1 Star vs. 5 Star Product Test

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Aidan Leung
Aidan Leung - 18 hours ago
annie blacks
annie blacks - Day ago
U guys really make me laugh!
Keegan Hill
Keegan Hill - 2 days ago
I'm watching Good Mythical MORNING, at NIGHT.
Nash gaming
Nash gaming - 6 days ago
"flavore? you eat your kids?" - rhett and link 2019
AKGames - 7 days ago
The face back looks like something I ain’t gonna say but I’m sure you can think of something
Hailey HotPocket
Hailey HotPocket - 7 days ago
10:25-10:37 Billie Eilish called she wants her music video back
Patricia Corona
Patricia Corona - 7 days ago
is link having a mid life crises
Chloe Russell
Chloe Russell - 8 days ago
Link, thats not a bunion just so that you know.
Lautaro Tesei
Lautaro Tesei - 8 days ago
10:24 Billie Eilish be like
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus - 10 days ago
12:00 link has such nice feet bro..
AlaskanWildChild - 11 days ago
Dry Rhetting with cuddlefish ink
Craig - 12 days ago
UFO detector works perfectly. Rhett and Link are Lizardmen confirmed
Xxprima_noctaxX - 14 days ago
Can I have your job?
Bat Jack Attack
Bat Jack Attack - 14 days ago
10:32 when emos barf
Some Ppl
Some Ppl - 14 days ago
Link did the woah in the intro
Lucid Nightmare
Lucid Nightmare - 15 days ago
YES, i got all 3!
Video: round 4!
Jana Boxwood
Jana Boxwood - 17 days ago
Double packing thinks in plastic makes me mad. It's unnecessary use of plastic.
Everything Twice
Everything Twice - 17 days ago
12:32 rave
No Name
No Name - 18 days ago
I thought it said Faze Banks
Allison K
Allison K - 21 day ago
Harijs Dzerve
Harijs Dzerve - 21 day ago
Does anyone knows where to get that colorful shirt? :)
Twilight Fox
Twilight Fox - 21 day ago
Link: dies
Rhett: That is not tasty.
Both screaming internally XD
Sayori chan
Sayori chan - 22 days ago
Gacha Violet
Gacha Violet - 22 days ago
10:41 Rhett turned into a monster or something. Something disgusting
AppleTweakPro - 22 days ago
do they actuallly record this in the morning?
andy ford
andy ford - 23 days ago
They remind me of those two from home alone lmao
AFTERSHOCK ZJ1074 - 23 days ago
That is my favourite intro
Ethan Mojo
Ethan Mojo - 23 days ago
Rhett has debt?
Thomas Richard
Thomas Richard - 24 days ago
Born into a world of science, where biology and imaging allow us to see real genders.
Mohammad Nademi
Mohammad Nademi - 26 days ago
You see Rhett and Link turn into zombies
Vraltz - 26 days ago
why does this feel eerie
Job Phillip
Job Phillip - 27 days ago
*It's good mythical night*
Sonic Aidan
Sonic Aidan - 27 days ago
Face Banks
AllyyyTheGator - 29 days ago
“Eat it daddy!”
Mimi Lebt
Mimi Lebt - Month ago
My cat subscribed your channel by sitting on my phone 😂
Karina Deer Love
Karina Deer Love - Month ago
I saw most people use that face bank and it worked... I think technology of that thing got a little crabby. 🤔 💭
Allison Combs
Allison Combs - Month ago
5:35 that’s what she said
Crafty Corner
Crafty Corner - Month ago
thanks for giving me some laughs while i'm sick!
Jeffrey Peng
Jeffrey Peng - Month ago
10:53 Link looks like he did it for Halloween
Julia Urbańska
Julia Urbańska - Month ago
Hold up, are those loughs Real????
Kaylee Dockham
Kaylee Dockham - Month ago
1:30 to skip the Capital One promo
Jacob Vermillion
Jacob Vermillion - Month ago
Face bank , faze bank. Hmmmmm
Roslynd Antinori
Roslynd Antinori - Month ago
Gender stereotypes???
spongebob squarepants
spongebob squarepants - Month ago
Neck+ exercizer= nexersizer
Connor Ward
Connor Ward - Month ago
I was eating when I watched this 😐
Ted Zhang
Ted Zhang - Month ago
They look like the engineers in Prometheus when they are the ink
Melvin Tan
Melvin Tan - Month ago
Animatronic cockroach, reminds me of FNAF
borb memes
borb memes - Month ago
Gabriela Natalia
Gabriela Natalia - Month ago
rhett had me crying with the neck thing 😂
Tiffany Chesney
Tiffany Chesney - Month ago
Idk why but i honestly thought capital one was a hotel
Isaac Daniels
Isaac Daniels - Month ago
You would not love to cuddle with a cuttlefish
Skyblue 05
Skyblue 05 - Month ago
I lost it at 12:22
Chaos: International
Chaos: International - Month ago
4:35 are we just going to ignore that or something?
Katy Magner
Katy Magner - Month ago
Anyone remember that show Dinosaurs with the baby that would say "Not the baby"? That's the same mouth!!!
