Sarah Sanders Says Congress Is Not "Smart Enough" for Trump's Tax Returns: A Closer Look

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Kyle Cooley
Kyle Cooley - 7 hours ago
Trump is a idiot
John Fry
John Fry - Day ago
Why do Americans allow this?
Erika Welindt
Erika Welindt - 5 days ago
Are you smart enough to know what you just said?
Erika Welindt
Erika Welindt - 5 days ago
Does this guy speak English?
Nicholas Donges
Nicholas Donges - 6 days ago
Prick ….
mike weston
mike weston - 8 days ago
What was sticking the bog-roll to Trumps shoe ?
That's what I wanna know.
Bonnie McCormick
Bonnie McCormick - 12 days ago
Sarah is too dumb to stop lying.
Adam Bomb
Adam Bomb - 13 days ago
Trump likes touching his own neck, because he thinks its a vagina!
Cerbyo - 13 days ago
having a larger brain doesn't make someone smarter....nor does it give them the ability to be smarter.....smaller human brains statistically show greater intelligence than larger ones.
Gloria Elcock
Gloria Elcock - 13 days ago
try me trump I don't have any experience but I would figure them out
Monk Amani
Monk Amani - 13 days ago
2008. Donald was supporting Hillary over Barack and broke. Now president?
America...Hindsight 2020.
Drake Koefoed
Drake Koefoed - 14 days ago
he lost a billion dollars in 10 years. Not too complicated for me. but I am a psychotic genius, so, ya know
Real Deal
Real Deal - 14 days ago
Anybody notice that Sarah got her ass out of the white house before she was indicted too
George Pope
George Pope - 14 days ago
Allireza Ghahremani
Allireza Ghahremani - 15 days ago
ööö åöö Lill 9

millanjfr1 - 15 days ago
Trump for PRISON!
Commander - 15 days ago
Yes good people. Sarah Sanders. That's what you are paying $183,000 a year for. Hope you got your money's worth
Eric Rogers
Eric Rogers - 15 days ago
He s Straight up “Nuts”
Antonis J.kondilis
Antonis J.kondilis - 19 days ago
This guy thinks that he is so much smarter than a lawyer that finally says so many nonsense . His ego is unlimited .
COMPASSION2611 - 23 days ago
Does he even know how ignorant he sounds?
peter houck
peter houck - 27 days ago
Kim Hawkins
Kim Hawkins - 28 days ago
Who in the world is stupidest President ever
Razal Mind
Razal Mind - Month ago
Brain Damage
Walrus Gumboot
Walrus Gumboot - Month ago
Trump can't read (above a 5th grade level). This FACTis ignored by most media, as they are cowards against Trumps influence (&mojo; yea, really). So how superfluous does our news media have to be. IT'S ALL FAKE NEWS when they won't reoort that TRUMP CAN'T READ!!!!!
Smokescreen - Month ago
0:43 It's really hard to believe this is the man running the country
gerardo Sanchez
gerardo Sanchez - Month ago
Get rid of judges that is a terrifying thought
My Reviews
My Reviews - Month ago
Lmfao. I laughed so much. Man, what have we done. We have literally put a joke of a man in the White House. He's like my 5 year old when he repeats what he says three times when figures out that he knew something new that is not new. 😂
Nico Nesta
Nico Nesta - Month ago
I just cant believe you can be evidently this level of stupid, ignorant, boast about it, and still finish a term as potus. Even run again hahahaha.
Glenn Oropeza
Glenn Oropeza - Month ago
OMG! TRUMP is attacking lawyers and judges! WTF?! As many times he's been sued he should at least praise lawyers!
Glenn Oropeza
Glenn Oropeza - Month ago
Totally hilarious! Trump is so evasive!
Chris Milton
Chris Milton - Month ago
From an urban perspective:
Damn, when she pulled out the book that she wrote herself, that was gangsta. THAT'S how you put 'em in check, promote yourself and expose the truth all in one trigga squeeze. Job well done. Or, as we yelled in our unit, HUAAAAA!!!!!!
Roger Cardillo
Roger Cardillo - Month ago
He's the guy in the next yard who cuts your ball in half when it goes over the fence.
Roger Cardillo
Roger Cardillo - Month ago
This is too stupid for stupid
james fiaco
james fiaco - Month ago
I would've said to the guy with the snowball stick it where the sun don't shine and I guarantee you end up with contaminated water. Which would prove how corrupt his body has became from inhaling petrified death that comes from coal oil gas the chemical industry corporate America case closed.
Sue Westmoreland
Sue Westmoreland - Month ago
👨‍🦰💨 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ricardo Martinho
Ricardo Martinho - Month ago
How is this guy a President?
Perhaps because is the perfect muppet?
Christina B
Christina B - Month ago
yeh you dont understand。hahhah
gregg Killman
gregg Killman - Month ago
Katie porter is big time
Animo know
Animo know - Month ago
Clown ...haha
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick - Month ago
I don't know whether to laugh or cry, or I'm laughing so hard I'm in tears. I'm just afraid this is not a bad dream
idriz f
idriz f - Month ago
Only thing insane is stupid motherfucking trump
Gleason Parker
Gleason Parker - Month ago
I would be depressed if Seth did not make me laugh. I miss him when on holiday since I need my fix daily.
Lucinda Veloz
Lucinda Veloz - Month ago
王长安 - Month ago
I think Kraninger's explanation was precise in term of calculation, where the other honorable lady was just explaining it in her own terms, just a play of word.
Charles Joab Rudolph
Charles Joab Rudolph - Month ago
No Donald trump is the stupid man on the planet 🌎 moron idiot
Shari Mitchell
Shari Mitchell - Month ago
Cowboy Bob
Cowboy Bob - Month ago
4:46 - They had room for him wrestling the umbrella in his greatest hits, really wanted to see that. - Please get one person who did not vote in 2016 to the polls on Tuesday November 3rd, 2020. The first order of business in 2021 must be election reform. That is the path to permanent change. Voter suppression and gerrymandering must be made a thing of the past.
Dulles Perez
Dulles Perez - Month ago
I had enought of this fool
Cowboy Bob
Cowboy Bob - Month ago
0:26 When Trump channels Rachel Maddow to explain something. (BTW: Trump sucks and Rachel is great, but she knows how to stretch thirty seconds into five minutes like nobody else.)
Pål Øynulvson
Pål Øynulvson - Month ago
here in norway, any citizen can read any tax return registered in norway, that person gets notified.
i literally just checked our prime minister for shits and giggles.
Zhang Sisi
Zhang Sisi - Month ago
Everyone who is well educated would be surprised about his limited vocabulary ~
Cowboy Bob
Cowboy Bob - Month ago
His mental decline is startling. The thing about his vocabulary is it connects him to the less-well educated, obviously a strong bond. As a consequence, there are some really smart people who "support" him because they are able to use him as a tool for their own purposes. For example those ghouls Stephen Miller and , Steven Mnuchin, who recognize Trump is a vehicle they may never see again in their lives. We should only be so lucky. I remember when John Bolton was a similar political freak show who teamed with Cheney and Rumsfeld to poison whatever global good will was created after the 9/11 attacks. Miller and Mnuchin, Miller especially, will be hungry for this the rest of their lives now that they've had a taste.
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