I Saved a Stranger and Her Daughter

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Luxurious tropical Breeze
A guy in the park was kicking a poor dog I said it to my mom but my mom said it isn’t our business and it’s fine a dogs strong I just been quiet and left.
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I’ll smack the boyfriend to planet 8293838238e738ee39298493oe9e93002
Jujan Bolatcan
Jujan Bolatcan - 21 hour ago
İ helped a old man live longer
Jujan Bolatcan
Jujan Bolatcan - 21 hour ago
Thats so nice!
2000 subs with No video
2000 subs with No video - 23 hours ago
1:26 OH GOD THE FRISK ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!....
2000 subs with No video
2000 subs with No video - 23 hours ago
1:26 OH GOD THE FRISK ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2000 subs with No video
2000 subs with No video - 23 hours ago
PARDON? - Day ago
But he hit you and your baby wasn't this enough to get his ass to the court?
nia turner
nia turner - Day ago
Man if I heard the he hit her baby and that was me I would have been like where u live bring pepper spray and a belt and smack him so hard across the face
Amadea mackenzie
Amadea mackenzie - Day ago
When he hits my baby I would call 911”HELLO I HAVE A REPORT OF CHILD ABUSE”
Dominik Kofler
Dominik Kofler - Day ago
I am the kind of guy who helps others aswell who are in danger but in germany and i am only 15
Breanna Hinders
Breanna Hinders - 2 days ago
Omg I was in fear when the bf smacked the
TheMidnightMoonWolf - 2 days ago
great spelling "Ristorante" is totally a word NO ITS NOT ITS SPELLED RESTAURANT!!! no no no jk i have bad spelling to but u really shound work on it srry if i insulted u ^_^
Ellie. Roblox
Ellie. Roblox - 2 days ago
I raised my fist in the air when she said he hit the baby
Hilal Hafez
Hilal Hafez - 3 days ago
A baby beater?
MikaylaVlogs - 3 days ago
Moral of story;
If you see a stranger in distress, get their phone number and tell them to live with you
Lizzie Brooks
Lizzie Brooks - 3 days ago
We need more people in the world like her
Kayla Christian
Kayla Christian - 3 days ago
I'm so proud of her. Bless 😢❤🙏
Zay Ahmed
Zay Ahmed - 4 days ago
If he woulda touch my baby let’s just say he won’t be touching anybody EVER.
Terezka Plekancova
Terezka Plekancova - 4 days ago
I dont think anything bad about you, you did the right thing and did more than just help her out of her terrible relashion ship. You're such a good person. That is soo nice of you😊😄🤗
Amy love meows
Amy love meows - 4 days ago
Girl power!
Mr. Top Hat
Mr. Top Hat - 4 days ago
I broke my screen tying to jump through and smack the boyfriend.
Pealater - AntiOderSquad
That old lady almost look like the ex
Amanda Shelton
Amanda Shelton - 4 days ago
First off the old lady made it everyone's business. You did the right thing. Also, I wish more people would do more good things like this. No one deserves to be bullied beat or taken advantage of. We all deserve to live happily ever after. It doesn't matter who you are, you are worthy of living happy and healthy.
mayhmong - 4 days ago
So glad she and her family went above and beyond to save this waitress and her baby's life!
John Issermoyer
John Issermoyer - 4 days ago
Always try to help sometimes they don't know they need it sometimes they don't want it but always try
E Doggy Dawg
E Doggy Dawg - 4 days ago
Who was the old person though?
Grizzly Phonex58
Grizzly Phonex58 - 5 days ago
Some time we have to get to someone else bussine to help others
Stefanie Koperski
Stefanie Koperski - 5 days ago
2:44 did theodd1sout help with the restaurant name
Ayla 143
Ayla 143 - 6 days ago
He hit the baby
Me:ok you gone too far 😠😡😤
Via Rosie
Via Rosie - 6 days ago
Ristorante lol
Taybah Jamaloodeen
Taybah Jamaloodeen - 6 days ago
that stupid boy one like for a bunch for the boy
Kim Hand
Kim Hand - 6 days ago
You are so nice ❤❤
David Zambrano
David Zambrano - 6 days ago
Call the police stupid
Sunset Skies Slime
Sunset Skies Slime - 6 days ago
6:11 literally no one is thinking that
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash - 6 days ago
Your a golden hearted lady
Stefan Grujanovic
Stefan Grujanovic - 6 days ago
This is sooo cute😘😘
gacha galaxy wolf
gacha galaxy wolf - 6 days ago
Who ever watches this in night
Good night
TeA tImE sIS
TeA tImE sIS - 6 days ago
How sweet ❤️😍
MightyPirate - 6 days ago
Ooh legitness
Sara Swinerton
Sara Swinerton - 6 days ago
If I herd that old lady I would have her kick out and band form that place
charu priya
charu priya - 6 days ago
Wawo you are soo brave
Sophia Waters
Sophia Waters - 7 days ago
Hannah Barsana
Hannah Barsana - 7 days ago
Shes so genius
Jataez - 7 days ago
*man hits baby*
Me: do that again and I’ll burn your hands off
Bloody Rouge
Bloody Rouge - 7 days ago
*gets out death note*
Anyone know that rude old lady’s name? 😈
ice plaz
ice plaz - 7 days ago
Been the Nice
ice plaz
ice plaz - 7 days ago
You was at the club become at ne
Joey Garza
Joey Garza - 7 days ago
You are such a kind person God raised you with a heart I’m glad that your in this world people wouldn’t be kind without you
Joey Garza
Joey Garza - 7 days ago
The dislikes people have no heart
Elixxx ._.
