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supersimon126 - Hour ago
The intro sounds so wrong "meh" compared to his normal style
Depressed Alien
Depressed Alien - 2 hours ago
Mark forgot the ocean when he said his fears😂
Michael Wright
Michael Wright - 2 hours ago
"I dunno...whatever you want, it's your fantasy" 😂😂😂
We gon find you We gon find you
I love chicken dumplings at crackle barrel :P
Rico Rizki Ramadan
Rico Rizki Ramadan - 4 hours ago
please inv PewDiePie
Leif Frederick
Leif Frederick - 6 hours ago
this is the "I don't know" zodiac sign: >--(._.)->
Gianina De Luca
Gianina De Luca - 6 hours ago
Mark: I don't play video games on my own anymore
Also Mark: I play a lot of Fortnite casually on my own
Alex Westfall
Alex Westfall - 6 hours ago
I've never even watched one of his videos, but right now I love him way more than Pewdiepie, who I actually watch.
ChatOfStoriesYT - 6 hours ago
I can't believe he's a fake gamer...
Kenya Wiggin
Kenya Wiggin - 9 hours ago
Mark we're both cancer which naturally means we should be together sooooo
Foxy Skittles
Foxy Skittles - 10 hours ago
I remember the first day I watched Markiplier was when he played the SCP containment breach pony version. Those were the good old days. Love you mark- e
Rod Bell
Rod Bell - 10 hours ago
When you buy a Keanu Reeves in Deep Web
Dominykas Mikaliunas
Dominykas Mikaliunas - 10 hours ago
Do Jacksepticeye next
Ginger Maeson
Ginger Maeson - 11 hours ago
"if they could lab grow meat"
Scientists: We've grown meat using grass
Kiryuusai - 12 hours ago
Markiplier almost tearing up and stammering during the make a wish bit. That man almost broke down. This duuuude is so compassionate. A lot of other youtubers could learn a lot.
Mohammad Fakhoury
Mohammad Fakhoury - 12 hours ago
I like markiplier and his contents. But what I hate about him is that he doesn't reply to his fans in his channel.
Waffle Animates!
Waffle Animates! - 12 hours ago
I need to see this but in jacksepticeye
TTE - 12 hours ago
1,000 Subs with videos challenge
I’m surprised there wasn’t a “is markiplier actually dating jacksepticeye”
MAD ken
MAD ken - 13 hours ago
King of FNaF!
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva - 13 hours ago
Husband material.
Callie Tabor
Callie Tabor - 13 hours ago
Kmg I love crackerbarrels chicken and dumplings
Callie Tabor
Callie Tabor - 13 hours ago
NutKracker :/
NutKracker :/ - 13 hours ago
Do jacksepticeye
Full Moon
Full Moon - 13 hours ago
I want to be a bioengineer too that’s so cool!!!
spoon - 14 hours ago
"Is Markiplier John Wick"
Mark: I don't know its your fantasy
People who write fan fic:REALLY
matt dud
matt dud - 15 hours ago
Oh sh!t pls no k pop
Betty FTW
Betty FTW - 15 hours ago
Why is he so calm here?
He is always loud in his videos.
Guinevere Beatrice Afable
Guinevere Beatrice Afable - 16 hours ago
Did anyone see Mark's Jacket,here's the answer in jumbled world:
"Noe pncuh nam"
Ellie _
Ellie _ - 17 hours ago
He is half koreaaan????
Ezudane - 18 hours ago
Comparing the Brie and markiplier autocomplete interviews, the difference in character and charisma is like day and night.
dimostarsoudis - 18 hours ago
dimostarsoudis - 18 hours ago
Little_butter_cup 233
Little_butter_cup 233 - 20 hours ago
UwU Jakeee
UwU Jakeee - 20 hours ago
Better then Ninja’s vid
7718480071 Sark
7718480071 Sark - 20 hours ago
indica lover
indica lover - 21 hour ago
Tryptophobia lmao. He meant trypophobia
Darrel Johnz
Darrel Johnz - 23 hours ago
Next is pewdiepie
TheBlueGaming 7
TheBlueGaming 7 - 23 hours ago
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wemo tard
wemo tard - 23 hours ago
Well I liked him but now he’s a libtard so nvm
a cup of depresso
a cup of depresso - Day ago
He's such a lil bean. So precious we must protect!
Susan Mortensen
Susan Mortensen - Day ago
Mark does look like Keanu Reeves
Dick Steel
Dick Steel - Day ago
See.. He's just a person.
Isaac Barker
Isaac Barker - Day ago
Y’all wanna hear a secret.... e
NoodleMan121 1
NoodleMan121 1 - Day ago
Itzia Padilla ふわ
oh hi mark
Mathias Navarron
Mathias Navarron - Day ago
mark has a saitama cloth
The Everything Kid
The Everything Kid - Day ago
Who tf is markipliers girlfriend?
sodapop - Day ago
MiniMasterYTX - Day ago
nice video
luke fox
luke fox - Day ago
best YouTube if im honest
Olivia Stone
Olivia Stone - Day ago
When Markiplier looked like he was gonna a cry I felt like an a hole because when people die I just don't cry so I feel like ima a horrible person
Charlee Eggleton
Charlee Eggleton - Day ago
I live Markiplier so much 😭 I just need to hug him!!
PROMTlukmanV2 - Day ago
vee is a bee
vee is a bee - Day ago
i love mark so much !! he's honestly the best person ive never met 💗🐅
Antonio Flores/BlueSpider74
What if Jacksepticeye will be in Wired?
The Shadow
The Shadow - Day ago
Joking, as always.
ilovelularoe 12
ilovelularoe 12 - Day ago
Watching this I searched jacksepticeyes wired and got him with Ryan renalds XD
FireBorn6703 - Day ago
Mark's zodiac would be Cancer ♋️ since he was born on June 28
If your born on June to July 22 your classified as a Cancer ♋️
Amanda Ellis
Amanda Ellis - Day ago
markiplier: *awnsering things*
also him: *gets really dramatic and sad*
me: *cries*
mdibrahim 0
mdibrahim 0 - Day ago
This dog talk
DaRealMVP 7000
DaRealMVP 7000 - Day ago
Markiplier is the most respectful person on the internet
Ty Da Tygr
Ty Da Tygr - Day ago
william evans
william evans - Day ago
pokmemon is the catchphrase for youporn
Crisdean Mackinnon
Crisdean Mackinnon - Day ago
Well, this is surreal
Fandoms & Flowers
Fandoms & Flowers - Day ago
Aw no, when he talked about the make-a-wish kids I cried 😭
Stephanie Kneringer
poor kids...Oh no....
Rikki - Day ago
Sam Dietz
Sam Dietz - 2 days ago
You can tell Mark is actually a very sensitive guy amongst all the laughing and screaming.
By the way he should narrate a audiobook because that voice is like Morgan Freeman
Latasha Hall
Latasha Hall - 2 days ago
do another one
Latasha Hall
Latasha Hall - 2 days ago
Bluepaw WARRIORS - 2 days ago
Space is Cool!!
Bluepaw WARRIORS - 2 days ago
its sha boi austan
its sha boi austan - 2 days ago
He sounds so depressed
Kyler And Mad Fan_1
Kyler And Mad Fan_1 - 2 days ago
phonehitter - 2 days ago
Mark is a cancer btw
Pimpin Puffin
Pimpin Puffin - Day ago
superskylar 99810
superskylar 99810 - 2 days ago
Mark is so sweet
Blaize Godden
Blaize Godden - 2 days ago
I’ll never forget Subnautica
That game is just amazing
And I can’t wait for below zero
Gacha Layla3481
Gacha Layla3481 - 2 days ago
What is markipliers favourite game?
Markiplier: I play board games now

