Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | “Honor” TV Spot

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Ana Paula Tovar Serna
Solo 1 semana💫💫💫
El Rey De Un Ojo
El Rey De Un Ojo - 14 hours ago
i am exitant
Baby Stark
Baby Stark - 14 hours ago
this soundtrack is a masterpiece😍 i need to listen to it so bad to prepare for this movie
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 18 hours ago
1 week
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez - 21 hour ago
Will our fallen heroes return.
tresrules16543 - 22 hours ago
Probably the most emotional of the Endgame TV spots
M Marshall
M Marshall - Day ago
0:20 Her silhouette's hair is short, then in the next shot, it's longer.
Erick Ramirez
Erick Ramirez - Day ago
Have you notice black widows hair???
Vaibhav Nemani
Vaibhav Nemani - Day ago
Some people watch this video once ...

But Not us

Not us
Grandmaster - Day ago
This is my favourite trailer or tv spot maybe it’s the music maybe it’s caps speech or maybe it’s because it has to gaurdians I don’t know i just love it
Oscar Becerra
Oscar Becerra - 2 days ago
Road to the end
amita jatia
amita jatia - 3 days ago
Defeating Thanos is nothing getting first day tickets is the fight of our lives
Xpóvoc Chronos Keeper Time
For Stan The Man (December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018)
Dwight Flippo
Dwight Flippo - 3 days ago
I want this music bad!!!!
harrydeep1 - 3 days ago
Quite possibly my favorite TV spot so far from the marketing, the music exhibits such an emotional yet important mood, with the surviving Avengers doing whatever it takes to finish the mission. Can’t wait for April 26th.
Roberto Luis Urban
Roberto Luis Urban - 3 days ago
We lost, all of us
We lost friends
We lost heroes
Today we have chance to see them all back
We will
whatever it takes
4D suits
josiah 04
josiah 04 - 3 days ago
Who else got chills.
Rohit Chowdhary
Rohit Chowdhary - 4 days ago
This speech is so inspiration for me.
Gavin Rak
Gavin Rak - 4 days ago
0:21 oh really Steve? So are you gonna drop the "No trading lives!" act?
akhilaman akhilaman
akhilaman akhilaman - 5 days ago
Like here those who think that endgame will beat avatar💪💪👍
Bhavya Prashant
Bhavya Prashant - 6 days ago
Rudy Bobiles
Rudy Bobiles - 6 days ago
Who you think gonna win?
Rohandazohan - 6 days ago
Hardly anyone has talked about this when the TV spot came out
Jaybrazie Delight
Jaybrazie Delight - 6 days ago
April 26
Seth Flores
Seth Flores - 7 days ago
That ticking noise 😢😢
Patnam Padma
Patnam Padma - 7 days ago
Marvel studious please answer this question: Will cap die in endgame are captain america fans disappointed ??? Or will he return..??
Gary Haze
Gary Haze - 7 days ago
I wonder why war machines suit is so big? everybody else's is body tight.
J.P Sportzz
J.P Sportzz - 7 days ago
*Avenge the fallen*
RAJEEE 21 - 7 days ago
Really marvel. the saddest death was spidermans and he wasn’t even shown in this trailer. really marvel
AJ to the M
AJ to the M - 7 days ago
Cool trailers and all, but I got 2 questions:
1. Where the HELL is Hulk??!!
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 7 days ago
14 days
Meadow Skye
Meadow Skye - 7 days ago
Lucas Clavé
Lucas Clavé - 7 days ago
Who's behind Natacha ??? ( two person I think but I don't know who)
Ewan LAUX - 7 days ago
Lucas Clavé Scott and Clint
Nicole Skele
Nicole Skele - 8 days ago
Why is Thor not a part of the uniform squad???
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar - 8 days ago
Bro get a snap of hulk
Ewan LAUX - 8 days ago
13 days for 🇫🇷
14 days for 🇬🇧
15 days for 🇺🇸
Abdiel Wright Jr.
Abdiel Wright Jr. - 8 days ago
Ok is it me or does The Avengers Brand Nu Quantum Realm suits look like a mixture between da I.M. Iron Legion suits from Age of ultron,Ant-man & The Wasp Hank Pym's Q.R. exploration suit & Gamora's armor suit from Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.
muthu kumar
muthu kumar - 8 days ago
We want old dubbing team on end game in Tamil ... they are 10 years dubbing for Ironman voice and avengers team. ... please change them new dubbing team..... totally upset for Tamil marvel fans
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson - 8 days ago
I swear in every trailer the camera stops at Scott like he's about to say something
Then it just skips to Tony saying whatever it takes
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 9 days ago
15 days
towel dispenser
towel dispenser - 9 days ago
Yall notice how its 15 seconds of past movies and 15 seconds of Endgane

