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Hannah Horne
Hannah Horne - Month ago
I always wanted to swim with dolphins and orcas🐬🐋
Dolly Boo
Dolly Boo - 3 months ago
loveocean - 3 months ago
My goodness I love watching this, but cannot imagine the fear of such encounter
argentumm vulture
argentumm vulture - 3 months ago
StrawberriesAndCream - 3 months ago
Wow! If that were me I'd be kinda scared, but it would be AWESOME!
Chocolate girl
Chocolate girl - 3 months ago
She crazy
amelia guillen
amelia guillen - 3 months ago
Orquid is my favourite animal🐬they arent bad , they atacks you just if you do the same thing
shebie lol
shebie lol - 3 months ago
this was in the news in new zealand
Einar Steinar
Einar Steinar - 4 months ago
Orcas never kill peapole in the wild
Ashley Joramo
Ashley Joramo - 4 months ago
I would be awestruck and terrified at the same time.
KingSpicyPlayz - 4 months ago
667th comment
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan - 4 months ago
She just looks like a baby ocra so cute😘
Francesco Brosolo
Francesco Brosolo - 4 months ago
This is so much better than seaworld
Digger Dan
Digger Dan - 4 months ago
Tullock - 4 months ago
They look healthy.
Eternitees daily Life
Eternitees daily Life - 4 months ago
At first I would be scared then I would be happy
Zaid Bazyan
Zaid Bazyan - 4 months ago
that is sick, however next time do not dress up in black, since it does look like a seal which is one of orca's favourite meals
StarShadow - 2 months ago
Not all killer whales feed on seals. Resident killer whales are only fish eaters, some even specialize in hunting sharks and sting rays. Orcas can tell the difference between a seal and a human. These are some of the most intelligent beings on the planet.
Zaid Bazyan
Zaid Bazyan - 4 months ago
+James Earl Cash oh ok thanks for telling me
Liau - 4 months ago
I would soooo be afraid, not that they are dangerous but such a big thing next to me, nono honey, not today, not ever
Rachael Drucker
Rachael Drucker - 4 months ago
I am surprised the orcas came near! It looked like they had a calf! ( baby )
Tina McLaughlin
Tina McLaughlin - 4 months ago
The little one is saying, can we keep it!!!! LOL!
Manu Temana
Manu Temana - 4 months ago
OW you mean the thing that eat dolphins and sharks yeah why not have a swim with something that can INSTANT KILL YOU
Hannah Horne
Hannah Horne - 4 months ago
That's so cool that lady was so lucky
Merbella - 4 months ago
How they should be....wild, free and happy.
Alisha Ahmed
Alisha Ahmed - 4 months ago
This is so cute!
Abbie Salvador
Abbie Salvador - 4 months ago
Im soo jealous
Eryan724 - 4 months ago
These orcas are more intelligent than 50% of the comment section.
And no they dont think shes a seal or baby orca duh!! .....
Ronald Cammarata
Ronald Cammarata - 4 months ago
I'm afraid you are right.
Wildest Wildlife Sightings
Wow what an unbelievable experience that must’ve been 😩❤️❤️
Black Guy
Black Guy - 4 months ago
They do play with their food.
The Kirk
The Kirk - 4 months ago
Smh. They still trust us when they shouldn't
Diane Goodall
Diane Goodall - 4 months ago
Orcas feed on seals. This woman was idiotic wearing a black wetsuit in orca territory. The orca were probably drawn by prey drive and then confused by the difference on closer inspection. Make no mistake. This was dangerous.
Ronald Cammarata
Ronald Cammarata - 4 months ago
+x xBesides which they know the difference.
x x
x x - 4 months ago
These Orca don't feed on seals. They are almost exclusively ray hunters
xAesthęticBunny - 4 months ago
Call me evil but I would scream out in panick
Darky - 4 months ago
If I was her you would not be able to see the Orcas as I would be leaving a huge brown cloud whereever I went
super pikkle
super pikkle - 4 months ago
Killer whales off the coast of Washington (I don't remember the name of their pod) have not had a calf survive its first year of life in over 3 years. Absolutely heart breaking.
ad mobile4
ad mobile4 - 4 months ago
She is a super woman with nerves of steel.
Jrytsray jerry
Jrytsray jerry - 4 months ago
How's cool is that,.... 👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘🌹🌹🌷🌷🌾🌾i loved it so much.
