Pets First Aid Kit

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Kasey - 4 months ago
Icarus110 Kellum
Icarus110 Kellum - 4 months ago
Have Your Doggo's Ever Got In Trouble With A Porcupine?
Rex Storm
Rex Storm - 7 months ago
Awesome... Wish I had a pet dog
Lora land
Lora land - 7 months ago
Hi ur dogs are so cute if I ever see u in real life can I come up and say hi and pet ur dogs if their with u
Immortal AMV
Immortal AMV - 7 months ago
Did anyone else notice that he was getting emotional when he was talking about the wild animals and his dogs getting can hear the sadness in his voice
Kilroy - 8 months ago
If it only me that sees him shaking or trembling ?
CyberProductions - 8 months ago
Yeah my grandparents had a husky and that fought off coyotes and one evening the coyotes had a enough and brought the entire pack and ganged up on her and one bit her on the neck and punctured something and was leaking air and she passed away
Drayden Warfel
Drayden Warfel - 8 months ago
and it wasnt a hedgehog it was probably a porcupine
Raakin's Doom
Raakin's Doom - 8 months ago
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Van Helzin
Van Helzin - 8 months ago
What kind of dog is Gus
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia - 8 months ago
Jess B
Jess B - 8 months ago
I think Porcupine seems extremely likely for the needles.
iyh gtyea
iyh gtyea - 8 months ago
Regan Noble
Regan Noble - 8 months ago
Your dogs are beautiful
Regan Noble
Regan Noble - 8 months ago
I would definitely say porcupine! And also if the dog breaks it's leg or fractures it the rope can be used to stabilize it with sticks.
Vikki Bark
Vikki Bark - 8 months ago
“Pet vet” what so we get human vets?
Truffle - 8 months ago
review human first aid kit
ebels3 - 8 months ago
Why does it like look you haven’t slept well? You should get 6-8 hours of REM sleep per night.
Lyss *
Lyss * - 8 months ago
3:18 is when he starts opening the kit
Alex Pena
Alex Pena - 8 months ago
It's 2:30 am I was rear ended at five, got home from the ER at midnight. Just watching your greeting makes me smile, I just realized this is my husband's profile haha please keep doing what you're doing. You make people happy, these videos are helping me escape for a little bit -Jae Megan
David Harris
David Harris - 8 months ago
Gus is like we're the emergency snack
Jeff Connor
Jeff Connor - 8 months ago
Dogs rule, cats drool. No, cats can be cool but dogs still rule.
Tiger Lily.9
Tiger Lily.9 - 8 months ago
wow gus got huge
Icy Shadows
Icy Shadows - 8 months ago
I swear the crazyrussianhacker looks like Nurkic! I swear!
}MawofDread{ - 8 months ago
he's going to need alot of "FIRST AID KITS" XD
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Southern Wanderer
Southern Wanderer - 8 months ago
A human first-aid kit works as well as a dog first-aid kit.
johndyel ps
johndyel ps - 8 months ago
Where is Kathryn
Jonale Marquez
Jonale Marquez - 8 months ago
A love the dogs
Dreah Dominguez
Dreah Dominguez - 8 months ago
Dogs r so cute
John Biddle.
John Biddle. - 8 months ago
Could the Hedgehog have been a Cactus?
Anshav Pancholi
Anshav Pancholi - 8 months ago
ak nature
ak nature - 8 months ago
what brand of Cap is he wearing ?
Mrwoofy 446
Mrwoofy 446 - 8 months ago
Gus :D
ashish verma
ashish verma - 8 months ago
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Atelier_Kety - 8 months ago
I've actually taken an animal first aid course, it was 10 hours and then 3 hours for the extra in the wilderness course. But I really enjoyed it. I got my animal first aid kit from it.
Dom - 8 months ago
6:03 Lodine xD (Iodine)
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Lopez - 8 months ago
It is so awsm that first aid pet kit.
Tracy - 8 months ago
this kit should have some of those patches that distract the dog, that makes the work so much easier, specialy first aid. those peanut butter patches to disctract the doggo while you treat him.
Aiden Mulè
Aiden Mulè - 8 months ago
Isn’t it a Porky Pine because my dogs got into one too
clorox nMe
clorox nMe - 8 months ago
I'm going to put to the test dog med pouch CUTS DOG ok so how you use it is
Anh-Thu Mai
Anh-Thu Mai - 8 months ago
Gus is sooo cute
Odin Steinnes
Odin Steinnes - 8 months ago
Dogs just want to protect us so tjats why they fight other animals and friends. We had a Rotweiler
Om Pancholi
Om Pancholi - 8 months ago
judy klamp
judy klamp - 8 months ago
Gus has grown a lot.
hellsingmongrel - 8 months ago
Probably a porcupine! Those are native to the US, and we had a cat that got one in his whiskers when I was a kid! They're like a bigger, scarier hedgehog!
Jayaraj .K.
