How to pick the RIGHT video card!

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Caoimhin Niall
Caoimhin Niall - 4 hours ago
I look at it as I know a fair bit by now....but I can always know more, and with two many variations out now. Especially on Nvidia's side, you need to really stay sharp and concentrate. So you don't end up buying something that is a rip off, or not right for your needs, price e.t.e So that's why I there......
Yeets In Blyat
Yeets In Blyat - 6 hours ago
Guys, don’t bother thinking about it. There is literally no reason to go for any GPU other than 4 way SLI RTX Titans, like come on!
DGC Channel
DGC Channel - 6 hours ago
Thumbs up for JayzTwoCents to doing an entire screw guide (No pun intended) XD
Jeffrey McCune 85
Jeffrey McCune 85 - 7 hours ago
Good video... but damn, greedy much?
5 ads in a 14 minute video... niiice!
Simon McNeilly
Simon McNeilly - 10 hours ago
So many puns, missed.
TheMotivator - 10 hours ago
A guide focusing on low-profile graphics cards would be useful.
Daniel Halberstadt
Daniel Halberstadt - 12 hours ago
I didn't click for a history class. show me whats relevant
Sc0ttishGamer88 - 13 hours ago
Msi gtx 1060 6gb. Not sure where this falls on the scale. I paid a fair bit for it, with a healthy discount. Never used a gaming pc before this. Have no idea about overlooking.
Fans, i only have one (cash is tight) is it better on intake or exhaust whilst i wait for cash flow.
rkseifert - 13 hours ago
Totally miss read the title. Thought it said How to brick the right card.
King Diola
King Diola - 14 hours ago
Rtx 2080 ti
xanvavy - 14 hours ago
I'm a noob. Thank you for posting videos for us 👍
slakr2386 - 17 hours ago
What is the best budget CPU that works with a RTX 2080 or a 1080ti can someone give me a link to a video also I don't wanna have bottled down due to my CPU ?
Mihók Bulcsú
Mihók Bulcsú - 23 hours ago
I need all!
Quick question: I have an FX8150 and a RX580 and my cpu is definitely bottlenecking, even though I still enjoy 1440p gaming seemingly with no problem. But I do want to upgrade to Ryzen, the question is what CPU would be ideal to upgrade to in order to pair perfectly with the RX580.
Right now I'm looking at a B450 with the 2700, that is the price range, or I could go with the X470 and 2600X, or wait till 3rd gen.
Also, should I consider getting another RX580 for crossfire, do all games support that? It's a good price now, and upgrading to Radeon VII is out of the question.
freethinker4liberty - 5 hours ago
+EvoBeard Man, that was an awesome reply, thank you very much. I will have to think about it, but definitely you already talked me out of the 6 core. I definitely need cores, as besides gaming and streaming I do video editing and lots of multitasking, and there is nothing worse than waiting 12 hours for a 2 hour movie to encode into HEVC with my FX. As far as the RX580, it's 8GB, I am on a budget and already far overpaid for this card, like 3x what it is today because it was the mining craze a year ago. It's still a good mining card even with the crappy prices for coins, but that would be another advantage of getting a second RX580, I just want to know what I can expect from adding one more, will I get like RTX2070 performance out of two RX580s? In all games, or just some? Also, should I then definitely get the X470 over the B450 since I would want to maximize crossfire, or does it not matter?
EvoBeard - 16 hours ago
Are you gaming only? Streaming or editing/use of the extra cores/threads? If Just gaming and streaming, you can drop to a 2600/X, especially if you plan on dropping in a Ryzen 3000. B450 vs X470 is more about your needs from the board. B450s have less SATA and less USB ports, you'll also lose 1 or 2 of those SATA ports if you use an M.2. You can however, get very good B450 motherboards that will cater to not only the high end Ryzen 2000, but overlock them to their capabilities also, assuming non-extreme cooling solutions and target frequencies. [] -Anything mid-mid ranged and higher on that chart. If it suits your needs, a good B450 board with a 2600/X will be more than ample, opt for a 2700X if you need the extra threads and don't plan on upgrading. Note that Zen2 is due to bring PCiE Gen4 and will only be available on the 5XX Chipsets, so if you're happy with the rumoured extra cores, clocks speed and IPC Zen2 will bring, buy whatever board you will take into the future, and a 2600/X, then when Zen2 comes out, sell your CPU and grab the 'supposed' 8/16 R5 or even the 12/24 R7 if you so desire. Keep in mind that even the 2400 will best your FX, if you're looking at a placeholder. I have the 2600 (which is comparable to my 5820k so I'm happy), and if the rumours are true, I'll be grabbing the 3600X and focusing on GPU/Case upgrades only. As for Crossfire with your 580, is it 4 or 8gb? Keep in mind that VRAM doesn't stack (apart from very few games like AoTS?), so you'll still be limited by VRAM, plus you will be susceptible to stuttering/scaling issues as and when. When CFX works it'll be great, but generally speaking you're gonna have much less hassle going with a single card solution.
