THE PERFECTION (2019) Ending Explained

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Centrifugal Muse
Centrifugal Muse - Hour ago
I loved this movie. Thought about it for 2 days after. Love that it has more than one twist
Pudgie Budgie
Pudgie Budgie - 7 hours ago
Can I just say...
A. This movie is insane and makes no sense but that is why I love it
B. Anton and Paloma are the most swag money names I have ever heard in my life
C. Logan Browning is no joke turning me bi
Michael Yakubov
Michael Yakubov - 10 hours ago
I feel this movie is shyamalan's dream movie or twisted wet dream
Jai Joy
Jai Joy - 22 hours ago
I didn't think it was that bad to be honest. It made sense to me. It's for sure not the worst Netflix movie I've seen. It shows the thoughts that can go through people's minds when they've been traumatized and abused sexually. I can attest to the fact that you think about hurting your abuser and yourself while going a bit insane.
drabnail777 - Day ago
The statement at the film ends is,
Lesbian feminists: good,
white male christian: bad
drabnail777 - Day ago
Interracial Lesbo relationship? Must be an "original" Netfilx film
Song S
Song S - Day ago
Dweesy-, Geek!
Dweesy-, Geek! - Day ago
Only one movie can pull the "chapter" - move.
Derrick Trotter
Derrick Trotter - Day ago
All she had to do was tell that sick pedo to back bachoff
SSBKAG - Day ago
Who needs a hr long or two hrs long movie when you have deadmeat and foundflix
irken777 - Day ago
That movie had some bad wigs.
Tomato-Sensei - 2 days ago
what the fuck
Renato Ramos de Oliveira Correia
That stab would most likely NOT cause her to lose her left arm (not to mention the sliding cut seems impossible). Looks like an obvious plot device to have the scene at the end.
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose - Day ago
you'd have to be ridiculously strong to make a cut like that
freddie - 2 days ago
This makes absolutely no sense and it's all over the place
Mattteus - 2 days ago
I might have to check this one out. Your suggestion for the ending was brilliant. There was one thing about leaving only his ears intact that stuck in my mind, two words: Princess Bride.
Mattteus - 2 days ago
It took me so long to realise that the one who got poisoned was from Dear White People
potterbangtan - 2 days ago
none of this would’ve happened if they had just practiced 40 hours
Xombie Nightmares
Xombie Nightmares - 3 days ago
wow, this movie is absolute shit! They use rape, self harm, and all of that just for the shock value
Gianni Lacrette
Gianni Lacrette - 3 days ago
That was a bomb movie I don't know what u talking about I love ur reviews on all other movies but bae I beg to differ on this one the turn around was what got me the hallucinations was ill I really enjoyed it me n my bf Sat there and watched it twice we liked it from beginning to end pooh it had message it made sense ... Welll... To me it did n the ending was the piece a la resistance I know didn't spell it right but u get me.. All in all I luv ur vids all of em but this one nah homie uh uh keep bumoibg em out new sub and stayed up all night into day binge watching u awesome 😍😍😍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖👀👀👀👀💪💪💪💪
Ghost Shadow
Ghost Shadow - 3 days ago
Gianni Lacrette The beginning was ok, but the end was stupid
GromWizard - 4 days ago
Was she even a lesbian?
kellen - 4 days ago
Probably the shittiest movie script I’ve ever witnessed.
Nate Spinney
Nate Spinney - 4 days ago
Lezbo power fantasies make horrible plots.
N30_ R210
N30_ R210 - 4 days ago
You re very kind, that movie was very awful!
Shit, nice!
Shit, nice! - 4 days ago
*C* *L* *O* *N* *E* *D*
Gabriel Ciambelli
Gabriel Ciambelli - 5 days ago
Movie:Chapter 1
Me: "Is this a wes anderson movie?"
Andrewr1204 - 5 days ago
But why give him what he wants? I would've loved to see an ending where the girls play a ton of wrong notes just to torture Anton forever since they never reach Perfection. Since hes all messed up he can't do anything about it
taiaze bennett
taiaze bennett - 5 days ago
do the skits again
If u disagree with me u are stupid
Movie was whack
Ozy Maru
Ozy Maru - 6 days ago
This movie was great! For an example for terrible writing
GrandNecro - 6 days ago
this sounds like the worst movie ever
mocafrost - 7 days ago
It's the Get Out girl tricking people again.
monai mauldin
monai mauldin - 7 days ago
You didn’t explain just recapped the video
Ms. Ree
Ms. Ree - 8 days ago
Is that Stephen Weber from tv's Wings, the miniseries The Shining, and the audio reader for IT, which I highly recommend?!
Itsyagirlelvia - 8 days ago
Why do you need to watch the movie when u have foundflix?
jojo clerisier
jojo clerisier - 8 days ago
The ending didn’t stick with you!? It sure did me
Jai Joy
Jai Joy - 22 hours ago
jojo clerisier same here.
Waste with Me
Waste with Me - 8 days ago
Why was this movie even made?
Envious Gaming
Envious Gaming - 8 days ago
haircut looks nice i like it
Brenden Baker
Brenden Baker - 8 days ago
Netflix original movie at its finest. Geez their movies are so bad and lazy. Only good one has been I Am Mother.
Boiled Mayonaise
Boiled Mayonaise - 8 days ago
16:58 “Hoping for something way more over the top”
Mans arms and legs cut off how much more over the top can one get
(Dope ending tho)
CornDawg - 9 days ago
The only frickin movie with a cello is a shit movie.
Dr Donald Blake
Dr Donald Blake - 9 days ago
I was gonna see this on Netflix, then thought *"Fuck it."* And watch *this* instead. This looks like the *Hereditary School For Music.*
Louis Mcarthur
Louis Mcarthur - 9 days ago
What I learned from this movie women take shit to a whole new level of wtf...ty fir helping me Dodge this bs
flare 156
flare 156 - 9 days ago
God damn Netflix some movies just aren’t worth watching except on foundflix
Sea_Bloody - 10 days ago
Love the haircut dude! You look great!!
Kram - 10 days ago
when you really want to convince people you are artistic but netflix is the only place that will take your shit film
Beatrix Baker
Beatrix Baker - 10 days ago
I actually really liked this movie it was a little cheesy and predictable but I thought it was really fun and cute
Jacki Krumnow
Jacki Krumnow - 10 days ago
This is one of the few times I actually have to disagree with you, I loved the film and didn't find it confusing or in a need of a cobbled explanation or plot I thought it was brilliantly done and enjoyed the back and forth between drama and horror. Big fan of this one
John Zantic
John Zantic - 10 days ago
do an ending explined of the box with cameron diaz pls!!
GhostGirl 23
GhostGirl 23 - 10 days ago
Nooooooo the hair! who are yooouuu 😭😭😭😭
sqeezyyy - 10 days ago
nice haircut
Tea Goddess
Tea Goddess - 10 days ago
Okay but that's low-key a messed up late birthday present foundflix my birthday was the 15th😂
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