The Reparations Debate: Should America Compensate the Descendants of Slaves? | The Daily Show

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Curtis Parsons
Curtis Parsons - 22 hours ago
I love the elizabeth waren joke so much
Sean McArdle
Sean McArdle - Day ago
I’m Irish American. My ancestors came to this country because the British starved us out of ours. The population of my homeland still hasn’t recovered from the British led genocide that occurred less than a hundred years ago. Trevor Noah, where are my reparations?
Ladybug - Day ago
Are the native Americans going to get reparations for the genocide of their people.
William Harris
William Harris - Day ago
The same way America compensated those of Japanese decent interred in camps during WW 2 is a start.
Vasco Apolonio
Vasco Apolonio - Day ago
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 15 hours ago
Dear Uneducated Liberal, WHORE* Love, Xavier Falls PS: Yes, I'm black. I know you people just HAVE to know.
Ch Bharath
Ch Bharath - Day ago
If anyone thinks sex is realistic, he/she is crazy.
Waternigga - Day ago
Tucker is an elitist douche
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 15 hours ago
Better than anyone else.
W C Guy
W C Guy - 2 days ago
The most rascist people, EVER, are the ones crying they are constantly being discriminated against. The race card is SO old.
W C Guy
W C Guy - 2 days ago
Reparations are the MOST stupid idea ever. Africans sold defeated tribes into slavery and profited from that. Go ask them for money....and get a job. Stop looking for handouts.
Now What
Now What - 2 days ago
Economist Jason Hickel in his book The Divide: Global Inequality From Conquest To Free Markets estimated that during slavery 1619-1865 amerikkka got over 222 million hours of free labor. At the minimum wage and with a little interest that labor is worth 92 trillion dollars. And that's just during slavery. It doesn't take into account the years of Jim Crow and the years of systemic governmental economic deprivation since. That's what is owed to #ADOS and it's time to demand payment. Cut the damn check !!!
XJibbaJibbaX - 2 days ago
Why the hell would a white person pay a black person because of their great great great grandparents issues....
Antonio Alvarez
Antonio Alvarez - 2 days ago
No reparations.
James P. Blaylock
James P. Blaylock - 3 days ago
All you negroes here complaining, PUT AWAY your computers and never use them again! That's a white mans invention that you don't deserve to use. Stop appropriating our culture!!
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
@William Dickens Please stop embarrassing us real black people. The computer was invented by white people. Quite a few people don't know Columbus wasn't the first, not sure why you even brought it up.
James P. Blaylock
James P. Blaylock - 2 days ago
@William Dickens LOL, you said "ideal", instead of idea. That is a good example of the ignorance of negroes.
William Dickens
William Dickens - 3 days ago
Remember when you take a ideal from someone; it don’t make you the creator of the ideal but the thief of the ideal.
William Dickens
William Dickens - 3 days ago
James P. Blaylock dumb ass learn the truth, I guess you still believe Christopher Columbus discovered America too. Google who is the most evilness race on the planet. Don’t be shock at the answer.
CB H - 3 days ago
First of all I am a black individual, so take it for what it's worth. If the Democrats are so set on reparation for slavery, why doesn't the "Democratic" party just pay them reparations? After all the Democrats were the ones that "enslaved the blacks".
Skadi Frode
Skadi Frode - 3 days ago
Wait....wait....I'm a mutt that was teased as a child for being too white.....damn it goes touch ground tag
Pallavi Shinde
Pallavi Shinde - 3 days ago
Reserve a few seats for them at schools admission, government jobs, priority in receiving public benefits (or whatever is possible for you) so they can bring up a good life and contribute to the fight the caste based system, India has a reservation for the oppressed caste/minorities
RD63 - 4 days ago
The thing is this would cost alot of money, and like who would pay this
ElfHighMage - 4 days ago
What if white people just took the blame for their actions, stop being racists, truthfully apologize, and we all move on? I think it's the denial of the whole slavery/Jim Crow/discrimination/supremist/ attitude is doing the continual damage. Look at Germany: they were Nazis. Since the end of the war, they owned up to their mistakes, fixed the problems, and moved on. Look at Japan: they have NOT owned up to their war crimes, attempt to just "forget about it", and try to move on as if the whole thing never happened. Anyone see the differences?
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
I don't need an apology. Slavery didn't affect me. White people have never been racist to me (except that little girl that said I was made of chocolate, but does that really count haha).
G Buz
G Buz - 4 days ago
Reparations would be rewarding people for the color of their skin or heritage and that is racist and supposed to be illegal. If an individual can show he or she was unfairly treated they can sue. Oh yeah, you can already do that. Therefore, reparations = NO.
