College admissions scandal ensnares celebs, CEOs

j s
j s - 3 days ago
Olivia, get a clue, why would anyone listen to your makeup videos. You never deserved any "makeup" endorsements. Get a real job where you actually sweat and EARN something called self respect. Try it, you might turn into a real woman.
C Aleta
C Aleta - 8 days ago
actresses paid their to the to and slept their way to the top. First step they sell their soul’s!
T. H.
T. H. - 8 days ago
In other words children of celebrities are stupid
Stratocaster 64
Stratocaster 64 - 8 days ago
I hope they throw the book at these ugly woman. Disgusting!
NBCini - 9 days ago
Do they really think each student is not involved? Maybe parents would think twice if charges would automatically be laid on their kids.
Maria Romano
Maria Romano - 12 days ago
Nothing new........Nothing wll change......happening every everyway........we work hard to pave the roads....[taxes] drive on...and make 500 DOLLARS a week ...and walk clean your house and wipe your...
Tinnermom - 13 days ago
Those kids knew they weren't smart enough for those schools
Tinnermom - 13 days ago
You can't tell me that those children didn't know that s*** was fudged for them to get in. They're old enough they knew what was going on it's just covered up.
Deana Mcbryde
Deana Mcbryde - 15 days ago
All the children of parents that are being charge should have to take the test again
Christal Clear
Christal Clear - 23 days ago
This shows the parents believe their child isn't intelligent enough, or their child can bum around partying, while students who earn their grades stay up all night cramming. Booo Hiss Hiss
Night Owl
Night Owl - 25 days ago
Corruption is worldwide. It's just much better value entertainment when its the 'superpower' USA. You are a world wide joke for your country's corruption. US bank deregulation precipitated the worldwide economic depression. Education is corrupt, Pharma greed poisoned your own people with opiates. You've locked people up for life for smoking weed.
What did the US do to get some leadership back (we don't care which side theyre on) Corrupt HIllary bought her ticket to FAILURE. Now smollett loser is a puppet for corrupt Michele Obama (That's if your reporting isn't the same quality as all your other output). LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD HAHAHAHAHA JUST KEEP SAYING IT till it dawns on you. You're on a land mass and we're all happy it's not connected to ours!!!!!
Frank Sato
Frank Sato - Month ago
Moral compass is turned off😖. Slide toggle to ON🙏🏻. The whole thing should have set off alarm bells. Hush money scandal.
ML Luke
ML Luke - Month ago
Behind the Hollywood Façade of: "We must be the better, we have celebrity & make more money than you",  are people who Play Dress-Up & Make Believe they are someone else. Behind that Façade lurks the created criminals which so many self entitled people become. WalkAway from Anything & All that the Hollywood morons say, we will all be better off. Let them play with the dolls of their own self but, when they speak words not written for them, tell them to go to hell...
Audraelynne Grimmelhaussen
Those kids should retake the admission's exam. See how they'd score without the money.
Lonely Knights
Lonely Knights - Month ago
Why do we act like this is new? This has been going on for decades! Most likely since the beginning of civilization. The rich and wealthy will always use money to further their advantage in society because money talks. Lol wait until the next “scandal” when we hear about jobs that hire unqualified citizens cause their rich daddy or mommy promised the company a deal or wok together on a project or whatever corrupt illegal scheme
kim jong-un
kim jong-un - Month ago
So the colleges will fill the empty spots with ragheads
Mimi Wako
Mimi Wako - Month ago
Nothing New! Shame on them! 👎👎👎👎👎
Kellie Costello
Kellie Costello - Month ago
Has anybody ever seen gossip girl?
Jon C
Jon C - Month ago
Instead of worrying about this bullshit. How about cracking the head of the sphinx open and getting a piece of technology that can save our asses. Nibiru system is near now. Tho I dont hear them tell you this. There was a Russian Boy who was reincarnated but was a Russian in a prior life.
Check it out. Mass Flooding is a concern pole flipping dont believe me do your own homework then
roadrailn - Month ago
Soon colleges will be biased to only those who get good grades and test well. Where’s the diversity America?
Juliana Bearington
Juliana Bearington - Month ago
Of course it has to have a name. Operation Varsity Blues. Humans. Gah.
Jazz M.
Jazz M. - Month ago
If these people aren’t punished equally, as if they were the average working class man, it will cause citizens to disdain the law. If you want your citizens to respect the law and be patriotic you must have equality and justice.
P C - Month ago
Tip of iceberg.....look at our political system....investigate them next please?See lobbyist.
