GIANT SQUID CATCH AND COOK Big Reds (New Shimano Fishing Gear) - Ep 92

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Youngbloods - Month ago
Hey YBS fam, thank you so much for all the support! What do you want to see more of? Let me know, cheers.
Angel Trammell
Angel Trammell - 11 days ago
I have a question does you dog love to be on boats? And I just started following your channel and so far I like them a lot so keep up the good work.
Deniz Temelgun
Deniz Temelgun - 14 days ago
Do a video on how to live and get to your lifestyle lol All your stuff is amazing keep it up
Hmong Yaj
Hmong Yaj - 18 days ago
The lady is beautiful and one of a kind mate. Is she your girlfriend?
Evangeline Sanchez
Evangeline Sanchez - 19 days ago
Hey bro do more video i love to watch it so much . We love you from Phillipines
miley Cash
miley Cash - 3 hours ago
Such a nice man full of fun respect
Indzone willy
Indzone willy - 12 hours ago
Cuttlefish not squid
Hoppar - 16 hours ago
Video of you spear fishing for squid?
wahyu widiyanto
wahyu widiyanto - 21 hour ago
where is the girl showed in front?
Richard is Rich
Richard is Rich - 2 days ago
Deliciuuuuuuuus lunch 😋🤟🤟🤙🌀🌬️🌊🌊🌊
Mathias Reke
Mathias Reke - 3 days ago
Ugly People! Kill
Daniel Walls
Daniel Walls - 3 days ago
Not going to lie, I watch these for the hot beach girlfriends
MANUEL GAITAN - 4 days ago
Nice saludos desde Argentina ♥
Zeremsi Potts
Zeremsi Potts - 5 days ago
Teacher: Tells me to present my project.

Me: 13:39

Also Me: May I please use the bathroom.
logan kelley
logan kelley - 6 days ago
what is in your secret sauce
Hayden Schwenke
Hayden Schwenke - 3 days ago
logan kelley wouldn’t be a secret if he told us 😉
Matt Bravo
Matt Bravo - 6 days ago
This guy is either on some drugs or is super passionate but either way man... respect✊
Lucas Mendes Stolf
Lucas Mendes Stolf - 7 days ago
Green shit
Dry El Prince
Dry El Prince - 7 days ago
It's a happy life mate. How lucky you are..!!
Mo Ali
Mo Ali - 8 days ago
man i wish i can live ur life brother ,keep it up
Meng So
Meng So - 8 days ago
我喜欢你的生活方式!I like you life style!
Ocean Singg
Ocean Singg - 8 days ago
10:05 thats what she said
Adeo al545eks
Adeo al545eks - 9 days ago
One of few youtubers that actually deserve it all ur content is so special and u put so much work in this video we appreciate ur work and u so happy to see u succed❤💪🏻
Brandon Castaneda
Brandon Castaneda - 9 days ago
Bro you’re so damn amazing!! You’re living the dream 💯
John Bower
John Bower - 10 days ago
Lol. What about the red shit
Tsunami - 10 days ago
Him: kisses fish
Her: babe I wish u would kiss me...
Goes home...
Him: 7:18
Zeno reality
Zeno reality - 8 days ago
Daniel Kent
Daniel Kent - 11 days ago
Lee Foley
Lee Foley - 11 days ago
Living the best life!!!
Grumpyoldb - 11 days ago
Love your drone footage. So beautiful.
Brayden Obryan
Brayden Obryan - 11 days ago
i love how humble you are
Coner Stevenson
Coner Stevenson - 12 days ago
Dude please dnt open your mouth with food in it
Вадя Георгиевский
Austin Thames
Austin Thames - 13 days ago
I wanna smash that girl hard anyone else or just me?
Papansin na Viral
Papansin na Viral - 13 days ago
Where does the thumbnail time? 😂
rohit raina
rohit raina - 13 days ago
Fake video dead fish while fishing how its possible
BlackFire329 - 13 days ago
Those aren't squids, they are cuttlefish
Michael Alamo
Michael Alamo - 14 days ago
We need to know what is in the secret sauce
John Ice
John Ice - 14 days ago
Looks like you have pretty good life their, Aussie!
Dylan Reiser
Dylan Reiser - 14 days ago
Tell me this guys laugh doesn’t make you smile lmao
Aidan Syracuse
Aidan Syracuse - 14 days ago
Dump her💀
Emily Domene
Emily Domene - 14 days ago
I love watching your videos, kind of transports me to a happy place and makes me want to get on the water. Keep up the good work!
Kim Jones
Kim Jones - 14 days ago
How long is ur boat
trey brooks
trey brooks - 14 days ago
Yoo I love your energy
Ralph Whitehouse
Ralph Whitehouse - 14 days ago
RiZe ShotZ
RiZe ShotZ - 15 days ago
Sharks, ha sharks are the least thing you need to worry ab in Australia
Brandt Sommers
Brandt Sommers - 15 days ago
Matthew Cifaretto
Matthew Cifaretto - 15 days ago
Those are cuddle fish mate, not squid
ETF SMOKE - 15 days ago
A group of squid should be a squad
william Arnold
william Arnold - 15 days ago
Now I get it... She's a playboy model... Don't think that's gonna hurt your subscribe list! LOL. Cheers mate!
zXz_Randy Orta_zXz
zXz_Randy Orta_zXz - 15 days ago
Does anyone know how old youngbloods is???
Fandango - 15 days ago
Can someone tell me where in this video is the thumbnail part?
Ive fast forwarded through it a few times and cant find it ffs
Bicc OG
Bicc OG - 14 days ago
Fandango fuckin pedo
Tony Tendencies
Tony Tendencies - 15 days ago
are they not cuttlefish?
Caleb West
Caleb West - 15 days ago
Million is near keep it up
Brian a
Brian a - 16 days ago
what kind of dog is that? super chill.
Bob Rollans
Bob Rollans - 13 days ago
It's a Australlin Shepherd dog .
ben wright
ben wright - 16 days ago
Bruz, don’t dent the sinkers haha
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