Terence Crawford on Meeting His Heroes | Joe Rogan

Steven d
Steven d - 23 days ago
Big Roy Jones Jr is the man!!! He got me into boxing n training n Bud is gonna be undisputed champion!!!
shockadellick - 24 days ago
I measure the greatest fighters by winning greater fighters than himself.
DiGeorge Syndrome
DiGeorge Syndrome - 24 days ago
Joe said watching RJ as a kid LOL What's the age difference?
Secure The Bag
Secure The Bag - 24 days ago
U can run across Roy fishin at fort pickens, bob sikes bridge, and the 3 mile bridge in Pensacola. I saw him at a country store in cantonment early one mornin gettin breakfast and the whole place paid him no mind. Lemme tell u how a mexican construction worker acted tho lol. Its like he saw a god. It was some michael jackson type shit. He went outside and got like 10 of his coworkers. They could barely speak english. This happened like 15 years ago when roy was the baddest man on the planet. I guarantee he remembers this story.
jabs69 - 24 days ago
Roy Jones was the consensus lb4lb best fighter from the moment he beat James Toney in Nov '94 until he was KOd by Tarver in May '04. That is truly remarkable.
Vishesh Tiwari
Vishesh Tiwari - 25 days ago
Roy Jones acknowledged this clip in his Instagram
Vishesh Tiwari
Vishesh Tiwari - 22 days ago
@Mr.Antanoff Leopold Rehman instagram.com/p/B1i5X-clBYZ/?igshid=1wrgnbusiosrm
Mr.Antanoff Leopold Rehman
Vishesh Tiwari can you send me a link? Plz
Joe Holden
Joe Holden - 25 days ago
Roy p4p best ever.
Jay - 25 days ago
Terrence doesn't have anybody to fight on Top Rank. While PBC has a whole roster they can cycle through.
Raj Jr.
Raj Jr. - 25 days ago
Roy Jones Jr vs Joe Calzaghe
Khalid DXB
Khalid DXB - 26 days ago
TC is full of respect. Shout out from Dubai.
Khalid DXB
Khalid DXB - 25 days ago
@m att you are so dumb, Rusiz vs Josuha is in Saudi Arabia ,not in Dubai. That tells us how dumb you are. So not Dubai but you suck. Hahahha. What a doosh bag.
m att
m att - 25 days ago
Khalid DXB Dubai sucks.......Idk why Ruiz vs aj is in that dump
CEO Mo - 26 days ago
Watching floyd when I was kid.. Foh Joe.
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones - 26 days ago
When is Floyd coming to the podcast??
Christianity Boxing Mafia
Roy Jones is the greatest boxer ever to step in a ring!! Big respect to Crawford!! Would love to see Jones on the show
GWOP - 27 days ago
Crawford's best Interview....
Big Boy
Big Boy - 27 days ago
*"Watching Roy Jones fight when I was a kid", how old is Joe Rogan?*
Lumison Jean
Lumison Jean - 24 days ago
Ya but he’s also Italian so you could be 24 and still be called kid lol
luke mc
luke mc - 26 days ago
Damo Jackson
Damo Jackson - 27 days ago
Would take Roy at 160 to beat any other middleweight in history of boxing.
G - 25 days ago
Damo Jackson not only middleweight tbh
I'm Mikey
I'm Mikey - 27 days ago
Roy Jones is the most talented fighter, period. P4p, I'd bet on him against anyone
Geo Wilson
Geo Wilson - 28 days ago
Jord Hurren
Jord Hurren - 28 days ago
Yo he sounds like lil yachty😭😂
allan oteyza
allan oteyza - 28 days ago
Love this guy
MrTruboy - 29 days ago
Rogan dont talk boxing plz fear factor
Jim Brackney
Jim Brackney - 29 days ago
Roy was king!!! Glad to see Terrence humble!
i OwN MLG KiDs
i OwN MLG KiDs - 29 days ago
Rogan is high ASF here. He's rambling on and on lmaoooo
Ko Kid
Ko Kid - 25 days ago
i OwN MLG KiDs me and joe are going to start the rambling Olympic s we’re gona try to out ramble each other
um me
um me - 29 days ago
he's a hype job. he's never faced anyone who's a that good. he's too small to hang with the top five in welterweight.... he's another broner and mikey. mark my words.
