I Let Strangers Pick My Outfit

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 2 years ago
Hello friends!! Sorry for the delay, had to recalibrate and revamp my schedule - I can't wait for you guys to see what we've got coming up in the next few months! Some fun ~collabs~ I think you guys will like! Also, comment if you got a notification for this video!! Love u guys 🖤 Also, I misspelled Eevee - I am a disappointment to my childhood self, lol.
Sonia Haque
Sonia Haque - 13 days ago
Sonia Haque
Sonia Haque - 13 days ago
Ok I will be there at all the other hand is that it is a good idea to be the other hand is that it is a good idea to be the other hand is that 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🙂😢😢😀😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Tyler Mitzner
Tyler Mitzner - 28 days ago
Reminds me of high school
Sallyfacelover 245
Sallyfacelover 245 - 5 months ago
Safiya Nygaard I love the Eevee shirt
User Name
User Name - 6 months ago
Safiya Nygaard did you notice the pride flag 10:28
Emily Monday
Emily Monday - Day ago
You should have strangers pick your Starbucks order!!
Ripley the Skull dog
Ripley the Skull dog - 3 days ago
The eevee shirt girls are too pure 🥺
Fluffy Uni
Fluffy Uni - 3 days ago
Honestly I raved about that eevee strict and with those ripped pants.OhOoHoO
Dani Stratosphere
Dani Stratosphere - 4 days ago
HulaHoopr - 6 days ago
All these immature people in the comments arguing about the evee shirt lol
kimikokat - 8 days ago
I like that insight you had at the end, that people kind of let lose when they dont feel the social pressure of having to actually be seen in the items they pick out. Makes me want to just wear whatever I like 😂
Jennifer Thistlethwaite
Am I the only one who genuinely likes the Evie shirt?
Chowder !
Chowder ! - 8 days ago
i loved the eevee top
Michael Cushing
Michael Cushing - 8 days ago
Yes eevee yes
Lauren Felvus
Lauren Felvus - 8 days ago
Oh my gosh, I love Eevee and I love the shirt and I would totally wear it!
Brea Alexandra
Brea Alexandra - 8 days ago
i love those shoes and need them!
Sparky In Oregon
Sparky In Oregon - 8 days ago
LOVE that jacket!
Natália F.
Natália F. - 9 days ago
You are so nice with everyone! It must ve been really fun shop with you!
TrashBag Animation
TrashBag Animation - 11 days ago
only few gays will notice the pride flag in the sunglasses shop >:)
Dizzy - 11 days ago
I want to know how many people didn't want to participate
Dizzy - 11 days ago
No one got the Robin Sparkles reference!!!!!
Let's go to the mall, today!!!!!
Destiny Leah
Destiny Leah - 11 days ago
I love Eevee but I don’t really like tie dye. Maybe if the shirt was a solid colour with Evee I’d love it but I’m 50/50 on it
Vaishnavi Gandhi
Vaishnavi Gandhi - 16 days ago
I got those same shoes in the same year 2017 !!!!!!!!😳😳 omgawwwd
Gin ger
Gin ger - 16 days ago
I love that the first girls took you to hot topic, but picked out a very colorful shirt instead of something black/bat-like haha.
Laura Jones
Laura Jones - 17 days ago
Omg it timed perfect when you said shoes
Wendy Herring
Wendy Herring - 19 days ago
So crazy that Jenn said "Let's roll with it" 😳😌
Wendy Herring
Wendy Herring - 19 days ago
I can't believe a new bag wasn't in the mix... 😭
Gabriel Hyde
Gabriel Hyde - 20 days ago
This whole outfit is really adorable. It's like pastel kei with a splash of vaporwave.
Nicola king
Nicola king - 22 days ago
Not gonna lie... I kind of like the outfit.
cranberrycrimson - 22 days ago
I dislike the pants - something else and it would be a great fun outfit.
Briar Bones
Briar Bones - 24 days ago
Oohhh the outfits so cuuuuute!
Laura Morrison
Laura Morrison - 25 days ago
I need those shoes
Laura Morrison
Laura Morrison - 25 days ago
I look like Leo, (I'm a emo) and my best friend named Mariah, looks a lot like Mariah ( bright bold colors) and I love it. One of my nicknames is Leo for the amount of hair I have 🖤
Short Shots
Short Shots - 27 days ago
Do this again! PLEASE!
Short Shots
Short Shots - 27 days ago
6:30 I find it bizarre how nothing she says lines up with her mouth except for "shoes." XD
Hi how are you
Hi how are you - 19 days ago
Le Viewer
Le Viewer - 27 days ago
Still looking for those ‘eevee hate comments’
tennyopallas - 27 days ago
I wish she'd French tuck the Eevee shirt
Isabel Santana
Isabel Santana - 29 days ago
saf: "its like those improv exercises like when everyone has to tell a story like one word at a time"
me: I'm the best with those!
