So tight it barely fits

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Marbles092593 - 16 hours ago
If components could suffer from claustrophobia, this would be the case to exacerbate it the most.
Also, how would one go about disassembling a PC this compact? o.o
Devid Was
Devid Was - Day ago
I think i saw the title on an other Website
TheNeedyNerd - 2 days ago
miss the helicopter poster but aok with me Kyle
Yu Jay
Yu Jay - 2 days ago
Doesn't your GPU need a back plate otherwise wouldn't it short out your GPU if any of the solder points make contact with the side panel?
Thomas Voss
Thomas Voss - 3 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you know what I mean.
Charisma - 3 days ago
Nicolas Girls
Nicolas Girls - 6 days ago
Now go type that title into pornhub.
Jonas Björklund Svensson
Torx is objectively better than, say, Philips head, but hex is fine too
aidan bae
aidan bae - 6 days ago
That’s what she said lol
Gilles Lorrain
Gilles Lorrain - 6 days ago
Simple case but yeah so expansive! I like it tho could go well in my small apt! Thanks for the vids man!
jinxb0t - 7 days ago
oh shit is it called the sentry cause it kinda looks like a portal sentry turret with the bottom stand?
Yu Jay
Yu Jay - 8 days ago
You telling me you don't have Amazon Prime to next day a compatible AIO Cooler before making this video? :P
Heinrich Von Schnitzel
Heinrich Von Schnitzel - 9 days ago
I remember fitting an h100I and an h55 in Silverstones RVZ01 a 14 liter case, granted the fans were on the outside. I guess this would be the next step if I wanna go really small. Otherwise I'd go with the node 202 probably.
Ross Siggers
Ross Siggers - 9 days ago
No mention of fan speeds? I guess I could go back and frame by frame the temperature part of the video, but I can hear hella fan noise in that last segment
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots - 9 days ago
thats... what.... wifysauce said.... sigh
olipitt12 - 11 days ago
12:04 you can get a super slim peg connector that does away with the bulky plastic bit
Ayrton Saal
Ayrton Saal - 12 days ago
Is it me or can I hear that cryorig cooler in screaming in the backround at 15:30, could just be backround noise I guess
Izaias Schaefer Jr
Izaias Schaefer Jr - 14 days ago
09:34 silver screws? SMH
madawi07 - 14 days ago
The intro 😂😂😂😂😂😂
scorlin gonzalez
scorlin gonzalez - 15 days ago
Hey Bro someone is using ur channel to steal views
D-G-V- Records
D-G-V- Records - 15 days ago

-that's what she said-
Ronnie DiMaio
Ronnie DiMaio - 15 days ago
I like that setup man
Dr. Hacknik
Dr. Hacknik - 15 days ago
Ngl, it looks like a Portal 2 Sentry Turret.

*Searching, searching.... Are you still there?*
I couldnt come up with a name so i used this
Dr. Hacknik GIVE THIS MAN LIKES NOW, OR GladOS is coming for you.
rem kanji
rem kanji - 16 days ago
Last time I heard someone say so tight it barely fits I called the police
Potatodog - 17 days ago
billyhatcher643 - 17 days ago
dude it actually looks more like a original xbox one console cause the xbox one x is smaller than it is so the size comparison u made was kinda off
Geo YinYang. Kitty
Geo YinYang. Kitty - 18 days ago
so tiny. I prefer the PC-06 from Lian-Li. but thats the smallest case I have ever build out of.
Daniel Singh
Daniel Singh - 18 days ago
Thats what I said
hekelo lo
hekelo lo - 18 days ago
Dang my 2080 is 308mm, 3mm to long
Tucker Clark
Tucker Clark - 19 days ago
its like a pizza box "special delivery"

pizza time
94sonni94 - 19 days ago
94sonni94 - 19 days ago
insert meme here
insert meme here - 20 days ago
no way in hell am I getting that thing I will just stick with getting an sg05 for $40
10.10 1911
10.10 1911 - 20 days ago
It looks like there are still enough space to put in SFX-L, would any body confirm or reject the possibility ?
