FAR CRY NEW DAWN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (PS4 Pro)

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Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell - Час назад
Ty im broke af
Shawnel G
Shawnel G - 3 часа назад
my favorite was far cry 4
Kimmy Trial
Kimmy Trial - 5 часов назад
Far cry 4! :D
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey - 6 часов назад
Did you really say FC5 dethroned the series? Motherfucker to most people it was the best one. By far my favorite, no climbing towers to unlock maps
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey - 6 часов назад
Hope this doesn't suck ass. I feel like they rushed to make another one because of the success of FC5
MANUEL Donis - 6 часов назад
How come u don’t take the regular guns
Typical_KG - 7 часов назад
This is my favorite one. Far cry primal is my least.
ZackSepticEye Osher
ZackSepticEye Osher - 8 часов назад
Farcry 5
U Tubred
U Tubred - 13 часов назад
black AND a woman!? These villains have gone tooooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
edwportu - 13 часов назад
This apocalyptic game represents what the world would be like under the feminism dominion😂😂 crazy girls leaders with illuminati eye branding everywhere
inner Beauty
inner Beauty - 14 часов назад
The 5th one was my favourite game 😁
X_young.air_X - 18 часов назад
Far cry 3 is better because the player actually talks unlike these new ones where they don’t talk at all.
IvoGamer 2000
IvoGamer 2000 - День назад
The graphics are not as good as I expected
fares ozcane
fares ozcane - День назад
New hope, sounds legit
James Ticknor
James Ticknor - День назад
42:38 So much sexual innuendo..."Just the tips!" "But here's the rub..." "I know who gave me the shaft."
Hudson Lanford
Hudson Lanford - День назад
Farcry 5 was my fav
Hidden In disguise
Hidden In disguise - День назад
Hi brad I’ve seen your old videos when you were 23 lol
Anthony Key
Anthony Key - День назад
Congrats on 10 million subs and 9 years dude, always enjoy your work and helped me choose some ace games from watching you play. Hope you keep doing this for many more years from a fan in the uk
Santosh Santosh
Santosh Santosh - День назад
Far cry 5
Saku Haapakka
Saku Haapakka - День назад
Console gameplay... so clunky and painful to watch.
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix - День назад
Black women are truly some evil cunts!
Dhall8621 - День назад
42:44 - 43:33 am I the only one that caught the 6 sexual puns...lol I love when farcry does all these little subtle hidden goofy things like this.
TB games _
TB games _ - День назад
Farcry 3
Kristina Taylor
Kristina Taylor - День назад
Far cry 4
Adrian Campos
Adrian Campos - 2 дня назад
Far cry 4
Eddie Reis
Eddie Reis - 2 дня назад
People say far cry 3 set off far cry but 4 did it for me
Eddie Reis
Eddie Reis - 2 дня назад
Great game too short but amazing game
Ibrahim Abed
Ibrahim Abed - 2 дня назад
I could tell that you were a COD player do to the fact that your reloading after shooting 2 bullets
Dale Xz
Dale Xz - 2 дня назад
I honestly thought this was just an expansion but nope....... Just another money grab😤😑
Jasper Fraser
Jasper Fraser - 2 дня назад
i think you mean high-effort, respectable, good game.
Conrad Spear
Conrad Spear - 2 дня назад
so ass. the crew really had ran out of ideas. how about a Native American game or knights or space fuckin A
Conrad Spear
Conrad Spear - 2 дня назад
this game is really really bad. i love most far crys but this is garbo
retrodude 6
retrodude 6 - 2 дня назад
Farcry 4
Papple40 - 2 дня назад
My fav was 5 because it's the only one igave played
Earth 3009
Earth 3009 - 2 дня назад
Does she slap your penis with cheap sandals?
mr G.o.a.t
mr G.o.a.t - 2 дня назад
Best gaming youtuber
james paul x
james paul x - 2 дня назад
Hes reticle position is OFFSET (Splash💦)
Rosemary Sweeney
Rosemary Sweeney - 3 дня назад
New dawn
Lucio Castro
Lucio Castro - 3 дня назад
Far cry 4 honestly 😭😭🤣🤔
Asteroid Arts
Asteroid Arts - 3 дня назад
Far Cry 5 SJW Edition
D T - 3 дня назад
Far cry 4 was my favorite. 3 was better for its time though
Adri Garci
Adri Garci - 3 дня назад
Farcry 3
okay v
okay v - 3 дня назад
Far cry 3 Vaas was the best villain change my mind
Miraculous-Beast - 3 дня назад
okay v far cry 3 is my top 5 favourite games. They need to make another game towards 3
Pretty Flackooo
Pretty Flackooo - 3 дня назад
Its really hard for me to choose my fav cuz im connected to every game prob 3,4 or 5
GamingOrungutang - 3 дня назад
Far cry 4
yuig moto
yuig moto - 3 дня назад
farcry primal
King Ynon
King Ynon - 3 дня назад
Need buy playstation plus?
Trever Belmont
Trever Belmont - 3 дня назад
New hope is the title for a Star Wars movie so copyright strike
William Oneill
William Oneill - 3 дня назад
Farcry 3 is awesome
Shanthakumari RK
Shanthakumari RK - 3 дня назад
Yeah tooooo much fucking problem
Abhay Pratap
Abhay Pratap - 3 дня назад
Please please can you give me a PS4 CD of this game please please please please
QuickStrike - 4 дня назад
Far Cry 3 is a classic.
