Doing My Best Friend’s Halloween Makeup ft. Dolan Twins & Emma Chamberlain

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Lucy Salch
Lucy Salch - Hour ago
Look at 25:50 and James’s eyes are two different colors
Aurelia Hernandez
Aurelia Hernandez - 2 hours ago
Hey follow me on time tok at(famliySquad)
Abby Ackerman
Abby Ackerman - 3 hours ago
32 minutes of James being pissed at Ethan~

*qUaLiTy cOnTeNt*
Zoe Mitchell
Zoe Mitchell - 6 hours ago
Cordelia Olivia Yeary
Cordelia Olivia Yeary - 6 hours ago
Omg I love Coraline toooo
Jeri Kent
Jeri Kent - 6 hours ago
Does anyone else realize how cute Ethan is being in this video??😍😭
Rowan Cronshaw
Rowan Cronshaw - 7 hours ago
Ethan is the Illuminati
Amy Rose
Amy Rose - 8 hours ago
Flower peen
Flower peen - 9 hours ago
Its called the sister squad it sounds weird
Pups Place
Pups Place - 11 hours ago
“I’ve never seen James like Mmmm tired” I’m here thinking oh Emma
Ela Anything
Ela Anything - 15 hours ago
Makeup forever splash pallet?
What is that
The only thing ik is

Mershmag spact pallet
Kaila132 - 15 hours ago
James promoting his pallet iconic
BaileyPlays 19
BaileyPlays 19 - 16 hours ago
29:03 is the best part of the video hahahah lol 😝
shallow shadow
shallow shadow - 16 hours ago
Sister squad lol.
Lucy Macias
Lucy Macias - 17 hours ago
25:48 James has two eye colors
Elizbeth Phillips
Elizbeth Phillips - 20 hours ago
Anyone else realize that Emma’s makeup of her cheek was on ethans shirt
Cupcake Master2211
Cupcake Master2211 - 20 hours ago
James, your eyes are beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ I love them so much I wish I could have those eyes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cassie Walsh
Cassie Walsh - 21 hour ago
I know that the sister squad kinda broke up but I still love them
Bryax Gaming
Bryax Gaming - Day ago
Why does James have a blue eye and a brown one???
Louise 101
Louise 101 - Day ago
Don't worry Grayson I didn't sleep for 3 days after a watched Freddy Krueger lol
Micro_Nantics - Day ago
Your supposed to use a type of oil to smooth the scar wax
Jamie Gabino
Jamie Gabino - Day ago
Lmao Emma looks so tired in the thumbnail 😂😂
Holly holly
Holly holly - Day ago
I was dead at 29:04 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Alexis Fiorda
Alexis Fiorda - Day ago
where’s emma shirt? lmao
Aubrie & Austyn
Aubrie & Austyn - Day ago
0:09 emmas hand
Tammy Sullivan
Tammy Sullivan - Day ago
That montage was super spoopy
Me watching the video: oOooooOooo *gets goosebumps*
Danielle Carrillo
Danielle Carrillo - Day ago
I love this vid this is my 2nd time watching this
Danielle Carrillo
Danielle Carrillo - Day ago
Sister you have one blue eye and one brown eye I never noticed that I’m so sorry sister James 25:35
Danielle Carrillo
Danielle Carrillo - 12 hours ago
jackkarroo sorry if I’m in a bit of mood but I at the moment I’m quite busy
Danielle Carrillo
Danielle Carrillo - 12 hours ago
Did u hear say it in person ? If u didn’t that doesn’t mean it was have a goood day let’s not make the conversation and longer so for the second bye sister
jackkarroo - 12 hours ago
Danielle Carrillo there’s no problem, I was just pointing out that he had contacts. I didn’t see your other comment so my bad. But when you said “k” it was aggressive. Not hating at all!!
Danielle Carrillo
Danielle Carrillo - 13 hours ago
I didn’t and I also said that I said that I knew that they were contacts in another comment I do not understand why this is a problem bye sisterrrrrrrr
jackkarroo - 14 hours ago
No need to catch a tude
Mollie McMahon
Mollie McMahon - Day ago
they did't show eathans
Bella O
Bella O - Day ago
Who’s here in summer 2019??
Katelyn Larsen
Katelyn Larsen - Day ago
Does anyone see Emma’s hand move down from Ethan’s head to his shoulder?!🥰☺️❤️ 0:08
Demonic Avakin
Demonic Avakin - Day ago
8:14 is my favorite part, lol.
Andioop - Day ago
Grayson looks like the nun lmao
Thea D
Thea D - Day ago
Asia Banks
Asia Banks - Day ago
Sister squad
Unwxnted_ Lupita
Unwxnted_ Lupita - Day ago
Is it just me or did James just say thanks babe to Grayson when the gave James air
Joselyn Martinez
Joselyn Martinez - Day ago
Omg I might just be imagining but Emmas makeup foundation got ruined and on Ethan’s shirt there was a stain which could be foundation
Justin N
Justin N - Day ago
Who else is rewatchting sister squad videos cause you miss them
Justin N
Justin N - Day ago
“Cant wait for many for together”😨 25:52
Justin N
Justin N - Day ago
I think they Will come together one day again
iiirxse s
iiirxse s - 2 days ago
0:03 James mouths: “Thanks babe” 🤭
Melanie Nester
Melanie Nester - 2 days ago
"STOP INTERRUPTING ME BITCH ASS" lol that part had me dead
BISEXUAL ANGEL - 2 days ago
I love how Emma is so small in comparison to the twins 🤣🤣
clarissa baldus
clarissa baldus - 2 days ago
Anybody else see that james call Grayson babe when he fanned james?
Phoenix Vlogs
Phoenix Vlogs - 2 days ago
Sister shook
Kailee Troy
Kailee Troy - 2 days ago
Is james dating Ethan
s u g a r b a b y
s u g a r b a b y - 2 days ago
Look at Ethan’s eye!!! It’s blue than back to brown at 8:23 spooky... 😂
s u g a r b a b y
s u g a r b a b y - 11 hours ago
Putting it at 0.75x u should be able to see it
Hailey Playz!
Hailey Playz! - 15 hours ago
I dont see it
the supper heros !!!
the supper heros !!! - 2 days ago
At 0:03 when Grayson and James share the fan James says thanks BABE!!!!!
Chloe Kilton
Chloe Kilton - 2 days ago
Your eyes are two different colors
gaxlay potato
gaxlay potato - 2 days ago
the secret is grason a james are dateing
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