Jim Visits Australia’s Massive Anti-Migration Fence - The Jim Jefferies Show

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Brandon - 6 hours ago
This guy's Wikipedia has now been edited to remove the crap he has done to that Aussie dude that he tried to slander.
Samulise - 9 hours ago
I know it's edited, but what was the "shithole" countries bit about when it's unedited? Can't sound too good
anthony perez
anthony perez - 16 hours ago
Check out avi yeminis channel to see how fake jim is
Ptr - Day ago
“Don’t worry we’ll edit this bit out - I never look bad in these interviews”
Azad Rahul
Azad Rahul - Day ago
Jim Jefferies did do dickery beyond reparations. But, the guy was not an angel. He is still what the video had pictured him as. Nothing more, nothing less.
ghouleh *
ghouleh * - Day ago
Jim is a hypocritical rat.
That's it. That's the comment.
Otis De Marie
Otis De Marie - Day ago
I'm sorry but after seeing Avi exposing the truth about Jim I'm going to unsubscribe.
B-Tech Noir
B-Tech Noir - Day ago
So these days it's "hatred of muslims" instead of hatred of islam, ain't that funny?
And that's coming from a prick who became fat on anti-islam jokes.
dante dante
dante dante - 2 days ago
David Lieber
David Lieber - 3 days ago
Shame on you Jim Jefferies you're the greatest liar in the entire world
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes - 3 days ago
Hidden Camera: Jim Jefferies EXPOSED https://youtu.be/odCQhAezB_Q
dick3234 - 3 days ago
that ending, holy shit! they would hate him! :D
Aristoprat - 3 days ago
What Jefferies and Comedy Central did to Yemini is a disgrace.
Chris Price
Chris Price - 4 days ago
Ralphie May said it best. Rip RM
aryamanW - 4 days ago
Do people think Jim misrepresented what that guy thought? Cause I don't.
Josh S.
Josh S. - 4 days ago
Jim has always been anti-religion, he's made plenty of Islamic as well as all other religious jokes. His interview of Avi the racist Jew was a bit of a set up but fair game. Avi set Jim up and without his consent. Avi's the one looking at real legal trouble as Jim never signed a release form for Avi to upload the video. If I were Jim Jeffires and Comedy Central I'd slap a lawsuit on Avi. Plus after a released form is signed by Avi he can't dictate to Jim how to do his show if there was no additional written contract. Jim's intention was to call him out on his hypocrisy, so what? He got called out.
Avi said what he said, his racist views were not altered by anyone and as most religions and racists are, he's a hypocrite. They all think they're better than the other, all of which is bullshit, Jim Jeffries and Bill Blurr have always allured to that point if not spelled it out in their acts as well as conversations. Avi is no fucking different than a Muslim or a Nazi who hates Jews. Jim above all is calling out the hypocrisy of a religious racist person. It's all the same shit that too often leads to people getting murdered.
Avi didn't bust Jim doing anything in his video except what he always has done, scoff at religion. Again Avi's racist views and attitiude isn't much different in his own video except he just didn't like being compared to a Nazi which is exactly what he deserved. Avi's hypocrisy was called out and he's pissed off about it. Fuck Avi.
I don't like religous fanatics of any kind, they're all arrogant pricks but I accept all people have a right to religous freedom as long as they don't infringe on anyone else's religous or non-religous freedom, that's how it works in a democratic free society and that's what the western democracies are based on and hopefully continue to fight for. I'd say that's pretty conservative if you believe in the constitution.
Jim Jeffries isn't going to lose his career over this. He didn't paint Avi to be any different than he already is. Avi just would have edited it different, showing Jim making religous jokes while calling religion out on it's hypocrisy is nothing new for Jim. He hasn't changed nor has Bill Blurr as some have suggested. They both hate religion, hypocryisy and political correctness. Due to the latter a lot of racists fans were confused by Jeffries and Blurr. If you're dissappointed by either one, you simply never were smart enough to understand them in the first place! The've both got a "fuck off, live and let live" attitude against the religous freaks, racists freaks, the PC freaks, the extreme rightwing freak and some of those from the opposite sex (male or female) who don't leave you your own personal space are all assholes fucking up this world for the majority of us who prefer to mind our own business without getting killed in the crossfire between all those lunatics who have created not a war but a crippled free society with coward terrorists on all sides.
Keron Siewdass
Keron Siewdass - 4 days ago
This is funny as shit. Can't believe Avi would attack Jim like he did.
