THE PERFECTION (2019) Ending Explained

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Gino Peñaflor
Gino Peñaflor - 7 hours ago
Thats Congee. It's delicious! I promise you.
Apollo Yao
Apollo Yao - 14 hours ago
StarWarsftw12 - Day ago
Another stupid SJW, feminst, LGBT movie. Fuck me, just shows how incompetent the people who push that nonsese really happen to be. One of the many rules of writing: If you're going to set up sub-plots, resolve the tension created via them first before moving onto another set. Don't just negate the factors into over the top plot twists, that have no rhyme or reason to be there.
Ana Marcelino
Ana Marcelino - 4 days ago
what is it with this actress and dating black people just to ultimately try to kill them? akjxskjjhdkjd
New Phone Who dis
New Phone Who dis - 5 days ago
LMFAO. What is movies and this idea of perfection in music? Not every classical instrument is the piano. It's more about intonation and feeling the music. Look at the cello. THERE'S NO FRETS. To play a piece "perfectly" would require impossible precision. Obviously you can play a wrong note, but if you're a "virtuoso" on your instrument, your mistakes aren't likely to happen from playing a wrong note, more likely a bowing mistake.
Jed Evans
Jed Evans - 9 days ago
thats netflix for you
santiago sancho
santiago sancho - 11 days ago
Honestly, what angers me the most is that this movie makes it look like if you are a musician you either a) miss a note b) be perfect.
Ive studied music for a couple of years only, and I already know that perfection is faaaaar more difficult than remembering your notes, you have to interpret the score correctly and with grace. Missing your notes is not "not perfect" is sloppy as fuck
Charles Pena
Charles Pena - 12 days ago
Your shirt hurts my eyes in this video
SquirrlySwirly - 15 days ago
Seems like a lot of your beef with this movie is you don't believe woman could be brainwashed and abused when in intense training but wasn't there a whole investigation into Olympic coaches doing pretty much exactly this to young girls for years???
Katie Marie
Katie Marie - 16 days ago
Bro what the fuck.
Asgore's Bitch
Asgore's Bitch - 17 days ago
" It's hard to talk about the bulk of the movie without spoiling things"
Geeky GamerGirl
Geeky GamerGirl - 18 days ago
Honestly this movie screams "Trying to hide" where it cares more about mind fucks than making sense. I really don't like movies like that. It feels like it's going "Well, if you don't understand you're just not smart enough." No. You just put art before the story which would have been great if you used that as a story about musical artists where the art meant more to them than their lives. Now that would be a cool movie! Lesbian artist psycho killers that care more about art than the lives of others and thus turn people into art without a care. Much better movie idea. Also would love to point out how that awesome disease went no where except to trick us into thinking someone had it just so the movie can go "Got you!".
Papi Rooster
Papi Rooster - 19 days ago
What the fuck..?
Jennifer Tangen
Jennifer Tangen - 19 days ago
Can you please do the movies orphan and Caroline !!!! Please 😀
Summer Smith
Summer Smith - 20 days ago
Foundflix: “Hey what’s up everybody.”
Me: Wtf did you do with Foundlix you clean cut bastard!?
K.D. Rolls
K.D. Rolls - 20 days ago
That movie sucked
Alice Minukat
Alice Minukat - 21 day ago
Finally someone else who didn't like this movie. I tried but the acting and script were just...ugh
Garen Dillon
Garen Dillon - 23 days ago
So I love these videos, but the name confuses me. It's more of a general summary with an overall explanation of the movie and its themes rather than just the ending being explained.
Kamachi Akahito
Kamachi Akahito - 23 days ago
netflix is truly a master kissass
Nocture - 24 days ago
WTF was this film???
Frobo - 24 days ago
I’m a sucker for Netflix, but they either make something really good or really bad. I personally really like this but I can see how it is quite ‘everywhere’.
Frank Vibes
Frank Vibes - 24 days ago
Your movies 90 minutes long dawg get off of it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
BassTen - 25 days ago
this movie is fucked
Dasherr - 26 days ago
Who is this man and where is the original FoundFlix guy?
DMB 1590
DMB 1590 - 26 days ago
How I would have ended this movie by having the mess up on purpose I like some kind of punishment 😈😈
Chido Mutambiranwa
Chido Mutambiranwa - 27 days ago
What! lol he looks like a stuffed teddy bear.
Alica Madara
Alica Madara - 28 days ago
It's strange as fuck
Grace Wallace
Grace Wallace - 29 days ago
I’m not sure if someone has mentioned this and it’s not much of a big thing, but I saw the ‘chapter’ screens as a nod to movements in classical music as there are usually three movements - just thought I’d add this little note
alex&ra - Month ago
I was on board and still had hope until 6:14. what the fuck netflix? who wrote that in?
Frobo - 24 days ago