Jun Li
Jun Li - 4 days ago
Just help them get educated and fix their home countries
Future Widow
Future Widow - 5 days ago
1:58 The angry whites on Fox are so funny. 😂😂
Libertarian Nationalist
The division between whites and blacks is too large for our races to live under a single government. Blacks will always feel like they are persecuted under whites, and whites will always feel taken advantage of by blacks. The time has come for America to split into separate countries. Balkanization is the only way forward.
Libertarian Nationalist
Libertarian Nationalist - 12 hours ago
@Xavier Falls There are many discussions online about what the white ethnostate will look like, and from what I've seen, many people in support of separation will be fine with a country consisting of 85% white people, leaving 15% for everyone else. Just know that there will be no welfare state for blacks and no government positions available for blacks. This will be a nation for whites, governed by whites. If you're fine with theses conditions, and you live within the borders of the new nation prior to the separation, you will not be kicked out. There will not be violent deportations of non-whites. The non-whites who already live in the area can stay, but non-whites will not be allowed in once the country is formed.
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
Can we get exemptions for certain black people? I have a Bachelor's in Computer Science, I've never been in a gang, and I speak real English.
James P. Blaylock
James P. Blaylock - 3 days ago
Yes, send them back to Apefrica and we can enjoy peace at last!
God Bless General Lee
God Bless General Lee - 5 days ago
No one owes anyone for something that ended 155 years ago. But, if anyone did owe for reparations it would be the Democrat party.
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
@William Dickens Stop embarrassing us REAL black people. He is 100% correct. The educated black community needs to keep people like you from speaking for us.
William Dickens
William Dickens - 4 days ago
God Bless General Lee fuck you , say that to a real brother face. That internet shit give mf like you some were to hind. Your race is weak.
Crystal Carter
Crystal Carter - 5 days ago
America was interested in benefiting descendants of slave owners, lets just be honest
James P. Blaylock
James P. Blaylock - 3 days ago
It was never meant for negroes to stay here long term, time to send them back!
Tim O
Tim O - 5 days ago
If you don't know who your dad is, how can you prove your heritage?
Libertarian Nationalist
Timon Van Lidth
Timon Van Lidth - 5 days ago
Brilliant and so meaningful!!!
KC William
KC William - 6 days ago
Yes, reparations. And the country that was paid for those sold slaves should be the one flipping the bill.
G Buz
G Buz - 4 days ago
How about the black African slave traders that sold the slaves? You know any of those people that paid for the slaves? Do you pay taxes? If so you would be paying flipping the bill.
ernest tina smith
ernest tina smith - 7 days ago
Reparations to Afrian Americans needs to be done. Im a descented of a slave. Discrimination is still happening today against Afrian Americans.
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 6 hours ago
@ReeEEE! NORMIEGETOUT!! I'll have to research that, thanks. If anything I'll wipe my ass with the checks and post it to Twitter.
ReeEEE! NORMIEGETOUT!! - 13 hours ago
@Xavier Falls wounded warrior project steals most of the money. they give out keychains and hats to "help' the people they are supposed to be helping. its a fraud.
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
If I get reparations I'm sending it straight to the Wounded Warrior Project. I'm still waiting for my turn to be discriminated against. I'm 35 years old and still waiting to get pulled over for no reason. Perhaps I should blast some Lil Gucci Swag Boi? Maybe get a face tattoo? Ditch my suit for a jersey and saggy shorts?
New Life Worship
New Life Worship - 7 days ago
I simply loves your point of view...
G Buz
G Buz - 4 days ago
...because I will be first in line for that free money that I don't deserve. (Don't hold your breath, because it never going to happen even with a Dem president.)
Frey Faust
Frey Faust - 8 days ago
Slavery and other obvious forms of it: serfdom, indentured servitude etc., have been a feature of human society since time immemorial, so depending on where you would like to start the clock, practically all human beings would be due reparations. Before the Europeans showed up and began the transatlantic slave trade, the warlike Fon subjugated many west African ethnicities; the Ghun, the Mina, the Yorubans, etc. They massacred most, and sold off most of the rest, a convenient way to preemptively diffuse potential uprisings.
Slavery exists today in Africa, perpetuated by Africans. For example, It's common for families to sell their children into domestic servitude.
The north African Muslims and Islamic Tartars traders were credited with the abduction into slavery of at least 150 million white slaves, notably about 50 million taken from the area now known as the Ukraine, which is where we get the term "slave", from Slav, or slavic.