Cyrus Shepherd-Oppenheim
You're a fraud man. You re-edit interviews and take things TOTALLY out of context. You got caught.
Straight Edger
Straight Edger - 5 days ago
Man this is so stupid...
I just can't understand why Jim doesn't respond ?? He should know that ignorance will make more hate.
Because of his stupidity and ignorance now he ruined his reputation.Bravo
DigitalNinja - 5 days ago
Lying wanker. Jim is the extremist pushing the extreme left agenda. Fraud
chris clark
chris clark - 5 days ago
You need to quit or own up to what you done, if you do own up people will know that scum like you do this all the time in other fake news groups so the only option is for you to quit, don't feel sorry for at all it's all your own doing
ji jindeski kanakua
ji jindeski kanakua - 5 days ago
As a native.. all I can say is 'all' middle Eastern religious ideologies brought to our lands were for destruction, rape, torture, slavery, destruction, racism, intolerance and hatred... To say Muslims, Christians or Jews aren't all part of the problem is to put blinders on.. the Jews made it ok to have Africans as slaves, the Jews owned the most boats to transport Africans in chains to the Americas, the Christians and Catholics brought genocide and rape to our lands, the Muslims were devastation Africa through slavery just as much as Jews and Christians.. all of these religious are barbaric and insane... And if you don't believe in their God they condemn you to hell.. barbaric ideas and intolerant..
Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson - 5 days ago
Australia says you're in Hollywood where you belong. #Aussiesareashamedofyou
Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson - 5 days ago
Apologize or career suicide. #Avi Yemini
Fergal O' Driscoll
Fergal O' Driscoll - 5 days ago
Jim Scum
Metal Trenches
Metal Trenches - 5 days ago
Total hack
poop - 5 days ago
Fuck right wingers... they're monsters.
Christopher Cullen
Christopher Cullen - 5 days ago
Jim how can you not feel a little bit ashamed of yourself you fucking knob
Plymouth made
Plymouth made - 5 days ago
See the real interview.
Your being brainwashed with B.S.
Saint Nikolas
Saint Nikolas - 6 days ago
Saw the full interview. Fuckin awesome! All religions are hilarious. Especially ones that ban cartoons lmao.
Markus Rubach
Markus Rubach - 6 days ago
Fake news
Anthony Roe
Anthony Roe - 6 days ago
Jim you mock Avi by saying he has a good Australian name in your hit piece! At least he is true to himself and uses his real name not like you Geoff you fkn Fake sell out. You could learn a lesson here and be true to yourself
Waiting to see "comments disabled"
bledback2life - 6 days ago
Firstly, the surest way of coming across as a right-wing prick, is by being a right-wing prick in the first place.
Avi and his Zionist hordes complain about being edited to make him look like an asshole, forgetting that Avi comes off as an asshole anyway, even in the absence of any editing. Just look him up on YouTube and other platforms.
For example, Avi openly supports right-wing racists and fascists like Tommy Robinson - the same Tommy Robinson who is so vile and odious, even Nigel Farage quit his own party (UKIP) to form a new one (Brexit Party), to distance himself from the man.
Not Avi though - he totally embraces and supports Tommy and his ideology.

Secondly, Jim Jefferies' brand of comedy is satire. In other words, there will always be an element of caricature in his skits. Avi wouldn't be so easy to satirize, if he didn't already harbor opinions capable of being satirized.

Seriously, Avi, stop whining about the way you're being portrayed. You're an asshole who's been exposed as one, and you're feeling sore about it. Stop being an asshole, and nobody will have any cause to portray you as one.
SKEEDOOPSTER - 6 days ago
Can't hide forever Jim, you're a decietful sellout, watch avis unedited video
Brian - 6 days ago
Kinda surprised this video is still up with the evidence that is all over YouTube showing Mr. Jefferies lied to his viewers about Avi Yemeni by editing together answers to different questions. Truly shameful.
David Lee MacFersen
David Lee MacFersen - 6 days ago
Fuck You
G M - 6 days ago
Jim Jeffries / Comedy Central,
AKA lying dirtbags, edited Avi Yemini’s interview to make him look bad.
BOYCOTT Comedy Central
until they apologize and put out the REAL interview!
Top Side
Top Side - 6 days ago
my youtube
my youtube - 6 days ago
Sellout. Plain and simple, a man with no balls or integrity.