Katie Bistiglione
Katie Bistiglione - Month ago
Disgraced, sick people! All fake, no pity on them
Ken li
Ken li - Month ago
WHITE folks doing WHITE FOLK shit. Paid 6 million dollar? What school is this? You paying that much money just on a bribe. How many kids it that one family? Just pay the tuition. But they were also cheating on the taxes making it look like a donation. I dont mess with them. They call me telling me about the Government wants to give me 6,500 grant. I listen them and the lady coaching me. Telling me ,what to say to the recruiter I spoke to the University after that just hung up the call. They must of called me at least 5 times after and a could of time the next day. It all sounds good and you never know who is listening. I can make that money. This was my exact concern
arlette - Month ago
thomas huffjr
thomas huffjr - Month ago
And they wonder why privileged kids protest. They have to cover the truth somehow
Angela Alvarez
Angela Alvarez - Month ago
Elistist pigs, white privilege at its best.
My daughter works several jobs student loans, 3.8 GPA and exceptional track runner.
Go ahead a keep IDOLIZING these elistist pigs.
Keep buying their movies, clothes so help to pay their legal fees.
I wont buy hallmark movies, full house etc. Disgusting amoral low brow pig, no interigity HYPOCRITES, pigs.
Peaceful Jouney
Peaceful Jouney - Month ago
Put everyone in jail including students!
Chloe P
Chloe P - Month ago
wait so how did people actually find out about this scandal. how did it break out.
1960jack - Month ago
boot the kids out, they don't deserve to be in those schools, they got there over driven, fucked up, privileged, rich parents to spoil them when they come back to their confiscated homes.
Especially those Hollywood bitches, even though they will probably never see a jail cell, I WISH they would throw the book at them.
Crimson - Month ago
Lol. The kid’s school didn’t even have a football team and they faked him being a football player? That’s just too funny.
M - Month ago
Maybe they can share a cell together.
 - Month ago
My parents always paid so much money for out of state tuition in California, it wasn't fair for me either after meeting many friends on campus don't pay anything plus getting grant because their partner getting cash for work or doesn't want to work more hours proof of very low income tax return.
Chris Steven
Chris Steven - Month ago
I bet there is some nervous gas(farting) going on up in those houses
toronto peace zone
toronto peace zone - Month ago
Oh Lynette...what happened?
Pyroman /
Pyroman / - Month ago
A news channel should do an have hour show and talk about every parent famous or not
Pyroman /
Pyroman / - Month ago
Olivia jade has basically gone dark online she disabled comments on her YouTube channel
Pyroman /
Pyroman / - Month ago
Put all the parents/coaches in the same prison and make a reality show out of it
Anonymous - Month ago
Did the university know about it, how can that be a question, and I’m quite sure the usc board trustee that Olivia spent time on the yacht knows about the scam. He is in on it too. Damn right it’s rigged, and the university is going to get lawsuits!
Anonymous - Month ago
Felicity tried to get her younger daughter in and that young daughter in on the scam and she was smart she told her mother “no” I will be taking the test on my own, smarter girl
Anonymous - Month ago
Even the kids were in on it. They could’ve stepped in and told their parents no. They deserve to be Expelled.
Ian Tobia
Ian Tobia - Month ago
The kids are guilty as hell but they are gonna play innocent while their parents try to defend them at all costs. Easy prediction
Gilmar Giron
Gilmar Giron - Month ago
I thought third world countries were the most corrupt systems because of poverty. But . They aren't even one third compare with the U.S.. Politically and all branches of government... But the worse we still criticising making judgments on others. And ignoring that we stink.
lang 1007
lang 1007 - Month ago
50 people involved but the only ones repeatedly named over and over are felicity and Lori. Lesson learned: don’t become an actress.
Morgana Huggett
Morgana Huggett - Month ago
The DEEP STATE corruption is real and everywhere!!
perfectly imperfect
perfectly imperfect - Month ago
This happens all around the world
Nikole Maestas
Nikole Maestas - Month ago
“A little enraging” girl what??? It’s beyond enraging
Tony Richards
Tony Richards - Month ago
I use to like Loughlin and Huffman. But now looking at these two makes my stomach turn as well as their spoiled entitled brats.
M K - Month ago
Even if the kids they didn’t know, they must retake the exams. If they pass then they get to go back to school. If the fail, they get expelled and never can return
Loveli Me
Loveli Me - Month ago
We all know this exists, at least I did. But Aunt Becky, why?????
Other299 - Month ago
Claiming fake ethnicity? You mean like Elisabeth Warren?
Miss Molly
Miss Molly - Month ago
That money should go into a fund for students that have tuition debt!! :)))
Miss Molly
Miss Molly - Month ago
Way to go Aunt Becky.!!! Jeez. You would have paid for the degree/ diploma too. Finally....go under your rock, snake.
L Fam
L Fam - Month ago
It’s never been about race... it’s always been about class!!
