Pittie Puppy Sets Her Mind To Do The Impossible | The Dodo Pittie Nation

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//Masked Messenger//
//Masked Messenger// - 6 часов назад
This was posted on my birthday but I didn't notice! Wow
Caroline Coughlan
Caroline Coughlan - День назад
That is the nicest thing I've seen all week, made me happy to see it, well done to u both👏👏
Pbt Pbt
Pbt Pbt - 4 дня назад
This looks like my old pit bull cookie
Kathleen Thorpe
Kathleen Thorpe - 4 дня назад
I will never tire of seeing Wynona!!!❤ Can't stop smiling with tears of happiness for her!!!❤ Please update us. Wonderful story!!!❤❤❤
sammy bubba
sammy bubba - 7 дней назад
love, love, love pitties!
nerissa k
nerissa k - 11 дней назад
What a sweet baby girl. 💕💕💕
priti kapoor
priti kapoor - 12 дней назад
Pit bulls are the kind of dogs that always smile
emily - 15 дней назад
So adorable 😘
Montay Jitt
Montay Jitt - 22 дня назад
😭😭😭 my baby!!
JamesColton1847 - 23 дня назад
my pit puppy (Churchill) loves the hose as well, funniest sight! And bless you for taking Wynona and "showering" her with the love and freedom!!
Ioannes Bruyn
Ioannes Bruyn - 29 дней назад
Put this dog down for gods sake.
Ciana Martin
Ciana Martin - Месяц назад
Aww poor baby girl
Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown - Месяц назад
I just LOVE happy endings
boxertest - Месяц назад
DAAAAAMMMITTT MAKES ME MISS MY TWO DOGS!!!! They went home to the beautiful universe they came from I miss them , love this story.
TviTV BB - Месяц назад
Omg :(
nuna business
nuna business - Месяц назад
To a pibble it's simple. Disability = ability to over come something.
Hamish the Irish Amish
Hamish the Irish Amish - Месяц назад
Kelvin Joseph
Kelvin Joseph - Месяц назад
How and who could dislike this story
Reanne Laraga
Reanne Laraga - Месяц назад
Shes Obsess with the hose
Me: *THE HOES?!?!*
JJ Parker
JJ Parker - Месяц назад
After the hardest decision, i amputated my pitties rear left leg, which was severly disformed and caused her to limp and not move. Shes one of the fastest pitties ive ever seen, without that 4th leg. Im so glad you guys decided to amputate instead of strapping it into a wheelchair.
Jessy Jessy
Jessy Jessy - Месяц назад
I’m crying 😭
debbie tuhuteru
debbie tuhuteru - Месяц назад
hounddog2952 - Месяц назад
I'd smack the fook outa 53 people .
smith elendi
smith elendi - Месяц назад
It's just amazing what you do and i am happy that there are people to have the courage to save lives , it's not easy in any circumstances . i think this is an act of pure love . Bravo !
msxmargo - Месяц назад
Feel good video thank Wyonia
Richard Oxley
Richard Oxley - Месяц назад
God Bless you and all your dogs. From Vancourt Dog Rescue in West Texas
Cherry3000 - Месяц назад
Precious Pit!
Mike Mike
Mike Mike - Месяц назад
Special animals for special people 😁😁😁
Kathleen Tyson
Kathleen Tyson - Месяц назад
OMG its so hard for me to see any animal like this but with the Dodo I ALWAYS know it will have a positive ending wonderful post thanks🐶🐶🐶🐶
keystonecop - Месяц назад
Those kinds of dogs just have the biggest hearts and will. You just have to love the way they get around and they have two speeds, it seems like, dead stop and wide open... you gotta love it
Katharine Anne lilprincess
Katharine Anne lilprincess - Месяц назад
She is a cutie pie silly goofball love the story
Katharine Anne lilprincess
Katharine Anne lilprincess - Месяц назад
Oh she got it amputated but she is walking better as a tripod again God bless all the puppies and her and you
Katharine Anne lilprincess
Katharine Anne lilprincess - Месяц назад
Sweet Winona sweet sweet girls she doesn't let it stop her can I play with them get up those stairs beautiful story thank you
Jessica Sanchez
Jessica Sanchez - Месяц назад
Im cryin
Just Justus
Just Justus - Месяц назад
People who hate pitbulls are the sort that think pink salt is an alternative to vaccinating their kids
tamicrosley - Месяц назад
Rhys Griffiths
Rhys Griffiths - Месяц назад
Stephan S
Stephan S - Месяц назад
What beautiful dogs! Thank you so much for taking care of them.
