooth peripherals would be used. Then, when it's time to game, the full device could be used much like the Switch is now. It's just a thought. I think you can enter this domain as phones are already regularly priced at $800.00 USD. ^_^V
Connor ,
Connor , - 2 months ago
Honestly can’t play any other open world games now cause botw’s creativeness and openness is completely unmatched
This game has become my favorite gaming experience and one of the greatest experiences I have had in general. It was motivating enough for me to have over 330 hours on it with 100% completion in master mode. Thank you Nintendo for the overbearing dedication put into this Zelda entry.
SkyBirdGirl MsArianna 2047
They still should have released that 2D Zelda Nes looking game.
Kraig Adams
Kraig Adams - 2 months ago
do women work at Nintendo?
Chris Fielding
Chris Fielding - 2 months ago
My real question is: how are they going to top this one?
dietpepis - 2 months ago
This game took 3 month 2 make
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