Luiz Alex Phoenix
Luiz Alex Phoenix - 6 days ago
I don't like Muslims, Jews or Christians. But it's pretty pathetic to say "my people" to feel like you belong to a group.
Blue Clouds
Blue Clouds - 6 days ago
After you kicked out all the Muslims, then kick out all the Jews.
John Cyriac
John Cyriac - 6 days ago
Shame on you Jim Jefferies , face Avi and apologise !! Dont go shutting the airport borders with you comedy central buddies , that's hypocrisy at it's best !!
KENNY GILL - 6 days ago
Think about the children in MANCHESTER
KENNY GILL - 6 days ago
Send this mug to Iran see how he gets on the fkin drunkard
Brendan Michaels
Brendan Michaels - 6 days ago
Avi isn’t good lol he’s still a racist
Laughing Man
Laughing Man - 7 days ago
Wow you cut up and edited Avi's comments. You do realize if you have to do that, maybe your opinions need to change?
Tani - 7 days ago
"Avi Yemini, a good Australian name". He is more Australian than you, you racist treacherous bitch
AA LI - 7 days ago
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 7 days ago
I got some news for you mate
Dr Gunsmith
Dr Gunsmith - 7 days ago
Dr Gunsmith
Dr Gunsmith - 7 days ago
You should be ashamed of yourself your a fucking disgrace to humanity for what you have pulled on Avi
Dr Gunsmith
Dr Gunsmith - 7 days ago
I think every show that has you on Jim Jeffries will lose subscribers and support because of your disgusting behaviour and I hope they stop booking you because it will hurt them as well as you, just grow some balls mate and own up to your fake shit you pull on people, the hit piece on Avi and fake shit you pull is a disgrace to humanity.
andylaauk - 7 days ago
Jim Jeffries knows all about being anti migrant. 🤣
Hirudegarn O
Hirudegarn O - 7 days ago
Click to watch full video:-
DazedDayz - 7 days ago
Never trust a segment from Jim Jeffries or "Comedy" Central.
Kim Jong Honey 💋
Kim Jong Honey 💋 - 7 days ago
You racist cunt
Russian_Bot - 7 days ago
Where is Jim’s drawing of Muhammad?
Jonathan Waller
Jonathan Waller - 7 days ago
Shocking edited video once you see the real one. 6:55 “words matter” what a #hypocrite this channels need to be removed or demonetised,
Colon :
Colon : - 7 days ago
Apologise Jim for editing avi Yemeni to make him look anti Muslim clearly fake news your pathetic.
Mandyloves Games
Mandyloves Games - 7 days ago
Disgraceful fake news.
Not that stoopid Maine
Not that stoopid Maine - 7 days ago
Jim, how does it feel be known as a rat??? Well.you re below that.
Genius Goblin
Genius Goblin - 7 days ago
You're a piece of shit! You yourself are an Islamaphobic!
Matthew Gross
Matthew Gross - 7 days ago
Jeffries exposed as a fraud and a coward by Avi Yemini... Oh yeah, he's coming back to the US to call Jim out even though CC is trying to stop him😉
rubenve79 - 7 days ago
Game over Jim. Nobody takes you serious, you're a dishonest moron.
Martin O'Brien
Martin O'Brien - 7 days ago
What a rotten cunt Jeffries is.
Oday Awadat
Oday Awadat - 7 days ago
Best Political Satire / latw night show out there, Jim Jefferies has great pieces, incredible delivery, and is absolutely hilarious. The same goes for his stand ups. Huge fan
Fergal O' Driscoll
Fergal O' Driscoll - 5 days ago
Jim Scum & his Retardo Supporters
ozzy701 - 7 days ago
Edited garbage... want to talk about “words matter”? Quit being a pussy piece of shit, post the unedited version
Joe Mack
Joe Mack - 7 days ago
Watch jim Jeffrey anti muslim jokes about killing muslim babies on avi yemini chanell!
Joe Mack
Joe Mack - 7 days ago
ur exposed jim!
Zombie Media
Zombie Media - 7 days ago
Hey Jim, remember on the Opie & Anthony show when you talked about
plying a sixteen year old with drugs so you could have sex with her?
Peter Yingling
Peter Yingling - 8 days ago
Jim Jefferies, keep your left wing fake news out of comedy. Never watching that fucking channel or your bullshit show again! You piece of shit.
