Jimmy Kimmel on Game of Thrones Finale

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Agent Of Vengeance
Agent Of Vengeance - 2 days ago
Most watched but most hated.
RETROCU - 24 days ago
it was horrible
H A - Month ago
Game of thrones season 8 is like a porn movie that you purchase online and wait hours to download and then turn out to be a softcore
newt0830 - Month ago
why couldn't Jimmy Kimmel be melted by the dragon
Jeremy - 2 months ago
GoT would have been one of the greatest shows ever but the ending was so bad that the first few seasons aren't even half as good as they seemed. Seriously, go watch the first few seasons. It just looks like styrofoam bricks and actors reading lines.
kmvoss - 2 months ago
Is Jimmy defending season 8? Yikes. Dude is losing his touch.
Kenji Yagi
Kenji Yagi - 2 months ago
2:25 that one fell flat.
Luka Male
Luka Male - 2 months ago
Kimmel cringe machine. Fake laughter is funny..irony
Mad Geo
Mad Geo - 3 months ago
Arya went West
Drogon went East
Jon went North
and the show went South
Mad Geo
Mad Geo - 3 months ago
That was no freaking dessert.
It was the main dish, and it was great, until we got to the poison on the last bite.
So don't tell us to be okay with it while we're dying inside.
dai - 3 months ago
I'm with Jimmy lol 😂
Neil Rivera
Neil Rivera - 3 months ago
Disappointing final season. They should've stopped at season 7.
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown - 3 months ago
Flaming Falcon
Flaming Falcon - 3 months ago
How are people seeing these water bottles?
Talal Almalki
Talal Almalki - 3 months ago
🍵😁👍🏼 This Is so amazing this terrorist organisation channel is still around wow
Tijana Markovic
Tijana Markovic - 3 months ago
Follow me on instagram 🤷🏽‍♀️
💙 @_tijanam._ 💙
Victor Valdez
Victor Valdez - 3 months ago
What about dothraki? Daenerys is just one who can speak dothraki. Dothraki: am i joke to you?
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - 3 months ago
why couldn't Bran have been a White Walker. they fricked up Jon.
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - 3 months ago
hardcore fan's can suck it. casuals can drown in their own frustration. i enjoyed this season. could it been better yeah, have them all die, could have been the first show ever to do so and everyone would be fine with it.
Meghan Helmich
Meghan Helmich - 3 months ago
More like dessert was made with rotten eggs and sour milk.
Fade - 3 months ago
It wasn't the show length it was the subsequent depression that followed.
jdella17 - 3 months ago
I actually enjoyed the finale. Great show and great ending. It had a fair ending. Dragon queen had to be stopped. I wanted Jon on throne but he got punished yet he remained a king at heart. Bran was choosen fairly. Great job 👍👍👍😂😂😂
SmokeStack - 3 months ago
The ending was very typical lazy writing strategy. You spend 7 seasons building up tension just to scrap all character interaction for the sake of being unpredictable. All the look of the dragon queen's claims to protect the innocent and to not be queen of the ashes. The utter lack of dialogue to lead up to this change was too rushed and just lazily incorporated. Bran's abilities played no more than a reconnaissance role in the battle with the night king. So it seemed pointless his previous story was even told at all. In fact most of the story from all the other seasons seemed to hold so little relevance in the finale it may as well all have been left out.
Trumpa Lumpa
Trumpa Lumpa - 3 months ago
The last episode sucked so bad I didn’t even have dinner that day 🤣
Umbra 【Trickster】
Umbra 【Trickster】 - 3 months ago
that glow up tho robin daaaaaaaaaamn
Columbo - 3 months ago
Hey I am from Germany.
Here in Germany we don't understand why the people from US are so angry with the final episodes.
Can someone explain me. Sorry for my English 😁
Black Jesus
Black Jesus - 3 months ago
Because it was written terribly
Ishaq Khan
Ishaq Khan - 3 months ago
jon is a bad boyfriend haha ..killed his own aunt ..Dany should have gotten another season
yunha21 - 3 months ago
They came up with the electoral college...smh
Aden - 3 months ago
Game of thrones is so overrated.
So so overrated
Zeina J
Zeina J - 3 months ago
Arya Arya Arya the explorer
glenn martin
glenn martin - 3 months ago
All hail Bran the barren.
scarlet royal
scarlet royal - 3 months ago
The spinoff gonna be 'the meera rebellion'
Agent Smith
Agent Smith - 3 months ago
Arya:"no one knows whats west of westeros".
Vinayak Saurabh
Vinayak Saurabh - 3 months ago
The song of ice and fire.