*_Perfectly balanced. As all things should be_*
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 9 days ago
16 days
awesome animations
awesome animations - 10 days ago
0:20 that shot
IILA QOSOL - 10 days ago
why did captian marvel didnt wear quatum cloth?
reynoldstheoplis94 - 10 days ago
How come spider man wasn’t in there?
reynoldstheoplis94 - 7 days ago
Whisper Yes but Spiderman is better than both of them combined they should’ve put him in the scene
Whisper - 7 days ago
+reynoldstheoplis94 thats the point of that scene. To show everybody who died.
reynoldstheoplis94 - 7 days ago
Whisper When in the black and white and red scene with Black Panther Doctor Strange and Wass
Whisper - 8 days ago
because hes dead
Anthony Jefferson
Anthony Jefferson - 10 days ago
We lost ... all of us... we lost friends... we lost family .... today we have a chance to take it all back .... we will whatever it takes
Chacon - 10 days ago
morgan - 11 days ago
I love this
Ethan Iha
Ethan Iha - 11 days ago
RIP Stan lee
artistry Studio
artistry Studio - 11 days ago
Whatever it takes . . .
TheSilver Phantom
TheSilver Phantom - 11 days ago
Did anyone notice that when they are walking in the hangar. . .there are two Nebula's?
Yung Nash
Yung Nash - 11 days ago
They straight up have a fuckin watch ticking. That's clearly tryna hint out time as a key element for this movie
Nidhish Shetty
Nidhish Shetty - 12 days ago
0:10 from which movie is this scene from
Refai Deen
Refai Deen - 12 days ago
Dear @marvel entertainment I m a big fan from Tamil Nadu,India . Sorry to say this ,the bubbing of End game in Tamil is totally we are not welcoming that ,the bubbing is improper and more mistakes. This is one kind complaint from Ur fans
GL N - 12 days ago
i will miss you
GL N - 12 days ago
if not bie Robert Downy
GL N - 12 days ago
why does Tony have to die . Marvel please may we have doctor strange to save him in the marvel movie after spider man far from home
Soundar Rajan
Soundar Rajan - 12 days ago
Avengers endgame tamil dubbing is worse plz do something.
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 12 days ago
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 12 days ago
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 12 days ago
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 12 days ago
pk game world
pk game world - 12 days ago
Marval studios big request India tamil Nadu marval fans end game tamil dubbing very bad, new dubbing team waste, please we want to old dubbing team please action in India marval then biggest request for marval stutios
Thariq Anwar
Thariq Anwar - 12 days ago
0.04 King arrives
Sridharan Sridhar
Sridharan Sridhar - 12 days ago
plz marvel change the old dubbing team for tamil.... otherwise flop in tamil version.... bad voice .... most of the fans did not like the new dubbing team of tamil version....plz change marvelll.... we request u
Haarish Birla
Haarish Birla - 12 days ago
Avengers End game trailer released in tamil .. Very worst trailer they put new dubbing team.. Plsss change it.. We want old dubbing team🔥
hey yoo
hey yoo - 12 days ago
Missing Loki 💔
chandru v
chandru v - 12 days ago
Please put the old dubbing team for the Avengers Endgame movie. Because the current dubbing team(Ironman voice by vijay sethupathi and Black widow voice by Andrea) is not satisfying for the whole TAMIL fans...... So please give the old dubbing voices for the Avengers Endgame movie otherwise the movie will be flop in tamil......please give the old dubbing team in tamil......😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Deben Jain
Deben Jain - 13 days ago
This is the number of people who like this awesome video
proshaban07 roblox rb
proshaban07 roblox rb - 13 days ago
Hey thanos 26 april the earth is closed
Kris Harry
Kris Harry - 13 days ago
We want old dubbing artists for endgame in TamilNadu ....plz marvel
Tinu tinu
Tinu tinu - 13 days ago
Pls bring back Tami dub Artis
Guru Wang
Guru Wang - 13 days ago
Please concentrate to Tamil dubbing version (India), new dubbing team damage the movie...
Justin Maf Stark
Justin Maf Stark - 13 days ago
Hello Marvel I'm from India in Tamil Nadu yesterday at. Murugathas lamched Trailer in Tamil he changed iron-man voice it's wrost and all r commenting that movie will Flop in Tamil so plz help us plz
Durai Kombu
Durai Kombu - 13 days ago
What ever it takes😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
Shobha Rangaswamy
Shobha Rangaswamy - 14 days ago
Where is hulk
Alexios The Eagle Bearer
Alexios The Eagle Bearer - 14 days ago
Wakanda forever
Ryan B
Ryan B - 14 days ago
“We owe this to everyone not in this room... to try.”
Would’ve made this trailer 💯
Sarah Green
Sarah Green - 14 days ago
This may sound stupid but who is saying "we will"
Sulthan I
Sulthan I - 14 days ago
plz change Ironman voice in tamil version of avenger endgame movie.. we want old voice. plz change Ironman voice.. we want old voice. because that voice is stored all of memories that voice is tony stark.. we hear this voice it remember vj Sethupathi character not tony stark character. so plz change the old voice.. plzz all of memories that voice is tony stark.. we hear this voice it remember vj Sethupathi character not tony stark character. so plz change the ironman old voice of tamil version .. plzz
VIPER GAMING - 15 days ago
Fans - Marvel is in its endgame now 😮
Marvel entertainment - Hold my beer boiis !! 😈
VIPER GAMING - 15 days ago
Some people will pee while the interval is going on ...
But not us

