So tight it barely fits

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Oscar Nicoll
Oscar Nicoll - 2 days ago
Imagine if you painted a turret from portal 2 design on there
Flang Chang
Flang Chang - 2 days ago
Pingman - 3 days ago
$250!! They must have put an accident 0 on the end!?
BiG Al
BiG Al - 4 days ago
BiG Al
BiG Al - 2 days ago
@jimbo i feel sorry for your mother
jimbo - 2 days ago
BiG Al Dang. I feel bad for your son.
BiG Al
BiG Al - 3 days ago
@jimbo how about you mind your business
jimbo - 4 days ago
BiG Al then tell him to stop watching. There are plenty of other family friendly tech reviewers
Alexander Alvarez
Alexander Alvarez - 4 days ago
whats the total cost for this setup
Wigan Homeless Shelter
Wigan Homeless Shelter - 2 days ago
Then the case is another £250
Wigan Homeless Shelter
Wigan Homeless Shelter - 2 days ago
Alexander Alvarez about £700 ish new
Maximilian Veigel
Maximilian Veigel - 5 days ago
Got a photoshoped version of the thumbnail with a 6yo instead of the pc.
dot. - 4 days ago
Charles Bales
Charles Bales - 5 days ago
I would prefer the Ghost S1 over the Sentry 2.0.
Zenata - 9 days ago
Who is this even for? $250 for just a case... then you still need to buy all the stuff that goes into it. You could probably get by with a gaming laptop if you need maximum portability, right?
Jan Edrin Paypon
Jan Edrin Paypon - 10 days ago
Is it just me staring at the CPU cooler at the back as soon as he started to complain? 😂
Fadhil Obaid
Fadhil Obaid - 10 days ago
It is good but I have some notes:
1- must support more than 2 USB ports like 4.
2- The air vents must be bigger than now to make the aerodynamic gets better.
Thank you 👍🏻🌷
Nick Kerwin
Nick Kerwin - 10 days ago
'that's was she said'
Vasant Moonwah
Vasant Moonwah - 10 days ago
That torque screwdriver looks like the flag of Trinidad and Tobago
Adam Mullins
Adam Mullins - 12 days ago
That's what she said?
Jed Segool
Jed Segool - 12 days ago
How come he has GeekPrank open?
Rein 1z
Rein 1z - 13 days ago
The only reason I came here: *cough* that’s what she said
Toby Kup
Toby Kup - 14 days ago
How much cost it
Mr Noncredible
Mr Noncredible - 16 days ago
Bow chicka bow wow. alright I've done my part later gator.
Anonymous Gamer
Anonymous Gamer - 17 days ago
Huskyman82 - 17 days ago
Kyle, Stop it get some help
User Name
User Name - 17 days ago
You should make a gaming laptop
Jerry Ramirez
Jerry Ramirez - 18 days ago
Neeb - 18 days ago
I’ve seen that title somewhere
George Tsiros
George Tsiros - 18 days ago
it actuall looks good.
HighAquatic - 18 days ago
*T H A T S W H A T S H E S A I D*
Yaşar Süha Kalaycı
Yaşar Süha Kalaycı - 20 days ago
So its just a small case that costs 260USD... Thats it?
Desh - 21 day ago
Thanks to the title i can now say
Dyson Gibson
Dyson Gibson - 21 day ago
That what she said!
Nifty Fifty Camping adventures, and gear reviews.
Nah big money for shite...
Williams Ingebrigtsen
Williams Ingebrigtsen - 22 days ago
nice CASE
Wh0_Am_ 1
Wh0_Am_ 1 - 22 days ago
Here is an idea Kyle, what if you used the last gen ASUS Poseidon GTX 1080ti, and installed a full custom loop watercooling system?
Laiserfish - 22 days ago
It looks like my router.
FU UT - 22 days ago
I might actually drop the money on this for a duel streaming PC build.
Mr. Cancer
Mr. Cancer - 23 days ago
Ps5 leaked footage??
