Sarah Sanders Says Congress Is Not "Smart Enough" for Trump's Tax Returns: A Closer Look

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Natahanna Bludsworth
O...M...G!!! Baaahaha! Just priceless! Trump is keeping all the comedians employed. Everyday he gives them more to work with. Lmao
Alan Hamilton
Alan Hamilton - 5 hours ago
I’m from California. We welcome immigrants. As a white man, my ancestors were immigrants too... except the English side committed near genocide of the natives after immigrating here. So it would be grotesquely hypocritical for me to not want somebody to peacefully immigrate here to find safety and work hard for their family.
Alan Hamilton
Alan Hamilton - 5 hours ago
Listening to Trump speak hurts.
Riitta Puhjo
Riitta Puhjo - 23 hours ago
Oh Seth, your show is hilarious! I'm Finnish Canadian, now living (too) close to the US. It is unbelievable to me that this clown/con man/geriatric mental patient continues to amuse and scare us at the helm of your country! The Unhinged States of Amnesia.
Penny Reis
Penny Reis - Day ago
Cella Gee
Cella Gee - Day ago
Jesus he's hard to listen to, all his speeches sounds like 4 words repeated on a loop.
Chris McKimie
Chris McKimie - Day ago
Does he not know that Congress has hired former U.S. irs auditors, investigators to review them and give Congress a report !
Burr Anderson
Burr Anderson - Day ago
Sarah "Huckabee" Sanders would sell her soul for 5 pound a bag of Jolly Ranchers.
paleryder - Day ago
The pig with lipstick parted its lips and produced yet another turd.
Uaine Diabhal
Uaine Diabhal - Day ago
Trump is a "human" mistake... like if God dropped one on the floor and it rolled under the fridge
LeAnnDra Valdes
LeAnnDra Valdes - 2 days ago
SMH I cant believe that Adults in the republican party don't see that he is an idiot.... What is happening in AMERICA?
Neon Kitty
Neon Kitty - 2 days ago
I swear I never seen that woman smile like she capable of it at all or...? 😒
conan Smith
conan Smith - 2 days ago
Why does this president have to release his tax’s? Have they EVER done this to a sitting president? I think EVERYONE that is calling for his tax’s to be released should also release their tax’s! Isn’t that only fair? To me it’s very obvious that all these politicians are trying to protect the way they have been doing business for years and they don’t want an outsider messing up the way they have been making money, I think it starts with George Soros who has been making billions of dollars of of the misery of entire nations and their people’s. He was also financial advisor to Ex-president Obama and he was around the Clinton’s a lot, I’m sure he controls a lot of the politicians and the media.
Kevin Arnold
Kevin Arnold - 3 days ago
Sanders is a hippo in pearls
Kevin Arnold
Kevin Arnold - 3 days ago
It’s only complex for the orange idiot.
Eurotimex Ph
Eurotimex Ph - 3 days ago
Promises made. Lies kept. #CorruptTrump2020
cristina lexy
cristina lexy - 4 days ago
USA is not"smart enough"for Trump?
monica johnson
monica johnson - 4 days ago
I'm dying 😂😂😂 😂
info mus
info mus - 4 days ago
Every time I hear him speak I feel less and less like democracy is working. Trump that is.
sgt pep
sgt pep - 4 days ago
so no-neck sarah if we are so dumb, what difference would it make! we're so dumb & u calling congressmen not as smart as ur king of the lobstermen really u have lost what lil mind u had, u going to the penitentiary with the rest of the fake family! RICO, & perjury bad by
Losaiko RESIST!!! Say No to Trump and No Fascisim
There are a lot of retired IRS agents that would be happy to help out.
Robert Beccue
Robert Beccue - 4 days ago
Trump = Super stupid
bio x
bio x - 4 days ago
What he's basically saying all my voters you are a bunch of dumbasses just keep being racist stupid xenophobic lowlifes and ill keep profiting of you idiots
Roedy Green
Roedy Green - 4 days ago
It does not matter if I can parse Trump's tax return. There are thousands of expert tax accountants who can. They can then tell the media of any highlights.
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts - 5 days ago
If it was just a matter of being stupid that would be bad enough, but Trump believes he's so much more intelligent than everybody else, that anything that comes out of his mouth is absolutely profound and worthy of his god-like self. and if everybody thinks what he says is stupid it's just because stupid people, (mere mortals) aren't worthy of His Greatness.