MrTruboy - 28 days ago
@Filippo Cedroni lmao
Filippo Cedroni
Filippo Cedroni - 28 days ago
um me he become the undisputed light welterweight champion yet he’s a hype job? Spence is straight up ducking Crawford and if you mean Mikey Garcia then I don’t think you even know what a hype job is. Mikey has proven himself multiple times that he’s a world class boxer
MrTruboy - 29 days ago
Rodney Allen
Rodney Allen - 29 days ago
Terrance Crawford is a great boxer, but he not as popular as the boxers in the 90s. You could say the same about hip hop now not being a good as it was in the 90s. I guess boxers don't get as much promotion and marketing as they did in those HBO glory days.
ros1tony - Month ago
Fight Spence already!!!
Nathan Pearce
Nathan Pearce - Month ago
Tony fergurson the kinda guy to get starstruck every time he looks in the mirror
bochafish - Month ago
Crawford has been my favorite fighter since the Gamboa fight.
Daniel B
Daniel B - Month ago
I'm sorry but no kids care about Terrance Crawford.
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 - 29 days ago
Did you ask every kid in the world?
josh hall
josh hall - Month ago
Crawford a matter of time before you a nobody again.
Tony Romo
Tony Romo - Month ago
Joe “Dallas Cowboys are the greatest team of all time” Rogan
SkinnyBoi skater
SkinnyBoi skater - 27 days ago
Angelo Garcia
Angelo Garcia - Month ago
When we going to get that Bud vs Spence fight?
antharr510 - Month ago
I’ll take a prime Roy against anybody in history
klegend0 - 13 days ago
popseed2 Robinson??? Boxing gets more advance as time goes on
Joshua Stinson
Joshua Stinson - 19 days ago
Prime Roy is the best to ever grace the sport. James Toney was considered the best P4P and a heavy favorite against Roy and got CLOWNED, ppl who say Roy fought chumps are trippin. Roy TURNED greats into chumps. Respect!
Steven d
Steven d - 22 days ago
@popseed2 if they were both in their primes it's a toss up Roy did what Robinson could not he moved up from middle weight to heavy weight n got it done but Robinson hands down one of the baddest man 2 ever do it!!!
Steven d
Steven d - 22 days ago
@popseed2 holy shit ur right my dumbass forgetting the greatest eva!!!🥊🥊🥊
popseed2 - 22 days ago
As Great As Roy was Sugar Ray Robinson was as FAST and hit as Hard he would have knocked Roy out
juanisabastard - Month ago
Joe "watching Roy Jones when I was a kid" Rogan
Jones is 50, Rogan is 52...
MrTruboy - 29 days ago
He just dont watch boxing thats all
Tony Borum
Tony Borum - 29 days ago
Ages 20-30 equal kid when you're 50
Krason Svensson
Krason Svensson - Month ago
duba be da bu ba ba buu ba be ba WHAT THE FUCK !? speak english mother fuckers! INCLUDING YOU JOE ROGAN . you all ghetto now homie??? act white get serious!
iJustBought A OneWheel Pint
Roy Jones is super aggressive and angry in person. I’ve encountered him a few times in person. His knuckles looks like train wrecks too.
Charles Pukeowski
Charles Pukeowski - Month ago
LL Cool jay old shool,lol
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 - 29 days ago
PlayStation Player
PlayStation Player - Month ago
Frog eye 🐸
Ryan Daley
Ryan Daley - Month ago
Joe really needs to get Roy on here
Matt C
Matt C - Month ago
I used to work at Cabelas in La Vista Nebraska which is pretty much part of Omaha. Crawford came in and bought around $10,000 worth of fishing stuff. Pretty awesome dude.
