MONSTA X 'Alligator' MV

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Tisha J
Tisha J - Hour ago
my lobu
Blood Queen
Blood Queen - 2 hours ago
You have another reason to like Alligators! Tho those alligator's eyes! Ugh
Blood Queen
Blood Queen - 21 minute ago
+i promise i will be The One What about them XD cool? Yep
i promise i will be The One
i promise i will be The One - 31 minute ago
yaa! 1:11 wonho's eyes
PTR HYUNG - 3 hours ago
Fina Mi
Fina Mi - 4 hours ago
Việt Nam âu rồi
ANGEL NICHOLSON - 5 hours ago
Monbebe power we need to push this to 30m views. Come on!!
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - 5 hours ago
Mayleen noona :]
Mayleen noona :] - 7 hours ago
Uhm *MONSTA X NEEDS TK BE MORE APPRECIATED!!* thank you please str3am more please?
Lisa :D
Lisa :D - 9 hours ago
Gracias por substitulos!!! :D
Lisa :D
Lisa :D - 9 hours ago
Im a alligator?
Not interesting
Not interesting - 9 hours ago
get out me swamp
Vania CM
Vania CM - 13 hours ago
Wonho siempre visual 🌟
Lynn Williams
Lynn Williams - 15 hours ago
cze sc
cze sc - 18 hours ago
1:24 this is like a bang bang bang
aishka007 - 14 hours ago
cze not embarrass yourself...
treble maker
treble maker - 16 hours ago
Jennifer Zareth
Jennifer Zareth - 18 hours ago
I really really love Monsta X with all my heart! And i become a new fan ❤
treble maker
treble maker - 16 hours ago
Welcome to the fandom!!! :) Please let us know if you have any questions.
Chloe Louis
Chloe Louis - 19 hours ago
come on we can do this Monbebe, They deserve more than this.
treble maker
treble maker - 16 hours ago
Yes, fighting!!!
If you were having trouble with starpass a few weeks (?) ago, try again! I just opened it on my old phone running android 5.0. Pretty sure its working again
Leonela - 21 hour ago
hello how are you im fine thankyou
Yo this is fukin art why didn't i click on this when it came out
treble maker
treble maker - 16 hours ago
At least you're here now, though! Better late than never. Welcome! :))
Smrithi N
Smrithi N - 22 hours ago
I came here from play it cool and really thought Jooheon was a vocalist.
treble maker
treble maker - 16 hours ago
Haha, welcome! Yes, he fools many people in that mv, lol.
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - 16 hours ago
He is all around player❤
Wkng MBB
Wkng MBB - 18 hours ago
He is the main rapper, but If he want he could be the main vocal😅, just check Fighter switch ver or the cover of versace on the floor
MONBEBE Minmoongie
MONBEBE Minmoongie - 23 hours ago
Min Suga
Min Suga - Day ago
Literally nobody:
My brain cell at 2 am:
Alli alli alli alli alligator
treble maker
treble maker - 16 hours ago
Same, lol!
Liliya Mars
Liliya Mars - Day ago
Monbebe Sunshine
Monbebe Sunshine - Day ago
Okay here’s a little update on videos getting ready to hit a new million. It’ll give everyone an idea of songs to str34m. Tonight I’ve been pretty much str34ming all of them randomly. Keeping attention on the mighty Alligator & PIC. PIC is getting pretty close to hitting 14 million (like 100,000 away). Beautiful is really close to 41 million. Shootout is a little over 160,000 away from hitting 38 million. Trespass is getting close to 20 million. Rush & Shine Forever is very close to hitting 18 million.
I’ve also been working on Minhyuk’s cover, Jooheon’s Stay Strong & Should I Do. Those songs are low in v13ws & are soooooo good!
If I missed any just add them to the comments.
Monbebe Sunshine
Monbebe Sunshine - 15 hours ago
devilish pinkon 😂😆🤣
Monbebe Sunshine
Monbebe Sunshine - 15 hours ago
Gorazd Malinovski yes, that’s another one I have been str34ming. We need to keep that one on the str34ming list! 😀
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - 16 hours ago
Looking at all that numbers..i thought u were teaching calculus (j k)😅. I'll try to include more songs in my daily stre*ming playlist
Gorazd Malinovski
Gorazd Malinovski - Day ago
Horizon by Changkyun?
