Fortnite Chapter 2 | Launch Trailer

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ya Perez
ya Perez - 3 hours ago
Fortnite me tienes harto to solo quiero jugar fortnite pero no puedo porque tengo un samsung s6 edge
Estoy cansado😭😭😭😭😭
Matt - 3 hours ago
i was at school watching this while my snack time was going on lul
stevios 06
stevios 06 - 3 hours ago
Add the bandage bazooka back
Callum Chappell
Callum Chappell - 4 hours ago
If this vid was age restricted it would have no likes
Veronica Beatriz Campoverde Sanchez
Déjame descargarte fortnite eres mi juego favorito pero no tengo mucho ram para descargarte por favor épic Games bajarle el ram tengo 7.01 de gigas
Veronica Beatriz Campoverde Sanchez
Estoi en mobil
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler - 4 hours ago
Que pasara con el mapa cuando sea capitulo 3?
『Saokird』 - 5 hours ago
To Sucribers
My Sucribers
DomG TVV - 6 hours ago
Best song theme for new season
Altin Hoxha
Altin Hoxha - 6 hours ago
RIP Minecraft Kids
Eymen 6716
Eymen 6716 - 8 hours ago
😭😭😭😭f**k you charter 2
Joseph Medrano
Joseph Medrano - 9 hours ago
Epic por favor pueden en algún futuro agregar a la lista otros dispositivos para jugar fortnite desde que salió fortnite para mobile lo e querido descargar pero dice que no es conpatibke a si pueden meter más dispositivos HUAWEI COMO EL HUAWEI MATE 20 LITE PARÁ PODER JUGAR GRACIAS PORLEER ESTO Y ESPERO PARA PODER DESCARGARLO EN MI HUAWEI MATE 20 LITE :3
Sinster Key
Sinster Key - 9 hours ago
Kid: mum get me some money
Mum: why
Kid: fortnite is back
Mum: ahh poop here we go again
Elisa Andrea Anaya Torruco
Elliot Hodgson
Elliot Hodgson - 9 hours ago
Where is rippley's back bling from cinematic
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia - 10 hours ago
0:01 xd(・´з`・)
هييمآ 1995
هييمآ 1995 - 10 hours ago
pokelop pokemon
pokelop pokemon - 10 hours ago
Epic why get rid of Xbox gold only just stop it
Krisztián Hegyi
Krisztián Hegyi - 11 hours ago
Fanny Thomas
Fanny Thomas - 11 hours ago
Your game is ass
TSM_M4rk - 11 hours ago
my brother talk is fortnite trast
Commenti fuori luogo
Commenti fuori luogo - 13 hours ago
worst game ever made.
all the names are taken
all the names are taken - 14 hours ago
wait, how can this video have ads and being itself an ad on youtube? wth?
Banana J
Banana J - 14 hours ago
How does The video have *40* Million Views 😳
IronSalmon7 - 14 hours ago
Yeah just wait it’s all fun and games until another missle rifts out of the sky
TahmeedPlayz - 14 hours ago
I really want the ripley skin!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Adler
Tom Adler - 15 hours ago
Gebt Jarvis noch eine Chance
said - 15 hours ago
Omg the music before the battle bus comes just gives me the chills. This is literally the end event music. Rip chapter 1
Jennis Gurung
Jennis Gurung - 15 hours ago
Remember when they said Save the World was going to be free?

*Well that was a god damn lie..*
Hasan Buğra Türkay
Hasan Buğra Türkay - 15 hours ago
0:47 Season X The End theme
Simon Wilde
Simon Wilde - 16 hours ago
Pls unbann Jarvis
FazeNeolity - 17 hours ago
Fortnite 2 is good with the graphics
Στέφανος Τζαννης
Στέφανος Τζαννης
Ante Game Galaxy
Ante Game Galaxy - 19 hours ago
We like Fortnite ,We Like Fortnite ,We Like Fortnite
Markus Goethe
Markus Goethe - 20 hours ago
Where the hecc Is the bandage bazooka??
Sir Matt
Sir Matt - 21 hour ago
Why can't we have selectable maps?
GGa1van 2-D
GGa1van 2-D - 22 hours ago
It's piuriful the map 😍😍
Mike ke
Mike ke - Day ago
I need to salute Pleasant Park and Salty Springs for surviving for such long time
Johnny Gracia
Johnny Gracia - Day ago
Epic games can you add a bazooka back tomorrow
Radein 24
Radein 24 - Day ago
And the toxic guy name is squeakers band him
Radein 24
Radein 24 - Day ago
And the toxic guy said dead that's what that's why you're adopted
Radein 24
Radein 24 - Day ago
Fortnite there's a toxic guy who is bullying a kid in fortnite banned him forever
Magali Nourdin
Magali Nourdin - Day ago
Hi im Kris
Hi im Kris - Day ago
what is this emote 1:04 ??
Kevin Cisneros
Kevin Cisneros - Day ago
Pongan la básica de vendajes para completar desafios
Call of Duty master
Why did you have to take Jervis away from fortnite using say that's the only thing you do play fortnite
Soldja-YT pro
Soldja-YT pro - Day ago
ntinos m
ntinos m - Day ago
Bazouka bantage
brody - Day ago
Yo epic games can you put the old mold Thanos versus avengers
Tim - Day ago
Hey epic , pleas make the Duo Arena mode 😬😬 i like you ❤️❤️
Mák - Day ago
Nice song 1:04
ItzGameMaster - Day ago
i know wat might happen in the event at the kevolution place the storm king might go there and put his hand in the two tube thing
Alexandra Powell
Alexandra Powell - Day ago
Gilbert Manio
Gilbert Manio - Day ago
I think battle royale mixed with save the world
Chase JabL
Chase JabL - Day ago
And to think that I was worried about the world's greatest daycare service being shut down, I'm glad to see you guys up and running.
Nick Sieben
Nick Sieben - Day ago
They just had to make a Chapter 2. They just had to keep it going and make sure it stayed alive. My god Epic Games, why can't you let this game die?
Logan Lopez
Logan Lopez - Day ago
On band Jarvis for life
SireniumHollow - Day ago
Hot glue gun (Burst smg) :'(
XpKill_Gain - Day ago
The little Galaxy part makes me have a flashback from the day I started chapter one to the day it ended
Mireya Nieto
Mireya Nieto - 2 days ago
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