Antonio Lomeli
Antonio Lomeli - 23 days ago
Mr. Cancer Boi
Rodrigo Sanay
Rodrigo Sanay - 23 days ago
Lol the title and picture lol
Don - 23 days ago
Reads video title
**thinks “that’s what she said” intensively**
Gecko_YT 193
Gecko_YT 193 - 24 days ago
i would say that maybe if he could i would use a evga card with the power link but not sure of that total size
Esco Whitfield
Esco Whitfield - 24 days ago
That’s what she said.....😩😫😩😩😉😏
Matei Beratco
Matei Beratco - 25 days ago
So, how much smaller than the Silverstone ML08/Raven RVZ02? After watching some reviews of Zaber cases, I found them and got an ML08, with handle. Their U panels are the only thing I hate (need to unscrew the handle every time I want to remove the GPU panel). But now I do remember why I went watercooling 2 years ago: the sound...of silence. I'm just missing the damping to the rpm changes.
Game Net
Game Net - 25 days ago
Is it a console killer?
Danny Campbell
Danny Campbell - 25 days ago
I might be being stupid but its called sentry because it looks like a turret from Portal right?
Benjamin Baker
Benjamin Baker - 26 days ago
It's too small a volume, I think that's why there's no dust filter. I believe you would need maximum pull as the air needs to be moving at a higher rate than it would in a standard ATX case.
C Winegardner
C Winegardner - 27 days ago
The case looks like those metal shelves in the office supplies section at walmart
Dick Martino
Dick Martino - 28 days ago
What are we talking about here.
Hitmanhitman21 - 28 days ago
The G.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM looks amazing in the background towards the end
Lmao Its Josh
Lmao Its Josh - 28 days ago
are you bitcoin mining in the corner?
KishWorld - 28 days ago
Goes to show that you can't get pc performance in the same form factor of a console.
ツElite_Mythic - 28 days ago
It’s kinda ironic that I got a Trojan condoms ad before the video 😂
Arudanel - 29 days ago
torx screws are harder to strip and more durable- hence the name. They can take more torque without stripping.
AndriyFN - 23 days ago
Arudanel you sure know a lot about screws💀
Noiselab Project
Noiselab Project - Month ago
Good review and to answer : No I wouldnt pay that much for it ........ and I specialize in as small as possible builds ...... all be it with a restrained budget
Ermazar GW
Ermazar GW - Month ago
Instantly went to the comment section
Sbrubblynuggets - Month ago
reads title

DatLegoMann - Month ago
r/nocontext on the title
Serious Smoke
Serious Smoke - Month ago
RANDOMIZ - Month ago
250$ for this empty case .! Hahaha ps4 or xbox one Lol
Mateo López Cescato
Mateo López Cescato - Month ago
Anyone else watching this on pornhub??
UpdatedYoutube - Month ago
So a giant case with tempered glass with RGB is $99 dollars but that little tiny thing is 250 HUH?!
Mr Pancake.
Mr Pancake. - Month ago
Well some one has to...

DAs wHaT she Sed
gaz52 - 27 days ago
Mr Pancake. Das?
Cynep - Month ago
That's what she said.

Zero - Month ago
i was hoping you "Boot It" literally LOL! jk
RcXWillXx11 - Month ago
Why dose the title of the video sound like a porn title
xGODLIK3x Hydra
xGODLIK3x Hydra - Month ago
That's what she said!!!!!
Big Dubyuh
Big Dubyuh - Month ago
Nice case but 250$ is ridiculous
Big Dubyuh
Big Dubyuh - Month ago
God forbid you do use a m.2 on the back of your motherboard and something is wrong with it LOL
iCantPickaName - Month ago
"Just wasted the chainsaw on this asshole lol"
Jewelzz - Month ago
Me: sees title
My brain: insert sexual joke
Ariel Rivera
Ariel Rivera - Month ago
Wutipong Wongsakuldej
Wutipong Wongsakuldej - Month ago
I have a p3 compaq, was using that one as a Nas for a few years. The layout looks pretty similar to this one. May be I can convert that one to something like this.
Grimm Book
Grimm Book - Month ago
A skinny ass case was crowd funded? Damn.... people are stupid.
Markus Braunholz
Markus Braunholz - Month ago
one nice case. but i think in this case its recomendet to use a blower style cooled gpu. it would suck in fresh air from the side and blow it out the case. but 250... no thanks
Rudi van Zyl
Rudi van Zyl - Month ago
UFD put a 9900k paired with an RTX 2080 TI into this case
Dany V
Dany V - Month ago
I am very interested in this case or in a similar case with comparable size.