DaerB TaC
DaerB TaC - Month ago
Yes but it says not the mama
Katy Magner
Katy Magner - Month ago
Link looks particularly delicious in this video... Though he is always a snack lol
Axel Lewis
Axel Lewis - Month ago
Plynx Umbridge
Plynx Umbridge - Month ago
9:50 "It's kinda st *ink* "
Cuttlefish is like a C'thulu squid because the tentacles are on the face-type area.
And... I don't think you're really supposed to eat an entire spoonful at once.
Arthas Menethil
Arthas Menethil - Month ago
Another thing you have to consider is the amount of people you left reviews. Very few people left a review on tat UFO thing, and given it's clearly not meant to do anything, they gave it 5 stars cause they knew that. I guarantee a lot more people bought the roach, and thats just more people to give it 1 star reviews.
LostLight841 - Month ago
LostLight841 - Month ago
Your boi Poda da beavo
😂 that was so funny how the face bank ate the coin
Gears of Creativity
Gears of Creativity - Month ago
I'd say worm lose the rating because really really bad packaging.
Louise Henderson
Louise Henderson - Month ago
Emily Hamilton
Emily Hamilton - 15 days ago
My favorite quote of this whole episode 😂
James Hooker
James Hooker - Month ago
12:14 listen to it with ur eyes closed
Ryan Beach
Ryan Beach - Month ago
This intro warms my heart
suryansh srivastava
suryansh srivastava - Month ago
At 12:30 *okay! I've seen enough of the internet*
YaGirl IsTired
YaGirl IsTired - Month ago
The cuddlefish ink made Rhett and Link look like the Mouth of Sauron
victoria joy
victoria joy - Month ago
I'm actually sick with the flu and the cuddlefish ink almost made me hurl
that was legitness
that was legitness - Month ago
“Oh - ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-hooo.... ho-ho-hoooo my gosh” 😂😂😂😂😂
“that was the thumbnail”
yet it’s neither link or the cuttlefish ink 😂
It’s Rhett with the face bank 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Rigel - Month ago
5:06 moisturize me 😂😂😂
Rebecca Tenny
Rebecca Tenny - Month ago
10:32 is Rhett an old man
John Edelmann
John Edelmann - Month ago
They should have Matthias from 'Dope or Nope' on this show.
I think they'd interact well.
Tiereney Ulmer
Tiereney Ulmer - Month ago
The money eating face bank tried so hard and got so far but in the end it didn't even matter
QWUMe - Month ago
12:35 ted karcynskis mug shot
Roniya Rose
Roniya Rose - Month ago
Link: "what if it were flying"
*tosses it across the table*
Bass Boy
Bass Boy - Month ago
At 14:45 link smashes the camera
arnaj blimp
arnaj blimp - Month ago
Anyone watch dope or nope

The ufo detector and the cockroach
Lily Brennan
Lily Brennan - Month ago
Do you remember dope or nope reviewing those products?
spideylover - 2 months ago
I actually have the neck exerciser, it works pretty well
Kyle - 2 months ago
hahaha this episode was completely off the rails
Tamar Smith
Tamar Smith - 2 months ago
The reason the ufo detector wins is cause not a lot people buy it and this that do are already losing it so they rate it five starts lol
Sarah Binford
Sarah Binford - 2 months ago
Both of the first two products were in the same dope or nope video. 🤔
Joslynn Herrera
Joslynn Herrera - 2 months ago
The face bank looks like Voldemort
Kate L
Kate L - 2 months ago
“Maybe it needs to be flying”
Lakeisha Joshy
Lakeisha Joshy - 2 months ago
I laughed so hard😂😂😂😂😂
Fried Mayo
Fried Mayo - 2 months ago
7:13 i’m dEAD
John Goodman
John Goodman - 2 months ago
The "coin eater" is in reality a soft banana slicer... Quite effective actually...
Time Waster
Time Waster - 2 months ago
Moonbot 7
Moonbot 7 - 2 months ago
The kid bank looks like the baby from the show Dinosaurs
Sparky The Dutch angle dragon
I died from laughter
Phoenix The dutchie
Phoenix The dutchie - 2 months ago
I have seen that face bank someone tried to resell it as meep moop its frickin scary 🥺
Naomi Blackford
Naomi Blackford - 2 months ago
I’m crying over the
“What’s the flavor?”
“The flavor? You eat your kids?”
Photelegy - 2 months ago
They did so good and now it isn't even in the thumbnail 😂
Yomama 8658
Yomama 8658 - 2 months ago
5:50, that piggy bank though
Dominick Justave
Dominick Justave - 2 months ago
I bet Steve is so cute 😶
Molly Coleman
Molly Coleman - 2 months ago
And its 2 days from my birthday
Jennifer Finney
Jennifer Finney - 2 months ago
Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn - 2 months ago
Do not watch GMM in bed while your hubby is next to you asleep! OMG, I'm literally lying here with tears running down my face and even though I was able to laugh silently, the bed was shaking! That darn neck excersizer just got me.
varun siddharth
varun siddharth - 2 months ago
10:00 you look like to bies
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