Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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Nou Rithysal
Nou Rithysal - 3 hours ago
When will there be a mini switch?
AJ Visual嵐
AJ Visual嵐 - 3 hours ago
I cried when i saw the thumbnail omg
DraconicDustin - 3 hours ago
Ganon: *Comes back to life*
Zelda: You were supposed to have defeated him link..
Link: My goodness, what a idea. Why didn't I think about that?
B3stNoobEver - 3 hours ago
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: Electric Ganon Boogaloo.
Νικολας Ντουλιας
Link and Zelda: did we finally win?
Ganon: well yes, but actually no
Queen Sparks
Queen Sparks - 3 hours ago
I hope my boi Prince Sidon is in the sequel
darkhunter _
darkhunter _ - 4 hours ago
Once I was 112 years old my mommy told me: go and destroy ganon. Me:ok I finally kill him. mom: nah he is behind u
John Coutu
John Coutu - 4 hours ago
yay, more getting heart attacks from flying, walking, and sentry laser robots that are made of stone
darkhunter _
darkhunter _ - 4 hours ago
Link :Hey Zelda I found ganon
Zelda : where?
Weiser _
Weiser _ - 4 hours ago
yes, just yes.
JamesPlays - 4 hours ago
**nightmare fuel**
Itz0_0Joy - 4 hours ago
No one:
Nobody at all:
Not a signal soul:
Ganon: Hi
Cockatwo 22
Cockatwo 22 - 4 hours ago
Nintendo can you make skyward sword remake pls
DG3 Gamer
DG3 Gamer - 4 hours ago
*After finding Ganondorf's corpse under Hyrule Castle*
Zelda: Sooo....what do we do about this whole new Ganon problem?
Link: Here's an idea! We should take Hyrule Castle, and PUSH it somewhere else!
Fluttershy Pegasus
Fluttershy Pegasus - 4 hours ago
Everyone else is talking about how Ganon 's not dead, while I'm just here trying to figure out if Zelda cut her hair!😋
The Spider
The Spider - 5 hours ago

VorticyHP - 5 hours ago
i'm actually crying!
FlyingCakeBomb - 5 hours ago
Zelda in space
Or mad max Zelda with the mastercyle
You choose 😤
Headphones & Gray Skies
Headphones & Gray Skies - 5 hours ago
looks like demise to me
Trial_With_An_Error - 5 hours ago
Zelda:We’ve done it, we’re finally free of Ganon forever
Peter Pan
Peter Pan - 5 hours ago
So pumped for this! BOTW is definitely my favourite game
Paul Rongcal
Paul Rongcal - 5 hours ago
Link: *grunt noise*
Ganon: *play dead*
Link: *falling from a cliff scream*
Hannah Belle
Hannah Belle - 6 hours ago
I just watched a video about the hidden message in this trailer, where in reverse the trailer says “help us please" and after that "the darkness is coming" then it says "help us please" again. I also came to realize the symbols meant "SEAL GANON". So putting that together, it sounds like they (not sure specially who) need help to seal Ganon.
Needless to say I'm dying rn.
Justin Dietz
Justin Dietz - 6 hours ago
This is just a thing I noticed, that body and Demise look similar.. minus the gerudo ear rings, look at the hair first. That is long, Demise’s hair is also long. Look at the circlet with the little orb. Look at the X symbol on Demises forehead. Looks pretty similar. Also, I know that the body is Ganondorf. Just some things I wanted to point out.
Daddy Wuubie
Daddy Wuubie - 6 hours ago
Incoming creepypastas
Yascel Villaman
Yascel Villaman - 6 hours ago
Yore cuando ni el trailer Demi saga de juegos favorita
Yamikado - 6 hours ago
To be honest, one of the things I would really love to see is a crafting system of some sort. Collecting different items to make different weapons, armor, and accessories, etcetera that would have their own stats you can customize and maybe even add other traits that can synergize with others like in the first game.

Can also make Zelda a companion or partner character you can swap to. Perhaps her gimmick will be the ability to reprogram or even build different Sheikah technologies to control. It can serve as a summoning system, a pet system, or anything that allows her to utilize technology in general.