Jayaraj .K. - 8 months ago
Hat bhosdk
Leviticus Cornwall
Leviticus Cornwall - 8 months ago
It's 3time use
GADGETS HUNTER - 8 months ago
I might get one for my dog:)
NOODLES - 8 months ago
This dude looks like taras kul

Jk ik is the same person
Sarah Meadows
Sarah Meadows - 8 months ago
May be porcupin got you dog
James Miller
James Miller - 8 months ago
If the stuff in that kit ain’t tested to be all dog friendly that may have chemicals that harm dogs 😬 wouldn’t use that sting stuff on a dog especially
Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis - 8 months ago
We need the old intro
LKN - 8 months ago
7:39 realiste one ?????
the adventure assassin
the adventure assassin - 8 months ago
What do you see in your Cheetos? A dudes private part.
wombatzzzz - 8 months ago
Groundhogs lol
Diogo Monroy
Diogo Monroy - 8 months ago
Little Caesars 4:36
jesse gaming
jesse gaming - 8 months ago
Why is he always shanking
Argyll - 8 months ago
''works for humans"
-Crazyrussianhacker 2018
Scott M
Scott M - 8 months ago
It must have been porcupine 😀
Afiq Danial
Afiq Danial - 8 months ago
"emaghi" MRE
GreeZe HD
GreeZe HD - 8 months ago
No pashtet in there sad :(
Angel Supergirl
Angel Supergirl - 8 months ago
CrazyRussianHacker please react to a movie called high school musical the first one thanks.
Jaye Miller
Jaye Miller - 8 months ago
Great video. You know its gonna be a a good video when we get to see the 3 musketeers lol
Ryan Griffiths
Ryan Griffiths - 8 months ago
It's just a human first aid kit marketed to dogs :P
Hi DabPolice
Hi DabPolice - 8 months ago
Dat elephant shirt is soooo Dope
NIGHT OWL - 8 months ago
How are Luke's and Hugo's elbows doing? Does that cream work? Love your dogs and all your videos. 🐕 🐕 🐕💜💙💚👍👍
Alexis Rivas
Alexis Rivas - 8 months ago
I have that same kit.
Akhil Bharti
Akhil Bharti - 8 months ago
Taras pronouncing iodine as Lodine @ 6:02 but still looks adorable.
Neeraj Bunjun
Neeraj Bunjun - 8 months ago
Do a video on training your dogs. ✌🏽️
Joshua Rinzuala
Joshua Rinzuala - 8 months ago
did he just said Lodine..?? its iodine
Paige Matthews
Paige Matthews - 8 months ago
Hi, how old is Gus now? He has grown so much. He is turning into a gorgeous looking dog.
NO TOP - 8 months ago
Yet another useless item from china
BastianAndTheBear - 8 months ago
It may have been some kind of nettle. I got a bunch of needles from some nettle stuck in my leg before and it was pretty awful... :(
Kevin Genocchi
Kevin Genocchi - 8 months ago
*I gave my dog first aids*
Toki WarTooth
Toki WarTooth - 8 months ago
For the mother land
Its Connor
Its Connor - 8 months ago
Boom!!! 😂😂😂😂
Pooja Gupta
Pooja Gupta - 8 months ago
Saurav Deep
Saurav Deep - 8 months ago
Gus got bigger😁
Pachuchay Dizon
Pachuchay Dizon - 8 months ago
Why your hands keeps on shaking??
Amanda Anderson
Amanda Anderson - 8 months ago
Luke probably messed with a porcupine. Taras the stuff used for First Aid is universal between humans and pets. Even some medicines are the same.
Amanda Anderson
Amanda Anderson - 8 months ago
The second ones are iodine pads. Eye-O-Dine
TASTELESS COOKIEZ - 8 months ago
Good thing they haven't f!cked with my dogs
Ghalaxtic Mehses
Ghalaxtic Mehses - 8 months ago
Yes it was porcupine my dude! On the real I love your content; been strong with your videos for a while. I work at a pet store and I love kurgo!! Hacker, they also make seat belt stuff which has been actually crash tested! When ever someone inquires about dog seat belts, kurgo is my go to brand.
Зугрэс Два
Зугрэс Два - 8 months ago
Тарас,привет из наших краев.
See Jay
See Jay - 8 months ago
in intro does he say *welcome back to molibolitoy
Sarily - 8 months ago
His arms are looking slimmer here. Didn't they used to be more muscular?
Kaylynn Strain
Kaylynn Strain - 8 months ago
I would put a tick remover in it
hypercarspotting. gr
hypercarspotting. gr - 8 months ago
The blanket i think is to put on the floor when you give your pet first aid.
On theRoad
On theRoad - 8 months ago
Probably was a porcupine
Mark Paez
Mark Paez - 8 months ago
His videos make me sleepy
Clutz Winstead
Clutz Winstead - 8 months ago
As a former vet tech, most meds & such used on dogs are human stuff. There are certain meds for dogs that are prescribed for them, but they get most of the diseases we get. I love pets too . Working with them has been my passion and joy. ♰😊💚🐶
crounn - 8 months ago
It’s called “Medkit”
MakoXL - 8 months ago
Little Cesar's??? Lol
Karen William
Karen William - 8 months ago
Why your hands always shaking? Zzz.
Curiouser - 8 months ago
Little Caesars lol
Mr. Tip
Mr. Tip - 8 months ago
PUBG first aid kit
Ashley Keller
Ashley Keller - 8 months ago
i love the doggies
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