Pista Joska
Pista Joska - Месяц назад
Keeping these paralised pitbulls is much safer. They are slower and easier to ran away from them when they attack. Less danger for the neigbours too.
i LOVE ANIMALS - Месяц назад
So cute!! ❤😍
Peanut B.
Peanut B. - Месяц назад
Paul Kasprzak
Paul Kasprzak - Месяц назад
this is so sad very sad
Chubby Quokka
Chubby Quokka - Месяц назад
She’s so beautiful😪😍
Code - Месяц назад
I need that dog
Cheryl M
Cheryl M - Месяц назад
Qweir Qweir
Qweir Qweir - Месяц назад
*dogs get dumped*
"What the freak"
"Why is me here?"
"Pelp plwese"
Isabel Blasco
Isabel Blasco - Месяц назад
she looks so much like my dog. both grey pitties, three legs, goofballs and determined. i love this so much
Kawy Thowy
Kawy Thowy - Месяц назад
You are a sweetie. Thank you! God bless you.
Bill&Billiejo Hosler
Bill&Billiejo Hosler - Месяц назад
You are amazing/
Kathleen Thorpe
Kathleen Thorpe - Месяц назад
You are a kind-hearted, wonderful woman! Wynona is positively adorable and such a fighter who would not give up!!! I absolutely love her!!!! Such a wonderful family!!!!🐶❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lesley Dunn
Lesley Dunn - Месяц назад
She's absolutely amazing such a gorgeous looking wee girl god bless these people that help and love these animals they deserve to have a good life the same as all god's creatures thank you for giving this wee thing a good life xx
Its me Mario
Its me Mario - Месяц назад
Oh my goodness she's precious
chloe pup
chloe pup - Месяц назад
I LOVE THEM thank you the Dodo
Alexandra Kennedy
Alexandra Kennedy - Месяц назад
That's why I like the Special Needs and Senior Dogs the most. They have the best personalities and try the hardest.
For ever Dead inside
For ever Dead inside - Месяц назад
Little goof ball 😍
Chloe Alvarez
Chloe Alvarez - Месяц назад
That dog is kind of like the cat
JungKooksMom - Месяц назад
I wish my pit bull loved the water hose😭 I have trouble bathing her in the tub because the shower head lol😂😭 I think I traumatized her as a puppy
Agash Anpalagan
Agash Anpalagan - Месяц назад
Not going to lie, humans should switch there life spans with dogs, we don’t deserve them
B Gesseret
B Gesseret - Месяц назад
I was thinking why not give her wheels. But the amputation didn't mean loss of mobility so I'm OK with it. She's a gorgeous pup.
Philip Bauman
Philip Bauman - Месяц назад
I love all animals no matter how different or weird
Monika April
Monika April - Месяц назад
ohhhh i fall in love in this dog 😍😄
lisa koola
lisa koola - Месяц назад
how could there a dislike about Digs or any animals video ? hey you dislike people ?
Boxcar Bubba
Boxcar Bubba - Месяц назад
Athena and Wynona are very SPECIAL . A very Awesome video creation
Caskett Solo
Caskett Solo - Месяц назад
I would fire this “vet” that all the Dodo videos mention, always like this is impossible! It shouldn’t be like this!
Love this channel.
These animals show me that if you want something, you do all you can, and think only about the outcome you want
Lilly Darby
Lilly Darby - Месяц назад
♥️ 😁Don’t judge a pup without knowing it 🤭♥️ :)) ☺️ you don’t define it.. sadly,💔🥺you define your cruel self.🥺
pou Cutu
pou Cutu - Месяц назад
*Why are we still here just to suffer*
amz amz
amz amz - Месяц назад
Thank you for saving Wynona..🙏🙏🙏🐶🐕💟💞🌵🌵🌷🌷 By the way, Dodo please cover and promote Soi.org, they do amazing jobs around Asia..I just found their channel..Here is the link https://youtu.be/SoR9AJ8NHUc Thank you
agfhhdhucvjuv Jekkeondjj
agfhhdhucvjuv Jekkeondjj - Месяц назад
I know she is already named but I would name her Bailey
Ronda Meier
Ronda Meier - Месяц назад
Oh Wynona! My heart!!!