Elixxx ._. - 7 days ago
Maipriya Lor
Maipriya Lor - 7 days ago
OMG I loveeeeeeeee Yammy
Cinnamon_ Rolls
Cinnamon_ Rolls - 7 days ago
DoNt ToUcH ThE ChiLD
Taman Shud
Taman Shud - 7 days ago
Abusers isolate their victims from their friends and family. They convince you that they're the only one on their side, and then start their cycle of violence.
Z.K - 7 days ago
There's something called the police
Juliann Desai
Juliann Desai - 7 days ago
U r such a super hero
Kai Sea
Kai Sea - 8 days ago
It's good she didn't call the cops or confront the boyfriend. She gave the power to the girl to leave and thankfully her parents were okay with her staying. If she'd called the police it probably would have gone a lot worse. Clever thinking moving the baby first!
Maryam W
Maryam W - 8 days ago
Good job!
Gage Stephenson
Gage Stephenson - 8 days ago
6:04 that baby hates you
P.J. Longua
P.J. Longua - 8 days ago
If I was one of your brothers I would have done this, 👉= broken stick👊
Retro Ryan 2726
Retro Ryan 2726 - 8 days ago
Summary of the video, He may have been your boyfriend, but he wasn’t your hubby
Shams Tv
Shams Tv - 8 days ago
3:24 that glitch though
Delsin Rowe
Delsin Rowe - 9 days ago
Your dad and bros look super manly in front of that coward
Millie Mott
Millie Mott - 9 days ago
This is 😭
twisha Sanghavi
twisha Sanghavi - 9 days ago
Thank you for a like
Sri Andarini
Sri Andarini - 9 days ago
Slapy slap slap
Tanner Hirsch
Tanner Hirsch - 9 days ago
This is fake
Storm playz
Storm playz - 9 days ago
That lady will regret what she said. If I was God,shed be dead
lee Ocampo
lee Ocampo - 10 days ago
If im there I will buried the old lady alive.
Saphie The One Eyed Cat
Saphie The One Eyed Cat - 10 days ago
I would smack her out of the ristorante
Hannah Sentosa
Hannah Sentosa - 10 days ago
I wish there were more people like you in this world.
Barca - 10 days ago
It took her that many weeks to do something about it, I would of called the police right when she texted me
Maymun Osman
Maymun Osman - 10 days ago
No matter what age you are
Maymun Osman
Maymun Osman - 10 days ago
Your so kide
Perla Flores
Perla Flores - 10 days ago
You did the right and You área awsome
Maryia Chelkite
Maryia Chelkite - 10 days ago
Cloud Thuinder
Cloud Thuinder - 10 days ago
Oh SAY EM WHAAAA i've seen this 2 an reactor channel
kirsty collie
kirsty collie - 11 days ago
She saving her live

Me yes I saved my food woah
twisha Sanghavi
twisha Sanghavi - 11 days ago
Amazing story I loved the way she helped the lady and her daughter I seriously have no words !! 😊
Nice Man
Nice Man - 11 days ago
They use the same voices for each video
Brian Lee
Brian Lee - 11 days ago
Jaiden Animations can solve ur issues
zombiedestroyerx - 11 days ago
Hall ya
Victoria Cienfuegos
Victoria Cienfuegos - 11 days ago
I am happy for you😁😊.
Melody Music
Melody Music - 11 days ago
U play a *little* part?!?
Girl, you are a SUPERHERO
CypoKat —Gacha!
CypoKat —Gacha! - 11 days ago
*Her mom looks like a man* ;-;
Ναmjοοη’s jαms
Ναmjοοη’s jαms - 11 days ago
This girl is an angel. May God bless her. ❤️🙏
The gaming Satcol
The gaming Satcol - 12 days ago
Lilia Sullivan
Lilia Sullivan - 12 days ago
You are so going to heaven
Lovely_Bella_Puffy Playz
Lovely_Bella_Puffy Playz - 12 days ago
This is soo heartbreaking at first but at the end i wanna cry i hope many people is like her a HERO
Aesthetic Charleicorn
Aesthetic Charleicorn - 12 days ago
My neighbor's uncle was killed tryimg to save someone..... He was in a parkimg lot then a girl and her son was there and the dad showed up (he was going to pick up his son) then he started beating up the woman then the uncle came up trying to break up the fight then the man walked back to his car grabbed a gun then shot my neighbors uncle then the man drove off with the kid
Skye C
Skye C - 12 days ago
Awe how sweet
Ashanti Weltmeyer
Ashanti Weltmeyer - 12 days ago
You did good god bless u
Baylynn Videtich
Baylynn Videtich - 12 days ago
Your so brave I would be to shy but things happen for a reason
SpottedTeil Mist
SpottedTeil Mist - 12 days ago
I wouldn’t let anyone hit me or my baby my mama raised me right!! Don’t let anyone hurt ya if they do do them the same girls are strong TO!!!!!!!!!!
Ariel Bujnowski
Ariel Bujnowski - 12 days ago
You did the right thing for helping this young woman and her baby.
NAOMA RILEY- HALL - 12 days ago
Good for you.. yes.. we should stand in and help someone who needs help.
Gacha Muffin
Gacha Muffin - 12 days ago
It’s sad that there’s full of rude and horrible people out there but it’s lovely that there’s people out there like this person who helped this mother and her baby
Papi Smurf
Papi Smurf - 12 days ago
I would've legit fucked up the grandma
High Turtle
High Turtle - 12 days ago
I’m sorry but the daughter in the thumbnail looks like a depressed grandma
droid 264
droid 264 - 12 days ago
You did good kid..🎊🎉👍
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