80% of the black African slaves went to north Africa. The males were castrated and force marched across the desert. Females were used as sex slaves. Their offspring were murdered. The remaining 20% went to the new world, 12 million. 10 million survived the boat ride. Most of these went to Brazil. 400k went to the US.
5% of the US population owned slaves at the height of the American plantation era, some of the slave owners were black. The Irish were also enslaved in the US. Indeed they were used for more dangerous work because they were cheaper than the Africans and were considered more expendable.
Most current citizens are descendants from people who came over later and have had nothing to do with slavery.
It makes little sense to make them pay.
Reparations make little sense in light of the fact that most of us are children of the children of slaves in all likelihood.
Best solution in my opinion, now that it is some places, is for each to take up the reins of their lives and go about making the world a better place.
Yeet Esketit
Yeet Esketit - 8 days ago
what reparations are is simple: people who never owned slave forced to give money to people who never were slaves. If you seriously believe in reparations, there must be something seriously wrong with your fairness and morals
michael wilson
michael wilson - 6 days ago
I never put a Jewish person in a concentration camp but my tax money goes to isreal
Frey Faust
Frey Faust - 8 days ago
Public housing and schools have been built, trillions poured into and continue to be poured into the black community for all kinds of services. But money doesn't change the mentality of the slave. Free people take their lives in hand. Only slaves have other people manage their lives and cover the costs. No freedom without discipline or risk of failure. I am all for helping people who need it. However, help is most effective when its between people who know each other. Accountability and responsibility avoids the abuse of good faith. Collective reward or punishment overlooks individual history, advantage or status and is inherently unfair.
Myrkie Nelson
Myrkie Nelson - 8 days ago
First off, the only country in the Western Hemisphere who ended slavery first, becoming the FIRST BLACK republic is Haiti. That lady need to get her facts right before making her judgements. And there are many other countries who were free of slavery before America. stop making it seem like America did everything first when everyone knows that slavery lasted basically a trillion years after every country received their freedom.
SHUBHAM KUMAR - 8 days ago
Funny how Americans say how can one be punished for what their great grandfather did to someone else's. Why do you live in streets which was built by someone else's great grandfather. Dont know about reparations atleast accept it that it has been done and make sure it brings some social reforms which can be followed by other countries as well
SHUBHAM KUMAR - 8 days ago
What about the apology to the native Americans, I wonder if you have left any?
Rob Howell
Rob Howell - 8 days ago
Reparations-are a fucking joke , no way to track that and people just want free money. Just like Trump collusion... ITS OVER . Move on.
Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer - 9 days ago
If you want to sell reparations to the voting public the best way would be as the "Reparations/Stimulus program". It might weaken the moral authority of the program, but it would also get you a few votes. Say you're implementing a massive affirmative action program to bring the African Americans into the middle class. One hazard I see here is that the blacks might not want to settle for being middle class. They want to be the owners on the plantations.
MrPreacher8770 - 9 days ago
i own everyone i house and feed, if you want money ill buy 3 workable bucks in prime condition @ 5 $ each and id give 3$ for a bred bitch,, see reperations are easy, if you wont support yourselfs, ill put you to work..cotton fields dont work themselves
aja342 - 9 days ago
The people in favor of “reparation” are ignorant at best and psychotic on average.
Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer - 9 days ago
Maybe we could give principal and loans on very good terms for blacks starting their own businesses. Maybe we could give them stock.
Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer - 9 days ago
An anthropology professor at OU told us that every white person in Louisiana is at least 1/32 black. Do you think they should get reparations? I knew a girl who was 1/254 Cherokee, and she was getting full Indian benefits. Do you think we should give reparations strictly in cash? Well, there goes another two and a half trillion dollars added to the national debt. The money we give might not be much more than paper by the time we finish paying for our wars and reparations. I'm wondering if we should give compensation in the shape of very good deals on homes. Fuck this business of whites leaving your homes after they die. That won't stimulate the economy. It would be better to build new homes for blacks. Do you think they should only be segregated among other black households? If we do give reparations, and I'm still not convinced we should, we should do it in a way that stimulates the economy.
Kiere Espinoza
Kiere Espinoza - 10 days ago
Yep. My husband..
Marky Mark
Marky Mark - 10 days ago
REPERATIONS WAS ALL THE MANY WHITES WHO LAID DOWN THEIR VERY OWN LIVES TO FREE THE SLAVES!! Africa is who chained the slaves and profited, so go after Africa..