JMUDoc - Day ago
I got a £200 used card and stuck a £60 aftermarket cooler on it.
Why? Because SILENCE.
Temmo Rijken
Temmo Rijken - Day ago
I'm looking for a gtx 1660ti and i5 9400F, is that a good combo and what is a good mobo with that?
Ninerow - Day ago
Zonker Harris
Zonker Harris - Day ago
Stop with the disclaimers... if people are bitching, they just like bitching. It was a useful video.
d4zzyb - 2 days ago
Dude, behind you outside the window looks like the System of a Down Toxicity album cover
Burnt Toast.
Burnt Toast. - Day ago
d4zzyb Holy shit it does
pyro226 - 2 days ago
Step 1) Don't buy the GTX 1650
pyro226 - 2 days ago
+Andrew Cobb Andrew Cobb At launch, both the 1660 and 1660Ti were good values. AMD / retailers dropped $10 off the 570 and 580. Vega 56 dropped $100. All of this was to bring it in line with Nvidia's performance / $. The PCI powered versions are only going to be worse. The valid use cases are fairly niche (pointed ways around in previous reply). I wouldn't buy the card, and I'm a Nvidia fanboy after being screwed by AMD's linux drivers.
Andrew Cobb
Andrew Cobb - 2 days ago
+pyro226 You misunderstand. I'm not saying reviewers didn't explain the driver issues. I'm saying the drivers issues pissed off the reviewers, so they didn't bother explaining the merits of the card. They only trashed it. It has plenty of completely valid use cases. It performs exactly as one should have expected it to. Also, like *all* nvidia cards, it is over priced. I'm just saying it would have been reviewed better and would have been received better if not for the issue with the late driver release
pyro226 - 2 days ago
+Andrew Cobb Hardware Unboxed explained the driver issue. It's 10% slower on average USING THE NEW DRIVERS in the 12 games they tested, but it's by roughly a 20% margin on half of the games. That's for the 6-pin powered version. The version that draws only PCI power will only be slower. Upgrading the PSU on old OEM PCs is generally a good idea anyway and can be done for as low as $25 if waiting for a sale. For mini builds, I would either go fully Integred with a 2400G, or I would build using a case that allows for large cards (Fractal 500 / CM 130 can fit Titans).
Andrew Cobb
Andrew Cobb - 2 days ago
An RX 570 outperforms a 1650, but it's not always a better buy. It's a different class of card, it's a completely different power envelope - and for the huge number of situations where an RX 570 requires a PSU upgrade, yeah, a 1650 is a better buy. Which has always been what that particular place in the card hierarchy has been about. The only reason why the GTX 1050 and 1050ti were ever recommended in actual builds instead of upgrades to prebuilds is because of the GPU shortage during the mining craze. Honestly, everyone is shitting on the 1650 because of the driver issue, not because of the way it performs. Reviewers were just pissed off about the drivers so they didn't bother explaining that for Nvidia. Viewers just take it at face value, because it's just easier to jump on this bandwagon of believing that Nvidia is somehow ashamed of the 1650 being outperformed by the 570, and it makes them feel like they're part of something - part of getting a swipe in after feeling slighted. I own an RX 570. It's an amazing card for the money. I also know how hot and huge this thing is. I wouldn't put this in an itx build under any circumstances. I just wouldn't. You could easily incorporate a 1650 into an ITX build, or slap it into an off lease dell without any PSU upgrades necessary, and bam, you've got a 1080p gaming machine.
christian bernaldez
christian bernaldez - 2 days ago
An rx 570 would be better to buy than a 1650
Jason - 2 days ago
Hazem Abbas
Hazem Abbas - 2 days ago
Which 1660 ti card has the best cooling?
m6u3 - 2 days ago
Jay it was autoplay!! I didn't click it, anyways good info
DasBaumJunge - 3 days ago
Or you use Radeon
TLK_ JDesab YT
TLK_ JDesab YT - 3 days ago
13:28 makes him look like a molester
Patrick Lane
Patrick Lane - 3 days ago
Any1 know what build I should get? Want to utilize my 244hz monitor on fortnite.
