1 Star vs. 5 Star Product Test

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Tamar Smith
Tamar Smith - 19 hours ago
The reason the ufo detector wins is cause not a lot people buy it and this that do are already losing it so they rate it five starts lol
Sarah Binford
Sarah Binford - 21 hour ago
Both of the first two products were in the same dope or nope video. 🤔
Joslynn Herrera
Joslynn Herrera - Day ago
The face bank looks like Voldemort
Kate L
Kate L - Day ago
“Maybe it needs to be flying”
Lakeisha Joshy
Lakeisha Joshy - Day ago
I laughed so hard😂😂😂😂😂
Fried Mayo
Fried Mayo - 2 days ago
7:13 i’m dEAD
Nero Mauritzen
Nero Mauritzen - 4 days ago
The "coin eater" is in reality a soft banana slicer... Quite effective actually...
Time Waster
Time Waster - 4 days ago
Moonbot 7
Moonbot 7 - 5 days ago
The kid bank looks like the baby from the show Dinosaurs
Sparky The Dutch angle dragon
I died from laughter
Phoenix The dutchie
Phoenix The dutchie - 10 days ago
I have seen that face bank someone tried to resell it as meep moop its frickin scary 🥺
Naomi Blackford
Naomi Blackford - 10 days ago
I’m crying over the
“What’s the flavor?”
“The flavor? You eat your kids?”
Photelegy - 10 days ago
They did so good and now it isn't even in the thumbnail 😂
Yomama 8658
Yomama 8658 - 11 days ago
5:50, that piggy bank though
Dominick Justave
Dominick Justave - 11 days ago
I bet Steve is so cute 😶
Molly Coleman
Molly Coleman - 11 days ago
And its 2 days from my birthday
Jennifer Finney
Jennifer Finney - 12 days ago
Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn - 13 days ago
Do not watch GMM in bed while your hubby is next to you asleep! OMG, I'm literally lying here with tears running down my face and even though I was able to laugh silently, the bed was shaking! That darn neck excersizer just got me.
varun siddharth
varun siddharth - 13 days ago
10:00 you look like to bies
Banana chip 34
Banana chip 34 - 13 days ago
Roach’s can’t fly Link did your parents ever teach you that they *could not* fly??
Boney - 14 days ago
I don’t think pink is gender stereotyping, it’s just nature.
Titan gaming
Titan gaming - 15 days ago
Link: it tastes like a glue compound, something you would fix a boat with. Flex tape meme
ModderFriendZ - 15 days ago
It's a cuttle fish not a cuddle fish
Jash Eryne Triff Cabanlit
That neck massage thing
Looks like your gonna have a stroke
David Painter
David Painter - 15 days ago
bIg sHed
bIg sHed - 16 days ago
React to rub some bacon on it
Kimmy2777 - 17 days ago
They show the ink to be the thumbnail and it i t the thumbnail😂
heinyml - 18 days ago
Fakespot (amazon review checker) ranked the UFO detector as "F". Meaning that the 5-star reviews are fake. Is it really that shocking?
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - 19 days ago
Well...I believe I'm gonna see that coin bank in my nightmares tonight 😬
toh ping Tiang
toh ping Tiang - 20 days ago
The ufo detector should not have reviews at all. Everyone who bought 1 dissappeared
Ellie Bottomley-White
Ellie Bottomley-White - 21 day ago
I love how that wasn't the thumbnail!
Queen Weirdness
Queen Weirdness - 22 days ago
This is why I love this channel. U guys will do the stupid things us normal people won’t 😂😂😂
Steven Windward
Steven Windward - 23 days ago
Cockroaches fly?
Ana -lbleacher
Ana -lbleacher - 24 days ago
Nearly all the 5 star reviews on the UFO detector are jokes...
mp biggame
mp biggame - 24 days ago
KingK21 !!!
KingK21 !!! - 24 days ago
Many 5 stars are sarcastic. Dont 4get.
The Nortman's
The Nortman's - 25 days ago

This is what we have in common!
theGeekOut Girl
theGeekOut Girl - 26 days ago
5:06 yay for dr who references XDDDD
tomato socks !
tomato socks ! - 26 days ago
theGeekOut Girl right lol
Febrez Boi
Febrez Boi - 26 days ago
Ares - 27 days ago
4:04 nice hand gesture from Rhett
dylan oliver
dylan oliver - 27 days ago
5:34 are we ignoring the fact that link just said "eat it daddy"
idiotboi _
idiotboi _ - Day ago
Yes, yes we are
Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker - 28 days ago
dion dangerfield
dion dangerfield - 28 days ago
Born into a world of gender stereotypes 😂😂
Chel Bells
Chel Bells - 28 days ago
All that gross ink, wasn’t even the thumbnail
Xavier Lucas
Xavier Lucas - 28 days ago
Hannah Jo
Hannah Jo - 29 days ago
*Link smells squid ink*
"It has a stINK to it"
kmc613 - Month ago
When he asked Eno about his credit card bill I got a notification from my credit card company... conspiracy confirmed
Soaked Sack
Soaked Sack - Month ago
I really hope Rhett is not serious with this statement.
