Adults React To Try To Keep Dancing Challenge

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Stephanie Morales
Stephanie Morales - 3 months ago
I love Malcom's moves 😂😂😂😂
Nico Akari
Nico Akari - 3 months ago
PLZ BUT BTS FOR THE NEXT TRY TO KEEP DACING VIDEO PLZZZZZ (suggests: fire, not today, boy with luv, idol and more) THXXXX💜💜💜💜💜
faze butface
faze butface - 3 months ago
I would be doing the orange justice all the time
Slothsgaming 76845
Slothsgaming 76845 - 3 months ago
Brittany I love your hoodie go sisters
tanya gallego
tanya gallego - 3 months ago
You should do it with the kids
ThatOneEditorGirl - 3 months ago
I didnt learn they had a miscarriage is up until I got older
AstroAiko - 3 months ago
Brandon a whole fucking mood 🤣
Felipe Belmontes
Felipe Belmontes - 3 months ago
6:44 faucet failure
bode tarek
bode tarek - 3 months ago
Tori is Everything 😂😂😂💔💖
Croconana :0
Croconana :0 - 3 months ago
Brandon is in every video .-.
EvyGarcia - 3 months ago
Croconana :0 I know, how lucky are we?
M Qadah
M Qadah - 3 months ago
I can't bc I'm sick and I don't want to
Krystal Weaver
Krystal Weaver - 3 months ago
Why no body likes Country or old town road
Ella Montgomery
Ella Montgomery - 3 months ago
I love country hate old town road cuz it's not country
fairly vanilla
fairly vanilla - 3 months ago
Krystal Weaver cause OTR died a while ago
margareth michelina
margareth michelina - 3 months ago
Tori is such a mood
Ryann Hinson
Ryann Hinson - 3 months ago
Brittany looks so different
Layla Borman show
Layla Borman show - 3 months ago
Brandon and Tari are the FREAKING BEST
miodziojaworski - 3 months ago
The legend says that we will see Brandon without beanie someday
Cheuk Yee Lui
Cheuk Yee Lui - 3 months ago
*faucet dripping* and C-Span
Everyone else: *groans and stop dancing*
Tori: Yes, drainage!/ Yes, Mr. Quigley's back!!!!
Muffled Reality
Muffled Reality - 3 months ago
I would thrive in this challenge! I want to do it!
Muffled Reality
Muffled Reality - 3 months ago
I would thrive in this challenge! I want to do it!
Kyndra Suratt
Kyndra Suratt - 3 months ago
11:18 nobody dances to cspand then we have tori
Kyndra Suratt
Kyndra Suratt - 3 months ago
9:33 but its so sad because she just dies (falls)
Lauryn - 3 months ago
Mood 1:48
George Blue
George Blue - 3 months ago
Try to laugh
dahyunism - 3 months ago
y’all should do people who’ve never seen up react to the beginning montage
Awesomeman215 Smith
Awesomeman215 Smith - 3 months ago
Brandon was the funny on to me
IzzyTheSloth - 3 months ago
Noooooo not UP 😭😭😭
Ana Dolor
Ana Dolor - 3 months ago
Kristine wasn't even trying
B-Art Rainbow
B-Art Rainbow - 3 months ago
4:39 I guess Brandon's right????
Trumpet Girl
Trumpet Girl - 3 months ago
Audra Erickson
Audra Erickson - 3 months ago
I’m surprised no one said that there’s too much drip😂 💧
Carolyn DiDonato
Carolyn DiDonato - 3 months ago
7:18 lol
be my oppa ツ
be my oppa ツ - 3 months ago
Ajar Raccoon
Ajar Raccoon - 3 months ago
Ew Ariana grande
Butterfly McDonald
Butterfly McDonald - 3 months ago
Hehe same energy
Maya Iversen
Maya Iversen - 3 months ago
Tori your just like me bc i like the same thing
Maya Iversen
Maya Iversen - 3 months ago
Yay mr. Quigley
Maya Iversen
Maya Iversen - 3 months ago
Yay i love mr.Quigley yay
Khloe Santiago
Khloe Santiago - 3 months ago
When he said it is so sad cause she does DIES that cracks me up😂😂
Katie White
Katie White - 3 months ago
This was my morning workout. Keeping the masses healthy, FBE!
Soha Abdalla
Soha Abdalla - 3 months ago
8:37 when the teacher gives you homework over the weekend
MaripaniXD :v
MaripaniXD :v - 3 months ago
5:11 😂😂😂😂😂
Baby Girl
Baby Girl - 3 months ago
I like tori
Aaron Ashley
Aaron Ashley - 3 months ago
She is my favorite by far along with tom
Killing Me Will Not Bring Back Your Apples
lol Mr. Quigley
Rebekah Windover
Rebekah Windover - 3 months ago
The comments make me think this video came out today and not almost a month ago cx
Glad I'm not the only one bing watching these videos 😂😂😂
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark - 3 months ago
I've been binging Try Not To Laugh for like 3 days straight
Adie Delacruz
Adie Delacruz - 3 months ago
So i lose my weith
Dads YouTube
Dads YouTube - 3 months ago
Try to keep singing or talking, or how long can you watch bad singing or old town road
Jordan Escalante
Jordan Escalante - 3 months ago
*Dances intensely like he's at the disco to one of the saddest movie scenes ever made* "This is the most emotionally confusing moment of my life!"
Mya Ling
Mya Ling - 3 months ago
“if i sing, a tune, I will make it thru- YOU LOOKBORINGANDANNOYING-“
Mya Ling
Mya Ling - 3 months ago
Eric’s dancing to Old Town Road made my day
Mya Ling
Mya Ling - 3 months ago
-starts twerking-
Butterfly McDonald
Butterfly McDonald - 3 months ago
Devyn Swift
Devyn Swift - 3 months ago
Wolfy ._. Playz
Wolfy ._. Playz - 3 months ago
I wanna be in these
Rebekka Lora
Rebekka Lora - 3 months ago
The love I have for Tori and Malcolm
Chanel Burquez
Chanel Burquez - 3 months ago
2:58-3:04 was the best
Razzlez - 3 months ago
Sings tune “drainaageeeeee”
3 Amigos
3 Amigos - 3 months ago
tori is my sprit animal
Roses_Are _Rosie
Roses_Are _Rosie - 3 months ago
I feel like Tori is the Brandon from the previous try not to stop dancing video.
Aiden Voyles
Aiden Voyles - 3 months ago
Is Rna the principal from Bizzardvark?
MagdalinaCookys - 3 months ago
Bleron Gjemajli
Bleron Gjemajli - 3 months ago
8:37 When the teacher gives you homework over the summer.
AaronMcCarthy05 - 3 months ago
Haha funny man. Rlly rlly incredibly funny Haha.
Julie Gibbs
Julie Gibbs - 3 months ago
You should do a kids version to this challenge!
Alyssa - 3 months ago
Ps. Malcom’s a WHOLE MOOD
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