TOP 4 Awesome Creative Ideas with Motor

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Sanevent - 9 hours ago
Those ideas are stupid and you will likely kill yourself by doing it.
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar - Day ago
Swen Kalmbach
Swen Kalmbach - Day ago
nr 1is extremely Dangerous dont do it at home! you are pretty much going to kill yourself!
Md Amin
Md Amin - Day ago
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar - Day ago
Stop cutting more tree.
Дмитрий Маломыжев
Сказочный долбаеб....
John Ruscigno
John Ruscigno - 3 days ago
I don't about hotgluing the handle of a chainsaw, I would've used a piece of bubble gum.
Ezriel Dreamurr
Ezriel Dreamurr - 4 days ago
I'm sure the chainsaw will break and the battery will overheat and explode, and it looks diagusting, the diy skills are cringy, and a waste of material
Maansi Parwani
Maansi Parwani - 4 days ago
What is the thing you used in the 3rd one to joint motors
Maxim WING-
Maxim WING- - 5 days ago
Отпили этой пилой свою ущербную голову
Daniel S
Daniel S - 8 days ago
Ебать ты животное
EmmTBM Jefferson
EmmTBM Jefferson - 9 days ago
MrVasher - 11 days ago
It would be better if it'll be motor from VL-80!
Keemo Ak.Calaway
Keemo Ak.Calaway - 13 days ago
Is there really a ac motor 220 ?
Manzoor Awan
Manzoor Awan - 13 days ago
No logic to cut the tree. You could cut a small piece of wood to show your machine was working.
its betzschky
its betzschky - 13 days ago
Waht the song by 2:00 ?
Mr.Amano's channelアマノ氏のチャンネル
Efrain terrero
Efrain terrero - 17 days ago
Esto esta súper
vinaybhaskar majji
vinaybhaskar majji - 18 days ago
What a stupid
Information Rock
Information Rock - 18 days ago
Save 🌲 trees
John Cater
John Cater - 19 days ago
U fucking Morron,why do you cut trees for showcase.fucker
Gaurav Gehlot
Gaurav Gehlot - 20 days ago
You are very bad the cat a tree
The Loveheart
The Loveheart - 21 day ago
Bad song
Speedcat Alley Cop Watch
Speedcat Alley Cop Watch - 27 days ago
No oiler won't last long
ganesh dubey
ganesh dubey - Month ago
I am give you dislike because you cut tree😤😤😤😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠
Dhruv Shukla
Dhruv Shukla - Month ago
Save tree
Chaman Sharif
Chaman Sharif - Month ago
Gandu handle teek bana
Please don't cut trees, even for experimently. But your video is very nice.
jeff jason
jeff jason - Month ago
in the video 9:04, what is that?
Irfan Ahmad
Irfan Ahmad - Month ago
Bro tree waste why
Максим Романенко
Первая самоделка называется, прощайте мои ручки когда закусит полотно.
edog6504 - Month ago
For the second one you could also connect a phone charger to the motor (and maybe a resistor depending on the motor) and it would charge your phone
Pianotrainee - Month ago
8:55 миниатюрная версия мотор-генератора из ЗИУ-682 :)
Stephen hathaway
Stephen hathaway - Month ago
No chain lubricant but please carry on ..... idiot
Anderson Facco
Anderson Facco - Month ago
engata na luis
The P
The P - Month ago
Why you cut tree
Doc Detroit
Doc Detroit - Month ago
Battery chainsaw. Terrible idea, no safety, chain running backwards. Just looking to hurt yourself or others
salim yousfi
salim yousfi - Month ago
Vidéo de merde, very dangerous
Aleksandr Kasatkin
Aleksandr Kasatkin - Month ago
долбоеба кусок, пилит молодое дерево..
лучшеб яйца себе пилил своим гомном.
The Dutch
The Dutch - Month ago
Yes very creative ideas, not very creative on your part as all these have already been created. How about you use a fuel air mixture that when ignited moves a thingy that spins some round things so you travel long distances, let’s call it a car( your going to need more hot glue for that.
world eletronic processos de aprendizagem
9:26 que música é essa?
Sam.M - 2 months ago
Muito bom mesmo
Amal Ismail
Amal Ismail - 2 months ago
His parents during SUMMER🌞 : WTF HAPPENED TO THE TABLE FAN😜😜😜??
Christo Esterhuizen
Christo Esterhuizen - 2 months ago
Your chain was spinning the wrong way buddy. But 5/10 for making a chainsaw with a prefect blade and first
Paola Cristina Da Silva Arruda
Christo Esterhuizen
BEBERASHICEDTEA - 2 months ago
هه‌مه چه‌شن
هه‌مه چه‌شن - 2 months ago
lol fuck u oK
Han Mekanik Alat berat
Han Mekanik Alat berat - 2 months ago
AC - 2 months ago
Аццкая пила. Такую даже в китаях не продают.
