How to pick the RIGHT video card!

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Mr_Pike - 2 hours ago
*looks at bank account*
Pretty easy choice
Zhihu - Day ago
Update this video pls...really don’t know whether to get a 2060 super or 5700...
Mwux - Day ago
JayzTwoCents: “you dont really see blower style coolers in 2019 anymore”
AMD: “Hold my beer”
Mr Howie
Mr Howie - 2 days ago
Maybe touch on VR next time...
Błażej Ciesiński
Błażej Ciesiński - 3 days ago
Hey guys and hey Jayz! which, in your opinion, 2080ti variant is the best?
a) using at stock and
b) for overclocking (not hardcore OC, just mediocre enthusiast OC)
Butchaa - 6 days ago
I’m buying new gaming laptop in like 3 days and my budget is above 1000$ and below1500$
What can I get?
I’m thinking to choose 1660 ti or rtx 2060 or maybe 1080 if I can but if lesser I would go for 1060 at least 🥰
Nelson Rateau
Nelson Rateau - 4 days ago
Idk about laptops, but for that money u can buy a very heavy PC
Bob Hans
Bob Hans - 6 days ago
Vega 56?
Bob Hans
Bob Hans - 6 days ago
Lol, and it’s a blower in an itx
Joel Almaraz Calle
Joel Almaraz Calle - 6 days ago
Im a noob
Rafiq Razak
Rafiq Razak - 8 days ago
why is this guy so angry almost all the time? its like he is not satisfied with his life.
Wolf Master
Wolf Master - 9 days ago
Can you make a budget $400 pc?
Karl Walker
Karl Walker - 9 days ago
STRIX 1080 ti, there I have said it lol:)
Angel Srx
Angel Srx - 12 days ago
1:41 nice
Cyprian Guerra
Cyprian Guerra - 12 days ago
Already outdated, lol.
George Nowikowski
George Nowikowski - 13 days ago
Hey JTC, trying to upgrade my lenovo because my game performance is choppy. I downloaded a joulemeter and my avg is 130w....Im and old school guy just learning and also upgrading myself....You are throwing alot of info out there so i need to know what do i actually need for power and grapics card so i can continue gaming
north wiebesick
north wiebesick - 14 days ago
So... I have a somewhat older yet still gaming quality Dell optiplex 7010 computer with a single slot 1GB RAM AMD card, (the PC is 1 model below full tower size) and it may be getting to the point where I should replace it, as the fan works, but it doesn't take much to stop the fan in it's tracks, and give it a nudge to start spinning again, but that said I need a form factor that is for the mini-tower, I think it's called, are there any cheap options out there, that are perhaps 2gigs of onboard ram, or maybe 4gigs, that fit my form factor, that don't require any special power cables, aside from maybe a sata power cable, if using sata to power them is a thing, that would work for moderate video editing, and gaming??? The only requirements are that it should support 1 DVI and 1 DISPLAYPORT, like my current one does... Also, when I do buy one it's a price range of preferably 0$ but a maximum of 100$... I'm serious guys, I'm flat broke, living at home, and just wrecked my car, aaand... Oh yeah, in the middle of trying to find new employment, as I need money to replace said car...😭😭😭 I have my dad's car to borrow, once he gets it from the shop, AGAIN, but I digress... I need a good card and the cheaper the better... And my system does have holes for venting on the side of the case too, although it only has 1 or 2 fans in the entire thing, not counting the PSU...
Rick Ramsowr
Rick Ramsowr - 14 days ago
I work in the world of construction, so the question is what graphics card is best for reading and working on blueprints? Any ideas?
Sweat Exb0rne
Sweat Exb0rne - 13 days ago
Rick Ramsowr depends on what your working on, it can be like $500-10000, so what you said isn’t that clear
Tae Joon Ahn
Tae Joon Ahn - 19 days ago
I hope you to get graphics cards with the best price in the country! will be definitely cheaper than any websites. Visit and email me!
Steven - 20 days ago
I've been postponing buying a new gaming pc since end of 2017... My patience is being tested.
J. Hendriks
J. Hendriks - 16 days ago
Everything YouTube
Everything YouTube - 20 days ago
New viewer, new sub too👌
Jagger Jagger
Jagger Jagger - 21 day ago
I thought I knew stuff about PC's until I watched this video I had no idea what most of this stuff ment
Jakob Thompson
Jakob Thompson - 22 days ago
So, for my build I’m doing an AORUS RTX 2080... thoughts?

Yes, I know it’s heavier, and yes I know it runs a bit hotter than other cards like it
IrelandVonVicious - 22 days ago
Find the best budget card ((Buy used to stretch that budget)) and understand if you can pay more for best value card or better than do it.
Once you see the value card ((rx580 or gtx1060)) realize that it's longevity will be a bit weak and step up one card above it.
You are now at the price point of slight ouch with decent value and longevity. ((rx590 or gtx1070))
These cards will handle your 1440p at 60hz or 1080p at 144hz.

