Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

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Phirak Sok
Phirak Sok - 5 minutes ago
No body:
Taylor Swift: No body trust me
Mavi Fenomen
Mavi Fenomen - 28 minutes ago
Aida Sofea Abdul Rahman
Aida Sofea Abdul Rahman - 49 minutes ago
I still remembered the time when this mv came out.. I lost my shit.. Hahaha
N guys.. Up coming ts7 .. What if it has something to do with the standing Taylor up there on the plane that wrote reputation n also the speak now taylor is the hint for ts7 coz she wasn't dead here....
Omg im so excited
kids channel hayet
kids channel hayet - 57 minutes ago
Love music
Totoka Kalou
Totoka Kalou - 58 minutes ago
Is this an actual song? Thank god i lived thru the 80's n 90's this is crap.
Tar In Wonderland
Tar In Wonderland - 59 minutes ago
TS7 is coming...
Hermione Azarcon
Hermione Azarcon - Hour ago
Happy 1 billion views♡♡♡
tenorbuds - Hour ago
I can't believe this hit 1 billion views. Well deserved Taylor especially for being such a great and catchy first single for Reputation. My favorite part is still the all the old Taylors from the past music videos. Such an iconic moment. We covered "Look What You Made Me Do" on my channel, hope you will watch it. I love Taylor Swift so much.
77777gabriel - Hour ago
Dana Stangroom
Dana Stangroom - Hour ago
Who is better talor swith/ katy perry!!!!
Dana Stangroom
Dana Stangroom - Hour ago
Best girl ever.♡😀😚😇💗Talor Swith
Tay - Tay
Tay - Tay - Hour ago
I'm so excited for TS7
Artida Ferreira
Artida Ferreira - Hour ago
Petra Petra
Petra Petra - Hour ago
How many guys has Taylor dated? John, Jake, Joe, Kennedy,Harry, Taylor, Calvin, Tom... who am I missing?
Fusion Fever
Fusion Fever - 2 hours ago
Another 1B
Sadone西洋圈 - 2 hours ago
Arnav Chaturvedi
Arnav Chaturvedi - 2 hours ago
1 billion views!!!!!!!
Μαρια Νανουλη
💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤💜💜💜 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤💜💜💜💟👍
abc def
abc def - 3 hours ago
I think this MV look like "KILL THIS LOVE"
Soeli Kingdon-Butcher
Soeli Kingdon-Butcher - 3 hours ago
Omg I 💞 you so much xx
Noman Zain
Noman Zain - 3 hours ago
say hi from 2025
Tito Michael
Tito Michael - 3 hours ago
April 26 ❤️
Mabel Bruce Appiah
Mabel Bruce Appiah - 4 hours ago
Yeah u said it right
Nguyễn Thị Minh Thư
Nguyễn Thị Minh Thư - 4 hours ago
So good..!!
Givenchy Arcedera
Givenchy Arcedera - 4 hours ago
Givenchy Arcedera
Givenchy Arcedera - 4 hours ago
Chiara Sferruzza
Chiara Sferruzza - 4 hours ago
😍😍 Beautiful
Alice Standing
Alice Standing - 5 hours ago
Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?
Yulgiza Kunsbaeva
Yulgiza Kunsbaeva - 5 hours ago
Есть русские
nikesh chhetri
nikesh chhetri - 5 hours ago
How many jewellery do you want ?
Saadallah Amina
Saadallah Amina - 5 hours ago
Artube - 5 hours ago
The is no one like her in the music industry
Alex Sierra
Alex Sierra - 6 hours ago
The Shade of The Decade....
Noah Struck
Noah Struck - 6 hours ago
We gained now more than 400K today unlike before.... We gained below 400K
literallyWhy - 6 hours ago
Taylor whatches GoT.
Emily Zhong
Emily Zhong - 6 hours ago
i like looking at her song =D
Wing Ng
Wing Ng - 7 hours ago
Sehar Nisar
Sehar Nisar - 7 hours ago
producer: How many diamond jewellary u want
taylor: well that can fil full space of bath tab
Mary lara Yu
Mary lara Yu - 7 hours ago
shit bot
shit bot - 7 hours ago
I'd like to kill my self
Hằng Phạm
Hằng Phạm - 7 hours ago
Cháu yêu BÁC LOAN
Rick james
Rick james - 7 hours ago
Ooh, look what you made me do
Look what you just made me do watch this video look at what you just made me do why did I watch video this look at what you made me do.
Bianca Clara La Biche Officiel
en 2019 qui est la

x b
x b - 8 hours ago
Clárity Gacha
Clárity Gacha - 8 hours ago
This is ex stream and it has alot of views wow😲😲
Clawdew - 8 hours ago
HB plays
HB plays - 8 hours ago
1:50 wow 🤐 she looks woah