Spectacular Rich Beauty & Brilliance
Ha! The schools SHOULD BE held accountable. Since when has The admissions department stop verifying the required information that the students submit on their application? Especially if this puts them above the rest. Like, Verify that they have actively played sports, were actually members of said organizations, verify high school GPA. Whatever happened to the interviewing process with the dean that was once required to become accepted into these elite universities? Higher Education is a dirty business... they have been selling degrees for decades. I believe, the professors see the evidence first-hand, that many of their students do not meet the academic standards for college and wonder how the hell did they get past admissions. Many of the students do not even have the aptitude to learn at that level, most cannot write clearly or coherently.
It's even easier to BUY A DEGREE now that we can pay for degrees online; copy, paste, google, and plagiarize. No one is honest and original anymore . This is one hell of a cultural shift...the apocalyptic times. Let's put an end to this ol' grotesque abuse of power.
C.L. Richardson
C.L. Richardson - Month ago
You can't tell me WHITE PRIVILEGE isn't alive and well, for rich WHITE kids!! Why come the media doesn't want to call it for what it is?
Za Z
Za Z - Month ago
Sweet! Sounds like business as usual in the USA!
Rebecca Friesen
Rebecca Friesen - Month ago
QueenJoose LaMonica
QueenJoose LaMonica - Month ago
How much u wanna bet this will become a based on true story movie. Glad they exposed them.
Lynette - Month ago
We are all not surprised by any of this but it is still disgusting😠
yolanda pai-Ge
yolanda pai-Ge - Month ago
Just like we thought and have said from the very beginning, we have corralled like sheep into low admission scores, unaccepted into education programs, given lesser of the jobs and been told Let us know when you’ve learned something new and we will see what can be done to get you a raise,, this is unacceptable and because of this I want the rest of my student debt cancelled. There has been numerous times when I have read the book completed the exercises and grouped studied to see my score was less that 90% smh.. and these privileged kids walk around and look down on you and they know your intellect is far more advance.
Bridget Draper
Bridget Draper - Month ago
Now it will be even more impossible for my extremely stressed mentally I'll white single mom home teen to have any chances at anything!!!!!
Why Valentine?
Why Valentine? - Month ago
The audacity! Lori is a sub-par actress anyway. I’ve never seen her on the big screen. The sense of entitlement is disgusting. Please believe their children KNEW that they weren’t athletic nor intelligent and scores were compromised! They took opportunities away from us “mere mortals” working hard for educational opportunities and ultimately shyyted on it when they already had a “leg up” on life due to their parents! That wasn’t enough? The children should be charged as well. I feel so sorry for kids working hard on sports & academics that never receive just due because their parents aren’t affluent. I am committed to NEVER watch ANYTHING the actresses have a roles in.
Karol j.
Karol j. - Month ago
I would like to know what happens now with these kids who are where they are due to bribes. I mean they can't remain there?????...can they??? Should they???
My first answer is no..... regardless of whether they knew or not. But what would you do with them, that's a tough one.
Saltponds239 - Month ago
I wonder who at the IRS approved William “Rick” Singer's (Key Worldwide Foundation) as a charity and gaining an accredited 501(c)3 status with the federal government? Humn
Blue Collar
Blue Collar - Month ago
Good! Let Hollywood burn
D - Month ago
Okay I’m sorry, obviously these 2 celebrity women did a reprehensible thing and deserve to be outed in the media, but why is American media all about tearing down only celebrities? Where are the names of the other parents? The ones who FAKED disabilities? That’s so much worse to me.
Also although the same purpose, felicity Huffman spending 15,000$ ONCE is a false equivalency with Lori’s 500,000$ TWICE.
Annie Stone
Annie Stone - Month ago
All for a artificial statues fuck all celebs ..kill ur self please please but anyway boycott collages, Hollywood in fact fuck the game
Annie Stone
Annie Stone - Month ago
All for a artificial statues fuck all celebs ..kill ur self please please but anyway boycott collages, Hollywood in fact fuck the game
BLACK FACTS - Month ago
Even after being charged and arrested, White media still shows the best pictures of the White people involved. Where are their mug shots?
Jeffrey Fedak
Jeffrey Fedak - Month ago
And I’m sure they are paying for all those “A”s also.
No Power
No Power - Month ago
How about people that are label as minority and got in those Ivy league college with low sat score? that a big SCAM too! lots of kids work their butt of in high school and have excellent sore and they cant get in. STOP the stupid Minority Crap they are no better then these fraud parents.
tolu planB
tolu planB - Month ago
first if the "kids" were above 18 they ARE not children when the crimes were committed. so as their parents you send them to private schools.....then you pay someone such mind blowing bribes to get them spots in too universities.......hmmmmm. was the same done for you? how far back do these crimes go?
so these families cheat....and deprive DESERVING students spots in said colleges, yet act as if everyone else is beneath them. this is gut wrenching. they ALL need to face the book. only then and then only will there be a renewed trust in the law.