If you still have money to burn get something better and brag to your friends until they get something better for less money in a couple years.
This is where the longevity and price start to go way up v.s. performance especially when you factor in needing a good enough monitor to actually use the extra performance.
Mr.L.A. - 23 days ago
Good Lord them evga cards over there looking like my dick BEEFY AF
Xzality - 23 days ago
ok, ill buy a rtx titan
44c - 23 days ago
im a noob :(
Ethan Looney
Ethan Looney - 24 days ago
This video was absolutly useless. You litterally just talked about the size of the cards. That's useless talk about the differences in what they do
Kent Livingston
Kent Livingston - 25 days ago
Still running my GTX 1080ti 11g blower. Runs great.
akmed calamary
akmed calamary - 24 days ago
hrodj forge
hrodj forge - 27 days ago
Wasn’t the guide I expected but I subscribed
MrZaRaKi82 - 27 days ago
More like "How to pick GeForce card", can u please stop shilling for green team and give unbiased opinions
Doggo - 27 days ago
You want some salt with that salt sir?
C.S. - 27 days ago
Ninja in 25 years.
JA_TSR - 23 days ago
do you kiss your mother with that mouth
dragon hunter
dragon hunter - 27 days ago
can you do a guide on matching gpu's with cpu's with each generation of cpu as i have a forth gen i5 paird with a gtx970 and i am looking to upgrade to a ryzen 5 and im worried that it that gtx 970 will not use the full potential of the ryzen 5.
sxk - 23 days ago
Make sure you have fast ram, it makes a difference with ryzen
Frostysaturn49 - 28 days ago
What is this *budg-et* I’ve heard so much about?
Steve Reynolds
Steve Reynolds - 29 days ago
Needs more ads
Uros Stanisic
Uros Stanisic - Month ago
Is it worth getting an RX 580 now?
Uros Stanisic
Uros Stanisic - 29 days ago
@Ties Im buying a pc for 450$. It contains: Rx 580 8gb i7 3rd gen 16gb ram I know it's not the best rig, but that's the best I can afford. I will only play multiplayer games and some lower spec games, and I will play new games on my ps4.
Ties - 29 days ago
Uros Stanisic I think it’s not the best choice for your money.
daRkNezZ - Month ago
jeez i hate how you handle these cards... some of them you just swing around and rub all over the chipside... if i hadnt just bought a new pc id kill for those xD
anOm gurumayum
anOm gurumayum - Month ago
Jay will u be my neighbour?
BodArt - Month ago
gift me one of those grahpic cards!
daRkNezZ - Month ago
Never Noobie
Never Noobie - Month ago
Can some one help my find parts formy pc i dont even know what im doing
It's BEO
It's BEO - Month ago
Get whatever storage you want also because you'll be left with a lot of money
It's BEO
It's BEO - Month ago
Np make sure to pirate windows and get a key from SCDKey
Never Noobie
Never Noobie - Month ago
It's BEO
It's BEO - Month ago
So maybe get Ryzen 7 2700 Rx 580 8gb Msi x470 motherboard Ddr4 3200mhz Phanteks eclipse p350x 650w corsair psu 80+ gold Rgb fans
Never Noobie
Never Noobie - Month ago
My busget is $1000 but im not trying to spend lots on one thing and then little for the other parts
Goran Šimic
Goran Šimic - Month ago
Just buy PS4 Pro instead!
Goran Šimic
Goran Šimic - Month ago
And you are intelligent 🤓. Have a nice day.
Dylan James
Dylan James - Month ago
Goran Šimic you’re stupid
Ban Greed
Ban Greed - Month ago
Okay good, now I only need money can you hook me up Jay?
DHK - Month ago
I want to play APex Legend what GPU should i use for budget
Peace ketchup
Peace ketchup - Month ago
Rx 580 is definitely the best budget gpu
I’mnotgay Gay
I’mnotgay Gay - Month ago
Which one to choose for streaming and gaming?
BldgWha7 - Month ago
Best value card is the 1070 ti, you can find them for $250-$280 on eBay brand new
Streetsy - Month ago
I’m a n00b. And I clicked it.
Hayden Benninghofen
Hayden Benninghofen - Month ago
My wallet decides which one I choose
sonicworm - Month ago
the reason pc gaming is at an all time high is because the first wave of playstation and xbox users are now in there late 30s or early 40s with more money and a desire for more than a console can offer
BytemeVV -
BytemeVV - - Month ago
...Anticipation and Prepared for *_...Cyberpunk 2077_*
cocopenguin21 - Month ago
The thickness 🤣
Nyssaki - Month ago
I thought this was a guide for n00bs. Spends tons of minutes talking about overclocking (shouldn't that be a whole different video?) 👍 Still had a few nice points to learn from though :D Thank you!
jergernice1 - Month ago
wow im so bad. in the last 2 years ive had then sold out desparation then "need" a card in order.
1080 bought for $500
1080ti $800
2080ti $1400
vega64 $320
2080 current.... $700

clearly the vega 64 was the best value...after undervolting and overclocking.
however dlss allowed me to enjoy exodus a bit more at 4k vs 1440p and yes 4k dlss looked better than 1440p
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