Boosie on Lil Nas X Coming Out: Now We Know What He was Riding On (Part 14)

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Joshua Childers
Joshua Childers - Day ago
Boosie is a mini Bernie Mac
Kerry Green
Kerry Green - Day ago
Everybody know Boosie.
Suicide Zoe
Suicide Zoe - 2 days ago
What’s up w that nigga lip lol
Suicide Zoe
Suicide Zoe - 2 days ago
Someone give boosie lotion for those ashy elbows lol
Suicide Zoe
Suicide Zoe - 2 days ago
Freedom on speech let him live
Montez Coyle
Montez Coyle - 4 days ago
Vlad you can't be Jewish and atheist at the same time🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Lucy Armstead
Lucy Armstead - 5 days ago
Downlow man that is you
FuckZilla Robin
FuckZilla Robin - 5 days ago
he cappin on him but this the same nigga who got mad because only 300 people bought his album😂😂
x saeta
x saeta - 7 days ago
Vlad is jewish damn.....
Sam Houston
Sam Houston - 7 days ago
Why the fuck would you interview an ignorant no talent having boosie?
Damn so Low!
Jeffery Ampey
Jeffery Ampey - 8 days ago
FR. bottom line it’s just the truth. NBD
NintendoGamer 4Life
NintendoGamer 4Life - 9 days ago
Boosie the only one that be on Vlad ass. Bout damn time someone is. The shit Vlad be saying be mad disrespectful sometimes. I been binge watching all Boosie's interviews & he be on his ass, I love it. The shit Vlad says makes me want to knock his ass out.
Justin Time
Justin Time - 9 days ago
Theres so much gay shit goin on. Lil boosie. Funny shit, you have to admit
Josh McDougal
Josh McDougal - 9 days ago
Vlad: i bet a lot of gay fans go to your shows
Boosie: all the time!!
Darlene Sibley
Darlene Sibley - 10 days ago
boosie so fine
Rayvonna Miller
Rayvonna Miller - 10 days ago
Love me some boosie bad ass!!!!
Spiders, Inc.
Spiders, Inc. - 10 days ago
"I saw Lil Nas X recording a rap song inside a closet back in 2008. On the east coast, he ain't come out the closet back then. I'm glad he finally came out" T.K Kirkland
Kris Deyoe
Kris Deyoe - 10 days ago
If he didn't want to b outted 4 what he ride, then he should stay in the closet.
KingParisBuckingham - 12 days ago
90% of blacks we not on that hay shit...the oc mob wanna fir e it down our throats but we ain't on that nastiness
KingParisBuckingham - 12 days ago
Just be real bossie,we dint like gays shit.
Amanda Adams
Amanda Adams - 13 days ago
Man Boosie be speaking the TRUTH I love lets be real the shit be true what he be saying...gotta keep shit 1000💯💯💯💯
Danquis Creation
Danquis Creation - 14 days ago
Its not about where you come from? Everybody doesn't have your experience. When you make things about you then you arrogance, ego, hatred and bigotry comes in. Your an ignorant person and just like white racists dont hold a place in this world then you dont either because you shouldn't have an opinion on someone else lifestyle. The fact that you think you can have an opinion on someones lifestyle and sexuality makes you ignorant. Opinionated people hate when other people have opinions. Its no different of a spoil child expecting to be rewarded when their acting childish. No one gives a fuck about your opinion.
Danquis Creation
Danquis Creation - 14 days ago
Judging wrong. Thats what your doing idiot.
Danquis Creation
Danquis Creation - 14 days ago
You hate a group of people, or dislike a group of people. White nationalist hate a group of people and guess what their black and anything non white. Go ahead and be hateful. Sure you were joking. Then it should be okay for white racists to make jokes about other marginalized groups. Practice what you preach. He is a songwriter all his lyrics doesn't have to be gay or pornographic. Replace every word "gay" with a white face with the word "black" and listen to how you sound.
Bernie h
Bernie h - 14 days ago
Lmao.... he 2 real.. haha! 🤣
cool beanz
cool beanz - 15 days ago
Vlad a funny mf
S Cino
S Cino - 16 days ago
Cmmon daawg Cmmmon maaaaaan lool booosie b bossy
Jason meaty
Jason meaty - 16 days ago
Brokeback road😂😂😂
Bryan Caldie
Bryan Caldie - 17 days ago
Why conway lip like that
Karma Kult
Karma Kult - 17 days ago
Boosie's hair looks like player one, please choose your character looking ass!!