Ice melts and becomes water.
Fire helps in making coffee.
big leroy brown
big leroy brown - 3 months ago
mark dice said it best ,,,,
notJAY - 3 months ago
7season of greatness
snowwhitewitch - 3 months ago
The only ridiculous thing is literally Jimmy Kimmel.
JibbyJabby - 3 months ago
All the Evening show hosts chirping the same tune about GOT, disappointing. It's like they're trying sweep under the rug how badly season 8 was botched.
Krishna Mohanty
Krishna Mohanty - 3 months ago
GOT Season 8 was so rush,so many things need to be shown but I'm okay with Bran is the King
Akshay Thakur
Akshay Thakur - 3 months ago
What brand can do if he didn't got a good script to act....sad man
Jose E. Villasanti
Jose E. Villasanti - 3 months ago
stupit finale
The Flayed Man
The Flayed Man - 3 months ago
there;s a live audience, but they use a laugh track. You can hear an exact same female laugh looped..Makes sense, you'd have to be high to laugh at his jokes.
Sascha Haber
Sascha Haber - 3 months ago
The end was butchered , stop defending it
Captain Seemore
Captain Seemore - 3 months ago
I have yet to read about one comment that says it was epic... Nobody on the planet thinks so... It was meh, at best... Dnd hacks...
FrazzyNZ - 3 months ago
I'm getting tired of this constant and what seems deliberate misconstruing of what fans were really upset about. And using the term "Nerds" and not fans is a bit if a slap in the face back. The writing can only be called out because the series was abruptly ended when it is clear that HBO and the team needed more time to wrap up the series. Squeezing the last season into 6 episodes whilst trying to close up major plot lines and character developments in such a small amount of time. Of course the fans aren't happy. Very obvious discrepancies in the script. I mean one obvious... the dothraki were wiped out along with 85% of unsullied in ep3. But we supposed to forgive D&D for miraculously bring back all the dothraki and unsullied like nothing happened... characters didn't get their send off they deserved because of LAZY writing.
Gtfo with this "spoilt fans being unhappy". How about the reality of "Obnoxious" show runners who are clearly over the series and don't bother to pass the job along to someone else to correctly continue the series to its end. The cast and crew have quietly clearly proved that they can do wonders without the little help from the writers...
Ferenc Csordás
Ferenc Csordás - 3 months ago
Game of Crapper
Mik Bik
Mik Bik - 3 months ago
Such an ass ending its actually kind of sad to think about
Ienci Viorica
Ienci Viorica - 3 months ago
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - 3 months ago
Also another Starbucks cup to the right of Davos’ water bottle, 2nd chair over. Jussayin
bleona avdiu
bleona avdiu - 3 months ago
7 saisons they have talk about the winter “winter its coming “ and at the end I was very angry about John
bleona avdiu
bleona avdiu - 3 months ago
It was nothing to do with the winter I was waiting for a big aventure
Judy Pratt
Judy Pratt - 3 months ago
Terrible finale. So disapointed. I was so obsessed with this show! Bad finale!
KirkLand Subscribe to me pls
If only guillerimo was here
Animuz - 3 months ago
Everyone mentions the coffee cup in episode 4 and the water bottle in episode 6. Fallon and Kimmel need better assistants. In episode 5 Jaime had both hands in one scene, and there was a camera man in another scene.
Giovanna Farigu
Giovanna Farigu - 3 months ago
I loved it. The FINALE, I mean. I'd be even in for a sequel.
Da Cranium
Da Cranium - 3 months ago
the worst final ever
Germy Gutiearez
Germy Gutiearez - 3 months ago
Why did bran not just look to see whats west of westros
מתן ארדיטי
מתן ארדיטי - 3 months ago
This is whats wrong with hollywood, everyone is wonderful no one is allowd to think and give a real chriticism for the fear that they will get burnd in the industry . and people who say somthing bad are nothing but spoiled NERDS. I mean how dumb deos he think we are , its obvios that he as an agenda and he is not at all objective. This season wasnt good the others were just get over it. Every one praised the show but that doesnt mean its immiune to criticism
DARTH BANE - 3 months ago
The Writers and GoT Team Need to Be Bitten With the Script, Discasting Storyteling and Ending !!!👊.
RazorbackPT - 3 months ago
Of all the things to poke fun at, this clown thinks Arya sailing west is strange? Has he not heard of Columbus and the age of discovery?
Matt McLeary
Matt McLeary - 3 months ago
must have been a cold coffee then as there's no starbucks next to the set in Belfast...
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