I also feel the wildlife could have had a bit more depth. Maybe a pet taming system, or something involving a bit more detail to the ecology. Wild animals being neutral and interacting with each other or even other enemies. We see a bit of it with the bokoblins somewhat hunting the wildlife while on horses, etcetera, but I'd like to be able to say, throw something with a specific scent that bees will become attracted to and attack an enemy. Maybe a scent that wolves or any other predator will become attracted to. Maybe you can befriend bears in a certain region that will assist you somehow. Maybe squirrels will assist you in collecting items, I don't know, haha.

Fishing systems were a great past time for me years ago. Back in the 90s, I'd spend tons of hours just fishing on Ocarina of Time while I talked to my friends on the phone or something. Bomb fishing isn't quite it for me, but that's just how I feel, haha.

Underwater exploration I feel could be just right for this type of game. I'm one of the few that actually like all of the water levels. They were never really tough to me, and it was a nice change of pace. Perhaps with the Zelda gimmick idea mentioned above, she can use tech to help you travel in water. A boat or a mini submarine, haha. Just some thoughts.

With that said, I'm surprised the paraglider didn't get any advanced features. Although it did just fine without any. Another mode of travel like a hang glider or something else in flight could be used. They did well with flight in Skyward Sword in my opinion.

Honestly, I could go on about things I'd enjoy, but I feel they'll do well regardless. No one is perfect, but Nintendo does well overall.
anna[the huntress]
anna[the huntress] - 6 hours ago
Love ya nintendo i got a nintendo switch and love your game zelda
Rajbir Kaur
Rajbir Kaur - 7 hours ago
Rip rat it had a good life
187onaPigeon - 7 hours ago
Real dungeons pls
Aaron Hammons
Aaron Hammons - 7 hours ago
How come I have a feeling that botw2 isn't gonna be rated e 10 like the first game
ConstitutionalCrap 284
ConstitutionalCrap 284 - 7 hours ago
Link: how much uglier could you get

ConstitutionalCrap 284
ConstitutionalCrap 284 - 7 hours ago
Michael Bartoszek
Michael Bartoszek - 7 hours ago
Link looks like he’s falling back as if he was let go of when his hand turns green
ALinkToTheMemes !!!
ALinkToTheMemes !!! - 7 hours ago
Nintendo: we’re making a sequel for breath of the wild.
Me: 0:50
ハイドリアム - 7 hours ago
It might be just me... but I got a twilight princess vibe.
hewakens - 8 hours ago
It's been a long time since I've played Twilight Princess, but I seem to remember Midna having an ambiguous sense of morality, even though she was helping Link. I think it'd be cool to have her as a villain, even if a reluctant one. Maybe Ganon could get to her in some way.
Javier Ochoa
Javier Ochoa - 8 hours ago
Link and Zelda: The Hyrule Universe is saved!
Ganondorf: *neck snap*
Link and Zelda: *I don’t feel so good*
Javier Ochoa
Javier Ochoa - 8 hours ago
So what are your plans with a BOTW sequel?
Nintendo: Yes
hewakens - 8 hours ago
Dumb meme is still dumb
gxwild5 - 8 hours ago
It's a little weird to see her hair be that short
Teresa Pinales
Teresa Pinales - 9 hours ago
Please let us play as Zelda and give her powers
For once at least (and if you do don’t forget to upgrade her in smash)
planetearth208 Pokemon-Overwatch-Ark and more
Gannons eyes are the same ones that re everywhere in the first game you have to shoot to get rid of the malice
MIXTURE MAN - 9 hours ago
Link: Ganon arnt you dead?!
Ganon: Well yes, but actually no
This sounds like an inverted song of healing in the beginning
Jade Robertson
Jade Robertson - 9 hours ago
Fans: Can we get a Ocarina Of Tims reboot or sequel

Andrew Burrows
Andrew Burrows - 10 hours ago
Wouldn’t it be funny if it was something simple like the Red Moon revives Ganondorf and that’s it!!! 😂😂😂😂
Paranoid gaming
Paranoid gaming - 10 hours ago
Yes, oh God yes....
Najee Dyson
Najee Dyson - 10 hours ago
Zelda: Finally, peace comes to hyrule once again.
Link: No more Ganon thx god
Amanda Rosario
Amanda Rosario - 6 hours ago
Yes. I got the reference 👌
Random Lol
Random Lol - 10 hours ago
Wow Zelda cut her hair
Ok u all noticed I’m an a hole