Marky Mark
Marky Mark - 10 days ago
Whites today never owned slaves, and Africans today we're never slaves here in United punishing whites for nothing they ever did is only gonna create a civil war..
michael wilson
michael wilson - 6 days ago
I never put a Jewish person in a concentration camp but my tax dollars go to isreal
Marky Mark
Marky Mark - 10 days ago
Pushing reperations is a gravely dumb ignorant will only turn way more whites against blacks because many of their white ancestors laid down their very lives to free them all..they could counter for ten times the it's an ignorant act that will make things far worst
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus - 10 days ago
This might be the dumbest thing blacks have come up with. I dare anyone of you idiots to debate me and explain why the fuck I or anyone else owes you something
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus - 14 hours ago
Xavier Falls well then.....hahahahaha. That would be an honest answer at least
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
You should give me reparations because the left is desperate to win and they think they can buy my vote.
Frank Sandor
Frank Sandor - 10 days ago
I'm s truck driver that works in manhatan new York City , everyday I drive past the fox news building and want to drive my truck into it. we
William G. Copway
William G. Copway - 10 days ago
And what about the crimes committed by the black soldiers of Abraham Lincoln who participated to the American genocide? you know the famous "Buffalo soldiers". One of my great grandfather was an orphan because of them...I do accept checks . Just kidding! I'm an animist I do have respect for my ancestors and will never use them skin to make money .It's just that the more time goes, the less I do see qualities in black America.
Roger Hunt
Roger Hunt - 10 days ago 📍📍📍📍📍
Womp Womp
Womp Womp - 11 days ago
I have family members that died with the union army in the civil war , do I get a black slave ?
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
I'm black. I'll be your slave! I'll call you master and everything as you put the ball gag on me.
factotum - 11 days ago
Damn. If the Democratic Party took up this issue it would anoint Trump for another term.
geoff dearth
geoff dearth - 3 days ago
No one I know thinks it's a good idea. No matter how "mainstream" Trevor thinks it is.
Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer - 11 days ago
White coal miners died by the thousands in the coal mines. White children had their fingers torn off in dangerous machinery. Two out of five construction workers were disabled erecting the skyscrapers of New York City. Fifty per cent of all children died before they were six. Yes, slavery was bad, but it existed in some form in every society in the world until the mid nineteenth century. Maybe we do owe blacks something for the way they were put down. But blacks are not the only ones who suffered in the past.
B1G SHOTTY The Sheppard ADOS
Never imagined that someone could put a funny spin on something so serious.
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus - 10 days ago
because anyone who actually thinks that they deserve something is a fucking joke
dreamingwolf8382 - 12 days ago
You want a civil war? Because that’s how you get a civil war.
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
Can I be on the white side?
Baked Beanie Sigel
Baked Beanie Sigel - 13 days ago
I am a white woman and I believe African Americans deserve reparations. Land, or financial payment.
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus - 14 hours ago
Xavier Falls but as my ancestors are from Spain I want reparations from the Romans for enslaving my people. Maybe a free pizza on Fridays or something We’ll split it
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus - 14 hours ago
Xavier Falls that makes more sense than any excuse others come up with. You are too proud to be part of that nonsense
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
I am a black man and I believe reparations punishes those who did no wrong, rewards those that don't deserve it, and is just being used as a way to purchase the black vote. Any reparations checks in my mailbox will be sent to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus - 10 days ago
Why exactly. And paid by who???
DeYAH Ysrael
DeYAH Ysrael - 13 days ago
Ysm - 13 days ago
They'll give reparations then make credit easily accessible with low interest rates and then increase the rate suddenly. Then the people will be in worse shape then before like during the stock market crash or financial crisis
The asiatic Lion
The asiatic Lion - 13 days ago
Reparations are idiotic. You can have him crow reparations but slave reparation don’t make sense
KoshVorlontay - 13 days ago
Some things I would like them to answer:
If you demand reparations for slavery, then how much are you going to demand from the Black slavers who sold blacks into slavery?
If you’re so concerned about slavery, where’s your concern for 40 million + people who are in slavery today or do they not matter because they’re not being held captive by White people?
golden age of rap
golden age of rap - 13 days ago
I'll be happy with 40 acres and I'll take a mule as well. We're not looking for a handout, just a hand 👍
Shatter - 13 days ago
golden age of rap that is a handout, I never got 40 acres and a mule where is my free shit??