KingCetshwayo - 23 days ago
Matt C country boy to the bone
Ed Soriano
Ed Soriano - Month ago
He seems like a guy who likes fishing
P B 22
P B 22 - Month ago
Bud is a nice and humble guy 👍🏻. A true boxing gentleman
K1DD TOP SKULL - Month ago
P4P one of the best 👍👍👍
BWX - Month ago
Roy Jones on GRE. That would be great.
Joe Scumbag
Joe Scumbag - Month ago
Joe's DMT kicks in at 2:24
MrTruboy - 29 days ago
Thats when his fans see he has no mma record
stanley moon
stanley moon - Month ago
Crawford seems a great guy,great boxer too.
Steve BB
Steve BB - Month ago
Unfortunately, Crawford isn't doing very well sexually. Right uk viewers lol?
lewis B
lewis B - 29 days ago
She ugly like James degale with his long face
Steve BB
Steve BB - Month ago
@Kancerous Kingg his name is tyan booth. And he's an extremely odd character. He's also offended Carl froch and others in boxing. Crawfords missus is a big old girl though bless her.
Kancerous Kingg
Kancerous Kingg - Month ago
@Steve BB oh ok. Can you tell me the RUvideos channel name? Want to check it out.
Steve BB
Steve BB - Month ago
@Kancerous Kingg a daft ex fighter from the UK now has a RUvideos channel, and comedically pointed out that Crawfords wife was extremely fat and he could do better. Crawford got pissed off about it. It was funnier than it sounds. The guy is always on about who's doing well sexually. He's not everyones cup of tea, and Americans certainly won't understand, but he has a cult following over here
Kancerous Kingg
Kancerous Kingg - Month ago
What is this about? U posted this on every Crawford video.
Abdul Charisteas
Abdul Charisteas - Month ago
Crawford is a beast
anthony baguion
anthony baguion - Month ago
Roy Jones surely was the best on his time, hands down...
Doug Philbeck
Doug Philbeck - Month ago
I love how humble TC is, what a cool dude.
Zaafir Salam
Zaafir Salam - Month ago
Roy Jones Jr, was the most talented boxer I have ever seen. People always like to critisize him 'for having no chin'. He made a huge mistake dropping 25+ pounds to go back to light heavyweight. But he's still one of the best, only boxer in history to start at 154lb and win a heavyweight title. And first former middleweight champion, to win a heavyweight championship in 106 years. Four weight world champion, and beat a prime James Toney and Bernard Hopkins.
Zaafir Salam
Zaafir Salam - 22 days ago
Yeah of course. Ruiz was the perfect match up, for Jones to get a shot at a belt.
Brian Romero
Brian Romero - 23 days ago
@Zaafir Salam Ruiz had a belt he wasn't "the heavyweight champ" Lennox Lewis was. Ruiz was nothing more than a journeymen
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson - 25 days ago
@Zaafir Salam What stance is that, where you have two left feet? How can you dispute the fact that a 135 pounder had a win over a future heavyweight champ--it's a fact. As far as natural heavyweight again what's your point Holyfield wasn't a heavy, Clay wasn't a heavy, Patterson was a middleweight and besides Roy Jones probably walked around at 200 pounds. But a 135 pound man beating a future heavy champ now that's an boxing anomaly.
Zaafir Salam
Zaafir Salam - 25 days ago
Lol you're a sensitive person. I won't change my stance on this.
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson - 25 days ago
@Zaafir Salam Your'e an idiot. What has your argument have to do with anything other than exposing yourself as a Roy Jones nut hugger? Barkley wasn't a natural heavyweight. No shit Sherlock Holmes; in fact I wrote Barkley moved up 40 pounds in weight or more to win a heavyweight title. Coetzee never defended his title-- well what the hell does that have to do with anything. Your previous objection was that the sanctioning body that sponsored the Coetzee / Barkley heavyweight title fight wasn't legitimate. And Coetzee would have successfully defended his WBA title had they matched him with stiff John Ruiz in fact Coetzee may have committed manslaughter had he faced Ruiz. I still say there is no 135 pound titlist with a victory over a heavyweight champion of the world. Now dispute that your stupid SOB instead of making pointless irrelevant comments about nothing.