Monbebe Sunshine
Monbebe Sunshine - Day ago
MONSTA X - Day ago
*Deep breathe*
When i want to stop watching this bop¿
YEOMOI - Day ago
Esse grupo é o amor da minha vida, o único grupo que eu amo de verdade.
allegro _exol
allegro _exol - Day ago
everyone is sleeping on monstax please notice masters and not flops these dudes r no joke u have my support tho!!
domxa - Day ago
Edna Ngabo
Edna Ngabo - Day ago
Is it me or did these guys look so gangsta and Badass AF Like as if they were a gang oh and did I for get toention how sexy they are I maen Just pause For 1 second and LOOK AT THEM AND THINK TO YOUR SELF are they EVEN real.
Cause I did ^~^😍😏😅😋😇
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - Day ago
MBB felt the same!❤
Elcan Semenderli
Elcan Semenderli - Day ago
I love youu♡♥♡♥
Piynat_ nat
Piynat_ nat - Day ago
คนไทยติ่งมีซับไทยให้ด้วย รักก
田中美奈 - Day ago
Suravi Sarkar
Suravi Sarkar - Day ago
The creator of the famous Webtoon True Beauty is a Monbebe too and Wonho biased person. She shared this MV and Wonho's photocard as her Instagram story OMG 😭❤❤
Fifi Indah
Fifi Indah - 14 hours ago
+Suravi Sarkar wow..
Suravi Sarkar
Suravi Sarkar - 15 hours ago
+Fifi Indah some monbebes have screen recorded her story as it was an Instagram story and have shared it in Twitter, here is the link :
Kpop Fan
Kpop Fan - 16 hours ago
Link please
Fifi Indah
Fifi Indah - Day ago
Can u share the link in here.. ♥ ♥
MONBEBE Minmoongie
MONBEBE Minmoongie - 2 days ago
Let's give alligator 30M
bts.bigbang - 2 days ago
Johoney is aligater and walk like zombe
Carlo Colvin
Carlo Colvin - 2 days ago
I'm new... Gonna need help knowing and remembering who's who except for hottie Shownu the leader and also my bias.
treble maker
treble maker - 16 hours ago
Welcome! :)
Melaniaa - Day ago
Welcomee 💜 feel free to ask anything
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - 2 days ago
If u turn on the caption, there r names of members for their parts😊
S W - 2 days ago
Monbebe For Life
Monbebe For Life - 2 days ago
Riona Henry
Riona Henry - 2 days ago
Okay but why does every chair Hyungwon sits on turn into a throne he could probably sit on a fucking bar stool and make it look like it was the king's bar stool or some shit
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - 2 days ago
He's a ROYAL❤
Min Yoona
Min Yoona - 2 days ago
Hey guys can get 30M? Let's go to stream!
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - 2 days ago
Alexia White
Alexia White - 2 days ago
"Hello, I'm an alli-alligator"
Me: Okay that was fucking adorable
Nosense - 2 days ago
Anyone else notice they hit the reverse?
Diana Bazan
Diana Bazan - 2 days ago
Enserio ¡Todas las canciones de MX son buenísimas! 😀😍💕
Saelee - 2 days ago
WHY WAS I SLEEPING ON THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— mich
— mich - 2 days ago
to aqui pela 828288282 vez, boa noite 😥😥
— mich
— mich - 2 days ago
oi gente
DidSomeone SayBTS?
DidSomeone SayBTS? - 2 days ago
My Bias is the one in black
Anggie Araya
Anggie Araya - 2 days ago
Manuela Braghin de carli
Person: what do you like?
