Jim Visits Australia’s Massive Anti-Migration Fence - The Jim Jefferies Show

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Erwin Derfox
Erwin Derfox - 17 hours ago
Paid Protestors are the only protestors in America. Btw the dislikes this video received are epic😂
Blake Fin
Blake Fin - 20 hours ago
"They'd hate you." Classic.
Drew Shourd
Drew Shourd - Day ago
I would guess that none of these high octane, anger filled separatists really know the history of migration into their nation....continent in this case. To me it seems that the white Aussie peoples anger is similar to hatred here in the U.S. toward native Americans...but wait...THEY WERE HERE FIRST!!! Short of that DO NOT get mad at the people when it IS YOUR government letting them in....don't be the cunt who places your racial anger on the wrong bloke...c'mon M8!
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar - Day ago
Jim, I liked you. But just found out you are hypocrite and a cunt, as you like to say it.
Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards - 2 days ago
Great work editing the interview to defame your guest. even had the excellent follow up of making a false terrorist threat claim against them to have them detained and deported. very nice, dirt bag.
Vienershmaken - 2 days ago
Jim Jefferies is his own worst enemy
Ygor Nimoy
Ygor Nimoy - 3 days ago
Turkey started with a Muslim minority, so did Syria. Today, almost everyone is a Muslim. It is an ideology that conquers every piece of land it settles in.
הודיה בר יוסף
"Jim J is a white guy that abuse vids of a brown jew telling his opinion to encorage violence against him"
that's how you would hear the news unless Jin was lefty and Avi was right wing
but funny enough, the minute you don't agree with the left suddnly no one protect you, black/jew/asian/latino or not
Lasse Dybmark
Lasse Dybmark - 6 days ago
Anthropomorphic facsimile
Thanks Jim. Good on ya!
Angel strange 50
Angel strange 50 - 7 days ago
so sad Jim, you were my favourite comedian, goodbye.
jashane stone
jashane stone - 5 days ago
And good riddance you dingo
wendy boothman
wendy boothman - 7 days ago
Australia has a rabbit proof fence. A dog proof fence. I wonder if the aboriginal people wish they’d put up a British proof fence?
wendy boothman
wendy boothman - 7 days ago
Palestinian people might disagree about immigration
Anita Clarke
Anita Clarke - 11 days ago
O'Brien the Butcher
O'Brien the Butcher - 11 days ago
Does that Jew not think he’s a target too... lol
Anastasis Zaro
Anastasis Zaro - 12 days ago
"Sheep are pretty dumb and they run at anything[...]" it's ridiculous how much this syncs up with the whole wall mentality.
Phil Stamps
Phil Stamps - 13 days ago
Fake News. Your story was a lie, then you, and comedy central filed a fake police report on Avi. Liberals always collude with media, and federal law enforcement. Shame on you, you liar.
Ethel Hiley
Ethel Hiley - 13 days ago
So they don't want a violent culture and that's their excuse for killing people. Mind-boggling
Horse Pants
Horse Pants - 14 days ago
You fake faggot
whiterooksme - 15 days ago
Wow Jim, with all the snow flakes you've brought out against you, a person would think you've started a nuclear winter.
london mockett
london mockett - 15 days ago
Technically like almost 100% of the people that live in America have immigrant ancestors unless your native America
london mockett
london mockett - 15 days ago
My best friend is Muslim and he’s the nicest person in the world it’s sad that these people can hate a group of people they know nothing about it’s against the Muslim religion to harm that includes your self that why Muslims can’t drink can’t do drugs cant get tattoos because it’s considered self harm so saying all Muslim are terrorists is absolute bullshit I wish they could educate people about the Muslim religion but you can’t because of separation of church and state. Separation of church and state is a good thing but I think people need to be educated
gingervikingjesus - 15 days ago
BUILD THE WALL!!🤣🤣 Avi is a Saint & you got NAILED by him as you tried to make him look like a monster, SHAME on you.. You are a disgrace!!
TheMadHack3r - 16 days ago
All these right wingers talking about a hidden video yet not one link to it. 😂😅🤣🙃🤪
Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards - 2 days ago
ruvideos.org/odCQhAezB_Q-video.html ruvideos.org/8JklGU1TFwI-video.html ruvideos.org/_uuWmH8Fhws-video.html ruvideos.org/Y3xAzLrNawc-video.html here are some for ya, you're welcome.
Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm - 18 days ago
Who the fuck is Avi?
ildg 007
ildg 007 - 18 days ago
To all the haters, I agree on that what he did was wrong, but he's criticized and joked about every single religion he knows of... He's said way more horrific anti-religion, racist and especially misogynistic things in front of thousands of people... Time to mature already.
