Diseased Refugees Obtaining SSN and Passport Upon Arrival

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J G - 7 days ago
Where is the captioning for the hearing impaired and deaf?
I would like to know what was being said.
Thank you!
SMY - 21 day ago
Invasion has been the plan all along! Sneaking them in is what they are doing and complete treason in my eyes. We can't even travel by plane from state to state without a star on our DL's starting on Oct 2020. What scam to Americans. Makes me sick to my stomach.
Shirley Blaylock
Shirley Blaylock - 22 days ago
The Democrat party has been co-opted by communist and Islam controlled United Nations. They are busy trying to overthrow our govt. so they can have world govt. with no borders. How obvious do they have to be before people get it? Trump can vacate Obama's Executive Orders regarding Agenda 21/30 which is a plan for world govt. with no borders.
manymusings - 22 days ago
I have serious problems with this. They are being given Social Security Disability that I paid in for BUT I was denied SSDI (that I paid for)?! I am disabled with several health conditions but the kicker is my lungs only function at 36% so there really isn't much i can do for work. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Ventricular Tachycardia, Migraine disorder, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Psoriasis. Everyday is filled with pain and not getting enough air in my lungs makes simple tasks near impossible. Pisses me off.
manymusings - 22 days ago
I am a single mom struggling. I've not had any income for over a year. I've lost almost everything I own.
calmeblondy - 23 days ago
they who brought them in need to be arrested, for putting America in danger, Health wise
Ramona Rain
Ramona Rain - 24 days ago
SO.. this is the reason , that they wanted to TAKE OUR GUNS , from us !
GrayEagle48 - Month ago
🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Right here on YouTube
'Patient zero' in measles outbreak is a foreigner, which is a common way outbreaks start'
News article "Mountains of trash in LA could cause bubonic plague outbreak: expert"
Typhoid Mary resurrected in LA.
News article "3 Ebola patients escape quarantine in large Congolese city amid growing outbreak"
Catch up with me on youtube. Editorial page:
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - Month ago
Being a coward sheep will not save you
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - Month ago
Pray for Josh and this woman
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - Month ago
I see tons of Muslims in my area and it SUCKS
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - Month ago
America will experience many more terrorist attacks and America will lose her freedoms.
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - Month ago
America needs to repent, Isaiah 9:11
Peter Michael
Peter Michael - Month ago
Find the documentary called “Europe’s last last America’s final warning” tells all
Laurits Jorgensen
Laurits Jorgensen - Month ago
This is fully scripted hate speech that is rife with falsehoods, outright lies and misdirection designed to snare the gullible and the unwary. It is a cynical attempt to mold public opinion through the use of fake news and false facts. This really does qualify as hate speech and should be banned from the internet.
David Luciano
David Luciano - Month ago
Sounds like a great way to screw every American citizen that is here legally and the Dems are the root cause.
Resource Room
Resource Room - Month ago
We guess it is up to God to clean up the mess with a prophesied pestilent attack.
Barbara Scis
Barbara Scis - 2 months ago
Thats disgusting! #Scranton #Pennsylvania Catholic social services build brand new housing complexes for them....we are infested
Barbara Scis
Barbara Scis - 2 months ago
Catholic Church has been infiltrated by communists ...ugh
u tuber
u tuber - 2 months ago
call my representative and congressman o.k!!!!!! it's obvious they are more concerned for people other than Americans!!!!!!!!!!
HPB - 2 months ago
The UN is hardly more than a glorified $anctuary city for foreign $hakedown artists.
In cahoots with the U.S. Carny Congress (aka) Public Enemy No. 1
Lara Claire
Lara Claire - 2 months ago
who is the woman you are interviewing, trying to find her vids on Common Core
Shydawg hanbowski
Shydawg hanbowski - 2 months ago
He is aware but hes not doing anything about it
Henry Horner
Henry Horner - 2 months ago
But if we protest -- We are told we are RACISTS!
George Reichel
George Reichel - 3 months ago
This lady had better watch her back
fishing4truth - 3 months ago
This really upsets me; I detest a duplicitous government. This report is similar to the one out of West Virginia where our government is building 90 brand new homes and a mosque for a boatload of Syrian refugee families. I'm a Vietnam bet who can't even get food stamps - where's my new home?
Josie Toquinto
Josie Toquinto - 3 months ago
This is part of Soros tactics, that knows OUR LAWS, who is still trying to destroy USA by leaving this law still alive n refugees taking ADVANTAGE of this law. Army Vet 4444 described it as it is, this ppl are VERY EVIL in their hearts n Lord Jesus Christ forbid this country turn into Muslim !
Brian Couch
Brian Couch - 3 months ago
This lady is corrupt as hell. Her husband is worth millions. Why not introduce McCaskill initially?