Taylor Beamon
Taylor Beamon - 14 days ago
Reparations are easy we don’t need a money hand out wtf that’s a dumb ass idea why not build better schools, make housing affordable, give business loans, forgive felons who don’t have a severe violent crime, build more activities for lower economic children, build healthy grocery stores, take away all the liquor stores, stop shutting us away from the cannibus business.. build trade schools again, rehabilitation for ppl who are on drugs, give prostitutes a chance to change 🙄🙄 see easy asf
haoru chen
haoru chen - 14 days ago
Not until I joined the architectural competition for the tomb of African slave burial in lower manhattan, did I realize this horror and cruelty. people were used and dumped not in war era but in booming peace era, but worse than prehistorical savage societies. How could freedom and equality coexisted with this cannibalism unless they are phony propagandas and lies? Reparations for slavery should be calculated ASAP.
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
I'll pass on my reparations, my mother raised me not to be a thief.
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus - 10 days ago
And who should get it and who should pay. You retards are delusional
manuel Villalogos
manuel Villalogos - 14 days ago
If the oceans were filled with grape soda blacks would drink it all and expect the government to refill it. You're never going to make this pariah happy. If you give reparations to blacks they'll spend it all and still live on government assistance. You'll just be throwing good money after bad. It would actually be more productive to offer every black person $10,000 to leave the U.S. with a no-return policy once they sign for the money. I guarantee ALL white people would be okay with that.
Total Destruction
Total Destruction - 15 days ago
All Blacks today should get reparations, no Blacks left out.
Total Destruction
Total Destruction - 11 hours ago
@Xavier Falls : If you're willing to give up your reparations money Monthly, let me know, I'll send you some information.
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus - 14 hours ago
Total Destruction that was beyond ridiculous. Get the chip off your shoulder
Xavier Falls
Xavier Falls - 14 hours ago
You can have my reparations if you're leaving the country. I got a pretty good life here. Never been arrested, and pulled over only once for speeding. I must be lucky. Surely it's not because I'm dressed decently, show officers respect, and wouldn't resist arrest (that's just stupid).
Total Destruction
Total Destruction - 9 days ago
@Pueri Demus : Because Blacks aren't exempt from police brutality, incarcerations etc. They are falsely set up with drugs and most targeted by law enforcements so that dumb idiots would believe in the false statistics report that Blacks commit 60% of the crime despite being 13% etc. Black panthers cannot join the police force but White supremacist can. Also the Japanese and the Indians got reparations, even the Jews, despite that they were murdered by Germans and not the U.S. but yet they're receiving reparations from the U.S. also America tolerates racism, and would it not be a good thing for Whites so that the Blacks can use that reparations money to leave the U.S.? With that money we can leave your country, just don't try inviting us back for the Bar BQ once it's yours again.
Pueri Demus
Pueri Demus - 10 days ago
Why exactly. I dare you
Celeste Ratcliffe
Celeste Ratcliffe - 17 days ago
Just as America rebuilt Europe after WWII...
Celeste Ratcliffe
Celeste Ratcliffe - 3 days ago
@G Buz i say fuck it...they massacured and enslaved mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for ever...who the fuck cares.
G Buz
G Buz - 4 days ago
Yeah rebuilt parts of Europe and Japan right after it happened to the people it happened to. Reparations to the actual slaves ok, 6 generations later no way.
Jane Cofield
Jane Cofield - 17 days ago
As to the computation, YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE, YOUR CHILDREN ARE RESPONSIBLE, TO THEIR THIRD AND FOURTH GENERATION. Just do it. It's a crime that requires payment. But I'm 59. My grandparents were slaves douche bag liar, escape artist gone wrong. Gotcha!! Get your facts straight!!!
Rickedy Raw
Rickedy Raw - 17 days ago
The president asked for reparations
Alfonzo Watkins
Alfonzo Watkins - 17 days ago
I suggestion you have a real dialogue and conversation with the LEADERSHIP of the N'COBRA MOVEMENT. This is one of the oldest organize group of the DECENDED OF CAPTURED and KIDNAPPED AND ENSLAVED AFRIKANS.
Sea Tree
Sea Tree - 14 days ago
These people managed to actually do very little for the past 40 years...but meet. A little contingent online got involved and moved the ball, N'Cobra woke up, realized there actually was a ball, got busy, not attacking white supremacy, but the little groups of black people online. I had much respect for them UNTIL that happened. Then I walked away. And that dog of a bill that is HR40. Read that sucker. It ain't pretty. Should they actually get it moving, I sure hope they clean that sucker up.