Richard Mays
Richard Mays - 5 days ago
Sarah Sanders is still on the payroll. We’re paying this hot mess.
BREEZYT Moonornoon
BREEZYT Moonornoon - 5 days ago
I think instead of us getting upset over whatever he is saying, we should all just talk to him the way he talks to us... insert lies and idiocy wherever and whenever you feel like.
Whyte Papricka
Whyte Papricka - 5 days ago
Trump looks like he was born with Down's Syndrome......did you ever notice that?
sullivan2339 - 6 days ago
Any wonder why elected republicans support this buffoon? Because he's the absolute Perfect Distraction from what they do in service to their real master -the Almighty Dollar.
Roland Mendiola
Roland Mendiola - 4 days ago
Shae Micah
Shae Micah - 6 days ago
Trump is a conman. Hes not even a good conman. That's what is so ridiculous. I'd much rather get duped by DiCaprio in the movie Catch Me if You Can
Ray Candy
Ray Candy - 6 days ago
This is one dumb MF’R but I think we are dumber to have this guy f@ck things up and not lock him up!
Dulles Perez
Dulles Perez - 6 days ago
Why are we listening to this moron
altitude illume
altitude illume - 6 days ago
huckaBEAST-SLANDER's, #LIAR, 4 yr degree, dad's arkansas private evangelical college, not university
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts - 5 days ago
Bible colleges are crap. They won't believe in evolution but do believe in raising the dead. Pure immature stupidity.
mike avery
mike avery - 6 days ago
If Congress can do a budget for the American government how are we too believe they wouldn't be able to understand one person's taxes his business is not as big as the United States government why are the Republicans following in line with this mentally handicapped thought Process.
Elizabeth Abel
Elizabeth Abel - 6 days ago
A feet high - the powerful, respected firm... very complicated to understand.
LET'S BE REAL HERE!! - 6 days ago
Sarah Sanders looks exactly like hoover. I bet you hoover saw sanders mug every time he dressed in drag.
LET'S BE REAL HERE!! - 6 days ago
Sarah Sanders looks exactly like hoover. I bet you hoover saw sanders mug every time he dressed in drag.
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson - 6 days ago
Trumps dirty little secret is He doesn't know how to read, just look it up.

WOW: Trump Fails Basic Literacy Test
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts - 5 days ago
If Trump can't read how does he give his lengthy speeches? A bug in his ear?.
NessTho - 6 days ago
LOL I'm just here for laughs
sgbobsg - 6 days ago
Everyone is smart enough to know he has something to hide and is lying about his intelligence and his taxes.
Bryan Taylor
Bryan Taylor - 6 days ago
In case you haven't noticed,, Trump isn't very well educated and he lies about everything. He thinks everyone is as gullible as his Cult 45 base.
Velma Rock
Velma Rock - 7 days ago
Lawyers are not telling you what you and your children what to say
Douglas Rau
Douglas Rau - 7 days ago
Why the hell would lawyers just hang out by the border just to give immigrants papers of "what to say" to immigration officials? I'm going to go ahead and guess that these immigrants are not millionaires who can afford to pay elaborate lawyer fees to get into the country. And lawyers tend not to be that altruistic of individuals. What's in it for the lawyers?
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez - 7 days ago
"Very large a-brain"... wow, this moron makes me cringe with embarrassment.
DARC E - 7 days ago
I think he’s scared to release his taxes cuz he knows he’s been cheating the system with his big short stack CPA. He is worried someone will find what is buried in the schedule C of itemized write offs or what he’s trying to claim for losses but technically he should owe but as long as he’s not looked at or audited his skeletons won’t be found. Does he realize everything always gets out. Someone always finds where the bodies are buried. Too bad the IRS can’t audit him for all those years.
Disgusted In Tennessee
Disgusted In Tennessee - 7 days ago
Love you Katie!!!! I bet she can understand Trumps tax returns!!!!
jenpenn22 - 7 days ago
It's painful to listen to him
Maria Cupo
Maria Cupo - 7 days ago
Porter is gangster.
judith sterling mendoza
When are you people going to open your eyes. Trump is a cheat!