Penguin Hacker
Penguin Hacker - 4 months ago
Look at all that murder going on.... those are some very dangerous animals....
Very beautiful video 😎

The humans!
T Warner
T Warner - 4 months ago
To anyone that says they'd be scared including the lady here who doesn't even stop to say hello, she just keeps swimming all serious like she has something more important to do. Never in history has a wild Orca killed or harmed a person. Amazing video though.
Cutey Peridot
Cutey Peridot - 4 months ago
Awww, there was a baby!!
Lalthan Zami
Lalthan Zami - 4 months ago
Imagine if orcas wanted you kill you B-) B-) ♥
card cor
card cor - 4 months ago
but now japan decided to leave the union in term of whaling so sad..whales will be lost in time
Valentin Blanaru
Valentin Blanaru - 4 months ago
Where is the surprise?
Wooliac - 4 months ago
I would have had a panic attack
Olgales Suida
Olgales Suida - 4 months ago
BEAUTIFUL. Wish the clip was longer. I'm on repeat.
Ameya Kothandaraman
Ameya Kothandaraman - 4 months ago
This is proof that orcas ain’t so bad.
LavenderLushLuxury - 4 months ago
Neo Morph
Neo Morph - 4 months ago
Makes me wonder two things... 1. The colour scheme of the lady’s suit and 2. The fact it was a momma Orca with two calf’s. Perhaps those were the reason she was being checked out by the Momma.
alejandro gomez
alejandro gomez - 4 months ago
malditos japoneces morrongos, su naturaleza es oscura, lo demuestran matando a nuestras ballenas que ningun mal les han hecho, pero voy a disfrutar cada vez que algo malo les pase.
Spiritisalive1 - 4 months ago
Lady in the water: 0:11 that Orca touched her foot. Casually continues her swim.
Me: typical beach experience. I go in water. Seaweed brushes against my leg.
Me: levitates out of water screaming, "Something touched me! Something touched me!"
bumble Bee
bumble Bee - 4 months ago
They are amazing creatures but this would scare the crap out of me if I was in her shoes
Anais Leandra Cardenas Blackwood
Miedo.. feliz año nuevo
wright9342 - 4 months ago
Actually, these orcas are, obviously, intelligent. If they had taken her for a seal, she'd be dead.
Spirit Of The Wolf
Spirit Of The Wolf - 4 months ago
What a beautiful creature!! Lucky woman!!
42 -42
42 -42 - 4 months ago
Did they eat her....where is that bit.
Patrol Pilot
Patrol Pilot - 4 months ago
Orca, "What the hell is this?"
Human, "Oh my. How beautiful!"
Orca, "Do....do I eat it? Smells gammy as hell."
Stopdabbingkids -.-
Stopdabbingkids -.- - 4 months ago
I’d be scared. I would have like a panic attack and drown. lmao
Anthony Bille
Anthony Bille - 4 months ago
What kind of Orca's are these that they would willingly swim with humans and where is this?
x x
x x - 4 months ago
New Zealand. Most of our local pods enjoy interaction with people, but the laws here are that people are not allowed to approach any in the wild.
ScionStorm - 4 months ago
This is kind of like going running in the woods and suddenly a pack of wolves starts running by you.
Charlotte - 4 months ago
I would have legit turned that water straight up *brown* .
Danielle C
Danielle C - 4 months ago
This is actually just terrifying. Esp If you just change the music
EL JOTT - 4 months ago
They were at McDonald's before, so no problem...
Orlando Serrano
Orlando Serrano - 4 months ago
The Weracia
The Weracia - 4 months ago
I think these orcas think that she was their baby... 🐳🐋 or sth
kilroy987 - 4 months ago
I don't care if they have zero human attack record in the wild. I would be completely freaking out, even if they acted friendly at first. The moment it looked like they are playing out approach options, I'd freak.
So Majesticals
So Majesticals - 4 months ago
I’d be terrified out of my mind if orcas came up to swim with me. These guys coming even send great while sharks swimming for the hills.
Smoochy Poochy
Smoochy Poochy - 4 months ago
Anyone else hope the killer whale was going to start flinging her in the air with their tail?
Mika - 4 months ago
What a Beautiful experience for the human! ❤️
Michael KnightRider
Michael KnightRider - 4 months ago
Orcas love to play with their food.