Mixed Cereal
Mixed Cereal - 18 days ago
You can check out their site. It has a virtual build section that let's you play with different sized parts. I would say no on a sfx l though.
KING_kova - 22 days ago
im only here cuase i was tryna find a porn vid called this but i got this... close enough
Prescott Majette
Prescott Majette - 22 days ago
Dr. ZZaber
Tim Kelly
Tim Kelly - 23 days ago
3000 ram whats this 2018! Get 4000
a0groovy - 24 days ago
i need to see or know how it plays on a tcl 65inch 4k tv with the so called 120 motion if you can explain in words would be awesome, mainly playing worldofwarcraft battle for azeroth and classic this summer 2019
Yeah Nah
Yeah Nah - 24 days ago
Reads title
That's what she said
soren777 - 24 days ago
Never close a case before you know it boots, didn't anyone teach you that Kyle!! :D. Love the new set by the way.
Christopher Shafer
Christopher Shafer - 24 days ago
Kyle, can you fix the office desk wobble like in your other room?
Vivek Mandal
Vivek Mandal - 24 days ago
Boi that title
Ameer Karim
Ameer Karim - 25 days ago
*sees title of video*
*Me, an intellectual*
Me: That’s what she said
WOLFnPACK R. - 25 days ago
that title though
Alpha - 25 days ago
Tou Lor
Tou Lor - 25 days ago
MIKEDAPTO - 25 days ago
Did he say 250$, For that tiny box. To Hell in a basket.Not for me. Mine is full sized---- ok the case!
CherryShia - 25 days ago
Why is he obsessed with brackets?
NIGHT WOLF - 25 days ago
It’s such a small case....that cost 200$...for some odd reason....that case shoulda been at least 60$ I personally think it’s definitely not worth the money that’s so expensive for something like this
Speedylord Inc.
Speedylord Inc. - 25 days ago
Obi wan: nothing too fancy
Pozetiv 01
Pozetiv 01 - 25 days ago
Give me please video card 1030, Help me please video card 1030 or 1050
Dominic Strawberry
Dominic Strawberry - 25 days ago
It's DR. Ząber
FRAG aLOT - 25 days ago
it kina reminds me of an S1 server rack.
RkSld WILD - 25 days ago
Title: *exists*
Every 12-14 yr old: ThAtS WhAt ShE SaiD
Mark Bayne
Mark Bayne - 25 days ago
it looks like a century from portal
Vulgar Kiwi
Vulgar Kiwi - 25 days ago
250 dollar case... no dust filters
Chris Block
Chris Block - 26 days ago
'I use the black screws' 1minute later: uses silver screws.
Adam F
Adam F - 26 days ago
@6:14 actually starts building it... you're welcome.
Adam F
Adam F - 26 days ago
Lan parties... those were the days.... such fond memories.
Legion Z
Legion Z - 26 days ago
is this p*rnh*b?
ScapeUwa - 26 days ago
Love the case but I hate that button placement. I think for $200+ I might just make my own version based off this footprint :P
What Breakfast? Bro
What Breakfast? Bro - 26 days ago
Pornhub title
LaTortiia - 26 days ago
I see the title and want to scream that’s what she said
Chef toni
Chef toni - 26 days ago
3d printed case?
iiпончикii - 26 days ago
Reads title:
"That's what she said"
Benjamin Parra
Benjamin Parra - 26 days ago
I'm the only one who thinks that this case looks like the turrets of portal?
Jacen C
Jacen C - 26 days ago
Nonchalantly saying, "Don't buy this" is the greatest thing I've ever heard from a tech YouTuber
Linda H
Linda H - 26 days ago
I love the new set. Hate the price of that case.
Linda H
Linda H - 26 days ago
It looks like you could have added a 1 tb laptop hard drive for extra storage. Tight but do able.
JCGaming - 26 days ago
Why does his click bait look like that guy that posts non porn to pornhub
KyciliaZabi - 26 days ago
For an enthusiast grade SFF Case, it's not surprising. The Mini-ITX SFF Form Factor is SO WORTHWHILE if minimalism is your thing (like myself). The drawbacks are even worth the sacrifice because it's really only a few frames or a few hundred MHz in OC.