Earl Gray
Earl Gray - 8 days ago
* * * Sarah Sandpaper (she is abrasive) needs to skip a few meals, just look at her. The Red Hen was just encouraging that heffer to shed 60 pounds. Oi Vey ! Ps; You could land aiirforce one on Donny J. Trumputin's lazy, enormous golfcart seat embossed spanker.
Vote to impeach at: We MUST do this for our children. OiVey !
Gilberto Ortiz
Gilberto Ortiz - 8 days ago
What a fxxk up brain LOL
Mars - 8 days ago
at least they can read dumbo
Mean Mike Bojak
Mean Mike Bojak - 9 days ago
At 0:36 it sounds like he is saying "there is no law ( there isn't ), but I won't give it." And hen he bables on some more, instead of just saying no I won't release the information. Makes you think years of tax fraud, worth years of jail time. Really looking forward to see him pay for it.
rampolful - 9 days ago
Whatever Trump smokes is definitely illegal
Stephen Cook
Stephen Cook - 9 days ago
Wow her brain cell finally exploded.
I am just a mom doing the best I can
Why is this waste still in office??
Andrew Stubblefield
Andrew Stubblefield - 9 days ago
Some of the most cringeworthy and completely disingenuous moments in Herr Gropenfuhrer's political career are when he needs to suck up to the middle class. What is it with him and fake prop people, like these "construction workers"? FFS, middle class conservatives, does that really convince you that trump is on your side?
Caroline Clark
Caroline Clark - 9 days ago
President Magoo!
Caroline Clark
Caroline Clark - 9 days ago
Did Sarah Sanders get her face fixed or was she just squinting her good eye?
Mark Lockwood
Mark Lockwood - 10 days ago
Remember the stimulus and Nancy Pelosi you got to sign the bill to find out what's in the bill come on people you Democrats are just so much bullshit that's why you went down in 2016 and they're going to go down in 2022 you're a minority get a fucking clue
Mark Lockwood
Mark Lockwood - 10 days ago
He looks like he might be your president for the next 6 years why don't you people just deal with it and quit bitching there's nothing you can do even trying to do something for the last three almost three years how good is that work for you
Mark Lockwood
Mark Lockwood - 10 days ago
He also said he was going to win the election to why didn't you bring that up
DeTorrian Peterson
DeTorrian Peterson - 10 days ago
She's a Dog face! Poor excuse for a womanm
Florencio Almirol
Florencio Almirol - 11 days ago
Trump is the biggest Clown in US history
Sharon Mores
Sharon Mores - 12 days ago
So much bs. from this hoopt doo
Bob Marley
Bob Marley - 12 days ago
Come on seth, you should know exactly what the president is talking about. With all your years of experience on snl and the Meyers corporation cranking it out. The reading of the teleprompter you do so well. I hope you announce your candidacy soon. Is the skinny tie back? Thank God.
paulg - 12 days ago
Sarah Sanders..............CRAZY EYES. WHAT IS UP WITH HER WANDERING EYE??? Her left eye, on our right?? Has a mind of it's own.
Robert Beccue
Robert Beccue - 12 days ago
We so need to get rid of these low life’s. What an embracement.
Eric Leaf
Eric Leaf - 13 days ago
This guy Trump is a fucking idiot ......
B Miller
B Miller - 14 days ago
Consumer Financial Protection - THAT WAS ELIZABETH WARREN UNDER OBAMA!

BEST opportunity EVER to say, literally "it's not as if I wrote the book on this, OH WAIT, the HELL I DID!"
B Miller
B Miller - 14 days ago
As far as the "Congress can't understand my returns" argument, KNOW THIS:

This Congress has 10 ACCOUNTANTS, and 2 CPAs, which is the EXACT designation that PROVES you can understand TAXES...
Richard Smart
Richard Smart - 3 days ago
Not to mention that Katie Porter graduated both Yale AND Harvard Law, so I reckon she would be able to decipher Das Orange Anus' tax-returns...
TraetuusPlays - 14 days ago
Steven Colbert wants his routine back. 🤣
ron kirk50
ron kirk50 - 14 days ago
When will this nightmare end?
MS to Go, LLC.