I’m sure u noticed also but the music sounds backwards
Lion Park
Lion Park - 10 hours ago
How to hijack an event in a minute and a half
Karim Florentino
Karim Florentino - 11 hours ago
Link: *dislocates ganons neck*

ganon: HELLO 0:50
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon - 11 hours ago
Coming up on 4mln view counts my G!!!!!!
Cyberpunkfan - 11 hours ago
Link got his own devil arm
Emilio_4EVER - 11 hours ago
Is another game or the Same game
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 8 hours ago
It literally says that it’s a sequel in the video...
Lord Jerome
Lord Jerome - 11 hours ago
I hope they bring back the master cycle zero.
Sovereign Media
Sovereign Media - 11 hours ago
I still want majoras mask 2 or something in that area and with masks again
Zachary Oubre
Zachary Oubre - 11 hours ago
Link:I finally saved Hyrule
Gannon: *laughs while default dances*
Zachary Oubre
Zachary Oubre - 12 hours ago
Hey Nintendo, I’m Zach and I love the Zelda series and do have a name for Zelda breath of the wild 2 pls respond
ThegamerBoy212 Hevia
ThegamerBoy212 Hevia - 12 hours ago
The Legend Of Zelda: Ganondorf's Return
ThegamerBoy212 Hevia
ThegamerBoy212 Hevia - 12 hours ago
I have a question, 1# When the game will be launched, and what it will cost, 2#Why the music sounds is so.. satanist and something like that. #3 Is a Zelda: Breath of the wild 2, or a new version of zelda or something like that.

Thanks for reading this message!
Is very important to me, because i've playing zelda Since 2018 and its so fun
WifeOfAHero86 - 12 hours ago
Just imagine........we have to defeat the 4 divine beasts AGAIN!!!😤😤(probably not but just a game theory)🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂
Laggy Man
Laggy Man - 12 hours ago
Today you’re looking at ganon’s grandmother
Mona’s PS4
Mona’s PS4 - 12 hours ago
well now I need to finish BoTW
Rachel Vega
Rachel Vega - 13 hours ago
Link: Finally! I Killed Ganon

Ganondorf: PSYCHE
Kirby Fan
Kirby Fan - 13 hours ago
Us:We sealed Ganon right

Nintendo:Yes but actually no
Night Rocc
Night Rocc - 13 hours ago
Link hittin the dab in the thumbnail btw
jimin has no jams
jimin has no jams - 13 hours ago
i cant wait 4 this
charif dziri
charif dziri - 13 hours ago
Botw DLC was Turned Into BOTW Sequel hmmm i smell some smoke Such as the difference between raw and secondary materials, I think the repetition will prevail over the game, And the dark atmosphere in order to hide its small size, With the multiplication of shrines ideas that stolen from the games of Android such as monument Valley and Mekorama and on the room، Because of the short time and weak ideas I think it is time to open up Zelda's like Mario Mecker to draw ideas from the designs of the game fans instead of the development team at least you have to find the way to make tools for "dungeons maker online " to keep the game lifelike
No Worries ASMR
No Worries ASMR - 13 hours ago
I think that calamity Ganon was just a distraction from the incarnation of the true Ganondorf. When link killed Ganondorf in twilight princess the Yiga clan took Ganondorf's corpse and took it to the place seen in the trailer. We can see a cloth with a Gerudo symbol underneath of Ganondorf's corpse which proves that the corpse is Ganondorf's as he is the only Gerudo man. He is the last Ganondorf defeated in the timeline before calamity ganon the distraction and we can see that it is twilight princess ganon as the hand in the trailer grabs him at the mark where he was executed by the sages and then by link located in the chest. We covered that part of the theory. Now the developers said they took inspiration from red dead redemption 2 and the biggest thing that happens is that Arthur Morgan died and in the epilogue we see John Marston play on to ultimately defeat Micah so I think that Ganondorf is going to kill Link and Zelda will play on in the epilogue to defeat Ganondorf. @nintendo is this theory right?
Derpy Chub
Derpy Chub - 13 hours ago
I spent 579 hours on botw... Now I'm going to spend even MORE time on this game
MNDFND - 13 hours ago
Dam that was dark. I love it 😍
Khalid O
Khalid O - 13 hours ago
As long as the final boss is harder than both Ganon I'm in
Bella Cruze
Bella Cruze - 13 hours ago
Didn’t we just fix Hyrule like 2 years ago? Couldn’t we wait another 100 years
Antasma1 - 13 hours ago
Well, 10,000 in between. Calamity Ganon spawned from Ganondorf's corpse
DraconicDustin - 13 hours ago
Ganon: *Comes back to life*
Link: *Link prepares to commit a hate crime*
Astan. - 13 hours ago
MakerO'chilD - 14 hours ago
Ganon: you took everything from me
Link: *i dont even know who you are¿*
D_crazyman !!!
D_crazyman !!! - 14 hours ago
Zelda Breath2?
Dallin Carter
Dallin Carter - 14 hours ago
Botw 1: A new hope
Botw 2: *Ganon strikes back*
Stupidity And Others
Stupidity And Others - 14 hours ago
Take my damn money now.
Elliot Edell
Elliot Edell - 14 hours ago
Zelda is a little scary
LoCo Luchador
LoCo Luchador - 15 hours ago
The spirits of the Divine Beast: we finally fulfilled our roles
Ganon: About that
The94Venom - 15 hours ago
Smash Bros Ganondorf : So, your schtick is that you have to wait 100 years before you're resurrected?