Omega Lul
Omega Lul - 3 days ago
Whats ur budget?
Wille King
Wille King - 3 days ago
Can you say the n word
Bouncingthund3r - 3 days ago
@JayzTwoCents What is your opinion on the Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 paired with an Intel Core i3 8100 for a budget build? Something is telling me that it might be a bad idea.
skipaahn skipeehn
skipaahn skipeehn - 2 days ago
1030 is really really REALLY bad... trust me buy an rx 570 or 580 and you will be good for at least 2-years plus you get 2 free games by purchasing the card.. cheers!
Flaming Lion
Flaming Lion - 3 days ago
1:49 Thanks Jay u just saved 13 minutes of my life
henzero - 3 days ago
building a complete new rig, had a 770, so far im settled on the GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2060 GAMING OC 6G. Was looking first at 1660Ti but the price difference to jump 2060 wasn't that big, guess only time will tell if im making the right choice :D
zergtoss1 - 2 days ago
Just wait a few more months for navi then make your decision before you blindly let nvidia rape your wallet.
Josh V
Josh V - 4 days ago
Ryzen 6c with a 2070? Bottleneck or nah?
Reverse Ghoul
Reverse Ghoul - 2 days ago
If u are gonna get a 2080 get Ryzen 7
Josh V
Josh V - 3 days ago
+Reverse Ghoul yea I was gonna go with the newest ryzen 6c.. prob get my buddy 2 oc it also. Think a 2080xx would be best or stick with 2070? 🤷‍♂️
Reverse Ghoul
Reverse Ghoul - 3 days ago
Josh V it’s a good match but Ryzen 7 would be better 2nd gen
Ecktor - 4 days ago
“Graphics cards! How do you choose?!”
By owning Fort Knox?
Gustav Triegaardt
Gustav Triegaardt - 4 days ago
Shit video
Andre Klumpe
Andre Klumpe - 5 days ago
Hey Jay. If i know i wanna watercool the card should just buy the cheapest Version that has a waterblock availble?
Andre Klumpe
Andre Klumpe - 5 days ago
I could probably afford the more expensive cards but i wanna safe money if i can
MegaBadDemon - 5 days ago
There is something wrong with youtube
I've been a subscriber to your channel for 3 years maybe and i haven't seen your videos in my feed for while so i looked up your channel and guess what! Unsubscribed . Why the heck would they remove my subscription
Matthew Urynowicz
Matthew Urynowicz - 5 days ago
Do the same video but everyone does panels,GPU and CPU in different videos. Why not take the top 5 panels and say ok panel a should be pared with these GPU and These CPU. Maybe talk about the performance of FPS on them. Some day I want to update my FX8350 and 980ti and a ultra wide 1080 to a 4k set up. But man it hard to know I'm will a ryzen 2700x be able to run a 2080ti or whatever new cards are at 4k with out bottle necking.
Divine Dragon Z
Divine Dragon Z - 5 days ago
What if you have a rig already and instead of upgrading to a newer card just going sli with the card you already have in your rig. I have a msi 980 ti. Wouldnt it be more cheaper to just get another 980ti or still better to upgrade with 1 single card i understand sli is supposedly dead for the newer generation but for older gen still exists. Or just not worth it?
caleb Kovarovic
caleb Kovarovic - 5 days ago
Honestly, I just like watching these kinds of videos even though I already know what to pick
GLN TV - 6 days ago
yOu'Re so BiAS! You'Re hOldInG a NviDia CaRD iN tHe ThUMbNail, wHile the TiTle sAYs, hoW to ChoOse the riGhT CarD! nViDia pAid yOU!
ihateusernamesgrrr - 6 days ago
Chances are you've probably already done this but the same kind of video about PCUs would be cool since we tend to over buy in this area, also it's hard at times to know which brands outside the obvious are trustworthy. I'm curious to know if there's any specific PCU brands you would actually say fuck off to because they're that bad
Steven Enno
Steven Enno - 6 days ago
Wtf is wrong with these cards
They’re fucking huge....
