FAR CRY NEW DAWN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (PS4 Pro)

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Shane Scott
Shane Scott - 8 hours ago
Primal was my favorite
Undead God
Undead God - 17 hours ago
Why did he say right right left left?
Cy S.
Cy S. - 20 hours ago
mine is 5
Black thunder Gaming
Black thunder Gaming - 2 days ago
Far cry primal is the best far cry game I've ever played.
Dank420 Heding
Dank420 Heding - 2 days ago
My favorite is 43
Dank420 Heding
Dank420 Heding - 2 days ago
I ment to say 3_4
Chad Ewing
Chad Ewing - 2 days ago
FARCRY primal
RobZAG_ Studio
RobZAG_ Studio - 2 days ago
I think this gamepoint of this game is to kill govermen or illuminati dont you see eyes on there
Daniel the King
Daniel the King - 3 days ago
This was brads face when the skit was showing on the screen his face was paused like this
AJsVIEW - 4 days ago
Bored of all the Far Cry maps and environment offlate, I would like the next Far Cry to be in Afghanistan
Anthony Lumino
Anthony Lumino - Day ago
u nuts?
Dalton Garry
Dalton Garry - 4 days ago
Far cry5
sexy_crab_legs - 4 days ago
I love the way you do these videos, like for cutscenes your mostly or completely silent and I really like that, definitely subbing to you
Falknuts21 - 5 days ago
Hey we are the same age, cool! Lol what month were u born? I was born in August 1986. Can’t believe I’m going to be 33 in less than 3 months! Crazy how time flies!!
LaQueena Owens
LaQueena Owens - 5 days ago
23 to 32, wow I been here a long time, who still remembers modern warfare?
les chômeurs kabyle
les chômeurs kabyle - 7 days ago
I want to see you
Dhaval Mehta
Dhaval Mehta - 7 days ago
My favourite one is Far Cry 4 its just simply awesome and mysterious
Adrian Ayala
Adrian Ayala - 8 days ago
Is this the one after farcry 5?
White Kanye
White Kanye - 8 days ago
Is it worth it to buy?
Annesia Mack
Annesia Mack - 8 days ago
Do you think I should play all the far cry befor I buy this one
Aly - 7 days ago
Annesia Mack no just play 5 if you want to get an understanding of the back story of this one but it’s not entirely necessary
Lil c Lil c
Lil c Lil c - 8 days ago
I started to feel like this was a movie in the begining
brook jr
brook jr - 8 days ago
can i add you to my xbox one s theRedBrad my tag name is JRFINALWARS
DS Gaming
DS Gaming - 9 days ago
Subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe to yours I’m a upcoming YouTuber the support will be greatly appreciated
Sagnik Atta
Sagnik Atta - 9 days ago
After making the crossbow.
Carmine's confidence 10000000
Your Average Strategy Gamer
Wait hold up!!! Carmina Rye? Rye is the last name of the pilot in Far Cry 5, before the nuke hit Hope County! This is literally a follow up of Far Cry 5.
Un Fun
Un Fun - 10 days ago
How do you not see that shotgun and pistol
Karabo Sebego
Karabo Sebego - 10 days ago
So why are we able to customize if we can't even see the character since the Gameplay is first person?
Mtumwa Ameir Abdallah
Mtumwa Ameir Abdallah - 10 days ago
Yup just pink
Mr. Lucky
Mr. Lucky - 10 days ago
3 cuz vas
hari kumar neelakantan potty
great game
Monique Lane
Monique Lane - 11 days ago
Far cry 3
Isaiah Gutierrez
Isaiah Gutierrez - 11 days ago
Let’s play coop Far Cry 5.. GT is LazyIsaiah on PS4 add me
yogibear2k10 - 11 days ago
I will never understand why games that come out on the XBox don't come out on the PC as it's basically the same platform. It doesn't make any sense.
LeBron James Jr.
LeBron James Jr. - 12 days ago
13:42 if this was my game they would do a back flip into the river while taking out a few of me out wit them weak pistols they give you
LeBron James Jr.