Smash Bros Dracula : Well yes, but there was that one time where I only took 4 years, that was neat.

Smash Bros Ganondorf: ... Uh, I'll try that sometime.
Twister - 15 hours ago
Yeah if there is a final boss in this game it cant be like Ganon in the first BOTW because it felt way too anticlimactic and easy to me
Rijnbeek40 - 13 hours ago
Thats because of the hours of grinding and getting way to strong before you face him
Mario C90
Mario C90 - 15 hours ago
Links new clothing is the Champion’s Tunic but with the armor and padding from the Hylian Tunic
Jarhead1975 - 15 hours ago
Yes please
Moritz Köberl
Moritz Köberl - 15 hours ago
Please can you make the game Zelda Breth of the Wild for the Wiiu
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 8 hours ago
Wii U has been dead for over two years
water kelp
water kelp - 15 hours ago
what did I just watch-
Blue Birb Plays Games and Stuff
Why are there so many dislikes on this masterpiece of a trailer?
Emily Hein
Emily Hein - 16 hours ago
Noctura Weiss
Noctura Weiss - 16 hours ago
You can't trick me nintendo!!!!
This is ZANT!!!!
Justice Balboa
Justice Balboa - 16 hours ago
Zelda going darksouls
アキひろし - 16 hours ago
ok but if Zelda's hair got cut um like can we get long haired link😣?
mr. Sterk Official
mr. Sterk Official - 16 hours ago
My theory: Majora, Yuga, AND GANON will appear in this... maybe even ZANT while we are at that. Notice all the Refrences to each one... the darkness of yuga, The twilight symbols, The horrors of majora.... and Likely the return of ganondorf himself!
If this is the case, I’m gonna Love this...
Sub to me for no reason pls
Make this blue if your hyped
Micheal Micheals
Micheal Micheals - 16 hours ago
Did anyone else notice Hyrule Castle rising from the ground? Ofcourse you didn’t, you were too busy getting to write a
Homosexual: Nobody:
Nobody at all:
Somebody: gay sentence
Other homosexual: am I joke to you?
kevobot 93
kevobot 93 - 17 hours ago
Dang it why won’t Gabon die it’s not even a hundred years ......
Paul Moeller
Paul Moeller - 17 hours ago
Almost sounds like midnas voice if it was angelic
Sspl itzZ
Sspl itzZ - 17 hours ago
In other games the final phases of a boss were in the same game well Nintendo hits a whole woah on that
King - 17 hours ago
Really, a sequel
This could have been a DLC
I mean damn I didn’t even play the first one
Xervantez Xvi
Xervantez Xvi - 17 hours ago
Please add DASH attack on link and DASH out when enemies attacking him like the one from ASSASSINS CREED ORIGINS
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