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burns83 - Month ago
Not filmed in south east Asia. Filmed in beautiful Bogota, Colombia
YaYaizm - Month ago
i am only here for that one frame with cl in it XD
Wiwie Gotcha
Wiwie Gotcha - 3 months ago
IKO UWAIS I LOVE U..........
Xenon Robinson
Xenon Robinson - 5 months ago
My gun is in the movie which is why I'll watch this billshit movie.
Shintya kusuma
Shintya kusuma - 5 months ago
Bangga deh ... Bela dirinya smp mendunia ...
Kyle L.
Kyle L. - 5 months ago
I was expecting more, but at least I managed to finish it. Yay me!
Tumb Blubbsen
Tumb Blubbsen - 7 months ago
The Trailer is the whole movie summed up already. No need to watch it anymore.
SiaarZH - 7 months ago
wtf is a DVD?
daff odill
daff odill - 7 months ago
the bad guys talking tagalog wtf!!!
Cookie - 8 months ago
Is it weird that did reminds me of amarican asassin with Dylan O’Brien?
kuk jp.13
kuk jp.13 - 8 months ago
Here for clllll ❤
J D - 9 months ago
Ronda ruin the movie for me bad fighter bad acting she should do porn I definitely give that a shot or maybe not!!!!
Max Aggropop
Max Aggropop - 9 months ago
malkovich with a buzzcut. now i have seen everything.
World Trending Part 23
World Trending Part 23 - 10 months ago
Maggie! :)
TamashaKon - 10 months ago
requesting hand of God, Got it :D
Saleh Namani
Saleh Namani - 10 months ago
I wasted my time watching this.
EL GALACTICO - 10 months ago
ver online con opción de descarga
Hammi - 10 months ago
way too much explosions for me
Mr Mr Jims
Mr Mr Jims - 10 months ago
Nice movie, the end was funny when Asian told mark say hi to your mom
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
s h a d ø w b a n n e d - 11 months ago
Chinese producers... pumping a bunch of unknown foreign actors in Hollywood films. Cheesy as fvck.
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
s h a d ø w b a n n e d - 11 months ago
This is super cheesy. Marky Mark is not a military assassin.
Labinot dina
Labinot dina - 11 months ago
can tell me someone what is the name of that song in the end of this film please
gabian nagat
gabian nagat - 11 months ago
So, this movie is about covering vip mission. Who's thinking its easy to do in the movie instead in the games? And who's thinking otherwise?
Johnny Johnny
Johnny Johnny - 11 months ago
Needs more shots of people holding guns in a dark room.
Thumb Tacks
Thumb Tacks - 11 months ago
Great movie...mixed indonesian and filipino language by some characters here...good to watch!
WADIBIG - 11 months ago
Toiletpaper provided,this movie is total crap.
Lieutenant Eckhart
Lieutenant Eckhart - 11 months ago
Load of bollocks.
Ceceli - 11 months ago
I saw this movie just the other day. Even though it was a good movie, I can't remember the ending. That usually happens when the movie is not that good.
عواد شهاب
عواد شهاب - 11 months ago
منو يعرف اسم الفلم بلا زحمه ☺
zumbull08 - 11 months ago
Hollywood please stop making the same generic films!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gainam Pamei
Gainam Pamei - 11 months ago
WhoDaFck Is Iko uwais??
Jimux - 11 months ago
So you're telling me Lauren Cohan left TWD for this?
Robert Plattner
Robert Plattner - 11 months ago
Overwatch Eh?
IVXWIIV - 11 months ago
Iko Uwais makes everything better
Arlindo Melo
Arlindo Melo - 11 months ago
I guess Wahlberg forgave Malkovitch for screwing his oil rig over.
Michael Angelo Ducao
Michael Angelo Ducao - 11 months ago
Whats the name of the song???
Nite Knight
Nite Knight - Year ago
Save your money
AngelToT - Year ago
Here for CL
James Pak
James Pak - Year ago
UFC has been on the cast? You know that the movie is going to be crap
Catalin 1911
Catalin 1911 - Year ago
some director's been playing The Division
Ajmer Singh
Ajmer Singh - Year ago
Bevan McRae
Bevan McRae - Year ago
Na, Rhondas tough face ruined it.
Jun - Year ago
Patrick caine
Patrick caine - Year ago
gotta love watching marky throw that nade twice
BloodlineMedia - Year ago
Alan Austin
Alan Austin - Year ago
Looks pretty good if you ask me!!👍🇬🇧
General Blitz
General Blitz - Year ago
Same old recycled plot with new actors. Boring. ..
Jahabbibi Simpson
Jahabbibi Simpson - Year ago
Looks like call of duty and battlefield
JJCC - Year ago
What is this, the indonesian fanboys dork convention? Not going to watch it...
Abhishek Pandit
Abhishek Pandit - Year ago
Only going to watch ronda rowsey😁❤️
J - Year ago
I'll pick this up if it gets a 4K Ultra High-Definition release!
ScenePhotos - Year ago
One of the worst movies I have seen in a long time!
helldrenn - Year ago
Nice end. The russian kick their asses.
Sandra M
Sandra M - Year ago
wow i see it yesterday it was not good :(
sebastiaan pw
sebastiaan pw - Year ago
The movie is way way way to short
oxi - Year ago
the new walking dead season looks dope
Captain America
Captain America - Year ago
Quack quack
Lisa Ree
Lisa Ree - Year ago
Y2Kvids - Year ago
Is this based on a real story?
Izzy Sanchez
Izzy Sanchez - Year ago
Name of the song?
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