GIANT SQUID CATCH AND COOK Big Reds (New Shimano Fishing Gear) - Ep 92

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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 4 months ago
Hey YBS fam, thank you so much for all the support! What do you want to see more of? Let me know, cheers.
Daniel - Month ago
Are you able to fish for sharks?
your girl, naked.
Mac n Cheese
Mac n Cheese - Month ago
More spearfishing ;)
azrin yen
azrin yen - 2 months ago
nice vid..rilex music n excitement..because I really love from Malaysia
Angel Trammell
Angel Trammell - 3 months ago
I have a question does you dog love to be on boats? And I just started following your channel and so far I like them a lot so keep up the good work.
Okay Hill
Okay Hill - 2 days ago
The pain we have after a relationship is the value of that chapter in life ❤️😍
Joey Jones
Joey Jones - 3 days ago
You are blessed
Crafty Crafter’s Place
Makes me so hungry and envious watching you!
Alec john Dennis
Alec john Dennis - 7 days ago
Damm brother u always got some good stuff going. Love viewing ur stuff keep up the good work...
Christian Wolf
Christian Wolf - 8 days ago
I love getting caught up with your channel. Love what you are doing in Australia, I am doing a lot of the same in The Keys Fl. I don't record any of it but would love to learn and share. If you ever want to come over to The Keys and have some fun, hit me up.
P.S. I got a couple of Blue Aussies too. Koa and Rico. They are 7 and 2
Dajukeboxguy - 10 days ago
i fucking love your tats dude, they look sick
syco sonic
syco sonic - 10 days ago
Nice Video Bro, New Subs. here From the Philippines. I'm just askin' if where is that place bro? and what country? thanks
N - 12 days ago
Damn man, sorry but your girl she's really hot!! Congrats
frank waynefrank
frank waynefrank - 14 days ago
just love you guys and your beautiful dog thank you
Audit Recon
Audit Recon - 15 days ago
Where are these remote islands? I would like to see them on Google earth? Can you give me a hint please/ Thanks for the cool videos.
Kash Wai
Kash Wai - 17 days ago
It is so lovely and enjoyable seeing you 2 having fun and enjoyed your lifestyle. Envy just that.
Christo floww
Christo floww - 18 days ago
Love the red fish man u should come to the cape cod
LouManuel Boone
LouManuel Boone - 19 days ago
Your a lucky man
Karl Gyurity
Karl Gyurity - 22 days ago
Laugh every time you call Kewpie mayo 'secret sauce'
Mark Grejda
Mark Grejda - 23 days ago
Aww. No girlfriends butt in this one.
mark yahtzee
mark yahtzee - 24 days ago
That kind of life is perfect. Only you and the most precious person living off grid.
Oscar Perales
Oscar Perales - 26 days ago
Those waters seem to be pretty blessed you have a buffet of seafood in them. The fish have unbeliavable colors its paradise on earth. The crayfish made me hungry . i will love to fish in a place like that.
Rohit Baz Ali
Rohit Baz Ali - Month ago
You're getting bulky m8
s. erah_
s. erah_ - Month ago
I m so jealous.......... 🌴
FCS OUTDOORS - Month ago
your happiness is encouraging and contagious
Peter. Hatch
Peter. Hatch - Month ago
Poor Emily you must have given a bad rod to fish with and bad pait
Street Shinobi
Street Shinobi - Month ago
I wanna be happy as him. Just watching him makes me happy
Риваль Исмагилов
Круто 👍 тоже хочу так
Mattyb Whipz
Mattyb Whipz - Month ago
What’s the secret sauce tho
A ghost pallid
A ghost pallid - Month ago
15:38 and 15:44 what song?
Jeffrey Bozeman
Jeffrey Bozeman - Month ago
Finally! Cooking without Sand! Lol
Jeffrey Bozeman
Jeffrey Bozeman - Month ago
Finally! Cooking without Sand! Lol
222 111
222 111 - Month ago
Them drone shots omfg
smitty webenjagermanjensen
It always taste best when you work for it. Even better when you cook it. I always wanted to catch and cook.