Not us...
Vadapalli Chaitu
Vadapalli Chaitu - 15 days ago
Captians hairline also vanished after the snap
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee - 15 days ago
Level 1 Marvel Fan: Buys Endgame tickets a month after release.
Level 10 Marvel Fan: buys Endgame tickets week before movie comes out.
Level 35 Marvel Fan: Buys Endgame tickets for weekend of release.
Level 50 Marvel Fan: Buys Endgame tickets AND portable toilet as for day of release.
Level 100 Marvel Fan: Buys 100 tickets for day of release, Buys 10 portable toilets, and watches Endgame for 300 hours back to back .
That’s how Endgame works!
Doomguy46 - 15 days ago
The flashbacks are new clips you idiots
Andy Omlie Jr
Andy Omlie Jr - 15 days ago
If iron man and captain America do survive endgame it's gonna be sad to not see them again in the MCU
anya george
anya george - 16 days ago
when you don’t get avengers endgame tickets
whatever it takes
Eko Adhi
Eko Adhi - 16 days ago
Where is sepider-man
Whisper - 8 days ago
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez - 16 days ago
Will our fallen heroes return
Soumyajyoti Sarkar
Soumyajyoti Sarkar - 17 days ago
The Only Lucky person is Doctor Strange
AF N - 17 days ago
I think the 3 OGs left will be Hawkeye, Black widow and Bruce. But I REALLY hope they all survive.
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 17 days ago
Just another Guy
Just another Guy - 17 days ago
Thanos may have won the war, but he didn't win the game.
Jonathon Fyck
Jonathon Fyck - 17 days ago
This Tv Spot has the most deepest hitting lines in all of the trailers combined into one video!
Charlotte A. Cavatica
Charlotte A. Cavatica - 17 days ago
So, they're not going to use time travel, but the avengers are going to bring their friends back by literally reversing their disintegration with the time stone?
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 17 days ago
Mason Brand
Mason Brand - 17 days ago
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar - 17 days ago
Spoiler alert: there is no time travelling in Endgame. And Odin had soul stone already but hide on vormir for some reasons. When he acquired soul stone from vormir he sacrificed his daughter Hella and her soul went into the stone. It's kind of prison or another dimension for souls. After her death he achieved control over all realms by using the stone by killing all previous eternals and other powerful species. Anyway he returned the soul stone back to vormir
When Odin died the stone released all souls and redirected them as Hella . Now Thanos has done same thing. But he can't use the gauntlet again it is works only once with soul stone as did with Odin. That's why Odin made many gauntlets to use soul stone. we have seen gauntlet with fake infinity stones on his treasures. And Thanos doesn't have any spare ones and He also what have done with dwarves and their planet we all know. When avengers will manage to kill him or He dies naturally all the souls will be released by stone and will be resurrected which Thanos has killed which are currently trapped in the soul stone.
Protoss Tassadar
Protoss Tassadar - 17 days ago
I loved music in this trailers : D
karthi keya
karthi keya - 18 days ago
On April 26-
My comment will be-
Today we have a chance to take all the waiting for this movie back
We will.....
Next videos