Diseased Refugees Obtaining SSN and Passport Upon Arrival

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arthur c damage
arthur c damage - 10 days ago
I'm not too busy to watch that ad.....I just can't stand the sight of Alec Baldwin's fat, smug face.
Pekka Heikkinen
Pekka Heikkinen - 11 days ago
NOW when this got real publicity by tweet from President Trump, SAVE THIS VIDEO before leftist Youtube take it down !!
Pekka Heikkinen
Pekka Heikkinen - 11 days ago
SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE !! - DOWNLOADED & SAVED to the clouds in several places. YOU do the same before they take this down !!
J Queen
J Queen - 12 days ago
HIV is not transmitted via cough or sneeze.
judgementcanada - 15 days ago
Communist invasion. End of white America. Planned decades ago.
mercdan - 26 days ago
The globalists like Soros fund this to a degree once they’re here the US sucker taxpayers fund them
Postmillenial Clutchfan
Postmillenial Clutchfan - 28 days ago
Who is thia lady and how do we know ANYTHING she says is true? She gives no credentials. Why is she privvy to UN meetings? Not neaning to be a jerk, but I wish there was some background info on who this is.
profnasty - Month ago
Plenty good job available Congo.
William Matthews
William Matthews - Month ago
HIV can't be spread through a sneeze. Not sure where she got that but disappointed she said that...
Lola Smith
Lola Smith - Month ago
Josh Tolley - is this still going on. This video was for 2017.
D. O.
D. O. - Month ago
Thank you so much for coming forward and revealing this story! If only more would listen.....
LadyWar Anon
LadyWar Anon - 2 months ago
Planes don't get cleaned at all anymore. They're all filthy.
Moomy Wifey
Moomy Wifey - 2 months ago
Trump doesn't care. Immigration, legal and illegal is worse than ever. And now he's talking red flag laws. They are dumping these INVADERS here and at the same time want to disarm law abiding citizens so we can't protect ourselves. Wake up people! Trump may have began with good intentions but he got sucked up into the deep state. These globalist commie elites hate our guts and want us dead and replaced with low IQ easily controlled slaves.
Moomy Wifey
Moomy Wifey - 2 months ago
This video is over 2 years old! Imagine how much worse this all is now in 2019 and how much worse it's going to get. I took my kid out of public school partly because we were sick the entire year last school year. I know it's because of these so called "refugees".
Moomy Wifey
Moomy Wifey - 2 months ago
Since when do refugees cross vast oceans to claim asylum? Please correct me if I'm wrong but I have always thought refugees claim asylum at the first safe country they make it to. They don't cross several borders and seas to do so.
old bat
old bat - 2 months ago
and here i thought you had to work a certain number of "quarters" kinda recently to get disablilty. i havent worked in yrs and no longer qualify to get ss disability according to what i am told on my acct page.
Deborah Connor
Deborah Connor - 3 months ago
BeachGal1966 - 3 months ago
WOW! The global government is in control and many traitor politicians are allowing this! All us tax payers pay for their deviousness.
These are the people that they employ in senior and long term care facilities and end up killing the patients. Be careful!
Harvoni - 3 months ago
they all vote democrat also they are brought in and paid given everything
Harvoni - 3 months ago
what should also burn ur pickel is almost 50 percent get 2880 a month for life as they are given the max disability for nothing instantly and they get more up to have that for their kids as well
Bud Weiser
Bud Weiser - 3 months ago
areUaware - 3 months ago
"Trust the Plan"
Roma Mikhasev
Roma Mikhasev - 3 months ago
Ma Wu
Ma Wu - 3 months ago
None of this is True!! Not one single word!
I cannot believe it !!
She should be charged and jailed for spreading such a gruesome lies
Wow ...
JoshTolley - 3 months ago
What an idiotic comment.
Edward Lommox
Edward Lommox - 3 months ago
The third stage of jihad invasion. America and Europe is under globalist.
Why not bring them to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Iran, Afghanistan, and to their Muslim brothers.
It only prove that China and Japan are the bravests.
Yadja - 3 months ago
We are aware of all of this and Trump put his foot on the neck of the UN Refugee program and that is why in 2019 we suffered an invasion of millions of people. Trump stopped that also, thank God and foiled the UN and the EU and the One World Order.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
You need to upload this video to Minds. They do not censor. YouTube is going to delete this, because they will not want the truth getting out!
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
The citizens of the states are going to have to drive out the invaders. Governments are no longer protectors of America.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
Don't assume Gen Flynn is working for Turkey, as he is likely a double agent.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
These Catholic Churches are shills, setup by the globalists.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
This is probably happening in all our states. How many of these invaders are being put in food packing plants?