IceWallowCome 1
IceWallowCome 1 - Month ago
Faze Bank ? 😂😅😂😂
Cassandra Camden-Hartsgrove
I smell PENNYS
Susanna M
Susanna M - Month ago
me and my face bank are very offended the amazons were WRONG smh
Nel Karpik
Nel Karpik - Month ago
The money eating monkey should be called the money spitting monkey actually
JadedJules - Month ago
“Hey dad get ready to hit the golf ball”
Siper Z
Siper Z - Month ago
Me: well that escalated quickly
Deji Mon
Deji Mon - Month ago
Cure to depression
frank smith
frank smith - Month ago
The dude with glasses reminds me of ron from gta5
Savannah Juggalette
Savannah Juggalette - Month ago
12:20 got me dead😂😂😂😂😂
Flying Shurikens
Flying Shurikens - Month ago
Me watching in the afternoon 🤔
Christopher Gibson
Christopher Gibson - Month ago
Whos the chick voice over???
Amazing, swear ive heard her in video games
Inthe Garbage
Inthe Garbage - Month ago
12:20 Rhet looking like a mentaly disabled canser patient.
Inthe Garbage
Inthe Garbage - Month ago
8:13 XD
Inthe Garbage
Inthe Garbage - Month ago
Ufo detector more like sucker detector. XD
Mr. Nick
Mr. Nick - Month ago
Stop using laugh tracks :/ it's cringy
Selah Smith
Selah Smith - Month ago
When you have eaten so many worms you memorize the flavor
Winterfalke - Month ago
"No body likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms..."
CC - Month ago
ohmygod the last item had me laughing in tears. TOO FUNNY
vincent jones
vincent jones - Month ago
My ufo detector hasn't failed me yet best 80 bucks I spent
Carmen Nera
Carmen Nera - Month ago
I ended at 3 out of 4🤷🏻‍♀️
I still got more than you though😂
Carmen Nera
Carmen Nera - Month ago
3 for 3
Carmen Nera
Carmen Nera - Month ago
2 for 2 so far
Carmen Nera
Carmen Nera - Month ago
Link is going grey? I like didn’t notice till Rhett was screaming about the golf ball being a girl
Baptiste Guilbaud
Baptiste Guilbaud - Month ago
2nd time watchin the vid and I still thought the UFO detector had to be the 1 star lul
Amber Danielle
Amber Danielle - Month ago
This guy agrees with everything *aggressively works out neck* hahaha
Jayne MacLean
Jayne MacLean - Month ago
OH man! I love your shirt, Link.
adrian 456team
adrian 456team - Month ago
( • - •)
/ ⊃🎂
romsng Elsse
romsng Elsse - Month ago
I hate crocrochs
8Ball - Month ago
What if you ordered the wrong type of golf ball
Troy Sabean
Troy Sabean - Month ago
It's pretty obvious Rhett (probably Link as well) is full blown California lefty... because, you know, golf balls should come in the gender alphabet of colours... we wouldn't want to offend the clinically insane by promoting science and biology.
Xedd MrC
Xedd MrC - Month ago
Hahah it does look like that human chick from season 1 of DR. Who
Adebayo Tosin
Adebayo Tosin - Month ago
I honestly felt like I could taste that cuttlefish ink......Yuck
JackMakeMore - Month ago
Them ppl who know bout subnautica will think the cuddlefish is something else then what it actually is.
Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum
Entomophobia alert 😂
WWE World
WWE World - Month ago
I hope they know majority means more than 50%
Dan Torney
Dan Torney - Month ago
In a yes / no vote or where there is only 2 answers yes. Majority means most. So if there are multiple choices like between 1, 2, 3,4 or 5 stars the percentage can be lower. The majority just has to be the largest percent.
Stacey Burns
Stacey Burns - Month ago
12:33 I'm crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂
botpixel - Month ago
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith - Month ago
the 100% 1 star item he chose. i would go with the face bank
Micah Means
Micah Means - Month ago
with the cuddlefish ink, they look like the zombies from WWZ
9Hoot - Month ago
3:42 Rhett's face XD
Cear Rose
Cear Rose - Month ago
Link: *yeets roach*
Austin Aberdeen
Austin Aberdeen - Month ago
That facebank is defective, my guys.
Amaan Siddiqui
Amaan Siddiqui - Month ago
Capitol one. Remember something, cough cough The Verge cough cough?
ben bundidsilp
ben bundidsilp - Month ago
some one need to clean that
DJKekz - Month ago
Starts at 2:11
Charlie Fleming
Charlie Fleming - Month ago
lmao I see a puff!.... of smoke!
Nick Barrow
Nick Barrow - Month ago
Link: OH!
Rhett: That's not tasty
C Knight
C Knight - Month ago
( • - •) O ============ my face when the gender revealing golf ball is going towards my face
Shayna Brinkerhoff
Shayna Brinkerhoff - Month ago
When you did the thumbnail shot with the cuddle fish ink I had just took a sip of my coffee and nearly spit it out in revoltion.
Max Vanderworth
Max Vanderworth - Month ago
OscR - Month ago
It’s ironic I watch this show at night
blake kollman
blake kollman - Month ago
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