My only problem is I NEED the extra audio jack and mic other cases have in the front, not just in the back.
Any advice for other cases or if there is a way to "add" front front jack in THIS case?
Mr. Taco 6000
Mr. Taco 6000 - Month ago
What are the dimensions
Mason Harris
Mason Harris - Month ago
where did you get that large mouse pad from??
god wazowski
god wazowski - Month ago
is the mini psu really noisy? because I'm kinda wanna build a slim pc
Double Doggo
Double Doggo - Month ago
I like how it's called the "Sentry" because when it's in the vertical form it kinda reminds me of Sentries from Portal
Adam Reeves
Adam Reeves - Month ago
I think there's an entire generation that says "Walla", not knowing that they're butchering an actual word.
William Glynn
William Glynn - Month ago
Very slick, price tag is too steep
Derek Martin
Derek Martin - Month ago
iiiiiiii cccccc I'm commenting on your video just WAtching the video your adding the button can you water cool ---------->
Derek Martin
Derek Martin - Month ago
iiiiiiii ccccccc is there a button
Shaggy Mayhem
Shaggy Mayhem - Month ago
I needed this video mate, Im buiding it.
Just xIGoldenIx
Just xIGoldenIx - Month ago
Anyone remember where Kyle gets his windows 10 keys from? I remember he said he bought them from a certain website for waaay cheaper than the price directly from windows
Jason howe
Jason howe - Month ago
I think going to something like an external laptop style psu might work better or atleast work it with the psu connector mounted towards the back so you usse the psu power switch
Milan Avramovic
Milan Avramovic - 2 months ago
"It's only 6 inches long, which is not generally impressive" - Bitwit, 2019.
Alexblackish - 2 months ago
for all i care you can review a shoe box and i still will watch it.
legotec49 - 2 months ago
This title could be taken many different ways
Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers - 2 months ago
Thinking about using a small case like this to replace my Alienware r2 steam machine. Mount the board, use sata extension to mount some 3.5" for more storage. Replace the blower fans and use the extra space to put that stinking power brick and just use an extension cord..... I wanna sit it in a Gaems Vanguard... Without it blowing up or sounding like a jet engine.
Kevin Strieter
Kevin Strieter - 2 months ago
The price is so disappointing. Nice build though. I hesitate to trade in my tower for a smaller case.
Marbles092593 - 2 months ago
If components could suffer from claustrophobia, this would be the case to exacerbate it the most.
Also, how would one go about disassembling a PC this compact? o.o
Devid Was
Devid Was - 2 months ago
I think i saw the title on an other Website
TheNeedyNerd - 2 months ago
miss the helicopter poster but aok with me Kyle
Yu Jay
Yu Jay - 2 months ago
Doesn't your GPU need a back plate otherwise wouldn't it short out your GPU if any of the solder points make contact with the side panel?
Thomas Voss
Thomas Voss - 2 months ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you know what I mean.
Charisma - 2 months ago
Nicolas Girls
Nicolas Girls - 2 months ago
Now go type that title into pornhub.
Jonas Björklund Svensson
Jonas Björklund Svensson - 2 months ago
Torx is objectively better than, say, Philips head, but hex is fine too
aidan bae
aidan bae - 2 months ago
That’s what she said lol
Gilles Lorrain
Gilles Lorrain - 2 months ago
Simple case but yeah so expansive! I like it tho could go well in my small apt! Thanks for the vids man!
jinxb0t - 2 months ago
oh shit is it called the sentry cause it kinda looks like a portal sentry turret with the bottom stand?
Yu Jay
Yu Jay - 2 months ago
You telling me you don't have Amazon Prime to next day a compatible AIO Cooler before making this video? :P
Heinrich Von Schnitzel
Heinrich Von Schnitzel - 2 months ago
I remember fitting an h100I and an h55 in Silverstones RVZ01 a 14 liter case, granted the fans were on the outside. I guess this would be the next step if I wanna go really small. Otherwise I'd go with the node 202 probably.
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