Having bought a pcpart since 2010
blackriflex39 - 6 days ago
would a 9th gen i5 bottle neck with a 2080?
Chris V
Chris V - 5 days ago
Depends, things similar to an 9600k, and a bit lower would not bottleneck. The conception of an i5 always being a bottleneck for a high end gpu is a misconception.
Ryan vtec
Ryan vtec - 6 days ago
i want that 9800gtx+
Morad Ouafi
Morad Ouafi - 6 days ago
well the only think I want to know is how to get that rtx 2080
Anonymous243 - 7 days ago
The new 2080 TI Founder's Edition is fucking gorgeous though I wish it was designed better
Reverse Ghoul
Reverse Ghoul - 7 days ago
I wish i could go into jay's studio and grab an rtx 2080 ti and come home only to find out my power supply doesn't support it and then i cry
Reverse Ghoul
Reverse Ghoul - 3 days ago
I have a 500w power supply and if I put a rtx 2080 ti in my system there would not be enough watts for all the components I have plus a rtx 2080 ti
Patrick Lane
Patrick Lane - 3 days ago
Reverse Ghoul hey what do you mean? Im a noob but would like to know so it doesn’t happen to me.
legitBUTTS_ 69
legitBUTTS_ 69 - 7 days ago
My friend: Yoooo I bought a 1050ti for $100
Me: yeah u building a new pc?
Friend: yeah I want to use it on my mac, it doesn’t fit in any port.
Me: *Slaps face*
Luis Pereira
Luis Pereira - 7 days ago
don't know why, but was expecting help on selecting a card for each budget segment.
Ignacio Ramirez Bautista
Mommy, JayzTwoCents called me a noob!!!
RoastedPeanuts 53
RoastedPeanuts 53 - 7 days ago
Don’t make my mistake and take your grandmother’s Pentium Integrated Graphics...
bhargav blaze
bhargav blaze - 8 days ago
Do all nvidia rtx 2060 founder edition has coil whining issue ?? Because so many customers complains about it on reddit and quora 🤔🤔
S4njuro - 8 days ago
Found the channel, was hoping Jay Z was giving advice on builds, but subbed anyway!
MemeMan - 8 days ago
Haven't prices gone back up?
Chris V
Chris V - 5 days ago
Yep, this time it isnt completely miner's fault
CasePB - 9 days ago
I want a 2080 but I'm not sure which 2080 to get. There's that big fancy looking ASUS ROG STRIX, or should I get the MSI Duke, or the Gigabyte Aorus? Or just go with a dual fan ASUS? Okay so it sounds like just go for the cheapest deal. Unless it's Zotac... I hear those fail a lot.
Rockson Pereira
Rockson Pereira - 9 days ago
9Lives Network
9Lives Network - 9 days ago
so much info. i need more cores in my brain. hello jayz! -from Philippines!
AdonisGaming93 - 9 days ago
No i-m not a noob! But i watch the video anyway to support the channel and give you watch time! XD
David Shin
David Shin - 9 days ago
I'm a NOOB!!!! XD
DeafRaGe - 9 days ago
Hi, would it be possible to enable the automatic captions? It seems like a really interesting video, so it would be great for deaf and hard of hearing people to be able to understand it. Thank you!
Roccaraso - 10 days ago
I just looked at the right and I was like: WTF, that is a shit ton of GPU’s, what do you need them for? To make a film? Kidding of course but I think there are a couple thousands of dollars on that shelf if not over 10k in value
Richard Dale
Richard Dale - 11 days ago
How can a noobs video not discuss what resolution you are targeting and at what frame rate? Two most important factors when choosing a GPU. The physical size is pretty self evident.