Person: wtf
treble maker
treble maker - 2 days ago
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 2 days ago
they all look the same to me
Honeypup Biased
Honeypup Biased - Day ago
I didn't realise, my apologies. It's probably because of the mv. If you wanted to know what they really look like there's guides to help
Suravi Sarkar
Suravi Sarkar - Day ago
+Joseph Stalin it will take time if you are new to Kpop... I suggest you to watch their shows and guides on them
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - Day ago
+Honeypup Biased i didn't say that because they're korean. I meant that I'm not able to say who is who
treble maker
treble maker - 2 days ago
Then you need to check them out more! Let us know if you have any questions :)
Fifi Indah
Fifi Indah - 2 days ago
They look same to me.. In the name talent,beautiful handsome Ness, great performer's, great personality.. N hell yeahhhh... I Stan legend...
نور العبد
نور العبد - 2 days ago
Ram875 - 2 days ago
Joheeon: Go hard or go home. ^_^
TheLastMysisc 98
TheLastMysisc 98 - 2 days ago
When jooheon and i.m started rapping together oh my gosh I thought I couldn't breathe when I first saw jooheon with black hair😂😂😂😂
Nasrul Zaffrey
Nasrul Zaffrey - 2 days ago
Oh my god! I watched Monsta X as cartoon character in We Bare Bears
BTS anime
BTS anime - 2 days ago
Wow i love it 😍😍
I.M's cutie dimples
I.M's cutie dimples - 2 days ago
Thank u 😘😘
Mia xo
Mia xo - 2 days ago
Hm... should I stan this..? I’m falling in love with it
treble maker
treble maker - 16 hours ago
+Mia xo Thank you for checking them out! Monbebes are generally pretty chill, nice, and peaceful imo. We don't attack unless provoked, so I hope you enjoy being in the fandom! 💕
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - Day ago
I'm not sure what u heard about this fandom (Monbebe)..maybe some of them are nice n vice versa but personally i choose MBB as one of the nicest fandom existed in kpop (i'm saying from a view of multifan). We have no problem with any other fandoms except when they r the one who came here n purposely being rude/ignorant. We might not as big as other fandoms but i assured u that MBB always welcome happily any new MBB /other fandom who wants to support or just want to enjoy their song, as long as they (and us) respect each other Edit: i hope u watch a helpful guide to Monsta X n their other too. Thanks for supporting them!❤
Mia xo
Mia xo - Day ago
Woah, these replies are so nice... I wasn’t sure what this fandom would be like, but I guess I should look at some of their other songs now
rara 12
rara 12 - Day ago
Mia xo Your support is enough dear. Welcome to monfam.
Potato * v *
Potato * v * - 2 days ago
plus Monbebes are really nice and welcoming so don't be shy when asking for infos, names and etc 😁💕💕💕
zhansaya abaeva
zhansaya abaeva - 2 days ago
why am i _crying_ every time while watching monsta x mvs?they're so emotional
ester elizabeth Castro
ester elizabeth Castro - 2 days ago
Finaly 25M this is grate !
it's Me
it's Me - 2 days ago
Thanks for the translation ❤😘 and I love the song !
Chris - 2 days ago
Kihyun looked amazing in this era frick
` пуфик
` пуфик - 2 days ago
мать моя женщина, я только что получила оргазм от этой песни
Анна Калистратова
chie joong
chie joong - 3 days ago
Hannah De Asis
Hannah De Asis - 3 days ago
Pls vote in top music universe award,we are losing pls keep voting monbebe,
azure •
azure • - 3 days ago
Him: I like furries
Monbebe Sunshine
Monbebe Sunshine - 3 days ago
Loyaln't Carat
Loyaln't Carat - 3 days ago
I'm addicted to hyungwon's part omgg
treble maker
treble maker - 3 days ago
마크 - 3 days ago
Tugce Gündoğdu
Tugce Gündoğdu - 3 days ago
Very good. I loved.😀💖
Dana Shukaeva
Dana Shukaeva - 3 days ago
Jooheon with black hair was I ever wanted in my life 🖤🖤🖤
Oh that sassy boy makes me crazy
varinia jordan
varinia jordan - 3 days ago
Amira El Batawi
Amira El Batawi - 3 days ago
Thank you monbebes for watching Got7's mv eclipse❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💚🐥🐥🐥🐥
treble maker
treble maker - 3 days ago
Vivi *
Vivi * - 3 days ago
Chika Andhy
Chika Andhy - 3 days ago
OMG...... 😍😍😍😍
Cheng lisa
Cheng lisa - 4 days ago
Im become monbebe after heared this songs lol and here i came again, to hear this nice songs
Melaniaa - 2 days ago
Me too ❣️
MX Stan
MX Stan - 4 days ago
Alligator is one of the most intense music videos! I’m still shook watching it!!