LPN STUDENT - 26 days ago
Brian Couch where do you get your information from? Get your head out of the sand!
William Zabel
William Zabel - 3 months ago
They bring these people in by bus to your public libraries where they have people from social security and social services. They sign them up for everything.
Archibald david
Archibald david - 3 months ago
There is a myth that Trump is a "loyal" person. Loyal to WHOM !!?? Find ANYONE who Trump has NOT betrayed? Trump betrays/cheats on his wife(s) Trump betrays his Creditors everytime he declares another bankruptcy . Trump betrays employees constantly by backstabbing and cowardly "tweet firings" ...... Trump betrays his God by groveling to Israel ... Trump betrays his "base" through his breaking of EVERY promise.
peter carrick
peter carrick - 3 months ago
you morons still think trumps on your side well you get all you deserve then
zofe - 3 months ago
I could somebody be a refugee, from a country with which there's an *EXTRADITION* agreement?
Chas Peking
Chas Peking - 3 months ago
President Trump wants to play treasonous games like Bush41, Bush43, Dick Cheney and other American British freemasons? Hang him too. All these border problems and stable currency issues matter. Send illegal aliens, especially diseased ones home. THAT IS THE LAW.
i Love Cops
i Love Cops - 3 months ago
somalis have herpes and AIDS.
Mike S
Mike S - 3 months ago
Our tax dollars at work. I don't remember voting on this.
Jack Issa
Jack Issa - 3 months ago
Yellow Vest Missouri Us r Them
Réjean Gadbois
Réjean Gadbois - 3 months ago
There is no moderate islam
Celina Leeper
Celina Leeper - 3 months ago
HIV is NOT Spread by Airborne Droplets - Get the facts straight lady. It makes your credibility questionable.
Tiffany Anderson
Tiffany Anderson - 3 months ago
Hence the reason Obama phones and Obama care is still in effect! This is bullshit!
Robert Howle
Robert Howle - 3 months ago
How in the Hell are they getting past Immigration on entry?
albert finney
albert finney - 3 months ago
LEGAL and LAWFUL are not synonymous at all. Totally different concepts. Worth learning.
Pat Engness
Pat Engness - 4 months ago
.....similar to how the Pakistani Muslim Awan family SPY RING in Congress got into the country.....all tied to DebbieWS. The $HilLIARy Cabal will just KILL anyone who gets in their way: https://medium.com/@zachhaller/awan-brothers-visas-raise-questions-in-wake-of-murder-of-beranton-j-whisenant-jr-8bb6f39ab3c
Pat Engness
Pat Engness - 4 months ago
Just One reason the Cabal has to Keep DWS in her Representative's seat www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/08/officials-federal-prosecutor-investigating-fraud-wasserman-schultzs-district-shot-head-no-gun-found-scene/
cloud walker
cloud walker - 4 months ago
We need to protect for "invasion" of viruses and all kinds if diseases and telling us we need to save lives. There is no secure processing. Something is rotten in Denmark ... they're full of diseases ...
red3knight5 - 4 months ago
In That Case, most of the refugees are dead ! Government States have 800 Detention Camps with large furnace and coffins on the grounds . What does all this mean ?
Dianne S
Dianne S - 4 months ago
They can be tracked via the card. I can't believe that I am paying taxes that I can't afford only to hand over our money to these supposed "refugees". We can barely pay our bills and yet we are in the highest tax bracket - the disappearing middle class. We are disappearing because of crap like this. It's an invasion.
Lil - 4 months ago
They vanish because their organs are being harvested. #Minnesota
Bridgette Dunn
Bridgette Dunn - 4 months ago
Tons of diseases are coming from refugees, asylum seekers, border hoppers. Also bedbugs, etc. They DON'T make them get medical checkups beforehand, and if they do they just pay a doctor to give them the paperwork without doing the actual checkup because it's corrupt there. I've seen it.
Linda Forsberg
Linda Forsberg - 4 months ago
I have medical issues whereby I could apply for disability! I have chose to spare my government! Why on earth have a I been so respectful of my government! This is absolutely absurd! Please help Americans who need help even more than myself, most likely! And possibly even me, after I see how your treating our America!
Sara Shepherd
Sara Shepherd - 4 months ago
I'm glad that she is sharing this info, but it is important to correct her when she said HIV can be spread through a cough or a sneeze. That is absolutely not true. It is spread through blood and bodily fluids, such as semen or vaginal discharge. Please be fully informed before speaking on a matter.
Anthony Mitrushi
Anthony Mitrushi - 3 months ago
That's all I needed to discredit her.
larry .friend
larry .friend - 4 months ago
No state constitution allows for dual citizenship. This thinking is part of the 14th Amendment fraud.
Dom Vd
Dom Vd - 5 months ago
R.I.P. Patricia Doyle   God Bless You and Your Family
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