PHARAOH HLMC - 17 days ago
It's funny how Jewish Holocaust Survivors get reparations from a country who helped them out of their situation. But Blacks have to beg and Hope that white jesus gives them their reparations from the Country who keep/benefited from that situation.... Jews can Scream remember the Holocaust today throat hurt... But blacks are always told when it comes to slavery..forgive and forget...... even though the effects are still beingg felt at present...BIG TIME.
Sylvester Holmes
Sylvester Holmes - 17 days ago
They even gave reparations to the slave owners But not the slaves That was a long time Ago When dinosaurs roam the Earth that was a long time ago in comparison slavery was last week
Angry Emu
Angry Emu - 17 days ago
Jigaboos get nothing
reven ice
reven ice - 17 days ago
Unfortunately reparations can no longer be done justly. Both the victims of slaver and the perpetrators are dead. While the consequences of slavery are still around it would be simple wrong to punish people for things there ancestors may have done. By all means we should work to fix the problems in our poverty stricken community’s but the paying of reparations simply can not justly be considered.
Sea Tree
Sea Tree - 14 days ago
Caribbean literally won reparations last year.
Tat Bas
Tat Bas - 16 days ago
That's the misunderstanding of the facts. Because it has been done. Many African Americans have not had equal opportunities as others. That's the point trust when I say what goes around comes around and when it do don't look surprise at the outcome
Tatek Aragaw
Tatek Aragaw - 17 days ago
Jordan’s ? Bling bling ! Chargers and challenger back to square one.
Samuel Huggins
Samuel Huggins - 18 days ago
The United States Government should pay for the reparations.
Ella Sterling
Ella Sterling - 17 days ago
The government has no money. The taxpayers fund the government.
Terrell Crawford
Terrell Crawford - 18 days ago
Its amazing how Jewish people are being paid reparations from America
Silas Brown
Silas Brown - 18 days ago
Terrell Crawford it’s all backwards black people are the real jews
MemyselfandI Always
MemyselfandI Always - 18 days ago
Whitefolks KNOW THEY OWE BIG F-ING TIME. AINT ENOUGH MONEY IN THE TREASURY TO PAYOFF THAT DEBT. LOL. That's why they keep talking that forgive and forget bullshit. They expect DEBT FORGIVENESS FROM BLACK FOLKS
Frey Faust
Frey Faust - 18 days ago
Reparations have been and continue to be paid:
$7 billion annually since 1965
Welfare to single mothers ( black single motherhood hovers around 70 percent of the demographic)… Annually $1.4 billion from 1960 to 1992, climbing to $7.9 billion as of 2001
(2.2 million dollars accounted for, estimated 9 billion lost in fraud) also known as “Lifeline Assistance”. More than 20 million Americans have already received a free Obama Phone and get 250 free cell phone minutes every month.
Planned Parenthood - Services to Black Communities represent half of all abortionsPP receives appx 500 million per year (1.5 billion in taxpayer funds from 2013 to 2015)
One spending citation that indicates the level of spending power: “Over a three-year period, Planned Parenthood and its affiliates spent $288 million in federal funds. They also received $1.2 billion in funding from Medicaid, which combines federal and state funds.”
Under Bush Senior and on into the crisis under Obama, banks were obliged to accept the financing of credit lines when people with more melanin in their skins asked for them, regardless of whether they could realistically pay back the loan. The result was the catastrophic housing bubble that shook the world economy. People often blame the banks for being greedy, but it was actually a guilt-driven wish to diminish inequalities in society that resulted in the crisis.
The US government is supposedly an equal opportunity employer, a noble policy that has translated into a discriminatory preference for black and female applicants. So we can consider the creation of jobs granted to poor blacks and latinos around the administration of “reparation funding” to be itself part of the reparations. We must assume that billions have already been invested and continue to flow into that as well.
Its well known that charities use up somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of the donations they receive in administration. We have to assume that the government is no better at managing affairs, since they are not accountable for mismanagement and they have a large, conscripted source of revenue: tax payers, especially the top ten percent of the wealthy.
“The federal government, which included the U.S. Postal Service, showed the highest average compensation at $70,100, annually or $33.70 per hour, for its 2,710,740 workers. State government had mean annual wages of $53,180, or $25.57 hourly, for 4,552,850 employees.”
“U.S. Department Of Labor pays its employees an average of $77,462 a year. Salaries at U.S. Department Of Labor range from an average of $47,326 to $125,940 a year.
As of Nov 14, 2018, the Dept of Labor employed 125 million workers”
“In carrying out this mission, the Department of Labor administers and enforces more than 180 federal laws and thousands of federal regulations. These mandates and the regulations that implement them cover many workplace activities for about 10 million employers and 125 million workers.”