LeBron James Jr. - 11 days ago
+PC Gamer indeed😂
PC Gamer
PC Gamer - 12 days ago
That's logic right there my dude
Jimmy Killeen
Jimmy Killeen - 13 days ago
Far cry 4 and 5 are tied as my favorites
Menelik Nelson
Menelik Nelson - 13 days ago
Definitely going cop this. Great video 👍🏽
LEGO JOEY - 13 days ago
Really cool
Krazy Pyro
Krazy Pyro - 13 days ago
Ok I know rush built settlements but I'm the fucking captain people should be saying my name I'm gonna be the coolest mutherfucker in Montana like the rook
Jerzey Gyrl1993
Jerzey Gyrl1993 - 14 days ago
LMAO I laughed way to hard @ can I pet the dog?
Heyyyy buddy
roblox chanel
roblox chanel - 14 days ago
No radioactive?
PC Gamer
PC Gamer - 12 days ago
Ikr? If this was metro you'll be dead already
QuirkyMan 15
QuirkyMan 15 - 14 days ago
Far cry 3 my favorite
hAsLeY_dRuG - 15 days ago
Far cry 2 is my favourite all time😉
oge moril
oge moril - 15 days ago
Well um? Wellcome to Montana i guss.😬😅😕
J Loren
J Loren - 15 days ago
Basically duke nuke but like 30 years later. yay! for nostageuahhhh!
Luthuli Sanele
Luthuli Sanele - 15 days ago
uhm... well I have been a fan of far cry for so long now, but i think that ubisoft rushed this game. It is not that appealing and I am pretty much sure that everyone who has played far cry five would say that the mechanics of the just seems similar to this one.
Ludicrous Vids
Ludicrous Vids - 15 days ago
19:32 he passes a rifle laying up against the car
Qaadir Allah
Qaadir Allah - 15 days ago
Far cry 3
darkest master
darkest master - 15 days ago
Are you blind or just you miss it
NawaF GTS - 16 days ago
2096 anyone
Denb Exe
Denb Exe - 16 days ago
19:24 missed a rifle
MrMethadrine - 16 days ago
Looks like a DLC for the previous Far Cry bs.
Was anyone else screaming pick up the damn shotgun at the beginning
Jacob Meehan
Jacob Meehan - 16 days ago
You can pick guns up
Bagas Wicaksono
Bagas Wicaksono - 16 days ago
new dawn : the twins are antagonist
youngblood : the twins are protagonist
602 620 5955 XX HERNANDEZ
mine is farcry primal 😊
Titas Saulinskis
Titas Saulinskis - 17 days ago
U talk not as mutch as others ur special, i respect you
ahat sarsenbay
ahat sarsenbay - 17 days ago
Far cry 4 and far cry 5 is my favorite games
steven b
steven b - 17 days ago
Farcry=loada fkin shit what is this ps2, 😂😂😂
Luke West
Luke West - 18 days ago
my favourite was far cry 4
Can Demirayak
Can Demirayak - 19 days ago
Did they actually replace gender with body type? hahahaha
Michael Lusk
Michael Lusk - 19 days ago
I would like to start playing Far Cry. I like good graphics , I would imagine new dawn has the best graphics? Is there a video for beginners to Far Cry?
masen moody
masen moody - 20 days ago
mine is far cry 4 rip ajay
Kaylee Prosper
Kaylee Prosper - 20 days ago
Far cry 5
amazing beats605
amazing beats605 - 20 days ago
3 and 5
Jake Kohn Music
Jake Kohn Music - 20 days ago
Farcry 5 is my favorite
Madison Sheetz
Madison Sheetz - 20 days ago
We don’t put up with you. We love your content and we love the personality you bring to YouTube I started following back in 2015 and will be here till the inevitable collapse of our social economic lifestyle. Love ya brad keep up the damn fun work
Twenzy - 20 days ago
that damage showing thing on the enemies straight outta fortnite xd
Yohannes Bayray
Yohannes Bayray - 20 days ago
OMFG Far Cry 5 was out 1 year ago and was amazing and still with small amount of time they still nailed it shout out ubiosft
Yupdatschelle L
Yupdatschelle L - 22 days ago
I wonder who won the give away?