alex&ra I joked about that for hours with my sister
Unholy anime Guru
Unholy anime Guru - Month ago
When you play the cello you don’t see anything but the mistakes
Brian Atlas Grimmton
Brian Atlas Grimmton - Month ago
Wendevious - Month ago
As someone that played Cello, this is quite the overreaction. I possibly get Violin as they often lead the strings. The cello is the middle child of the strings family.
YooForik - Month ago
Lee  Lee
Lee Lee - Month ago
Good movie but the ending is messed up.
Liam Nishime
Liam Nishime - Month ago
Dam the whole time I was thinking that there was gonna be some sort of god or demon that they needed to be perfect for and that people were gonna be sacrificed to like an actual spirit or something. Thank god that didn't happen, probably wouldn't even have made it on Netflix.
sanscho1 skelebon1
sanscho1 skelebon1 - Month ago
My dude, your shirt fucked my eyes up
TheMarionick - Month ago
'You're not perfect...'
Wanton110 - Month ago
It sounds like they probably did have it all laid out and sewn up for the end, but just took a hatchet to it
Alessandro Malinverno
Alessandro Malinverno - Month ago
yeah, movie wasn't great but as a classical musician myself there r quite a few conservatories worldwide that sadly have cases of sexual abuse. Obviously nowhere near the eccentric plot of this movie.
BadBloodwillout - Month ago
The academy is called "back off"?
Daniel - Month ago
Come on. it's very obviously about the illuminati and mind control and the way they make the slave performers.
Chad Cooper
Chad Cooper - Month ago
I don't really like this new narrator for foundflix. He's a bit of a dick
jerry staloniii
jerry staloniii - Month ago
A simulation, on a simulation, on a simulation
Carmen Wheeler
Carmen Wheeler - Month ago
This movie is little similiar to American Mary 👀
Shelby Hollis
Shelby Hollis - Month ago
Reminds me of the black swan
Ayleen - Month ago
Thank you! You saved me from having to watch that movie.
mercy main, btw
mercy main, btw - Month ago
Ohohohohoh the bugs are fake i get itttttt
Xadia Laine
Xadia Laine - Month ago
Lizzy could still play the cello she would just have to get a custom piece for the stump on her arm to attach a bow
Siege - Month ago
As a Cellist myself...I am disappointed in this movie
The Flash
The Flash - Month ago
Dang! He really stabbed her arm!
John Ryan Parman
John Ryan Parman - Month ago
that part where he pretty much fillets her arm. I felt that. yeesh.
lord pickle
lord pickle - Month ago
God, this movie sounds atrocious, lol.
creativityatbest - Month ago
This movie and its ending were just terrible like- you cut the limbs and sew almost everything shut but you don't like cut the dick he used to abuse you and other children with? What? Thats like the first thing they should have done.
Simon Smith
Simon Smith - Month ago
You should watch The Handmaiden
Donovan - Month ago
Good movie. And a reminder, it's a movie. For reality, ask your neighbors to borrow their home videos.
Snowman0147 - Month ago
This is a horrible film. The plot is fucking stupid.
Jeremy Hervieux
Jeremy Hervieux - Month ago
Part of the problem with this movie is the writing. The twists are actually pretty decent but at the same time there's a handful of conveniences to move the plot forward. How the cops never went after Charlotte and she's free to roam around and if they did how did Lizzie find her in such a short period of time. Their romance after Lizzie cut her own hand off. Like I get realizing being free at last but nope, no way in hell do I believe they still have this passionate love after Charlotte has clearly proven being mentally unstable. I will say Lizzie at this point isn't 100% either but hers is more circumstantial.

Also at the end clearly you can see they've all received medical attention but how is Anton all nubs and Charlotte and Lizzie are both missing limbs and once again 0 cops are called especially considering 3 people just got murdered?

Overall it was like a 6.5/10 for me. It was enjoyable but the writing was a little off at times and it almost seems like they were trying to film two different movies (virus outbreak/crazy killer) and just kind of merged them lazily.
Alyssa H
Alyssa H - Month ago
I just finished this movie and damn I’m out of breath
Chance Brandt
Chance Brandt - Month ago
The movie should've ended with them consistently making active errors in the piece. This way he'd suffer more by not being able to do anything as 'punishment' and also never being able to experience 'perfection' again.
Gary Woznak Jr.
Gary Woznak Jr. - Month ago
Chance Brandt i thought the exact same thing! Torture him with horrible performances! Otherwise, you’re choosing to perform for him (which is what he wanted)!
Tim Mayville
Tim Mayville - Month ago
As you were nearing the end and they showed him in the chair de-limbed and they were dressed to play, I had the exact same thought on what the ending should have been. Missed opportunity there for a final twist!
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