Urban Reviews
Urban Reviews - 11 days ago
I went w used Vega 64, Ryzen 1700x ($370,$170) 1st build coming soon .. lost when it comes to overclocking tho
soap on a rope
soap on a rope - 11 days ago
Still don't know what I need and more importantly what I don't need just want to game in 1080p with 100+ fps
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson - 11 days ago
soap on a rope me too I was considering the 2060 but I want to wait till the new intel gpu releases
jad1920 - 12 days ago
I think a fan Guide would be nice.
darth trip
darth trip - 12 days ago
Im looking to play vrchat on a budget and i don't mind buying used parts but my gtx550ti isn't cutting it at 4-10 fps at 1080p on desktop mode (i hope to buy vr gear in a year or so) in your professional opinion what would be the cheapest way i could bump that up to about 90fps?
darth trip
darth trip - 8 days ago
+mrpvsts thanks for the help
mrpvsts - 10 days ago
1050 ti, i5, 16gb ram.
Arnis Xhata
Arnis Xhata - 12 days ago
5 ad breaks + paid promotion you really milking sh!t
Raivis Indr
Raivis Indr - 13 days ago
So I would spend 500gbp on a GPU. So, should I pick 1080ti or I guess I can get 2070 for the same money?
Mladi Gospodar
Mladi Gospodar - 10 days ago
2070 ofc
bigtrucker26 - 13 days ago
Why did I click this video? To support my favorite Jayztwocents.....
Hatif Neyaz
Hatif Neyaz - 14 days ago
I picked a video card for myself and now cannot play any games on it!!!!😑
csandazoltan - 14 days ago
I'm Sorry Jay, i have not found this video helpful, it was about bios and fan design. That does not help for me to which one to buy.
I have a 750ti, which is in a need to be upgrade. I'm not a AAA gamer, i don't play the shiny titles, but a new game, Satisfactory makes my long term buddy bleed.
I'm not for all ultra settings, i'm able to compromise.
I had an eye out for a 1050ti as a successor, but even that becomes obsolete pretty soon. I went up for a 1060 3gb (i know i know, you hate that) but in performance, it would be good for me.
But then 6gb version is not that much expensive, after that the new 1660 is not that much more expensive.

So i am stuck in this frickin' loop, where i want a durable gpu for not recent titles (FFXIV, Satisfactory, Diablo 3, eve online) with medium to high 1080p@60, but "With a little bit more i can have a better experience"
Sorry again Jay, i don't overclock, i don't care about the fans, i'm a function, before form guy...
Yopyop - 11 days ago
already got one? try vega 56 airboost if you got a good power adapter. The card is not quiet, but is a powerhouse for 270 Euros. Or try the 1660ti if you like. Dont... pls dont buy the 1060 3gb
Sean Larabee
Sean Larabee - 14 days ago
Much appreciate this video. Not exactly a noobie, been a systems engineer for 26 years, but I haven't built a pc from the ground up in 20+ years so I'm a little behind on the video card technology. Doing a Threadripper build for a home lab and the kids to play games on and I was just a little bit sideways trying to sort out all the video card choices, so thanks much.
J2 digital
J2 digital - 15 days ago
Motherboards would be my vote to break down. I think they can definitely be a like more abstract in that it is easy to miss something that you might need or even vice versa. Getting a bunch of stuff you don't need
itmrvhinSHOW - 14 days ago
hope you can help me out for my pc graphic card
TAGEtheMAGE - 15 days ago
Still rocking a Gtx 1080 paired with 1440p 144hz Freesync IPS Monitor.
Most likely will wait for an Intel Gpu or whatever the next 80 or 80Ti series
GAREEB RIDER - 16 days ago
I picked Sapphire nitro + RX580 4gb for 130 dollar used almost like new condition...
GAREEB RIDER - 6 days ago
+itmrvhinSHOW You should also upgrade you power supply buy Corsair VS550 with 1660ti card
itmrvhinSHOW - 6 days ago
+GAREEB RIDER Lenovo ThinkCentre M910S Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 that will be fit here?
itmrvhinSHOW - 6 days ago
+GAREEB RIDER it will fit sir ? on my pc? bcoz I have Lenovo ThinkCentre M910S Intel(R) HD Graphics 630
GAREEB RIDER - 6 days ago
+itmrvhinSHOW I suggest you should take a new Zotac 1660ti with the small form factor great performance and very power efficient...
itmrvhinSHOW - 6 days ago
+GAREEB RIDER what would be a great graphics card for my pc Lenovo Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz
blue_ sky
blue_ sky - 16 days ago
Ultrawide gsync monitor bottleneck, so you really only need 2080
Gouch311 - 17 days ago
March madness with your ads!
