Claire Makes Pasta Salad with Romesco | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Anna Wessman
Anna Wessman - 4 days ago
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul - 7 days ago
I want Claire for a wife!
Louie Ralph
Louie Ralph - 11 days ago
Andy's back is really distracting me... Gaaahd he's so fine!
Sidney Mathious
Sidney Mathious - 13 days ago
That looks like a great pasta dish and I may end up trying it myself at home.
Nami ~♫ ♥♠♣♦♫
I dont wanna be rude and I dont hate claire when she does this but she clicks her tongue a lot and its hella cute (after she took out the walnuts she does it a lot)
Jon Clap
Jon Clap - 18 days ago
Claire's voice is soothing to me
JustSleeth - 24 days ago
Claire needs to stop smacking her lips.
Aiden Molyneux
Aiden Molyneux - Month ago
Maybe you do a bake off between some of the chefs! I feel like they’re all so funny and their interactions with each other are always the best bits! Full episodes together where they make their own versions of an everyday dish would be so good!
Tyler Lasher
Tyler Lasher - Month ago
You know I think this would be great hot and with some pieces of sausage.
Raw Bliss
Raw Bliss - Month ago
We're gonna use the lemon juice from the lemon 😂🤣
Chef Asbury
Chef Asbury - Month ago
Ty for not using Sourdough for the bread crumbs. ~signed a sourdough hater.
J Kim
J Kim - Month ago
The ba folks all seem nice. Claire is the nicest out of the bunch but don't let that calm demenor fool you. She would probably cut you if she really had to. Claire is da best. She's real ba.
Unhappy Walrus
Unhappy Walrus - Month ago
I will die before I put walnuts in a pasta salad
Hopeful Interpretation
It's so cute and unique when Claire walks with short steps.
aichuj - Month ago
im so hungry
Tawsif  Ali
Tawsif Ali - Month ago
She clicks her tongue a lot
lucrative8 - Month ago
im so sorry if we make you tired but we want you more than anyone.
James Pawson
James Pawson - 2 months ago
When she mentioned the tyrosine crystals in the parmesan, I knew she was legit.
Michael Horodowicz
Michael Horodowicz - 2 months ago
This recipe is pretty easy.
g - 2 months ago
ily ba!! but is there any way that you could make more sustainable videos? as in reduce food waste, reduce carbon footprint, etc? :)))
Awesta Elfar
Awesta Elfar - 2 months ago
ok nice recipe but for some reason it makes me uncomfortable to see Clair make savory foods 😂
Alex Daniel
Alex Daniel - 2 months ago
Now make it vegetarian!
Ashes Mandalay
Ashes Mandalay - 2 months ago
Title says Claire? I'm there.
Ki Birdie
Ki Birdie - 2 months ago
Can I come to the test kitchen one day just to test out everything everyone cooks? Call me Claire lol
zimThuet - 2 months ago
you never want to cook pasta past al dente. if you're cooking something later in a pan with the sauce, you want to stop even before al dente so you can cook it to al dente in the pan. pasta's ready when it's al dente, not after.
camflywithme - 3 months ago
I learned so many things just from this one video. Claire is a rockstar for explaining the why you do certain steps for specific dishes!
L Clarke
L Clarke - 3 months ago
When you cut the bread into "1-inch pieces" (to make bread crumbs) and actually *weighed* them, I knew this was not my kind of recipe. You guys with your digital scales are worse than ATK.
Vlado Rukavina
Vlado Rukavina - 3 months ago
Can you please answer to Why do you "Always use KOSHER salt for Pasta"? It doesn't make any sense, since it is the same as basic salt, only grain is larger, thus making it harder to dissolve in water.
Francisco Javier Fernandez Cruz
That pepper sauce is sadly quite far from what romesco is in reality.
CosGaulo - 3 months ago
as an italian i approve this message
Chanel Noelle
Chanel Noelle - 3 months ago
I adore how no one is overly dramatic when it comes to the test taste. Everyone is like, "yea, that's pretty nice."