United States Department of Labor - Wikipedia
The Average Salary of Government Employees |
Frey Faust
Frey Faust - 8 days ago
@Sea Treedo you have the stats? Since these programs have been running since the 60s that could still be a tidy sum and an expanding package of advantages. Poverty does not seem to have disappeared in that ethnic group, even though many are economically mobile. Poverty hasn't disappeared among white people either. It begs the question, if the billions thrown at the problem are working. Do you know what percentage of say, affirmative action goes to whites? I am pretty sure the Obama phone was not available to white people. Most planned parenthood clinics are stationed in black neighborhoods. Many white people have suffered poverty and thousands were slaves as well in the same period. Perhaps their families are to receive something? I was told there were reparations for the Jews but I didn't receive a cent. I scratched my way out of the gutter as an abandoned child, live close to the bone and have never been on the dole. How many generations should get reparations if poverty persists in a demographic? What about all the white Europeans and Americans who died to stop slavery? Are their families owed something? What about all the white people who were still slaves in north Africa a decade after the US emancipation?
Brother Reed
Brother Reed - 8 days ago
12 hours to type all of that and said nothing.
Sea Tree
Sea Tree - 14 days ago
Since white people receive the bulk of all of that, it must reparations for them.
I AM CM - 18 days ago
Give us reparations and then turn around and drop the dollar in the economy , I don't know.......I'll just keep my faith in God and keep it moving.
Jeffrey Fetzer
Jeffrey Fetzer - 18 days ago
Sure the democrat party was the party of slavery .They want reparations let them pay.The civil war was republican (north) against democrat(south).
Jeffrey Fetzer
Jeffrey Fetzer - 13 days ago
@Sea Tree It fueled a lot of things.To get back to zero they would have to beam you out of your Mercedes into Africa in the middle of a pride of lions with a spear
Jeffrey Fetzer
Jeffrey Fetzer - 14 days ago
@Sea TreeRight just like drugs fuel the economy.Somew here someone ma kes money but most people are destroyed.Your happy as long as soldiers and cops are employed.
Sea Tree
Sea Tree - 14 days ago
It fueled the US economy, not just the southern economy.
Sea Tree
Sea Tree - 14 days ago
@Jeffrey Fetzer Slavery fueled the gas fuels a car.
Jeffrey Fetzer
Jeffrey Fetzer - 14 days ago
@Sea Tree The northern states abolished slavery in their constitutions prior to the US becomming a country.Pennsylvania and Massachusetts first.Pa led the way toward abolishing slavery . Quakers brother
Over Coming
Over Coming - 18 days ago
They should they give the Ashkenazi millions yearly....but they will not give the true Isrealites people anything.....The true chosen people will get eternal life from the heavenly Father when he comes to bring his people home from where they were scattered throughout the earth and give judgment to all the nations that contributed in selling his people into slavery..(Due 28)....Joel 3....
James P. Blaylock
James P. Blaylock - 3 days ago
Isreal should be nuked out of existence!!
Mdot - 18 days ago
The short answer is, YES! PAY WHAT YOU OWE!
cassidra cheek
cassidra cheek - 18 days ago
Slavery never ended. Look at the prison system. Its sad how did you calculate the cost for the Holocaust? How did you caculate for the inddians, japan reparations?
Marks Spencer
Marks Spencer - 18 days ago
White lady at 3:11 need a serious fact check. She could have at least went to wilkipedia before she made the comment about America being the first country to end slavery. America was dam near the last country to end slavery along with Brazil. Even European countries ended slavery well before America did.
Mr. Pokey
Mr. Pokey - 18 days ago
No sane person can defend slavery. But to try to correct something generations later by paying the descendants is not going to correct that injustice. Who would actually get paid and how much? It is such a sensitive issue I don’t think anyone can pay enough to justify what was done to slaves. I hear plenty of arguments for reparations, but no one has explained a reasonable plan to do it.
Sea Tree
Sea Tree - 14 days ago
Caribbean won reparations last year.
ronald bouvette
ronald bouvette - 18 days ago
I'm a Democrat and this is absolutely one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard of.Just when my party looks like it could take back the whole congress and presidency,some jackass liberals dream this nonsense up! Hell no, slavery ended several decades and generations ago.There isn't one person alive that was a slave.It sounds like a way to win the black vote but not at the cost of every white person saying NO.Stupid ass liberals could F up a good day with one word.