Taylor Moffatt
Taylor Moffatt - 4 дня назад
Primal definitely
Dragon Ops
Dragon Ops - 4 дня назад
Far cry primal
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith - 4 дня назад
Ive played 3,4, and 5 gotta say i like them in that order 345
Gamer1000 - 4 дня назад
I also play and record farcry new dawn your doing good bro keep going if you guys that want to check me out and give me feed back let me know
Prince A
Prince A - 4 дня назад
You missed the rifle at the beginning where the dead body is strapped vertically
Toby Gaming
Toby Gaming - 4 дня назад
You know the chain saw gun can bounce right?
Maximus Moak
Maximus Moak - 4 дня назад
Far cry 5
FearedAngel - 5 дней назад
I know I'm a little late but I lost it at 24:15 when Brad said "should I go stealth mode right here?" and then I'm like... is that possible...?
PreManiac - 5 дней назад
My fave farcry game is the 4th
Ruthless Slayer
Ruthless Slayer - 5 дней назад
i feel everything i watch or search it has my name (Thomas)
Ramona Adams
Ramona Adams - 5 дней назад
Far cry 5 is better
music and my soul
music and my soul - 5 дней назад
the graphics suck
Randhir Saini
Randhir Saini - 5 дней назад
Farcry 3,4,5 Are my favourite
Remco Hitman
Remco Hitman - 5 дней назад
Yeah I ain't paying 45 bucks for the same map spray painted purple.
forklifttony - 4 дня назад
I got it for $20 for XBO last weekend at Best Buy. I was watching for it to go on sale. I couldn't justify $40 for an expansion to FC5.
Rajat Kumar Hazra
Rajat Kumar Hazra - 6 дней назад
Far cry 3 popularized these series
It had a great story and gameplay.
Mellow - День назад
Good point
Kyran Logan
Kyran Logan - 6 дней назад
The far cry series is the best!!!
Jordan Gipson
Jordan Gipson - 6 дней назад
I’m probably way late on this, but it’s a toss up between 2 and 3 for me. If pressed I might say 3 tho.
You have been doing it a while. I’ve been watching you for ~ 5-6 years so...
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 6 дней назад
oh shit I smacked ma willeh on the arm of my chair!
Xavier Ross élève
Xavier Ross élève - 6 дней назад
Amit Kumar singh
Amit Kumar singh - 6 дней назад
Worst game ever made
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 6 дней назад
This Far Cry came so fast from the 5th one
AbnormalClout - 6 дней назад
Brad in every video game with an animal "Heeeyyy Buddy"
AbnormalClout - 6 дней назад
19:13 omg, theres a rifle right next to that carrr...
cole mannering
cole mannering - 6 дней назад
AR stands for Armalight rifle
Latisha Hobbs
Latisha Hobbs - 6 дней назад
Great video! I looked to it to make sure I got all the supplies and done what I should of after going through it once. But you can actually get 90 crates and 90 duck tape.....which I'm assuming you can use later. Plus tons of plants and boxes/totes whatever you would like to call them. Then when you kill the first too girls if you love their bodies you will get a pistol and amo.
Elize Pretoruis
Elize Pretoruis - 6 дней назад
Johan Fourie
Johan Fourie - 6 дней назад
Far cry 5👍👍👍👍
Nick Theboss987
Nick Theboss987 - 7 дней назад
It’s between 3 and 5. But I’m gonna say 3
Klutch123gaming - 7 дней назад
Farcry 5 was my favorite
Streetwise Youngbull
Streetwise Youngbull - 7 дней назад
Far cry primal by far entertained me the most
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey - 6 часов назад
Dear lord. Please tell me you're kidding
JustCallMe Devin
JustCallMe Devin - 7 дней назад
ano Anonymous
ano Anonymous - 7 дней назад
If u picked the guy, you could've have kids with Carmina. Relationship guaranteed.
SixString Sound
SixString Sound - 7 дней назад
Feminists are only tough in games. Bear grylls got feminists to go on a snake island and they cried like babies.
Jackson Singh
Jackson Singh - 7 дней назад
The characters are so dead when you talk to them. Look at the expressions on their face.
What am I Guy
What am I Guy - 7 дней назад
When I first saw the trailer, I thought, this is minor minor minor fallout. Come on bring the muties.
Tea Leaf12
Tea Leaf12 - 7 дней назад
Should I buy Far cry new dawn or RDR2
Tomas Kiss
Tomas Kiss - 5 дней назад
Red dead 2
Ryan's Adventure & Info
Ryan's Adventure & Info - 7 дней назад
So is this a redone map of Farcry 5 like Primal was of Farcry 4? (I heard her say Hope County, hence my question)
Franktherank 369
Franktherank 369 - 7 дней назад
Honestly brad farcry 4 cause the main bad guy was a pink wearing gay dude
GoldenLegend - 7 дней назад
How much is there pink in thsi game>?!?!!?!?!?!?!
stingrot Bird
stingrot Bird - 8 дней назад
Far cry Primal
Doctor doom No reheals
Doctor doom No reheals - 8 дней назад
Farcry primal
DracoTora - 8 дней назад
Far Cry 5 for PS4 is my fav.
Calum.a_ !
Calum.a_ ! - 8 дней назад
Far cry 3 obviously 🤪
Xiomara Sacasa
Xiomara Sacasa - 8 дней назад
Farcry 3
The meme Slayer and knuckles
The meme Slayer and knuckles - 8 дней назад
*Picks up real medkit*
*Turns into pills*
Icyrails12 - 8 дней назад
One of the best commentators for gaming that I've come across. Thanks for making these videos!
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar - 8 дней назад
This game for girls aa ha.ha pink pink 🦄🦄🦄
Black Devil
Black Devil - 7 дней назад
Weird flex but ok.
Lukas K-M
Lukas K-M - 8 дней назад
I like far cry 4 plz pick me
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson - 8 дней назад
My favorite game is far cry 4 fasho
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