1,000 subscribers with no videos Plz
Mines primal
Majestic Twelve
Majestic Twelve - 23 days ago
Far cry 5 is the best by far
Alex Fox
Alex Fox - 23 days ago
FarCry 5 baby
Dalton Loewen
Dalton Loewen - 23 days ago
Why don’t you take guns
Mason Fàćē
Mason Fàćē - 23 days ago
31:18 Kim rye and her baby from the airplane guy nick rye
Ayan Chowdhury
Ayan Chowdhury - 24 days ago
So the whole of United States was attacked?
Dark-Fox - 24 days ago
6 years old the first time seeing sunlight? How is Carmina not blind?!
Aguilar - 22 days ago
It aint like they didnt have light at all.......i think
wesley musgrave
wesley musgrave - 24 days ago
Never play far cry 2 I put it bad review
Uriel Uriostegui
Uriel Uriostegui - 24 days ago
Far cry 5
Slurpsnipes - 24 days ago
What’s left left right right
bulb gaming
bulb gaming - 24 days ago
farcry5 is my favorite
dumdrop17 dumdrop17
dumdrop17 dumdrop17 - 25 days ago
odd how gnomes can be into tinkering, best shot using luger magnetised.
MKS Multimedia
MKS Multimedia - 25 days ago
Please give me tips on how to create Game Vlog.
FAR CRY NEW DAWN Part 1 Gameplay: @zGnk
John G
John G - 25 days ago
To meany ads won't be watching
Adnaan Zaheer
Adnaan Zaheer - 26 days ago
Far cry 3
bard icus
bard icus - 26 days ago
I tried so hard to save everyone but I'm pretty sure everyone you rescue in the wreck dies during the run to the river and you cant change that, wish I'd known beforehand XD
Trent Dunkle
Trent Dunkle - 26 days ago
Number 4 it was so fun
Dead Pool
Dead Pool - 26 days ago
i loved FAR CRY 3
RalphMan - 26 days ago
So should I play 5 before New Dawn
eliel roman
eliel roman - 25 days ago
Stacy Barlow
Stacy Barlow - 27 days ago
I loved 5 but still primal and can't wait for new dawn
zd keimah
zd keimah - 27 days ago
Why are games female biased now. Most gamers are probably male. 90 pc I believe.
Baron Of The Battlefield
Baron Of The Battlefield - 27 days ago
Your a fuckin idiot. Really, you ask the stupidest questions, walk past obvious markers and materials, and act oblivious to everything.
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah - 27 days ago
Favoutrite far cry game is far cry 3 classic
BEAST๛GAMER - 27 days ago
10m subs congo
Gaurav Kondhare
Gaurav Kondhare - 27 days ago
Did anyone notice at 7:11 "character" is spelled wrong! xD
Preston keeling
Preston keeling - 28 days ago
My Favorite is farcry 5 and 3 but I liked all of them!!!! And my favorite i guess part of it all is watching your videos and watching you play AND you always helped me and made Me laugh watching you it was awesome even more so. So I thank you for putting all those videos up as long as you have I watched most of them and played most of the games I really thank you for that and you don't have to send me the newest game but that would be a blessing regardless I thank you for always making news videos and telling me and show me exactly what to do You're awesome God-bless you and everyone always!!!!!
PUBG pro Player
PUBG pro Player - 28 days ago
Keep up the good work I’m one of your biggest fans
I.g Megan
I.g Megan - 29 days ago
My favourite far cry game is 4
Fortnite Master
Fortnite Master - 29 days ago
Primal is my best far cry
Zapple - Month ago
0:20 His age is his age 9 years ago but the other way around lol.
Jeandre Kruger
Jeandre Kruger - Month ago
Far cry 4
Leo Lima
Leo Lima - Month ago
Main characters are hood rats ??
Goutaman Ramachandran
Goutaman Ramachandran - Month ago
Holy shit this Far Cry is good
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