Sea Tree
Sea Tree - 14 days ago
@ronald bouvette Trump offers nothing of value to anyone.
ronald bouvette
ronald bouvette - 14 days ago
Sea Tree where is the affordable health care and infrastructure deals that trump promised? those were two items for sure the Democrats were wanting to make for the investigation of Russian interfering with our election,yeah that definitely needs to be done.we live and breath capitalism in our country but our elections shouldn't be bought by foreign countries.its bad enough our politicians are paid puppets but other countries can stay the hell out of it.
Sea Tree
Sea Tree - 14 days ago
If Democrats were convinced they were going to win the Congress and White House, they would not be trying for impeachment. Now, had they went to Washington and worked in 2018. Absolutely. But, they did what Republicans did. Instead of working, they did Russia, Russia, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Now they have NO record to run on that they can use to throw the bum out of the White House. It won't be talk of reparations that causes them to lose. It'll be ineptness.
Tony petty
Tony petty - 18 days ago
AMERIKKKA know they were wrong and know they should've paid it long time ago but when the people get tired of all this bull shit and rise up fuc everything white
S Brown
S Brown - 18 days ago
Yes, AA should pay reparations. Worked 4 nothing for 400 yrs. Everyone else got paid, do ur research!!!
G Buz
G Buz - 4 days ago
Slaves got paid room and board and many times a cut of the crops. do ur research. And besides, so what?
ReeEEE! NORMIEGETOUT!! - 6 days ago
@MrPreacher8770 inheritance is not the same as back pay, but i dont expect you inbred 65iq murder monkeys to understand much more than "muh dick", "gibs muh dat" and "bixnood sheeeit gnowimsain!"
aja342 - 9 days ago
That makes no sense.
It'sCommonSensePeople - 9 days ago
@MrPreacher8770 Then no one should ever take inheritance from there parents. It should go to the government.
MrPreacher8770 - 9 days ago
you arent owed a thing, you never picked no cotton
Kyng Kraken
Kyng Kraken - 18 days ago
FACT ! Reparations were given from America to American and British slave owners because slavery ended and lost their “ property “ . After ww 2 Jews were paid reparations native Americans were paid reparations for being killed .
King Hannibal
King Hannibal - 18 days ago
Caucasian people are full of dog shit
Bryce Simpson
Bryce Simpson - 19 days ago
I’m just here to see what kind of brainwashing this channel offers our public
peacefulheart - 19 days ago
Today we see economic/debt slavery and human trafficking. So, maybe we haven't ended slavery entirely.
D Goshay
D Goshay - 19 days ago
Some things shouldn't be joked about. I'd like to see him make fun of the holocaust like this.
Janene Moran-Donald
Janene Moran-Donald - 19 days ago
Thanks for the commentary 🙏🏾🖤👏🏿👍🏾
로라 [Laura]
로라 [Laura] - 4 days ago
Janene Moran-Donald You don’t deserve my money
samuraijack1371 - 8 days ago
Waiting for a handout?
Val B
Val B - 19 days ago
If the slave owners were paid reparations, it is in due right reparations be paid to descendants....
Tony petty
Tony petty - 19 days ago
Hadnt been for free labor in amerikkka it wouldn't be as great as it is and NOW trumps fucn that up fuc all them rascist infidels
lou s
lou s - 19 days ago
Hahahahahaha I’ll bet not a single one of these retards have any idea where the slaves were sold from and who sold them!!!!! On the Horn of Africa there was a significant port where Spanish, Dutch, Eastern Europeans and AFRICANS all purchased slaves from other AFRICANS!!! The first African didn’t even step foot in “the new land” until 1619 and there was 19 slaves......19. The individuals responsible stayed in Africa as slave owners!!! Good luck🖕🏻
Super Eddie
Super Eddie - 20 days ago
How about reparations for Latin Americans; Specially US intervention in Central American countries just 75 years ago
D Goshay
D Goshay - 19 days ago
Always a deflection. Well, what about everybody else? Everybody else's ancestors were not slaves and does not currently have to deal with the fear of being shot in the back by police when they walk out their front door.
Synchronicity - 20 days ago
I love him
Brittany Paden
Brittany Paden - 20 days ago
A.D.O.S ✊🏿
nİsaY bliSS
nİsaY bliSS - 20 days ago
Well, Trevor, you seem to be more pissed off than everybody else. I'm guessing it's because you know what should be done about it, so what do you suppose should be done about it?
Jimmy Friday
Jimmy Friday - 15 days ago
nİsaY bliSS no taxes/free tuition and medical care for blacks in America for as many generations as their ancestors were enslaved would be a fine starting point... IMO
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