* * The Scorpio * *
* * The Scorpio * * - Месяц назад
james w
james w - Месяц назад
I wonder does she ever get to see her sister
SeanVplayer - Месяц назад
Lord but I just want to be able to give Wynona a hug! What a lil cutie!
Bob Doll
Bob Doll - Месяц назад
I lost my dog last week and I've been binge watching Dodo videos. They comfort me, thank you so much Dodo!
flowinglocs1 - Месяц назад
Thank God for people like you ❤️
Sherry Walker
Sherry Walker - Месяц назад
What a great woman!
Leslie Williams
Leslie Williams - Месяц назад
bless her lil heart and your Big. ❤
frank brennan
frank brennan - Месяц назад
You are so wonderful Peace
Siddharth Sarwate
Siddharth Sarwate - Месяц назад
Coooool... Superb... Nice Job, Legendary Work.
Bebe Beachball
Bebe Beachball - Месяц назад
Oh my god, my heart. 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Anne Marie Graff
Anne Marie Graff - Месяц назад
❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ love love
Kamil Kamil
Kamil Kamil - Месяц назад
Oby było więcej ludzi takich jak tak dobra kobieta która traktuje wspaniale swoje pieski
nebraskahusker247 - Месяц назад
The world we be a much better place if it has more individuals like this fantastic lady in it.
oz sim
oz sim - Месяц назад
God bless you😘
Angelus Nielson
Angelus Nielson - Месяц назад
I'm not crying. I just got something in my eye.
I think it's my feels.
Myra Adkins
Myra Adkins - Месяц назад
This story melted my heart! Thanks for sharing and may God bless all of you!
DonkeyShows - Месяц назад
Beautiful puppy
HAOUES Maroua Ahlem
HAOUES Maroua Ahlem - Месяц назад
And here I am thinking wooow that women looks so much like Spencer from Pretty Little Liars hhhh
good job with the dog you did a great job ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
zhawendaagozi Bezhik
zhawendaagozi Bezhik - Месяц назад
She’s gorgeous! What a sweet girl
Isabel Rodriguez
Isabel Rodriguez - Месяц назад
iammontecristo - Месяц назад
Oh Wynona. You are such a pretty lady
William Luke
William Luke - Месяц назад
Such a great story! I’m so happy everyone stuck it out and didn’t give up.
I am a idiot That has diabetes.
I am a idiot That has diabetes. - Месяц назад
I’m admitting it, the first part when she walked was creepy but then it got better.
Baba Booie
Baba Booie - Месяц назад
She’s adorable.
M.R. Browning
M.R. Browning - Месяц назад
Oh, I love LOVE this!!! My face hurts from smiling!! We need happy endings...And this is Happy!!! Thank you!
SWAG EAGLE - Месяц назад
Me and my mom has an cat with this problem
Paayal Sridhar
Paayal Sridhar - Месяц назад
So happy to see her well and enjoying life! Thank you for adopting her and taking such good care of her, love to you both!
Dawn Zaffuto
Dawn Zaffuto - Месяц назад
BRAVO thank you for taking her in, loving her! Many dogs have only 3 legs, it dosen't hold them back, infact it makes them smarter and faster, because they've had to over come. Way to go! Thrilled you made her a permanent family member. You can just see the love live in both of your eyes❤❤
Divine puppy lover
Divine puppy lover - Месяц назад
She's so cute how could she be like that in the first place I would have tooken her real quick like How could I not just looking at her makes me say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Ellison Rodgers
Ellison Rodgers - Месяц назад
The result of inbreeding by ignorant amateur backyard breeders, back-breeding a line to achieve the highly desirable "blue" color. Terrific way to ruin a breed.
john christen
john christen - Месяц назад
God bless you miss.. respect from India
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