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
This is against the Constitution. The Constitution forbids the federal government from doing anything that threatens that states' citizens.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
These people are unemployable, they are uneducated, illiterate, and don't speak English. They are worthless to America and an extreme threat on all levels.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
The CDC claim 70% of all Africans have HIV/AIDS, which is not just incurable and contagious, it is a massive burden FOREVER on our healthcare system.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
The Congo is completely contaminated with Ebola, the deadliest INCURABLE DEADLIEST disease on the plant. It is now spreading to surrounding countries.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
It is totally impossible to vet a refugee. They have zero documents and no country stable enough to support them.
Bella Gray
Bella Gray - 3 months ago
Ryan never met a Muslim he wasn't trying to get into America.
J G - 4 months ago
Where is the captioning for the hearing impaired and deaf?
I would like to know what was being said.
Thank you!
Sara - 4 months ago
Invasion has been the plan all along! Sneaking them in is what they are doing and complete treason in my eyes. We can't even travel by plane from state to state without a star on our DL's starting on Oct 2020. What scam to Americans. Makes me sick to my stomach.
Shirley Blaylock
Shirley Blaylock - 4 months ago
The Democrat party has been co-opted by communist and Islam controlled United Nations. They are busy trying to overthrow our govt. so they can have world govt. with no borders. How obvious do they have to be before people get it? Trump can vacate Obama's Executive Orders regarding Agenda 21/30 which is a plan for world govt. with no borders.
manymusings - 4 months ago
I have serious problems with this. They are being given Social Security Disability that I paid in for BUT I was denied SSDI (that I paid for)?! I am disabled with several health conditions but the kicker is my lungs only function at 36% so there really isn't much i can do for work. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Ventricular Tachycardia, Migraine disorder, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Psoriasis. Everyday is filled with pain and not getting enough air in my lungs makes simple tasks near impossible. Pisses me off.
manymusings - 4 months ago
I am a single mom struggling. I've not had any income for over a year. I've lost almost everything I own.
calmeblondy - 4 months ago
they who brought them in need to be arrested, for putting America in danger, Health wise
Ramona Rain
Ramona Rain - 4 months ago
SO.. this is the reason , that they wanted to TAKE OUR GUNS , from us !
GrayEagle48 - 5 months ago
🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Right here on YouTube
'Patient zero' in measles outbreak is a foreigner, which is a common way outbreaks start'
News article "Mountains of trash in LA could cause bubonic plague outbreak: expert"
Typhoid Mary resurrected in LA.
News article "3 Ebola patients escape quarantine in large Congolese city amid growing outbreak"
Catch up with me on youtube. Editorial page:
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - 5 months ago
Being a coward sheep will not save you
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - 5 months ago
Pray for Josh and this woman
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - 5 months ago
I see tons of Muslims in my area and it SUCKS
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - 5 months ago
America will experience many more terrorist attacks and America will lose her freedoms.
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - 5 months ago
America needs to repent, Isaiah 9:11
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - 5 months ago
Find the documentary called “Europe’s last last America’s final warning” tells all
Laurits Jorgensen
Laurits Jorgensen - 5 months ago
This is fully scripted hate speech that is rife with falsehoods, outright lies and misdirection designed to snare the gullible and the unwary. It is a cynical attempt to mold public opinion through the use of fake news and false facts. This really does qualify as hate speech and should be banned from the internet.
David Luciano
David Luciano - 5 months ago
Sounds like a great way to screw every American citizen that is here legally and the Dems are the root cause.
Resource Room
Resource Room - 5 months ago
We guess it is up to God to clean up the mess with a prophesied pestilent attack.
Barbara Scis
Barbara Scis - 6 months ago
Thats disgusting! #Scranton #Pennsylvania Catholic social services build brand new housing complexes for them....we are infested
Barbara Scis
Barbara Scis - 6 months ago
Catholic Church has been infiltrated by communists ...ugh
u tuber
u tuber - 6 months ago
call my representative and congressman o.k!!!!!! it's obvious they are more concerned for people other than Americans!!!!!!!!!!
HPB - 6 months ago
The UN is hardly more than a glorified $anctuary city for foreign $hakedown artists.
In cahoots with the U.S. Carny Congress (aka) Public Enemy No. 1
Lara Claire
Lara Claire - 6 months ago
who is the woman you are interviewing, trying to find her vids on Common Core
Shydawg hanbowski
Shydawg hanbowski - 6 months ago
He is aware but hes not doing anything about it
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