신주희 - 4 days ago
As a group project, we're going to do a research on Starship Entertainment's official website, so I'd like to ask fans of Starship artists for a survey.😊
Monbebe For Life
Monbebe For Life - 3 days ago
Done! :)
treble maker
treble maker - 3 days ago
Done! :))
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - 3 days ago
Not so sure what this is about but..done😁
Regina Messina
Regina Messina - 3 days ago
Done :)
Princess MONBEBE
Princess MONBEBE - 4 days ago
Vote them on Top Music Universe Awards
nct 22nd member
nct 22nd member - 4 days ago
Monstax alligator >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> boy with luv
treble maker
treble maker - 2 days ago
+nct 22nd member I kinda agree, hehe
nct 22nd member
nct 22nd member - 3 days ago
+treble maker me tooo alligator is sooo good idk why ppl don't give them views I mean boy with luv is not that good and got a lot of views
treble maker
treble maker - 3 days ago
Yeah, we shouldn't compare other groups here! Let's just enjoy the music :) I prefer Alligator too, though. It's more like the type of music I enjoy.
And that's fine except monbebes always say "please don't bring up other groups here" or "please don't compare groups." I think it's pretty fair to keep that same energy both ways especially when other groups' fans are dropping by.
nct 22nd member
nct 22nd member - 4 days ago
+stan MONSTAX REDVELVET KNK if u wanna compare I have NP with it
Leonela - 4 days ago
바보bubllii - 4 days ago
*get out of my swamp*
Chaeyoung is not SMOL
Chaeyoung is not SMOL - 4 days ago
Im new to stanning boy groups and i was searching for one. And saw this masterpiece . I cant stop listening to them. Halp meh
rara 12
rara 12 - Day ago
welcome to the family dear monbebe
treble maker
treble maker - 3 days ago
Welcome to the Monfamily! :))
Monbebe Sunshine
Monbebe Sunshine - 4 days ago
Welcome to the Monbebe Family! We are a really peaceful fandom! Monsta X always keeps us fed with loads of new content all the time! Here is a great Helpful guide to Monsta X & it’s members.
Fifi Indah
Fifi Indah - 4 days ago
Welcome to Monbebe swamp.. Hehee
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - 4 days ago
Welcome!❤..i'm glad u like and wants to know more about them. No Mercy, A Helpful Guide to Monsta X, Monsta X Ray 1-3...n there r more of their v.shows. I hope u will watch all of these (and also their songs) . Feel free to ask any MBBs if u have any question about them!😊❤
chie joong
chie joong - 4 days ago
Gid Aaron Alcantara
Gid Aaron Alcantara - 4 days ago
THE WORLD HAS BEEN DEAFEATED BY K POP EVEN kid's Show.I wishd this would stop These freaks are Crazy about K pop even my Class mates..
Suravi Sarkar
Suravi Sarkar - Day ago
Korean pop or Korean music has diverse music range, new concepts, amazing choreographies, theory based MVs , aesthetic cinematography, which many Western Pop music and MVs lack, Kpop shows how much potential and effort the artist and the company puts in music as well as in the music video.
treble maker
treble maker - 3 days ago
Maybe you should accept it, then. Maybe you'll actually enjoy it!
Fifi Indah
Fifi Indah - 4 days ago
So why u here???