Darkmist102 - 17 days ago
Actually this is really informative!!! Subbed and liked. Keep up the good work
Alfred War
Alfred War - 18 days ago
U earned yourself a sub my friend.. thanks fr the tips
Dexter Garguena
Dexter Garguena - 18 days ago
there are no right video cards on a low spec or mid spec entry when a pc builder always focus on high end builds
zaheer abbas
zaheer abbas - 18 days ago
is 2080 ti driver isse and black screen blue screen problem fixed can i buy 2080 ti help me
stormchasingk9 - 18 days ago
Question: How do you pick the right video card?
Answer: Because the price is right. Which means atm you won't be buying anything for awhile.
jameson bryan
jameson bryan - 18 days ago
Hope I could have your old cards 🙏😊
DAVID GREGORY KERR - 18 days ago
The ASUSTEC EN9500GT is a great graphics card, just one thing you need to have a SPDIF header on the motherboard and this connects to matching header on the graphics card to provide sound when you use the HDMI port.
Radan Valenta
Radan Valenta - 18 days ago
mobo guide 👍
Its just few days back when I got into issue which GPU should I buy to replace my trusty ASUS GTX 950
After some research and checking prices I had two favorite:
EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 XC ULTRA GAMING (2 fans)
GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2060 GAMING OC PRO 6G (3 fans)
(The price over here is same for both cards).
Reason why is as I wasn't sure which one I should buy is that I have crappy Case (Zalman Z1) but with "decent" intake fan (Noctua NF-F12 iPPC-3000 PWM [Btw is that even intake fan? Or should it be used for Air cooler / rads? :D ] ).
In the end I'm going for EVGA card as in my opinion the Gigabyte card is so long it would block some air flow in case 🤷‍♂️:D
Anze/ levec
Anze/ levec - 19 days ago
Can you send me rtx 2080 ti🙄🙄🙄(to Slovenia)or titan x🙄🙄🙄
Gaby Gabi
Gaby Gabi - 16 days ago
Somite - 19 days ago
Use my like as the “cpu next video” button
Ser Noisy
Ser Noisy - 19 days ago
I'm kind of in a predicament.
with my i7 2600K @~4.2GHz and a 1080p monitor it starts to make less sense upgrading from my gtx970 except for more VRAM...
WonDoZ - 19 days ago
well , Jay i actually have a card i know what i want , but i like to watch you so to you i consider myself a noob ( NO HOMO ) :D
Sanjay Schrapel
Sanjay Schrapel - 19 days ago
The fact that EVGA has gone to a triple slot design for their basic cards is so stupid. It's short, which would be great for ITX cases, but most ITX cases cannot take a triple-slot GPU. In any other system, it blocks an additional PCI-e slot.
Colton Smorong
Colton Smorong - 19 days ago
I know in Canada, ASUS has blower style cards for the RTX line. It would be awesome to see you check those cards thermals.
Alexander Gavrilov
Alexander Gavrilov - 19 days ago
Two commercials in the middle of this confusing video that jumps all over the place... That's supposed to be for newbs... Done watching. Thumbs down. Definitely no sub.
MiguelB020 - 20 days ago
But Jay, what about the LEFT one?
yacine yacinou
yacine yacinou - 20 days ago
Oh man ! i was so damn expecting the terry crews !!!!!!!! loool
MTRX 2010
MTRX 2010 - 20 days ago
the only point of advice is get the fastest you can afford.
while i'm at it let's clear up the bottleneck myths. this is how it's supposed to go. it's okay for the GPU to wait on the CPU-resolved by faster GPU, it's not okay for the CPU to wait on the GPU, this is the only bad bottle neck, and why games run like garbage on Intel HD GPU's.
bottlenecking implies a whole lot of something trying to squeeze through a small hole. the term is loosely applied, and should probably be re-termed as CPU side or GPU side lag. it could be used to imply something like to many bits attempting to come through a pcie slot, where the pcie slot can not support the bandwidth of the card, but let's face it the card is ONLY going to process the information as fast as it can receive it. it's not at all like we're trying to cram a 1024bit card down a 64BIT slot. That's not how it works. So again, the real problem is who is waiting on who, since the when people who refer to bottlenecks, they often term them as gpu or cpu side bottlenecking. that's not right. it's not a squeeze or a funnel, it's a lag. and when the CPU gets stuck waiting on the GPU then we have slow graphics card, which is the case with just about every intel HD GPU, but if the GPU is working fast enough to where it waits on the CPU, then all is good, because we're running the game as fast as our CPU will allow. How's that for a run on sentence??
