What if You Swallowed the Most Venomous Snake Ever?

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Nugget Channel
Nugget Channel - 2 days ago
Nugget like eat nugget
Deathbattler - 2 days ago
Man this Arnold guys got it rough
Red Spy
Red Spy - 2 days ago
What a thrill...
With darkness, and silence, through the night...
What a thrill...
I'm searching, and I'll melt into you...
What a fear in my heart,
But you're so supreme!
I give my life
Not for honor, but for you
(Snake Eater)
In my time, there'll be no one else
Crime, it's the way, I fly to you!
(Snake Eater)
I'm still in a dream,
Snake Eater...
Someday, you go, through the rain
Someday, you feed, on a tree frog
This ordeal, the trial to survive
For the day, we see new light.!
I give my life
Not for honor, but for you
(Snake Eater)
In my time there'll be no one else
Crime, it's the way, I fly to you!
(Snake Eater)
I'm still in a dream,
I'm still, in a dream,
Snake Eater.!
Heather Taylor
Heather Taylor - 3 days ago
What's exotic mean so yeah my question it's kinda dangerous to swallow the most venomous snake so yeah dont eat the most venomous animals
Solar Cat
Solar Cat - 5 days ago
This has bad words in this video
William Macbeth
William Macbeth - 5 days ago
I feel bad for Arnold.....
ZGaming - 6 days ago
You think I will purposely swallow the most venomous snake ever?
DJ Yanna
DJ Yanna - 6 days ago
someone - 6 days ago
poor arnold
Stillhere never die
Stillhere never die - 6 days ago
Damn this arnold dude
TheAbandon Gaming
TheAbandon Gaming - 6 days ago
Stop killing Arnold
TSwany - 7 days ago
That frog scares me. You could walk in its trail and step in that venom without knowing. INSTANT DEATH.
TOM THE CAT - 7 days ago
*You died*
Như Ý Hồ
Như Ý Hồ - 7 days ago
U should becarful anold
Nathan Sanchez
Nathan Sanchez - 7 days ago
If dart frogs poison is that dangerous
We should kill them all before they kill us
Phone Bot
Phone Bot - 7 days ago
when i heard the buzzing i threw my headset
zeke 281
zeke 281 - 7 days ago
We need to terminate dat frog from existence imebserous
Will Avery
Will Avery - 7 days ago
What if humans are the poison and the poison dart frog venom is the antidote? Antidote dart frog?
Nada 019
Nada 019 - 7 days ago
Kiwi Daily
Kiwi Daily - 7 days ago