MattBalfouri - 3 months ago
claire is so wholesome and bubbly. i love her personality. she is so pretty too! the food looks great!
DrQuizzler - 3 months ago
I guess I'm late to the party here. I've just discovered Claire's "Gourmet Makes..." series a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm learning that she's LEFT!?! I'm happy for her new venture, but I'll miss her here. She's amazing at reverse-engineering recipes, and at bringing us along for the process. Plus, she's funny and cool. I wish her the best!! :)
Ivegotwo - 3 months ago
claire is bae
Shakil Green
Shakil Green - 3 months ago
I love her.
J - 3 months ago
I'd love to work there just to eat all the foods they make. Bon Appetit, are you guys hiring for tasters?
TheDiscoMole - 4 months ago
My god Claire is as adorable as a puppy.
StarrPhototype - 4 months ago
i thought basil hated the fridge. 😭
NeoAkira101 - 4 months ago
Claire is a babe
tim goeb
tim goeb - 4 months ago
She’s cooking with no hairNet keep on touching her hair
firegodessreiko - 4 months ago parents did the raw spaghetti trick too...
Tigerz - 4 months ago
My problem with this channel, most videos don't give all quantities and ingredients are way beyond my single father pay!!!! Especially in California after all tax increases!!!!
Septimuse - 4 months ago
Lier she knows who’s that
Mad Sodaz
Mad Sodaz - 4 months ago
i would personally add smoked sausage, looks good!
Emma Brown
Emma Brown - 4 months ago
Love this.
Ice Queen
Ice Queen - 4 months ago
Brad and claire are my two favorite chefs in ba 😍😍😍❤️ claire is so gorgeous ❤️
Nick Brandt
Nick Brandt - 4 months ago
We love Claire.
sahalanimation - 4 months ago
i'd let Claire chop my nuts anytime.
DramaticCrossroad - 4 months ago
Andy's fine booty was so distracting throughout the video. Thumbs up ;)
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell - 4 months ago
funny how Andy always seems to be there when the food is done
Sofia Battaglia
Sofia Battaglia - 4 months ago
claiire and brad are the best
infinite loce
Anthony Cirino
Anthony Cirino - 4 months ago
Is there a notification bell for claire
Loki Gress
Loki Gress - 4 months ago
With the parm you can use a veg peeler instead of a knife, it gives beautiful ribbons, and spares your knives edge.
Syed Islam
Syed Islam - 4 months ago
I think most people are here for Claire.
Syed Islam
Syed Islam - 4 months ago
Claire I find you soooo beautiful 😍
Tiara Huffman
Tiara Huffman - 4 months ago
looks delicious, but I would add meat of some kind and then probably eat mine warm because I don't like eating cold food lol
Tri Chiem
Tri Chiem - 4 months ago
Very bizarre how the title dividers depict background images of scenes/steps before the segment goes on. It makes it very visually distracting.
Joe Harvey
Joe Harvey - 4 months ago
Claire I love you. That's it
NYXia - 4 months ago
this looks like a fun job, i love claire so much!!! all of her videos are great and she seems super nice
AlmightyStarfire - 4 months ago
"Pasta salad" sounds like the most American thing ever
Jacob Foe
Jacob Foe - 5 months ago
I would take uncooked spaghetti and put it through a grape and eat it...
Gellan Sterfetu
Gellan Sterfetu - 5 months ago
Claire: you can just eyeball it
Me, a white person: ok and how many grams is an eyeball?
Readera - 5 months ago
I also loved raw pasta as a kid!
ittah_ - 5 months ago
4:23 the lemon juice from the lemon
Filipe Nunes
Filipe Nunes - 5 months ago
4:27 not crushed? what about that allicin!
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson - 5 months ago
this looks delicious, Claire is a QUEEEEEEEEN
Veronica Klos
Veronica Klos - 5 months ago
claire looks so on edge in this vid lol idk???