Me: *I'm about to end this man's whole career*
Jun Su Kim
Jun Su Kim - 2 days ago
hey he said he is half korean i am korean
Det er Magnus
Det er Magnus - 2 days ago
Alberta Ruiz
Alberta Ruiz - 2 days ago
the question what is Mark afraid of it was expecting demonitizasion
Alberta Ruiz
Alberta Ruiz - 2 days ago
Idk how to spell it
IntenseStarGalaxy ISG
IntenseStarGalaxy ISG - 2 days ago
Can anybody tell what phobia I have
I fear squares (any size of Square)
I’m not joking I suffered it when I was 7
*until now*
Poison_AppleXx - 2 days ago
This got really sad in the middle 😭 😭 😭
Parth Kapoor
Parth Kapoor - 2 days ago
Anyone notice Markipliers deep voice
He should voice thanos
Destany Rowsey
Destany Rowsey - 2 days ago
I love how the said why is markiplier the king of FNAF and markiplier just said yes because I said so.
Giuliano Stilli
Giuliano Stilli - 2 days ago
I didnt know that markiplier was korean
L games
L games - 2 days ago
Isabel Corona Garcia
Isabel Corona Garcia - 2 days ago
So Mark has Triptophobia but his shirt is covered in little dots arranged in formation...kay :D
Son Goku
Son Goku - 2 days ago
What is markipliers fave game

Comment Section: FNAF

Mark: Board Games
Pimpin Puffin
Pimpin Puffin - Day ago
Geo Secondi
Geo Secondi - 2 days ago
No one ever like my video
Symon Benedick Marioano
Can you do a Jacksepticeye video?
Mulan Sari
Mulan Sari - 2 days ago
markiplier is handsome af
Amber Bradley
Amber Bradley - 2 days ago
Awh when he got emotional I wanted to give him a hug 🤗
John Mystery
John Mystery - 2 days ago
Kinda surprised there was nothing on Dark
Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman - 3 days ago
6:14 Aftermath of the last Drunk Minecraft episode
werevin06 - 3 days ago
so mark is agnostic like me huh?
Zimsearch Mister
Zimsearch Mister - 3 days ago
I also have tryptophobia 😂
setress Montano
setress Montano - 3 days ago
can i have one taste
Azzytothenahnah nahnah
Azzytothenahnah nahnah - 3 days ago
Hannah Authement
Hannah Authement - 3 days ago
His catchphrase is HABUSKI i cant spell it
Mighty Flash Gaming ツ
King q
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King queen
You got trolled
You can go away now
Btw This youtuber is awesome
I am $ubbing to €veryone that $ubbs to meツ
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