*someone tell me why I have 1188 šubscribers.* lol
JUJU HAJI - 8 days ago
Your blood is blue
Mike Turik
Mike Turik - 8 days ago
Is Arnold in China or Japan?
Aayriz Aryan
Aayriz Aryan - 9 days ago
Poor Arnold!!! Rest in peaces
Tori Boreche
Tori Boreche - 9 days ago
Ash& Charlie
Ash& Charlie - 9 days ago
Pause then press 1:25 it looks like his arm
sans the skeleton
sans the skeleton - 9 days ago
Animotion - 10 days ago
Which software did he use use please tell
Minna Laitinen
Minna Laitinen - 10 days ago
Make a video! GRRRR
Titan Wasawat Chantramalai
Theres no Venomes snakes in thailand
Sanitäter Of tf2
Sanitäter Of tf2 - 13 days ago
It takes time to digest so the snake will bite your insides. You will die quickly
Dylan Blue wood
Dylan Blue wood - 13 days ago
What will happen if you exploded all of the nuclear bombs in the Amazon rainforest all at once!
Md.mahmudul islam abid
Md.mahmudul islam abid - 13 days ago
this horror video, delete this,make good videos
PPzGamer thailand2
PPzGamer thailand2 - 13 days ago
Arnold so bad luck man
100 subscríbete without video
Say to Arnold to go to área 51
Haley Nguyen
Haley Nguyen - 14 days ago
celevil gacha
celevil gacha - 14 days ago
poor arnold.
S & G
S & G - 14 days ago
Wait does that frog exist? Pls tell me
Nelson Sabiniano
Nelson Sabiniano - 14 days ago
Attack Helicopter Jr
Attack Helicopter Jr - 14 days ago
Arnold: what's my diagnosis doc?
Doc : I diagnosed you with dead
BOI Animations
BOI Animations - 15 days ago
Blessing Nwaorgu
Blessing Nwaorgu - 15 days ago
Good like this vid and subsribibe
aurelia chira
aurelia chira - 15 days ago
RIP arnold hand
David Rosol
David Rosol - 16 days ago
That was a racist depiction of asians, I disapprove of this video. Downvoted and unsubscribed.
The Sally and Milo Show
The Sally and Milo Show - 16 days ago
Please stop swearing
suzanne snyder
suzanne snyder - 16 days ago
*takes antidote*
Ow ma fuk I LIVE
Niraj Gupta
Niraj Gupta - 16 days ago
Its more of courage the cowardly dog🕸️
LeeLahTee - 17 days ago
Jacqueline Smith
Jacqueline Smith - 17 days ago
mg You’ll get
Its Ankur
Its Ankur - 17 days ago
Well u never told about the frog and the scorpion in the thumbnail.
DJ Vanilla
DJ Vanilla - 17 days ago
Ancient studio
Ancient studio - 17 days ago
we cant swallow a snake
KEZIA JIN - 18 days ago
In 0:55 is that frog arnold?
Creater__ Playz
Creater__ Playz - 18 days ago
Amanda Thiel
Amanda Thiel - 18 days ago
Julie Gadia
Julie Gadia - 18 days ago
who is afraid of antidoe and injection?
Jewel Hampton
Jewel Hampton - 19 days ago
How many times arnald lost his thumb
Arthur O'Shea
Arthur O'Shea - 19 days ago
Wish kid 24
Robert McRegan
Robert McRegan - 19 days ago
AP Arnold r i p Arnold. Dramatic music. Goodbye
ImHarith Boii
ImHarith Boii - 19 days ago
-Homer Simpsons
probengamer Mobile legend TV channel
Always lost his thumb😂😂
Tshedza Munyai
Tshedza Munyai - 19 days ago
Funny how the narrator is always so optimistic while describing Arnold's pain
Chaos Gaming 56
Chaos Gaming 56 - 20 days ago
Wtf am I watching
lvl 4999 Soldier
lvl 4999 Soldier - 20 days ago
Give that guy a break god damn
MI PONE - 20 days ago
Im sorry what
RJJ Swan
RJJ Swan - 20 days ago
I hope arnold is ok
SparkCZ - 20 days ago
That is not fair you are killing cute Arnold!!!!
Hudson Smith
Hudson Smith - 20 days ago
Make more videos
Laura Harris
Laura Harris - 20 days ago
He said a*s
Grimmy Drimmy
Grimmy Drimmy - 20 days ago
No one:
Arnold: WhAt If YoU sWaLlowEd ThE mOsT VeNoMoUs SnAkE EvER
The gaming Tea
The gaming Tea - 21 day ago
Finally, he lost his thumb and, not his pinky
PlatinumPrism - 21 day ago
We did it, gamers! We killed Dory Story!
Raj Rishi
Raj Rishi - 21 day ago
I want more videos ...i just love your videos ...its completely amazing
A34 - 21 day ago
you should call the channel

poor arnold
Can you slow down in a half in 00:06-00:07 boom! That girl came from nowhere
Its_Gacha_ Wolfer
Its_Gacha_ Wolfer - 21 day ago
i cant leave a like my fingers exploded
Priyansu Singh
Priyansu Singh - 21 day ago
So u said home town to china....ARNOLD LIVES IN CHINA!!
ᐺᗩᓰᗷᕼᗩᐺ ᖻᗩᕲᗩᐺ
In recent days i have seen that in the comment section of most of the videos i watch, i find a few comments about storming area 51
Gonzalo Tobar
Gonzalo Tobar - 22 days ago
Like si vienes de conoce a Arnold
Jarbie Draws
Jarbie Draws - 22 days ago
0:06 did the lady teleport?
Brenda Harriman
Brenda Harriman - 22 days ago
🤣 haha
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