MS to Go, LLC. - 15 days ago
Seth Meyers should be appointed to Serve as Trump’s Vice President so he could use his powerful gift of logic, reasoning and home-run analogies to keep him in check and from doing crazy stupid things. It’s a perfect match!
MS to Go, LLC.
MS to Go, LLC. - 15 days ago
I wholeheartedly support trump but also love to watch and laugh at every episode of a closer look! No one can deny the stupid crazy crap the president does and says at times!
GMP - 15 days ago
If he even HAD an audit . . . . . . he's already be in jail . . . . DAH!!!
J Johnstone
J Johnstone - 15 days ago
He's the only president who has keep his promises. The economy is the best in 50+ years. I get it some people don't like his style but stop coming up with new lame bs everyday too attack him and enjoying winning. These late night shows are so constantly biased that it gets boring and old real quick ...
B Miller
B Miller - 14 days ago
LOL, you're LITERALLY WATCHING A VIDEO ABOUT HIM LYING ABOUT A FICTIONAL AUDIT and you're saying "he KEEPS HIS PROMISES", when he promised to share the returns... Proving, You can't fix "stupid" or "deplorable".
Spencer J Elliott
Spencer J Elliott - 15 days ago
Seth, please hire me as a part time writer. I'll work the first month free. You need me.
Donald Mikulec
Donald Mikulec - 15 days ago
Worse! Trump sounds like a high school kid with an essay question who didn't study the material and is filling the page with words hoping to get a passing grade.
Chuck Russell
Chuck Russell - 15 days ago
I believe Sarah Sanders meant, Congress is not corrupt enough for Trump's tax returns. My Fellow Americans united we stand.
Cindy Wright
Cindy Wright - 15 days ago
Well, we know it would be acceptable for him to take a Bleach bit to his taxes. If Hillary can do it, Trump can do it. Problem solved.
Private Number
Private Number - 16 days ago
Democratic supporters are Terrorists and Border jumpers.
TuSsoCkyTuBe - 16 days ago
Sarah sanders look like a pug. Fact.
Samuel Latt
Samuel Latt - 16 days ago
Here's a news flash for y'all. Our 45th is, in my humble opinion, the smallest minded president we've ever had in the white house and he will go down in history as the worst president in our lifetime!!!!
Deja Vu
Deja Vu - 16 days ago
Just like Barr wasn’t smart enough to read the mueller report Sarah?
Gina Kay
Gina Kay - 16 days ago
He talks like a 14 year old child. A baby has more intelligence than drumpfs. #VOTELEFTANDLADIES
Subin Sasidharan
Subin Sasidharan - 17 days ago
Trumps administration is filled with dumb trumpanzees;-)
ICY Bomber
ICY Bomber - 17 days ago
does any eles think sarahs face looks crooked like nothing is symetrical
Tanner Denny
Tanner Denny - 17 days ago
We should kick the South out of the Union. Their states are a drain in every sense of the word on the rest of the country.
Critical Transmission
Critical Transmission - 17 days ago
So they can't convict him with the Russian Collusion theory, now they want his tax returns. Interesting. I thought political circus occur only in 3rd world countries.
Ian Dowdall
Ian Dowdall - 17 days ago
You know youre american when you get outsmarted my social media
Some Dracula Babe
Some Dracula Babe - 18 days ago
He's slipping quickly into clinical dementia.
Jack Hackman
Jack Hackman - 18 days ago
Sarah is correct. The IRS has to hand over the tax  return's of ANYBODY if asked by congress. But Congress is gutless to enforce the law.
2ΩIMFJ CD5 - 18 days ago
We'll leave the light on..
Until midnight. We save money around here.
Cory ryder
Cory ryder - 18 days ago
what a joke of a human being
DrMossydog - 19 days ago
My contempt for tRump is big and complex and feet high, and it's screwing with my very very large a-brain.
Bunkiebe - 19 days ago
Is Suckabee’s face crooked, because she is crooked?
I have wondered if it was caused by the way she does contortions with her alt facts. It looks like it’s painful. Her left arm always starts flapping up and down and face tightens and contorts when she starts evading questions.
That happens when someone asks her a question.
L G - 19 days ago
I think shes been going to cuba
L G - 19 days ago
Why is sarah lookin so brown in the cheecks
Felix Hill
Felix Hill - 19 days ago
Why does trump think everyone but him is stupid?
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