Michelle Kurey
Michelle Kurey - 17 days ago
The Breakfast Cub Power 105.1 FM
I love Lil Nas X but
2:15 😂😂😂
Jose Velazquez
Jose Velazquez - 18 days ago
Damn vlad you live with this nigga or something?
Joe Black
Joe Black - 19 days ago
Love Boosie real azz talk ... He funny with it.
DaGr3atUnknown - 21 day ago
caesar sandoval
caesar sandoval - 21 day ago
Now I know why djvlad is blowing up and does his interviews the way he does... HE'S JEWISH!!
Teresa Jenkins
Teresa Jenkins - 21 day ago
Boosie: sound like Bernie Mac and laugh like Flavor Flav
Big Dog
Big Dog - 21 day ago
He wasnt talking bout fuckin no girl on da old town road Boosie a foooool💯😃😄😷✌
Black Knight
Black Knight - 21 day ago
Boosie being in a sound mind in an unsound world so few real ones that actually think for themselves and have the boldness to speak their mind when dumb silence is trending.... Sleep is trending
Torry Barnette
Torry Barnette - 21 day ago
Lil Nas x played us all to win big. Says DocBeats™
DeShawn - 21 day ago
Boosie got a fresh fade in every video 😂
Ashley Victoria
Ashley Victoria - 22 days ago
The thumbnail photo and "now we know what he been riding on" 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😭😭 idgaf it’s fcking HILARIOUS. “He wasn’t talking about fcking a girl on a old town road” 😅👏👏🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥. Y’all are both a mess ctfu 😩😩😩 "Then why did people care about my comment" 😩👏👏🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥 EXACTLY. You can’t force people to embrace sht that don’t have nothing to do with them. People are so extra trying to force this on straight people.
d - 22 days ago
He is a very intelligent person see past the bling and listen all the stuff he says make 100 💯 percent
The Following
The Following - 22 days ago
Please give this man his own show . He is a real one.
jay scott
jay scott - 22 days ago
Boosie like get to the fuckin point when vlad got on about Conway and hitler wear Hermès
jay scott
jay scott - 22 days ago
Gay dudes I imagine should look forward to going to prison the most. They should not have a problem doing life if anything in the pen.
Danisha N
Danisha N - 22 days ago
Ima raise people how I was raised... pause* boosie “against it” took me all the way out lol
Matt Lagensköld
Matt Lagensköld - 23 days ago
*Gotta love the irony black people claiming to be oppressed while oppressing other minorities*
William Lackey
William Lackey - 23 days ago
I wish my teeth were as nice as his.
Tiffany Decole
Tiffany Decole - 23 days ago
Lil Boosie needs his own reality show 🤣🤣
James Goodwin
James Goodwin - 23 days ago
Man U know what he talking bout on that on town road it was a joke but it was some real shit lmao
Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze - 23 days ago
1:23 You are acting like a gay queen right now.
Rob Ode
Rob Ode - 23 days ago
Boosie washed up and old , his album was a FLOP. jealous old man, lil nas x sells more in hour than you do in your entire albums release time. Hmmm? Hateraid
Legend 24
Legend 24 - 23 days ago
Preach Boosie
Sherika Johnson
Sherika Johnson - 23 days ago
Keep speaking the truth Boosie
4th Chamber Music
4th Chamber Music - 23 days ago
It was the truth get over it lol soft ass people
greg Powell
greg Powell - 23 days ago
🤷🏾‍♂️ 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️What so bad I said Vlad !!!!
Rugged209 - 23 days ago
In my town they had a STRAIT PRIDE event and Gay People got mad and protested I don’t get y straight people can’t celebrate as well fuckin BS
J Sin
J Sin - 23 days ago
YFG RE - 24 days ago
It’s sad that the world is forcing the LBGT on us. It’s getting teach in schools around country and it’s unacceptable ‼️stop forcing that shit. U ARE NOT BORN GAY ‼️‼️‼️
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