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - 4 days ago
And u have a choice to like it or not right. U r not the one who decide other's preference
warmestmachine - 4 days ago
and to think I'm gonna see them live, I'm ;-;
warmestmachine - 2 days ago
+treble maker thank you, dear! ;-;
treble maker
treble maker - 2 days ago
+warmestmachine Nice! Have fun :))
warmestmachine - 2 days ago
+treble makerJuly in Brazil <3
treble maker
treble maker - 3 days ago
Congrats, omg! Where?
Reminder to watch Horizon - only 6k from 1M. Also That's Alright (Minhyuk's cover)... it's almost been 1 year since its release :)
Roszaini Zaini
Roszaini Zaini - 4 days ago
monsta xမဂၤလာပါmonbebe
Madeleine Huarachi
Madeleine Huarachi - 4 days ago
La música que hacen ellos es arte puro 😊 monsta x los amo no entiendo por qué no son tan escuchados como BTS ellos también son geniales bts y monsta x en colaboración sería la perfección
Ligsoo Do
Ligsoo Do - 4 days ago

Mello Gaming TV
Mello Gaming TV - 4 days ago
giacorreia - 4 days ago
Just AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
fatima fatima
fatima fatima - 4 days ago
soon 30m #arbamonbebe مونستا اكس
cRγINGBIγAcHT ᴊᴜsᴛsᴛᴏᴘᴡᴛғ
Stan talents stan Monsta X !!! OMG I'm a leggo, Once, Blink, Army, Exo-l, NCTzen, vip, igot7(ahgase), blackjack, Neverland, and a lot... umm like, basically a Multi-Stan *PLEASE TELL ME THE OFFICIAL FANDOM NAME FOR MONSTA X CUZ IMMA STAN*
cRγINGBIγAcHT ᴊᴜsᴛsᴛᴏᴘᴡᴛғ
Fifi Indah OMG Thank you soo muchh
Fifi Indah
Fifi Indah - Day ago
+cRγINGBIγAcHT ᴊᴜsᴛsᴛᴏᴘᴡᴛғ are u already check their show to?? .. Cause they have great personality.. N love monbebe so much... Edit : I'm giving some link
cRγINGBIγAcHT ᴊᴜsᴛsᴛᴏᴘᴡᴛғ
rara 12 Monsta X is just pure talent, I am shook ...
cRγINGBIγAcHT ᴊᴜsᴛsᴛᴏᴘᴡᴛғ
Fifi Indah wth ... that's ART sjizlzlxkxkx how can he rap SO GOOD but also a killer in singing nxkxkxkdkxo so talented WTH SHXKZKLXLXLX OMG Jooheon, just wait, lemme breakup with my other biases and I will make u my ultimate sjkxkxlxlxk
rara 12
rara 12 - Day ago
cRγINGBIγAcHT ᴊᴜsᴛsᴛᴏᴘᴡᴛғ our fandom name is Monbebe dear and welcome to the family.
Lau Ra
Lau Ra - 4 days ago
damn brO don’t know em but how can ppl be this beautiful?????
treble maker
treble maker - 3 days ago
Ikr! Their visuals are awesome! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!! :)
chie joong
chie joong - 4 days ago
Feel free to listen their other song Shoot out Thank you
Carlos Antonio Urias Pacheco
Ooooh si esta geneal y los latinos donde estan
Mot Minh
Mot Minh - 4 days ago
Love Monsta so much and can not wait for Monsta X Ray ss4! I'm not Monbebe but still love you guys ^^
Emo Gi
Emo Gi - 4 days ago
Am I the only one who came here because of We bare bears?

Only Me? Ok..
Que Hana
Que Hana - 4 days ago
welcome.. thank you. 😊
عاشقــة مونســتا اكــس والكيبوب
0:53 اجمللللل مرورررررررررر🤤🤤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥀.
BTS FOREVER ARMY - 5 days ago
Urrrrrggg WonHo wore those shirts just to kill us AND DONT TEST ME I GOT RECIEPTS
ExoL Being ExoL
ExoL Being ExoL - 5 days ago
i never expected that i can love such type of vibes
but monsta x did it
i love them (V•V)
devilish pinkon
devilish pinkon - 5 days ago
Thanks Exo-L!♡
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