Jammie Clark
Jammie Clark - 8 days ago
You all do realize that this is a comedy central show & not a news show, right? Every show on tv is heavily edited, unless it's live & then there's still a 7 second delay. Get over it.
Michael Reisel
Michael Reisel - 8 days ago
In my 13 years on Youtube I almost never downvoted a video. I downvoted this one.
KAIJU MECHA - 8 days ago
Jew is the worst type of racists
Terra Exodus
Terra Exodus - 8 days ago
Hey. Nice drawing of Mohammed. Make sure to adopt some Dingos.
You are supposed to the deliver the punchline, not be it. lol
Aslan - 8 days ago
LMAO are all of you autistic? The interview was very clearly satirical and part of a larger narrative. THAT'S HOW TV WORKS.
funfang - 8 days ago
Avi Yemeni Exposed what a scumbag and total sell out you are. Your no comic just a joke now son
guerri11a - 8 days ago
"jews will not replace us" Avi
guerri11a - 8 days ago
Is this triggering the people who think jim did something wrong? You sure are up in arms about a comedy show simply sugesting we not dehumanize people. I think all religions are equally ridiculous anx harmful. Snow flakes
guerri11a - 8 days ago
"Loads of white people, you'd love it...they'll hate you-" lol
Trey Adkins
Trey Adkins - 8 days ago
It is so satisfying to see Jim getting the treatment he deserves for this brazen slandering.
James Fischer
James Fischer - 8 days ago
Why don't you show the full unedited interview where you mock Muslims and joke about Muslim babies being eaten? You vermin.
Spider Mon
Spider Mon - 8 days ago
fuck you @jim Jeffries..
kra hell
kra hell - 9 days ago
Jim Jeffries Hollywood’s bitch
Blue Clouds
Blue Clouds - 9 days ago
I can't believe that Jews today talk the same way about Muslims as Nazis have always talked about Jews. The same Jewish guy in the video(Who looked like Arab Muslims) is hated by Nazi groups in Australia & want him out of Australia as he wants Muslims out of Australia. Jews are blind to see that their knife against Muslims is cutting both way against their own selves. Soin.
Blue Clouds
Blue Clouds - 9 days ago
What if someone was born in a Muslim country but he/she is atheist? Is their religion "the problem" or their race?
Niraj Nair
Niraj Nair - 9 days ago
I’m just here to comment about jim Jeffries and the avi editing fiasco. I don’t approve.
5:51 on the video shows Fake news at his best.Watch the pen change positions in Jims hand when asking Avi questions.This 100% proves they edited this to suit their own.
Buddha B
Buddha B - 9 days ago
Thank you Jim Jefferies, I'm glad you're not disabling comments just because some laughable incels are crying out "fake news" for a show that's... clearly being a comedic take on world events, or it probably is only clear for people who are not mentally deranged.
Storm Breaker
Storm Breaker - 9 days ago
Jim you are a greasy lying little SHIT go fuckyourself you scumbag
Bimbo Faggins
Bimbo Faggins - 9 days ago
Little shit, joking about killing people whether Muslim or not is fucked...
Boo Ski
Boo Ski - 9 days ago
I had respect for Jim once.Actually found him entertaining. however after the recent news and hidden video I just can't support or watch this two faced cunt anymore.
James Dashwood
James Dashwood - 9 days ago
Jim is really a piece of garbage.
HeliRy - 9 days ago
The sad thing is, it’s only a matter of time before Jim pays the ultimate price for this. I think Avi should have taken the high road and not disclosed the drawing segment. His point was made without it.
Truth_is_the _new_hate
Truth_is_the _new_hate - 9 days ago
Well, now I remember why I don't like Twitter. Got on after 2 years and was banned in less then 3 min.
Grey Fox -
Grey Fox - - 9 days ago
Why is this video still up when its proven to be a load of bullshit?
Aaron Barker
Aaron Barker - 9 days ago
Reported for fraud.
RNJudas - 9 days ago
So this is what a lying snake looks like :D
LegendWait4it - 9 days ago
0:07 Unfortunately these days... Comedians have to sell out to left hollywood and drop their previous hilarious jokes to get more famous and less offensive. On the top of that you have the balls to try to ruin a person's reputation, and possibly life by associate them with the radical right and terrorism... And that person is a JEW!!!(The radical right is often associated with the nazis way of thought and hates jews) I am of course talking about the Avi Yemeni intervju! Such a shame, if not a scandal! What are you guys thinking!?!?!
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