Sandra Bautista
Sandra Bautista - Month ago
😂😂 disgraceful
kim davBG
kim davBG - Month ago
Both the parents and their kids are going to be ripped apart over this.
GOC EP - Month ago
Look what happens when we lie, now the life of those children is distroyed! I can not imagine the pain, fear and horrible moments they will have forever. Great parents!
Sandra Tremiti
Sandra Tremiti - Month ago
Hmmm...NOT booked into jail? NO MUG SHOTS??? So they just went to court set bail, paid it and went home??? Seems like they are still privileged??? Just thinking out loud...
Enlightened Awake
Enlightened Awake - Month ago
I'd rather watch a cartoon than George S
Enlightened Awake
Enlightened Awake - Month ago
Hollyweird is BURNING.. #fakenews is next👀
Eli Von
Eli Von - Month ago
All the wealthy people (like the ones reporting this story) acting so shocked. Meanwhile the rest of us poor people be like [insert Stanley from The Office's face].
Leonel  Castillo
Leonel Castillo - Month ago
Rich White kids ..... what can you expect?
just me gem
just me gem - Month ago
Someone work on a movie based on this scandal ASAP!
ballstein30 - Month ago
I'm sure most of the kids knew that they were cheating their way in. Some of the cheats just too obvious especially the ones that got in as athletes.
Gets into school as a water polo player but does not even play the sport? Get in as a football varsity player without a football team in his high school?
Don't waste tax payers money on investigating some of these case.
tmwall25 - Month ago
unfortunately - these are private schools they can base admissions on whatever they want. why go thru a middle man - the super rich just make a couple million dollar “donation”. i guess the semi rich cant cough up that kinda coin.
Jez M
Jez M - Month ago
The keyword here to me is "RICH"... if your kids cant get in by their own merits then do something else... there's businesses that the parents can help them set up.... others work so hard to get good grades to get in the schools that they love and would also want to improve the life of the whole family once they graduate...
Shame on these people for ruining chances for other deserving kids
J NI - Month ago
bill webb
bill webb - Month ago
This practice must go back 100 years or more since Elizabeth Warren was registered as a native american Indian chief, all makes sense now....
Storm - Month ago
So what’s the use of college if all you need is rich parents. Parents trying to live thru their kids because they couldn’t go to college still doesn’t make it right
Harry Sacks
Harry Sacks - Month ago
There’s no way these pretty white women goes to jail. Stop wasting our time. We know how this story ends. Six months probation for the women, two years prison for the men.
jasonx409able - Month ago
I feel bad for us minorities who aren't rich and really want to go too the best schools but cant afford it due too not having rich parents!
Brittany Doctor
Brittany Doctor - Month ago
will those students get kicked out?
Tish Bowman
Tish Bowman - Month ago
My son works a 3rd shift job just to afford a community college.
The company pays 100% for graveyard shift workers.
This pisses me off to no end.
I don't think anyone is surprised.
This happens in ALL ASPECTS of life.
I'm just glad to see something finally being done about it.
Now let's see if how many get away with a slap on the wrist!
Andy Ayala
Andy Ayala - Month ago
too many idiots Jade was a hero and God just last week....all of a sudden they turn on her...LAME
good morning
good morning - Month ago
I’m a U.S.C. graduate in economics. I matriculated entirely on my on merit. But I don’t give a hoot if a few rich people paid to gain admission for their lass than qualified children. They busted their buts to get rich and if they can squeeze out a few perks for their children with the fruit of their labor, good for them. I wish everybody would just calm down, get off their self righteous, holier than though podiums, and just mind their own damn business. Life is not a perfectly equal enterprise, and no sane person would expect or want it to be. Besides, U.S.C. has some amazing programs for poor children living in the surrounding area, many of whom are given full scholarships to the university. Life is not a perfectly aligned machine, it’s a complex, multifaceted and constantly changing organism that will thrill and disappoint you every day.
Groper 1
Groper 1 - Month ago
Boycott ALL Hallmark productions !!!!! Lori PLEASE don't come back up here 🇨🇦🇨🇦 we don't need your kind..... fake California suits ya just fine.... fraud
Truth always
Truth always - Month ago
White privilege, come on sheeple, it's real!!!!!
Sable Bomb
Sable Bomb - Month ago
These dumb kids should be charged too. Period
Dee Gordon
Dee Gordon - Month ago
Rebecca! WTH
mrs_acosta484 - Month ago
Goes to show that Americans/imagrants have the same in common, they both want a better life for there kids........we are all humans , no matter where your born.......
Love is a powerful thing if you can find it....
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