Murielle Jean-Baptiste
Murielle Jean-Baptiste - 5 months ago
three commercials in this video 😭
.m. - 5 months ago
CLLLAAIRE come back
Sean - 5 months ago
Brad in the back looking like a freaking minion lol
RustySpoons - 5 months ago
Is the Bon Appetit test kitchen located in California by any chance? I hear hints of vocal fry and the classic 80's Vally girl accents from a lot of the hosts in the test kitchen.
Ivan R
Ivan R - 5 months ago
Sophie Patrock
Sophie Patrock - 6 months ago
Anyone else miss Claire and is rewatching these videos?
Nicole Haratine
Nicole Haratine - 6 months ago
Anyone know what mascara she uses?!
Vincent Poblete
Vincent Poblete - 6 months ago
Please do tacobell cinnamon twists.
Corinne Webb
Corinne Webb - 6 months ago
She's my favorite
Fran Mitch
Fran Mitch - 6 months ago
Your the hottest YouTube cook I watch
Spanish Taster
Spanish Taster - 6 months ago
Romesco and pasta is a great Mediterranean fusion dish.
Alexis Hayashi
Alexis Hayashi - 6 months ago
Summer? Claire you're like 5 months late
Bungtan - 6 months ago
Rewatching all claire videos
Yakuza Dakewo
Yakuza Dakewo - 6 months ago
claire is such a methodical chef!
Vinicius Betini
Vinicius Betini - 6 months ago
How's she still single? Something's wrong.
Daniel Zimmerman
Daniel Zimmerman - 6 months ago
Clair is hotter than the sun, and makes a bouquet of roses jealous of her
Kat Y.
Kat Y. - 6 months ago
That’s just Sarah from buzzfeed! 👀👀
chippy chedders
chippy chedders - 6 months ago
Claire is my favorite, feels like I'm sitting in the kitchen talking to her when she cooks.
Viochampagne - 6 months ago
"When I was a kid, I love eating raw pasta" - gurl same. This is me until now
all i want to say is:
all i want to say is: - 6 months ago
The tomato looks just like my butthole
Steve Santillan
Steve Santillan - 6 months ago
Watching this with a teary eye.
seriliaykilel - 6 months ago
Any recommendations for those of us with nut/peanut allergies? What textural component could we add to replace the walnuts?
Tyfani Kinder
Tyfani Kinder - 6 months ago
You know you should try and matter the taste and texture of lofthouse pink frosted cookies
John Cooper
John Cooper - 7 months ago
OMG she is so pretty
Karen Everett
Karen Everett - 7 months ago
YUM  !!
D Jack
D Jack - 7 months ago
Scratches head, then touches food cutting board & probably food. Yuck.
Johnny Liu
Johnny Liu - 7 months ago
im 99% sure Claire left because she was falling in love with Brad but since he is married with kids, she couldn't handle it. It doesn't help that they have major chemistry together.
Johnny Liu
Johnny Liu - 6 months ago
Just dreams yup to pursue a career on her on.
Just dreams
Just dreams - 6 months ago
did she leave????!
Kenneth Bitanga
Kenneth Bitanga - 7 months ago
anyone know who that is walking in the left corner 3:24? he's hot lmao
W!ll0uGhbY - 7 months ago
We need a brad and claire episode
Natanel Arnson
Natanel Arnson - 7 months ago
Dear Video Editor, please don't show what each step is going to look like before it actually happens. I get that it's supposed to serve as an intro to the step that's coming, but it's totally a spoiler. It's not exciting to watch Claire make things when I already know what's going to happen.
Bro Fisr
Bro Fisr - 7 months ago
Is Claire single
Andy Sharpe
Andy Sharpe - 7 months ago
Claire is awesome, but this also feature’s Andy’s butt, for like, the whole video! :)
Hugo Hugenotten
Hugo Hugenotten - 7 months ago
I am always fascinated to see that almost nobody knows how to properly use a microplane. It is designed to move the microplane itself and NOT the object you want to grate.
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