GIANT SQUID CATCH AND COOK Big Reds (New Shimano Fishing Gear) - Ep 92

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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 6 months ago
Hey YBS fam, thank you so much for all the support! What do you want to see more of? Let me know, cheers.
Hakan Gezgin
Hakan Gezgin - 10 days ago
Yenge hamile
Cody Ainslie
Cody Ainslie - Month ago
Hey mate, love seeing your content. Would be great to see some inshore fishing as well! Or travelling to different locations and trying your best
Daniel - 3 months ago
Are you able to fish for sharks?
your girl, naked.
Mac n Cheese
Mac n Cheese - 3 months ago
More spearfishing ;)
John - 14 hours ago
15:20 makes me think you have depression. Please don't leave us
Steven Buse
Steven Buse - Day ago
you make great great videos man!
Ron Belin
Ron Belin - Day ago
This life seems almost paradisiacal..well, it is, in’t it ?!
santoso krishartono spot for fishing
J Elam
J Elam - 3 days ago
Mob was the perfect word.
Nasir Waziri
Nasir Waziri - 4 days ago
Enjoy bro! you are a fun spirit and I do enjoy your adventures from behind my PC working on Rainy Cali days!
Musa Altn
Musa Altn - 7 days ago
Yaşıyorsun bu hayatı
tum Pechar
tum Pechar - 8 days ago
So cool
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson - 9 days ago
What make is your drone?
Miguel Barradas
Miguel Barradas - 12 days ago
Yes mate 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏
오직제대로 - 15 days ago
Calvin Henshaw
Calvin Henshaw - 16 days ago
so you have women on the thumb nails but not in the videos like what you do but would rather see the woman a lot more often.
Freeman King
Freeman King - 17 days ago
bikini bait thumb
Beach Brothers
Beach Brothers - 18 days ago
Go shamans
Glen Rodger
Glen Rodger - 19 days ago
You need the "Brag Rag"
Robbie Robot
Robbie Robot - 20 days ago
Love your vibe _ genuine happiness shared- your smiles make us all smile. Thank you for your effort showing us what is possible -
ExZ - 21 day ago
Jonathan WahChai
Jonathan WahChai - 22 days ago
Gregg Russell
Gregg Russell - 22 days ago
Hey Moss, ib an earlier video I saw two Mercury 200 engines on the boat and in this video, I'm only seeing one engine. What happened?
Jomar Bognot
Jomar Bognot - 26 days ago
I Love it
Joe Garza
Joe Garza - 27 days ago
Thank you for sharing your adventures.
HookTiph Fishing Outdoor
Love this episode... I’m so jealous.. 😄😄
Milky Way
Milky Way - Month ago
where is this place mate
ALC VET - Month ago
I miss this couple
Axel Seyer
Axel Seyer - Month ago
Where is Amberley now???
Rusher 1
Rusher 1 - Month ago
04:05 Damn 🥵
Rob Domingues
Rob Domingues - Month ago
Living the dream bro.... much love from Texas.
Just Someguy
Just Someguy - Month ago
I bet that dead squid has a better personality than that girl you're with...
KING KONG - Month ago
your girlfriend is yummy 😂
Nick E
Nick E - Month ago
Just got onto your channel from Le Vaga link. Totally awesome !! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Shiroumx M
Shiroumx M - Month ago
the sea , your boat, your girl and your dog..fresh seafood.. FUCKING PARADISE!!
indyo7 - Month ago
Much nicer boat, than the new colour. All-white glorious
Анюта Лев
Анюта Лев - Month ago
gRosh08 - Month ago
Living the dream!
sdpadresfan - Month ago
Len Smith
Len Smith - Month ago
You are such a blessed man smoking hot babe with a nice boat
Duro Novak
Duro Novak - Month ago
Hey, where are you fishing and what type of boat is that ?
chuck clark
chuck clark - Month ago
After she threw up and you laughing at her you deserve to get your ass kicked by her. LOL
I love you the fact that u are never angry, it's all about fun and Laugh... keep it up kiddo, you are doing an awesome job
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