Doing My Best Friend’s Halloween Makeup ft. Dolan Twins & Emma Chamberlain

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Aliza Vlogs 10
Aliza Vlogs 10 - 2 hours ago
I have a question what happened to the sister squad
Lita Crowther
Lita Crowther - 4 hours ago
G l u m
G l u m - 17 hours ago
Sister Squad 💔
Faith McCray
Faith McCray - 21 hour ago
Erina Morina
Erina Morina - 21 hour ago
Why is it at one point in all of there makeup they all become top less like wtf
Alexa Walker
Alexa Walker - Day ago
ok now that i’m watching this in October 2019 i realize how many hints he dropped for his pallet in this video
Xxlmao cookiesplayzxX ooof
this is how many ppl lov james Charles
Jenny Otero
Jenny Otero - Day ago
Why does Grayson look like Benny from My Babysitters a Vampire???
Grace Frost
Grace Frost - Day ago
5:54 how he finished drinking his water 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😆😆
Linda N Angeli
Linda N Angeli - Day ago
Do u have 2 coloured eyes?! So cool!
Hannah Phillips
Hannah Phillips - Day ago
I’m doing Emma’s look this year for a Halloween party
Ali S.
Ali S. - Day ago
Are you okay?
Hailey Ann
Hailey Ann - Day ago
E- I'm only up for 14 hours a day
G- Thats so true

J- *starts talking*
G- *interrupts*
J- *continues talking*
G- *interrupts*
J- stop interrupting bitch ass
-my favorite lines from ONLY THE INTRO
Who else is here in October 2019 wishing that more sister squad videos would come
ɴᴏᴜʀ ᴀʟ ᴋʜᴀᴅɪ
This is how many times James Charles was coughing....

User02 •
User02 • - Day ago
nobody cares about when you watched the video. please just keep it to yourself i wanna see some good funny comments:))
Riley Wittie
Riley Wittie - 2 days ago
If I ever see anything that's related to Coraline I say burn it I was so scared as a child
mimi jade
mimi jade - 2 days ago
the sound shishter james makes on 2:22
Savannah Ochoa
Savannah Ochoa - 2 days ago
This is how many ppl miss the sister squad like if you want them back 🥰comment if you don’t 💀
it's me
it's me - 2 days ago
U do best makeup
Sketchy Gacha
Sketchy Gacha - 2 days ago
Freya Mcguinness
Freya Mcguinness - 2 days ago
It has been a year again 10 million subscribers to 16 million 🥳
Boi Bye
Boi Bye - 2 days ago
I use a pillow case for trick or treating because I put my pillow in and eat when I'm watching lol 😏
Ainsley Choate
Ainsley Choate - 2 days ago
WaRy Or
WaRy Or - 3 days ago
David Rodríguez
David Rodríguez - 3 days ago
I wanna have a squad like that one day😭miss them so much❤️
Brian Kyle
Brian Kyle - 3 days ago
Look at his face at 29:00
VSCO Queen
VSCO Queen - 3 days ago
Like or comment if you saw James say thanks babe in like a weird way
At 0:04 or 0:05
Caelan and Gabby
Caelan and Gabby - 3 days ago
Why does he have two diffrent eyes
olivia mobley
olivia mobley - 3 days ago
Go to 5:55 and look at Ethan or Grayson🤪
Anthony mitchell
Anthony mitchell - 3 days ago
This is how many people who are huuuuuge and I mean huge James Charles fans
Anthony mitchell
Anthony mitchell - 2 days ago
@mimi jade what do you mean oop
mimi jade
mimi jade - 2 days ago
Anthonie Nash
Anthonie Nash - 3 days ago
The boots with the speers
Savanna Chiquito
Savanna Chiquito - 4 days ago
I love the mummy look 🔥😍🥵
Stoopid Person
Stoopid Person - 4 days ago
Who else is watching cause it’s almost Halloween again
tessa vayda
tessa vayda - 4 days ago
I like emma's the best
Ben Saad Sêlem
Ben Saad Sêlem - 4 days ago
james what are does earings ?
Disham's Bookish Life
Disham's Bookish Life - 4 days ago
James: I cant wait for many more years together with them 🥰🥰
Me: *sips tea* and I OOP
Alicia Sandoval
Alicia Sandoval - 3 days ago
haha XD
Jorji Costava
Jorji Costava - 4 days ago
I’m here in October 2019, spooky season now. Watching this video makes me so happy and sad at the same time
Tessie Mammele
Tessie Mammele - 4 days ago
Did anyone else think in the beginning that Grayson said can I ha e my mocha back lol 😂 😆 😝
Kacy Chi
Kacy Chi - 4 days ago
I miss the sister squad so much ♥️🤧😪
Natalie Eastman
Natalie Eastman - 4 days ago
ok so who else noticed it looks like james has a blue eye and a brown eye
Nvmb.__ - 4 days ago
Tootles Pressey
Tootles Pressey - 4 days ago
instead of saying im sister shocked ima say im sister spooked :P I LOVE YOU JAMES!!
PiAnO DoLaN - 4 days ago
0:10 Grayson my heart 😩🥰💞
Amira Kabba
Amira Kabba - 4 days ago
Did anyone notice that the secret pallet that James was using was his pallet
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia - 5 days ago
Now you know that the palette that there were using was James Charles haha it’s funny to look back at the video
Gayanthi Gunawardhana
Gayanthi Gunawardhana - 5 days ago
Brilliant! What an artist!
Lilz 05
Lilz 05 - 5 days ago
Camille Christopher
Camille Christopher - 5 days ago
all of them hinting at him new pallet
Ashlin Dostal
Ashlin Dostal - 5 days ago
Corline is my favourite movie 🙂😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😙😙😙😊😊😊🤗🤗
Leah Faith
Leah Faith - 5 days ago
17:33 he talks about the james charles pallet
Courtney Mar
Courtney Mar - 5 days ago
hahaha ethan's little tongue sticking out when he drank water😂😂 wtf 5:54
Cypress Wolfkill
Cypress Wolfkill - 5 days ago
Who's here in October of 2019 wishing the squad was still together
msmarcym1 - 6 days ago
My bff really ran into a Dolan twin
froggy sqwad
froggy sqwad - 6 days ago
# sister sqwad
Emalee Payne
Emalee Payne - 6 days ago
Sister squad always✌️
Claire Rager
Claire Rager - 6 days ago
thank me later ; )
vibewmia - 6 days ago
Why is no body talking about 18:33 lmaooooo ☠🍊
Emma Nilsson
Emma Nilsson - 6 days ago
I miss
I’m a Legend
I’m a Legend - 6 days ago
October 2019🥺
||| Melanie Martinez |||
J S - 6 days ago
all the comments are: wHo is sEeInG tHiS iN 2019? so no one is gonna talk about how GREAT the makeup is?? seriously James did to 3 people AND himself in a ROW!! that's impressive
مريم Sabri
مريم Sabri - 9 hours ago
s t r a n g e r
s t r a n g e r - 2 days ago
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