Prathik Prathik
Prathik Prathik - 2 months ago
ಮರ ಬೇಳಾಸೀ ಅಂದರೆ ಮರನೇ ಕಡೀದೀರಾ
Hem Lata
Hem Lata - 2 months ago
you are great
ayesha begom
ayesha begom - 2 months ago
Generator ke motor ka volt kitna tha
nitish kumar
nitish kumar - 2 months ago
Ye moter kaha milega sir
Aafj Adkh
Aafj Adkh - 2 months ago
Сказочний долбойоб
Zhanara Narikbayeva
Zhanara Narikbayeva - 2 months ago
Joserogerio Gomestreindade
Parabéns muito jenial seu vídeo que Deus lhe abençoe senpre asim sabio🙌
Сан Саныч
Сан Саныч - 2 months ago
Пила жесть
Krishnendu Dakshi
Krishnendu Dakshi - 2 months ago
Be practical
Krishnendu Dakshi
Krishnendu Dakshi - 2 months ago
Yes you are a great hacker,
waqt group
waqt group - 2 months ago
Еще не встречал лайфхаков которые бы реально облегчили жизнь. Везде одна ерунда. одноразовые игрушки do do - 2 months ago
i feel pity for the tree 😢
jeff the killer
jeff the killer - 2 months ago
You best a create ?
Abrarul Hasan Fahim
Abrarul Hasan Fahim - 2 months ago
No. 3 😍
Negative Act
Negative Act - 2 months ago
Has un telescopio por favor
鐘カキ - 2 months ago
fake ? w=ui
Дима Глухов
Дима Глухов - 2 months ago
Ты на хуэй молодое дерево пилиш
Zhanara Narikbayeva
Zhanara Narikbayeva - 2 months ago
Ну видно же человек далбаёб
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos - 2 months ago
Mano você é outro nível cara
WTF você um motor cerra cara cê é foda
Eugennil - 2 months ago
You killed live tree.
Priti Bhanushali
Priti Bhanushali - 2 months ago
Your Nike shoes are not real
Samuel nichols
Samuel nichols - 2 months ago
shit music
Ashkan Bakhtiar
Ashkan Bakhtiar - 2 months ago
seeing the bandage on his hand in skateboard part...
me: yeah thats what happens when you make chainsaw with hotglue...
Sheikh Ali Shukri Sheikh
Sheikh Ali Shukri Sheikh - 2 months ago
what the title for this song ??? need please
ByLumberJacker LOL y CR
ByLumberJacker LOL y CR - 2 months ago
Romper un ventilador para hacer una más sidoso... Bravo
عبد الوهاب الكيفاني
مبدع حقا و اللذين لم يعجبهم العمل هم من الحساااااد
Hermawan Aji
Hermawan Aji - 2 months ago
What machine ??
Bharat Prajapati
Bharat Prajapati - 2 months ago
K3K - 2 months ago
Good +1 like
Rina Kumari Keshari
Rina Kumari Keshari - 2 months ago
Please do not cut trees
Subhash Ligam
Subhash Ligam - 2 months ago
You do not cut the trees
V_A_M_S_H_I K_K - 2 months ago
Music name
C I D C I D - 2 months ago
Aba sale hara pare he mela hai
StarzzDrak - 2 months ago
StarzzDrak - 2 months ago
* makes small diy chainsaw *
Big companies making chainsaws: *Am i a joke to you ?*
1 oldskoolgamer
1 oldskoolgamer - 2 months ago
Plug a 12v trickle charger into the outlet and charge the battery while you use it 🤣
В.О. Самвелович
Power Plant
Power Plant - 3 months ago
how is it possible to get 260 volts AC from 12 volt DC motor? Fake!!!
GAALOUL Yacine - 2 months ago
hhhh yes sure
Gold Bold
Gold Bold - 3 months ago
1 лайфхак был украден с канала, ВНИЗУ,
Zhanara Narikbayeva
Zhanara Narikbayeva - 2 months ago
Zhanara Narikbayeva
Zhanara Narikbayeva - 2 months ago
Вот сука автор
Pete Wiebe
Pete Wiebe - 3 months ago
9:48 way to angle the camera to make it seem it’s going up hill. 😒
Clyde PH
Clyde PH - 3 months ago
What is song
Nasim Sohan
Nasim Sohan - 3 months ago
It's how much of the voltage morter bro
S B - 3 months ago
Since it looks like their using 775 DC motors, I'd say anywhere from 6-36 volts
Mirwantiko Bryand toroid 085735150025
What you backsound????
Gangaram Goli
Gangaram Goli - 3 months ago
Black Suitcase
Black Suitcase - 3 months ago
Nice idea God job
Ananya Devi
Ananya Devi - 3 months ago
You are very bad
DJ Miles
DJ Miles - 3 months ago
were do you get your motors
electronics help care
electronics help care - 3 months ago
Wow nice video.
Technical boy
Technical boy - 3 months ago
*Naruto Mobile*
*Naruto Mobile* - 3 months ago
Gostei do skate motorizado👍
*Naruto Mobile*
*Naruto Mobile* - 3 months ago
A moto serra ficou da hora!!!😎
GUGU GTA - 3 months ago
O skate elétrico foi o melhor
Cool Projects with Prajwal Prabhu
Please battery link
Vỹ Phạm
Vỹ Phạm - 3 months ago
What name of song ?
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