MD. Jiad Parvej Joy5
MD. Jiad Parvej Joy5 - 18 days ago
Fuckin' self-righteousness!
Mike Beglin
Mike Beglin - 19 days ago
Hitting that dumb kid over an egg was a real bitch move.
Christopher H
Christopher H - 19 days ago
Jim seems to have forgotten all the horrendous things things he used to say about Islam and "Mussies" to quote him. Sellout
Identity Secret
Identity Secret - 19 days ago
You’re Exposed though
The Scavenger
The Scavenger - 19 days ago
Jim Jefferies, is a big fat liar. How did you like Avis unedited footage of this he secretly took. What's wrong Jim, can't tell the truth.
alflurin - 21 day ago
If you need an escape goat, be it Mexicans, Muslims or Jews to make you feel better about yourself, you're simply a fucking cunt! Grow a pair, stop looking at your navel and look up to our bright new world.
Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards - 2 days ago
exactly. i mean if he didn't like what his guest had to say, he could have just trashed the interview. instead he edited the interview to defame his guest that he invited. then he proceeded to make a false report that got his guest detained for 15 hours and deported to further fuck with him and defame him. luckily avi had good foresight and recorded the interview as well. if we didn't have that footage, everyone would have just believed this bastard.
D.E.B. B
D.E.B. B - 22 days ago
'I don't live in the outback'. 'There's lots of white people there, you'd love it; They'd hate YOU'.
Zaid Malack
Zaid Malack - 22 days ago
Well what can you say... dumb tribalist cunts are everywhere. Maybe we should round them up and throw them behind the dingo fence. They do love an all white ethno-state and walls.
Marcos Olguin
Marcos Olguin - 26 days ago
Hey also jim Jeffries talk shit about all races in his stand up showes what makes you idiots think he is going to hide saying something in this video??
Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards - 2 days ago
the fact that he did. avi secretly recorded the interview and has released the truth about what happened.
Marcos Olguin
Marcos Olguin - 26 days ago
Good day CUNT!!! Lmao jim Jeffries is hilarious!!!
Steve Gough
Steve Gough - 26 days ago
Great stuff, go Jim!!
Finwaell - 28 days ago
Good. Blacks and muslims have no place in Europe and other white countries. Stay in africa and other shitholes. Make them better or die, don't shit in our countries.
Invert Media
Invert Media - 24 days ago
You're white trash for sure lmaooo
truhhhhhhhokIII3 - 29 days ago
Small head small brain
Yannick Vaara
Yannick Vaara - 29 days ago
Should've used skillshare to learn about better editing and how to lie without failing.... You're really bad at it.
jujumama - Month ago
matt prior
matt prior - Month ago
Apart from Afghanistan, Pakistan , Bangladesh, most of the muslim countries are sitting on something (tourism or oil/gas) which worth trillions of dollars and yet they want to immigrate to a nation which is not even muslim !? Why ?? I though they hate to live with and in between infidels ! The common sense would tell me to not to go in a country where there are people which I might not find appropriate for my lifestyle !
no comment
no comment - Month ago
Terrible editing Jim you rapist
John Coates
John Coates - Month ago
Even if Avi didn't expose this the editing is like some parody of Soviet agitprop. The timing and tone of voice is completely unnatural. How dark and empty must Jims soul be to watch him and his Soyboy team slime this together?
FUK u soy boy
FUK u soy boy - Month ago
Apologize to avi !
Zay1185 - Month ago
Coward hide behind comedy and editing so he can push the rhetoric of the ignorant. Instead of using comedy to unite and show truth, he speads lies.
Zay1185 - Month ago
No shame. Leaves this pile of lies video up for all to see. Just so he can be proven wrong with proof from the source. His audience must be stupid to fall for this crap. Just go to show how he was raised and how ignorant his upbringing must have been. He has already been proven wrong and the guy he lied about has called him out. Too afraid to confront the guy. Coward.
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez - Month ago
the jim jeffries show edited that jewish guys interview, he recorded it all privately to see if the show did that
Chris Li Loia
Chris Li Loia - Month ago
5:40 - "we WHAT WHAT WHAT dingoes"??? I can't understand anything she said in the middle of that sentence lol... Who understands the Australian accent enough lmk what she's saying? lol
sutoeben - Month ago
dekrome mohamed
dekrome mohamed - Month ago
thank you Jim, and I gotta message to the racist pricks fuck you all racist cunts ,
FUK u soy boy
FUK u soy boy - Month ago
Have u seen this ruvideos.org/odCQhAezB_Q-video.html
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