Jessie Swaby
Jessie Swaby - 4 months ago
Now, I wish I saw an Orca in the wild.
happykt - 4 months ago
considering orca's eat seals, I'd be scared to swim with wild orca's.
Falls night
Falls night - 4 months ago
Thats really cool. Still not for me though. The only giant animal I would swim with is a whale shark.
Gman nubs
Gman nubs - 4 months ago
Imagine if Orcas want to EAT YOU🤔🤔
Little Flower
Little Flower - 4 months ago
They probably thought she was one of theirs
jose diaz
jose diaz - 4 months ago
I would have peed myself
bum bam
bum bam - 4 months ago
Orcas can be extremely sadistic as well, even if they aren't held captive. Lady was lucky
Bill Blass
Bill Blass - 4 months ago
Is this in a Sea World tank, im surprised they didnt attack the swimmer
x x
x x - 4 months ago
Off the coast of New Zealand. Happens quite often, but not usually filmed as well as this.
The shenanigans of a Platypus
They're like 'ooh girl, where did you get your tailfin separated like that? What surgeon did you go to? Looking good boo'
Einar Steinar
Einar Steinar - 4 months ago
Orcas never killed someone in the wild
Ayush Kumar Singh
Ayush Kumar Singh - 4 months ago
Are u sure they are swimming because these Whales are also called killer whales for some reason😐
Be Happy
Be Happy - 4 months ago
I wish i can cuddle with orca..
User63719916368 - 4 months ago
SomethingElseYT would be terrifyied
SilentWorkForce - 4 months ago
I would be both happy and scared
Bruno The Expert
Bruno The Expert - 4 months ago
Imagine if orcas swallow you by mistake
Bluenose352 - 4 months ago
They would choke, unfortunately
DebbyAbqNM - 4 months ago
Baby Orca: "What a funny-shaped creature!" Mama Orca: "That's true, but we must admire all the effort it puts into enjoying this lovely water as much as we do! That's courage! Such creatures are worth protecting!"
Harley Davidson Silent Vlogger
Those Orcas are brave to swim so close to the most dangerous predator on Earth - a non binary white liberal !
Sea Witch in Seattle
Sea Witch in Seattle - 4 months ago
Super awesome, but also HELL no.
Max Schager
Max Schager - 4 months ago
Isn't this like highly dangerous as we kinda look like seals while swimming?
Eryan724 - 4 months ago
Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C
What an AMAZING experience!😃🐬🏊🏻‍♂️
47Ronin - 4 months ago
But did you know Orcas are working on nuklear materials? It is time to take this orca thread seriously, ppl.
Nex Wex 2
Nex Wex 2 - 4 months ago
Later, human vanishes, orcas were full.
Sarah Barker
Sarah Barker - 4 months ago
Humans go whale watching.
Orcas go human watching.
soham s shirwalkar
soham s shirwalkar - 4 months ago
maybe teaching her how to swim better
Arthur Wong
Arthur Wong - 4 months ago
Orca: That looks like a good snack...
jack asad
jack asad - 4 months ago
That is insane. I'm afraid orcas will see us as a sea lion especially if you're wearing full black suite
vijaytube HD
vijaytube HD - 4 months ago
Imagine if orcas wanted to bite you😂😂😂😂
xxxxmimi - 4 months ago
Are these wild orcas?? this is crazy like ...in a positive way i suppose... Im surprised they didnt see her as food?...
x x
x x - 4 months ago
Yes, they are wild. We see Orca quite often in New Zealand as the local pods are inshore ray feeders.
Bluberripai!!! - 4 months ago
Aw man too bad I don't even know how to swim
Eryan724 - 4 months ago
Maybe you should learn? Kinda weird to live in a world where people can write youtube comments but not do the most basic things like ...swim!:0 I mean ... you can walk, right? If not work on that first ^^
Teinysha Patterson
Teinysha Patterson - 4 months ago
That’s cool they could also be protecting her from sharks too
Rhonna Marsden
Rhonna Marsden - 4 months ago
Wow! Incredibly fortunate woman. A mom killer whale protecting her calves, that could have gone so wrong.
Miss Vicky j
Miss Vicky j - 4 months ago
That was so totally awesome I never saw anything like that before. BEAUTIFUL. 😋😋😋
Aria Reales
Aria Reales - 4 months ago
“Imagine if orcas wanted to eat you”
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