JMUDoc - 27 days ago
No optical.
Ben Shandrow
Ben Shandrow - 27 days ago
A real man does it all in one take :)
:D :D
:D :D - 27 days ago
DrHarryT - 27 days ago
"So tight it barely fits "
That's what she said. :-/
Sam Lowe
Sam Lowe - 27 days ago
Dammit Kyle.
Click bait
nobody important
nobody important - 27 days ago
"Thats what she said"
john j
john j - 27 days ago
5:53, anyone know what rising monitor stand that is ?
R T - 27 days ago
What is that green themed pc working on Microsoft or Linux?? Could you show off that theme on your socials!?
Abdul Safwan
Abdul Safwan - 27 days ago
14:16 Who else thought that he made a mistake when he said "We've been in doom for the past 20 minutes"
VM Real Estate
VM Real Estate - 27 days ago
Like the table top can i have the link for that product.
andrew media
andrew media - 27 days ago
i half expected it to start with that's what she said
Guilherme Borges Cunha
Guilherme Borges Cunha - 27 days ago
I have a thing for very compact setups. I wish I could put a water cooler on it.
lucas rem
lucas rem - 26 days ago
Guilherme Borges Cunha ITX = low power, fan more then enough! If you do ITX RTX 2080 build, using water cooling, only for the looks?
thesilviu silviu
thesilviu silviu - 27 days ago
I wander what this could look if was built by that guy...
lucas rem
lucas rem - 26 days ago
thesilviu silviu You need art people that do PC cases?
Muageto - 27 days ago
I do like you new set Kyle. Nice and Tidy :). Also the stand behind you makes for a nice show and is pretty handy
biggknife - 28 days ago
I see what you did there "screw it"
Max Bongers
Max Bongers - 28 days ago
Lol when you booted it up it kinda looked like one of those defective portal turrets
Ard Moretti
Ard Moretti - 28 days ago
That table wobble is making my eye twitch :'D
Angultra - 28 days ago
Over $200 and no PSU, you’ve got to be kidding me.
Sorrow 256
Sorrow 256 - 28 days ago
yeah i want one so badly
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever - 28 days ago
you hacking the CIA with that other monitor?
CPC_RedDawn - 28 days ago
If they could get this case down to around the £150 mark it would sell really well.
Just watched Paul's video on it where he used a 120mm AIO but he didn't include thermal results. He did use an Intel CPU though which tend to run a little hotter than Ryzen's. But 73C you got on such a smaller air cooler is fantastic and its overclocked too. Not too shabby for a 6 core 12 thread CPU that could easily game and stream and tear through video encoding.
I would of chosen a longer GPU though, I see what your trying to do though by showing you can install an AIO next to it. But at least show it using a longer GPU. That MSI card on the wall should of fitted perfectly and probably given better thermals too which the larger heatsink and two fans.
All this case needs is a dust filter where the GPU and CPU vents are and its a great case.
Yu Jay
Yu Jay - 28 days ago
Why are Cryorig C7s not sold anymore? O_O
I can't find one anywhere in the UK.. I wanted the copper one..
Steve P
Steve P - 28 days ago
$250?! Fuck that
sam adede
sam adede - 28 days ago
That garage is clean like a Cocaine house.
GGameray - 28 days ago
The title is a "That's What She Said"
jon3voltas - 28 days ago
What's up with the sound console turned on with no input or output and all the faders up to max?
Gabriel Nilo
Gabriel Nilo - 28 days ago
No way
VENOMVETTE - 28 days ago
If it was $160 I would definitely consider getting all new components to fit in there but $250 plus new components not worth it for me at least
lucas rem
lucas rem - 26 days ago
VENOMVETTE Need a cheap system, keep it on ATX! SIM racer build, just go for 3 TV's, you never need fast FPS for that, 3x 4k TV @ 60FPS is more then enough! If you don't have fancy gear, wall mount the TV's in the garage, use the real car gear on USB!
Melvin Mupondori
Melvin Mupondori - 28 days ago
The title though 😂
Ross Horan
Ross Horan - 28 days ago
same specs except 7600k is my pc
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