Claire Makes Pasta Salad with Romesco | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul - Day ago
Veronica Spera is so beautiful
ragusajr100 - Day ago
I love that her mom calls her in the middle of the cute...
G MinK
G MinK - 10 days ago
She looks like a Disney princess. She should have little birds flying around helping her cook.
Anthony Reyes
Anthony Reyes - 13 days ago
I love you Claire, the very small details you add really show so much talent and passion. That is very inspiring. :)
Meh - 15 days ago
Oh ffs. I confused romesco with romanesco, and I kept waiting for Claire to pull out that beautiful geometric broccoli vegetable.
L - 17 days ago
I never get tired of watching Claire make this dish.
tolfdier - 26 days ago
She is so freakin perfect. It’s probably weird to fanboy over her but fuuuckit, I’m a pretty weird guy
guuba gaaba
guuba gaaba - Month ago
can I be your personal prep cook ???
john alt
john alt - Month ago
Mimi - Month ago
whats up with all the comments saying she’s leaving, did she leave 10 months ago and then came back?
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith - Month ago
She left Bon Appetit the magazine, I believe but is kind of like an independent contractor for their youtube content. And then contributes recipes every once in a while.
geekbruin - Month ago
I f*ing hate 99% of pasta salads and this recipe sounds AMAZING. Also, obligatory ❤️ Claire. And your dad is proud, regardless of the person your mom thinks you are.
Michelle Micallef
Michelle Micallef - Month ago
Do you have any onion and garlic free recipes I can make for my friend who is allergic to them?
Ilaria Lentini
Ilaria Lentini - Month ago
This looks delish!
Fabiana A.
Fabiana A. - Month ago
me: A
sunlit_harmony - Month ago
I love watching them all eat the dish at the end
Joe Grizzlie
Joe Grizzlie - Month ago
thumbs up for left handed people!!!
rhi bean
rhi bean - 2 months ago
She lied about the call. It’s brad Leone of about test mud hen
Dennis van Vreden
Dennis van Vreden - 2 months ago
went back to this just to hear claire pronounce fusili, phewsilly again
Salman Alkhaledi
Salman Alkhaledi - 2 months ago
Wow. 6 commercial breaks in a 12 min video. I love this recipe however. I'm so glad we're not using stand in mixers ;p
ShojoBakunyu - 2 months ago
I like her instructions and explanations but that "Click" sound she makes at the end of statements is getting on my nerves! If not for that habit, it'd be a perfect video.
yo Clark
yo Clark - 2 months ago
I love to see Claire chopping the same way I do! Lefties unite!
Ethan Grady
Ethan Grady - 2 months ago
Turned out amazing! Only took like 45 minutes
Cassie E Pettit
Cassie E Pettit - 2 months ago
y'all need to get that burner fixed
HaleyAleina1 - 2 months ago
All these comments had me panicking but she still works at BA! Thank goodness!! Love you Claire!!
jahanvi pandey
jahanvi pandey - 2 months ago
why do u continuously make those weird sound by your tongue....its irritating. Stop that...
aurélie - 2 months ago
Definitely going to try this!
Anna Sade
Anna Sade - 3 months ago
Made this salad other day. It was delicious. Used feta cheese in lieu of parm, was amazing. Amazig recipe and very simple to put together! Claire, you're the best.
denicekimberly - 3 months ago
I need this right now
oniria - 3 months ago
at home we make romesco with almonds instead of walnuts!
M H - 3 months ago
watching bon appetit is my favourite thing but all of them calling parmesan "parm" makes me cringe so bad
Psiberzerker - 3 months ago
I love Romesco. I love making Romesco, and just breathing that smell while it blends.
Merrielle Gatlin
Merrielle Gatlin - 3 months ago
Kera Logan
Kera Logan - 3 months ago
I have that same kind of "timer", where when I'm baking I know when what I'm baking is done based on the smell rather than the time it's been cooking. Cooking times vary for so many reasons and factors, but when you smell it just so, you know it's done.
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul - 3 months ago
Veronica Spera
has a kickin body
Claire cute as ever
Sarah Tatham
Sarah Tatham - 3 months ago
Andy wearing cargo shorts in the background 😂
Ryan Rajasa Pratama Rifkinnanda Sukma Putra
Claire's skin is so wonderful
Majo Mansilla
Majo Mansilla - 3 months ago
omg I'm 19 and when I cook pasta I still enjoy some raw spaghetti lol
HannahQueen23 yolo
HannahQueen23 yolo - 3 months ago
Clair smacks her lips a lot😂😂😂just listen
shuheb987654321 - 4 months ago
Claire and Brad are the best chefs on this channel the dream team
Mary Mcconnaughey
Mary Mcconnaughey - 4 months ago
Ladies would you please tie your hair back when you cook. Thank you
Gizem Ersoy
Gizem Ersoy - 4 months ago
9:11 she is lying she knows who is calling she scrathed her nose which is an indication of lying
Juan Esteves
Juan Esteves - 4 months ago
Love Andy's booty on the shot, despite the cargo pants/short
Denf0 - 4 months ago
Fully appreciate the cameraperson for getting as many shots of Andy from behind as possible into the footage.
theresa chambers
theresa chambers - 4 months ago
Can you start filming in front of a studio audience so we can get some of that delicious food.. puhlease !!
Vanessa Keating
Vanessa Keating - 4 months ago
Claire is such a gem :)
Anna Wessman
Anna Wessman - 4 months ago
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul - 5 months ago
I want Claire for a wife!
Louie Ralph
Louie Ralph - 5 months ago
Andy's back is really distracting me... Gaaahd he's so fine!
Sidney Mathious
Sidney Mathious - 5 months ago
That looks like a great pasta dish and I may end up trying it myself at home.
Nami ~♫ ♥♠♣♦♫
Nami ~♫ ♥♠♣♦♫ - 5 months ago
I dont wanna be rude and I dont hate claire when she does this but she clicks her tongue a lot and its hella cute (after she took out the walnuts she does it a lot)
Jon Clap
Jon Clap - 5 months ago
Claire's voice is soothing to me
JustSleeth - 5 months ago
Claire needs to stop smacking her lips.
Aiden Molyneux
Aiden Molyneux - 5 months ago
Maybe you do a bake off between some of the chefs! I feel like they’re all so funny and their interactions with each other are always the best bits! Full episodes together where they make their own versions of an everyday dish would be so good!
Tyler Lasher
Tyler Lasher - 6 months ago
You know I think this would be great hot and with some pieces of sausage.
Raw Bliss
Raw Bliss - 6 months ago
We're gonna use the lemon juice from the lemon 😂🤣
Chef Asbury
Chef Asbury - 6 months ago
Ty for not using Sourdough for the bread crumbs. ~signed a sourdough hater.
J Kim
J Kim - 6 months ago
The ba folks all seem nice. Claire is the nicest out of the bunch but don't let that calm demenor fool you. She would probably cut you if she really had to. Claire is da best. She's real ba.
Unhappy Walrus
Unhappy Walrus - 6 months ago
I will die before I put walnuts in a pasta salad
Hopeful Interpretation
Hopeful Interpretation - 6 months ago
It's so cute and unique when Claire walks with short steps.
aichuj - 6 months ago
im so hungry
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