Teacher: Its you're turn Isabel, so the story so far is that there was a pretty little princes that has a pet fly and.
me: wants to murder her kingdom!
teacher: no, you can do that remember were gonna have yo play this out in front of the school....
me: If there's no murder its not good >:(
teacher: okay... but you have to be the princes
me: YASSS ( high fives my best friend)
(oh good is this gonna be like those "nOt LiKe OtHeR gIrLs" things on reddit ;-;
Isabel Santana
Isabel Santana - 29 days ago
idk Im JuSt KuRkY lIkE tHaT
Cynthia Wells
Cynthia Wells - 29 days ago
I love that she timed the word shows perfectly at 6:33
Robin R
Robin R - Month ago
Clara Kaiser
Clara Kaiser - Month ago
Little did she know she would have 8.1 MILLION SUBS!
Nicole - Month ago
I liked that outfit! It looked great :D
Could you please leave
Yes let’s make fun of kids for having originality. Grow the fuck up
Hey it's Avery
Hey it's Avery - Month ago
2:16 she spelled eevee wrong
Lottie Rickadrd
Lottie Rickadrd - Month ago
Please I beg make this a series
Kaitlin Frost
Kaitlin Frost - Month ago
The only thing I didn't like about the Eevee shirt was that the colors on Eevee are not right. Other than that, I really like it. I don't understand why people think it's so bad.
Jean Elwell
Jean Elwell - Month ago
Saf said a pretty non opinion outfit, but she still wore all black.
Amber Schmay
Amber Schmay - Month ago
It turned out funky cute
Rose Musarra
Rose Musarra - Month ago
That metallic lipstick looks sooo good on you with your skin tone and dark hair.
nikiichan - Month ago
I think it would be fun to dress other people because it was a lot of fun to dress Barbies as a kid :P that might be why people liked it?
nikiichan - Month ago
Also Jessica has inspired me to go get some purple metallic unicorn lipgloss stuff into my life. xD
nikiichan - Month ago
Jessica was so freaking adorable and she had beautiful hair!
Mia - Month ago
Whats wrong with the eevee shirt lmao
NightRain Studios
NightRain Studios - Month ago
I got an ad for the Diva Cup on this
The magical Dog and Kat
I love the evee shirt!
Grind Fam
Grind Fam - Month ago
I never realized how tall you where util now😂
Hi how are you
Hi how are you - 19 days ago
She's 5'9
hey_its_Meadow_and_her_channel!! lol
I relate to Liz, I am at my full hight and am barley 5"2. Buying pants is a curse.
Niamh Ward
Niamh Ward - Month ago
Nicky and Gabi bought that jacket too 👌
Jesika Whitley
Jesika Whitley - Month ago
Omg I love ur videos saf🖤🖤
Monkey Farts
Monkey Farts - Month ago
I like purple lipstick on ya
Mae Mae Chan
Mae Mae Chan - Month ago
Moheshraj Hareeraja
Moheshraj Hareeraja - Month ago
you must say may name it is Darsayini
Diantha Baroi
Diantha Baroi - Month ago
Nonameartsgirl - Month ago
Rlly then wat her name
sage carr
sage carr - Month ago
Really? What's her ig
M O - Month ago
Girl how tall are u?
Hi how are you
Hi how are you - 19 days ago
Abigail Ivey
Abigail Ivey - Month ago
My son loves watching you so much and he’s only six lol
Orion Solstice
Orion Solstice - 2 months ago
jesus yikes those first girls
Ipshita Basu
Ipshita Basu - 2 months ago
I love your channel!!!😘
Harp Shaw
Harp Shaw - 2 months ago
I hear thumbs by Sabrina carpenter in forever 21. I am happy
Kavita Aggarwal
Kavita Aggarwal - 2 months ago
This is the same jacket that Niki bought for Gabi on the Niki and the Gabi channel
Shannon Alese
Shannon Alese - 2 months ago
I have that same denim jacket
KarynGrace17 - 2 months ago
I always forget how tall Saf is lol
jayden reynolds
jayden reynolds - 2 months ago
Why did she only pick asians
Hi how are you
Hi how are you - 19 days ago
Maybe they were the only ones willing to be on camera
Anya ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ
Anya ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ - Month ago
The Bay Area and California, in general, has a lot of Asians
ITSH Productions
ITSH Productions - 2 months ago
I really like this outfit!
Stupid• Nonce
Stupid• Nonce - 2 months ago
Still haven’t seen the hate comments bout the eevee shirt
Leanne Williston
Leanne Williston - 2 months ago
Is it weird that I LOVED those shoes?! #Want
Claire Littman
Claire Littman - 2 months ago
Woah was this filmed at Westfield Santa Anita mall??? I wish I had been there that day!
Rachel Ramsey
Rachel Ramsey - 2 months ago
Have elderly people pick your outfit!!!
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis - 2 months ago
It’s so weird how not weird it looks
Neneko Marie
Neneko Marie - 2 months ago
I want a jacket like that. love bold choices
jayefoxo - 2 months ago
I honestly want this outfit, I'm a dork with too many dull outfits XD
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida - 2 months ago
I think either the pants should have been lighter or the jacket darker so that the colour and tone scheme was balanced
Yanan Yue
Yanan Yue - 2 months ago
The third person literally found THE perfect jacket for that top!!!
H E - 2 months ago
I'd happily be your unicorn twin. I think it rocks.
Harleigh Alexis
Harleigh Alexis - 2 months ago
Lol who remembers the roll with me jacket from the niki and gabi vid
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