I Celebrated EVERY Holiday in 24 HOURS! - Challenge

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Vicky Chen
Vicky Chen - 2 hours ago
I like Christmas because my birthday is near Christmas. And actually my birthday is on new year
Yeqing Li
Yeqing Li - 12 hours ago
1 like=1 luck for Keith
Vi v
Vi v - 13 hours ago
I think she’s way out of my demographic
Kristina Rod
Kristina Rod - 14 hours ago
Sucribe and like to prestin
Taven Beamer
Taven Beamer - 15 hours ago
ck toysandgaming
ck toysandgaming - 16 hours ago
sky_ ocean
sky_ ocean - Day ago
I like chrismas and halloween
Like if u like ur bday(birthday)
mrmopar5 - Day ago
Now for sure you have to do the "Pregnant for 24 Hour Challenge, but with a high quality belly!
Michelle Cartwright
the foth of july is the day befor my brith day my briday is first then forth of july
:) :) :)
Bubble Gumdrop
Bubble Gumdrop - Day ago
Brianna there are first trimester prank bellies you know that right
Emily Sanchez
Emily Sanchez - Day ago
My birthday is May cinco de Mayo
Eva Ascencio
Eva Ascencio - Day ago
I like July 4th because my birthday is in the unlucky number 13th
ails3276 - Day ago
I love your videos so much!!!
Evan Perez
Evan Perez - Day ago
First, is Keith actually gonna be 40 just wondering,Second I am a festive boy Christmas
Megan Pottas
Megan Pottas - Day ago
love u 2
Zoha Umer
Zoha Umer - Day ago
I like Briania she is so sweet and Nice i really want to see you at my home 😶😶😶😶😶😶
Glen O'Rourke
Glen O'Rourke - 2 days ago
Hi I love you
Aria June Monroe
Aria June Monroe - 2 days ago
Aria June Monroe
Aria June Monroe - 2 days ago
Leyla Kutait
Leyla Kutait - 2 days ago
Brianna that was so cool how you pranked prestont
plumpy quackles
plumpy quackles - 2 days ago
1 like = 1 more present for Keith
Milly Sperryn-Jones
Milly Sperryn-Jones - 2 days ago
Ph kmhmmm
Milly Sperryn-Jones
Milly Sperryn-Jones - 2 days ago
Arr wrong that's just silly
Kendall Sanders
Kendall Sanders - 2 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue my heart is dead I'm such a fool why did I fall for you do you want me to sing some of that to my sister I'm you should be proud for me on December 12th I Love You Brianna and Preston I like this this is cool love you peace love you Preston and Brianna
Max Yuc
Max Yuc - 2 days ago
Lukas Bartram
Lukas Bartram - 2 days ago
杜you dothat。
Nicola Davis
Nicola Davis - 3 days ago
Kaidince Watts
Kaidince Watts - 3 days ago
I got my hair done today
Liv Witte
Liv Witte - 3 days ago
Sharry Panesar
Sharry Panesar - 3 days ago
My birthday is on 15 feb so I have to celebrations back to back btw that’s my dad not me I’m a girl love ur vids Briana
Lilly Adkins
Lilly Adkins - 3 days ago
Christmas 🎄🎄🎄
Jillian Jensen
Jillian Jensen - 3 days ago
I love y’all vids
I am y’all s fan
Sarajka24 Slatka
Sarajka24 Slatka - 3 days ago
My favorite holiday is.......either Christmas or Halloween
becs44 - 3 days ago
becs44 - 3 days ago
Today is forreal thanksgiving
becs44 - 3 days ago
becs44 - 3 days ago
Ih guys i love you
Daneena Dixon
Daneena Dixon - 3 days ago
Landon Montesino
Landon Montesino - 3 days ago
awsome u look pretty Brianna
AlwaysGrowing Farm
AlwaysGrowing Farm - 3 days ago
Wow that is very cool I really wish I could have all the holidays in one 24 hour day I hope I get to meet you Brianna
Mc Creamy Jr.
Mc Creamy Jr. - 3 days ago
the galaxy muffin girl
the galaxy muffin girl - 4 days ago
Wow the first time they kiss on cam
Ashley Crumbly
Ashley Crumbly - 4 days ago
If your are excited for 2020 please make that thumb blue👍💙
Jg500391 - 4 days ago
Gamer Badge
Gamer Badge - 4 days ago
I love Christmas
Gamer Badge
Gamer Badge - 4 days ago
My favorite Holiday is Christmas :)
nashlee suarez
nashlee suarez - 4 days ago
My favorite holiday is Christmas and Halloween
Claudia Vasquez
Claudia Vasquez - 4 days ago
My favorite holiday is Christmas because you get to spend time with the people you love the most😀
Bill Moore
Bill Moore - 4 days ago
Laura Hall
Laura Hall - 4 days ago
6:06 earrape
catalinahood - 4 days ago
catalinahood - 4 days ago
catalinahood - 4 days ago
lol ha
Pull Shartmans Finger
Pull Shartmans Finger - 4 days ago
It was the first time that I had watched it and I love it so so so so so so so so MUCH more than MUCH
Cryo smith Smith
Cryo smith Smith - 4 days ago
Love you guys too much I’ll never forget that ever
Nick Davis
Nick Davis - 4 days ago
My birthday is on cinco de Mayo
Christopher West
Christopher West - 4 days ago
Lxo 1
Lxo 1 - 4 days ago
Pewdiepie is the goat of YouTube Preston is the king and Brianna is the queen
lea wolff
lea wolff - 4 days ago
RBSprayart - 4 days ago
Shawn Vuong
Shawn Vuong - 4 days ago
My favorite holiday is 4th of July because I love my Country America❤️
Helen Sagastume
Helen Sagastume - 4 days ago
it is April fools
Chloe Wright
Chloe Wright - 4 days ago
You celebrated my b day because I was born on April fools day!!!!!!!❤️
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