GPU's often get upgraded before CPU's do, and a majority of lag we see in upgraded systems is CPU side lag where the CPU waits on the GPU. This is fine, at least we know we're getting the most out of our CPU.
I.E. i'm running an AMD Phenom II x6 1075T over clocked to 3.6-4GHZ. depending on needs. However I'm running an EVGA GTX 980 SuperClocked. Can anyone tell who is the faster of the 2?? That's right my GPU is way faster. So I'm getting the most out of my CPU, and my GPU has a little headroom for other stuff like extra frames and FX. The AMD CPU is antiquitous, but can anyone guess my framerates on Doom2016 or Wolfenstein II: The New Collosus??
Doom2016 = 300FPS(The games built in cap), and
Wolfenstein II: The New Collusus = 400-600FPS in menus, and 120-200FPS with my fx on medium high.
Can anyone guess why my FPS is so insane with such an old CPU which has such garbage scores for single threaded processing??
While people with brand new Intel chips can't touch those FPS??
That's right, it's because my GPU is doing all the work. My system has CPU side lag, where the GPU gets stuck waiting on the CPU, that's not bad. Other wise I wouldn't be getting over 600FPS on wolfenstein with low-medium settings.
But if it had been that my CPU was stuck waiting on the GPU, can you guess what would have happened?? say for example a nice fast intel i7 with an Intel HD 620 GPU laptop?? That's right. garbage. Doom 2016 can barely squeeze 30FPS on such a fast brand new processor, because the GPU is garbage.
If you're configuration is one such that the GPU is not fast enough you will see extremely poor framerates, hiccups, stalls, and artifacts.
If by chance yer CPU is too slow to run the game, then install the fastest GPU possible. I got friends still running core2duo's and quads
with top of the line GPU's and getting incredible framerates. That's right. Core2Duo is still relevant.
Even on my AMD Phenom II x4 945(not my x6 mentioned above), I'm still getting wicked framerates
In summation, what you want is the fastest GPU you can afford. It resolves GPU side lag, and CPU side lag isn't going to hurt you if you have a proper GPU to pick up the slack.
Everything else is bullshit. Just get the fastest GPU you can afford, and everything else will fall into place. Your budget is what determines what GPU you should get. Nothing else,
because if you can't afford it, then how can you possibly get it?? You can't squeeze water from a rock. That's not how it works.
Whether you buy your GPU outright in one day, or even save for it overtime, your budget determines what GPU you should and shouldn't get.
-And if you want to figure out which GPU is the fastest you can afford, just head over to passmark and find the card with the highest benchmarks in your budget.
As I mentioned before, My cpu is probably older than a majority of people reading this, and i'm doing just fine. You could probably achieve similar FPS with a GTX 980,
and say, an intel i3 4160 3.6GHZ.
Curtis T
Curtis T - 20 days ago
I find it funny how worthless this video is with such a legit title, this video does not show you how to pick a video card based on your other hardware configuration such as a CPU, just tell you the slight differences between bios and coolers, and the more obvious differences, dude just wanted to show off his several gpus is all
MrMeraby - 20 days ago
Good video, but what would be even more helpful for me is which card(s) can drive what size monitors without overkill. So, do I need 2 2080TIs in SLI to drive my beautiful 1280x800 CRT monitor? Will my Nvidia GTX 285 card sitting in my closet be enough for the new 49" 5kx2k monitor I'm looking to buy? Okay, probably not, but a breakdown between the 20xx(ti) and 1660(ti) would be nice on a 5kx2k, 4kx1080, and so on would be quite helpful.
Devan Maison
Devan Maison - 20 days ago
Hello jayz , my name is aldevan and I live in Brazil, I have been trying to finish my pc project, but I can not because here in Brazil the prices are very high, I would like your help, I keep trying or I give up my project?
mjc0961 - 20 days ago
13:28 - _Ladies_ 😏
Maken Tosch
Maken Tosch - 20 days ago
Good to see this video to figure out the next step up from an R9 390.
Brogram Films
Brogram Films - 21 day ago
pornhub joke got my like lmao
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