Areeya Cheyen
Areeya Cheyen - Month ago
Take only what you need,
But never from greed.
And I hope the squid is the only thing squirtin down there.
Maurizio Lipari
Maurizio Lipari - Month ago
Hi, guys, a little that I watch your video and I would like to spend a week with you
how can I do?
thanks I await answer
Maurizio Lipari
Maurizio Lipari - Month ago
I mean seriously, guys, I love the sea as you anad I am sub
Daniel - Month ago
The subtitles take on your accent is hilarious, great videos! Keep it up!
Malcolm Bae
Malcolm Bae - Month ago
Man watching your vids makes me feel alive bro. It inspires me to get out there and experience what this great country has to offer. And hats off respect for the way you respect the wildlife and the sustainability for future generations. Keep them vids coming bro.
Imran Mahalil
Imran Mahalil - Month ago
You are living my dreams =) keep it up
Una Faanunu
Una Faanunu - Month ago
You haven't seen how big the squid is. I saw 3 squid on the Agriculture day the squid is about 30 or 35 kg. But but still a nice 1.
Mar erickson Gante
Mar erickson Gante - Month ago
Bro try to put onion,tomato,chili chopped mince put it inside of that beautiful squid then grilled it trust me it would be great!! From Philippines 🇵🇭
Christian Gomonay
Christian Gomonay - Month ago
lewis ackerson
lewis ackerson - Month ago
shimano rods and reels are top notch. Great equipment bro
Andrew & Sarah Fraser
Andrew & Sarah Fraser - Month ago
what kind of boat is that? Really looks cool, im not a big fishing guy but have been looking for something to start getting into it with my son. I live in southwestern ontario any suggestions on places to go or what kind of boat to get?
Father And Son
Father And Son - Month ago
I feel for you Amber.
BSBR _Espook
BSBR _Espook - Month ago
Rocking the dad bod
Patrick Markel
Patrick Markel - Month ago
You def have life figured out lol
Sam Steele
Sam Steele - Month ago
Squad of squid :D
EhrenRobbe - Month ago
Such a life would be great
Khadija Aweys
Khadija Aweys - Month ago
I think there dating! He called her babe at 9:41
Alajos Lakatos
Alajos Lakatos - Month ago
Hey YBS!U guys r awsome!!👑Big respect👑My broda is crazy about fishing, he go evry week couple times if he not working😁he Just joint to Irish fisherman anger fun, but the weather is not friendly all the time:)i Just wondering to ask u :u do fishing trips?And if u do how much will be cost?Coz we love to go1-2weeks or mouths!!! Let me know:)thx And have a good luck broo!!:))))
onur okyay
onur okyay - Month ago
harika bir duygu olsa gerek vidyonuzu çok begendim
Francisco Pérez
Francisco Pérez - Month ago
I am so happy to see how much happiness are you full of. Enjoy and please keep loving nature as you do. Huge hug from Mexico, and thanks for sharing
Chief_Something - Month ago
I hope he kept all those fish they’re all so good
hogdog 78
hogdog 78 - Month ago
Keep up the good work guys watched your channel all day love it!!!!
hey poop
hey poop - Month ago
3:20 is what you came here for
your welcome
Da dadaa
Da dadaa - Month ago
It unsubscribed me! Wtf!
niroot laekpetch
niroot laekpetch - Month ago
Austin Ritto
Austin Ritto - Month ago
How much is that boat I’m trying to buy one like that
Carlyle Kamali
Carlyle Kamali - Month ago
Love the fact that you are always excited about everything which makes your videos interesting to watch but I hate through fact that your movies always making me hungry 😂😂😂
Ali Alqarni
Ali Alqarni - Month ago
So nice life 👍
Alberto.s yt
Alberto.s yt - Month ago
Relleno de calamar con langosta
James Anderson
James Anderson - Month ago
Come to broome with your boat and I’ll fill the car with fuel. Great to see you sponsoring coming through. Awesome energy.
YoYoMA _
YoYoMA _ - Month ago
How much a month does one of the crew contribute to everything to make this happen? I you don't mind me asking mate?
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