Prata4Ever - Month ago
The difference is when he meets Manny Pacquiao, he’s gonna get knocked out
Kancerous Kingg
Kancerous Kingg - Month ago
Buds style would easily beat Pacmans. He moves too much for Paquiao to pressure fight and can switch stances for angles. Spence would have more problems with Pac Man because they both fight off their front foot and are inside fighters.
Ed Soriano
Ed Soriano - Month ago
I'm a huge Pacquiao fan. It would be 50/50 at this point in Pac's career. Don't be so sure.
BWX - Month ago
LOL No way.. Pacman is great, but not in his prime. Crawford will annihilate him now.
Malcolm X
Malcolm X - Month ago
Stay away from Errol Spence!!!
Filippo Cedroni
Filippo Cedroni - 28 days ago
Malcolm X Errol spence ducking Crawford
Kancerous Kingg
Kancerous Kingg - Month ago
Why? He's just hype right now. Only notable win, he beat a 135lber.
Michael Trogdon
Michael Trogdon - Month ago
Pacman gona take him on
Alberts stuff
Alberts stuff - Month ago
Wasn't sure about this dude at 1st, now I think he's cool af 👍🏻
Abdul Charisteas
Abdul Charisteas - Month ago
Tiu ain't know shit about boxing that's why
Austin Oldfield
Austin Oldfield - Month ago
If I had a time machine the one fight I would enjoy to watch more then any at any weight. Sugar Ray Robinson VS Roy Jones Junior
Austin Oldfield
Austin Oldfield - 28 days ago
TheRealist 811 most don’t no that little fact u dropped. We truly don’t no how great sugar Ray was.
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 - 29 days ago
I think Roy would win the early rounds but SRR would come on strong towards the end. A bit like a Canelo vs GGG fight. Roy in his prime though... tough to see anyone beating him. Yet SRR in his prime was a monster and we don't even have any footage of it.
Chenn Forajido
Chenn Forajido - Month ago
Lomachenko is the closest Ive seen recently that kinda resembles Roy Jone Jr. That kinda talent shows up, what..every 25 years or so? Roy was..damn unbelievable.
Ed Soriano
Ed Soriano - 24 days ago
@Daniel Wren every boxer has weaknesses. And no I'm making him out to be Jesus, but you dont know boxing. Rough him up? The best boxers in his division can't even touch him Defense too goo, Offense too good, footwork is his key, you dont understand that do you? Who has better footwork than Lomo? NOBODY son. Dont bet against Loma or you'll be out some $$. YOU'RE a neophyte when it comes to boxing kid.
Joe Holden
Joe Holden - 25 days ago
Roy different level of athleticism to Loma. Loma great tho
Daniel Wren
Daniel Wren - 27 days ago
@Ed Soriano I won money when Salido beat him, stop acting like Loma is "Super Jesus Reborn", he has proven weaknesses you just have to rough and dirty him up ........... @me PLEASE
Kancerous Kingg
Kancerous Kingg - Month ago
@PROUD_BRIT Ignore him. He probably thinks Joe Calzaghe was hype and hates on people like Caleb Plant and Callum Smith. Notice the connection? 😉
PROUD_BRIT - Month ago
Eric James what’s the obsession about people thinking fighters needing to move weights to be great , they should fight where they feel best
The boy and the Mistake
Roy Jones top ten boxer ever tbh 💯💯💯
shane lou
shane lou - Month ago
2:24 LMAO!
People Get slapped
People Get slapped - Month ago
@Joe Scumbag He just had an orgasm thinking about Roy Jones Jr
Joe Scumbag
Joe Scumbag - Month ago
Wtf was that?
Marlon 85
Marlon 85 - Month ago
RJJ on JRE would be one of the best episodes!!
Hometown Hero Productions
Terrence is extremely humble and its very refreshing!
Hometown Hero Productions
Roy Jones Jr. is the GOLD standard for competitive boxing PERIOD!
saratov99 - Month ago
What Tarver is than?
Jrock420blam - Month ago
Silver, he was cheated out of the gold standard
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