She can probably pull off wearing too much makeup
HB plays
HB plays - 8 hours ago
This song sounds like a threat 👿

I like it 😈
kaotiane seachao
kaotiane seachao - 8 hours ago
Who is better?
Taylor swift - like👍
Blackpink - comment✍️
Haspariza Husin
Haspariza Husin - 8 hours ago
I can't wait for TS7 and also don't forget to buy and streams guyss!
Latest Trends
Latest Trends - 9 hours ago
Look what you make me do
Komal Thapa
Komal Thapa - 9 hours ago
Love you Taylor Swift
Art Trash
Art Trash - 9 hours ago
Ta yien hmnita vo dale con to si ut sabe que e la mjr y que e una joyita, tirele pa delante con to, sépalo que ut brilla ma que él sol bsito pa la familia y bendicioune muaaack
Brookie Catty
Brookie Catty - 9 hours ago
Why does it sound like it's Lucifer singing to god....?
CallMeWolf - 9 hours ago
Wow. Okay. That's badass.
R9 GENIUS - 9 hours ago
Sweet but Psycho 🤣
Fernando Surya Kusuma
Fernando Surya Kusuma - 10 hours ago
Where is Speak Now era? Speak Now era isn't death?!!!
Natalie Martinez
Natalie Martinez - 10 hours ago
Friend: scares me"
My ice cream drops"
Me: look what u made me do!!!
Yuji Bonto Kawashima
Yuji Bonto Kawashima - 10 hours ago
Woah.. didnt noticed that this one got billions too..
Jessica Prado
Jessica Prado - 10 hours ago
Aaaaaaa and oooooooooo aaaaaaaaa and aaaaaaaaa and ooooo cool
VX EX - 10 hours ago
Can't!!!! Wait the album!!!!
Mayra Dorantes Bautista
Mayra Dorantes Bautista - 11 hours ago
Beam Space
Beam Space - 11 hours ago
8.435.504 liked
Uma Nuub No Avakin
Uma Nuub No Avakin - 11 hours ago
I loved the clip. Always sweeping, I love you, my angel.
Nicholeen - 11 hours ago
the 1.2 m dislikes are probably from katy/kimye fans
Lola Boy
Lola Boy - 11 hours ago
Queen ❤
Love peters
Love peters - 11 hours ago
that 1.2 dislikes are katty's lover.
Waylon Crooks
Waylon Crooks - 12 hours ago
I dont know how someone can whare so many costumes in 4 minutes
Gaming Basanta taekwondo
Gaming Basanta taekwondo - 13 hours ago
Teresa Feng
Teresa Feng - 13 hours ago
I love you so much you're my biggest fan
Jimmen Walker
Jimmen Walker - 13 hours ago
Finally its 1B
MR. PENGUIN - 13 hours ago
I miss the old Taylor.....
Veck Gonzales
Veck Gonzales - 13 hours ago
LEON ALFA - 14 hours ago
Mil respetos 🎖️🎖️
Emma Machelle Johnson Johnson
Love it
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval - 14 hours ago
is Janet okay ???
is Janet okay ??? - 14 hours ago
1M people disliked this 😟
Umi Hed
Umi Hed - 14 hours ago
Finally 1B Views...
renya moore
renya moore - 14 hours ago
Check lankybox they try to make it its funny
Mazlina Mohamed
Mazlina Mohamed - 14 hours ago
any 2019??
Mazlina Mohamed
Mazlina Mohamed - 14 hours ago
damn 1 billion views
PHẠM NGUYỆT - 14 hours ago
Do You Love Taylor Swift?
Yes: Like
No: Like
Joriz Tamares
Joriz Tamares - 14 hours ago
In a week, probably, there will be another lead single from tswift 😭
Olivia Froman
Olivia Froman - 14 hours ago
Maria Fernanda e dudu Gambaro
I Love
rebee mundo
rebee mundo - 14 hours ago
2017 this Music is Amazing
2019 this Music is Amazing
2050 this Music is Amazing
3050 this Music us Amazing

Muhammad Andri
Muhammad Andri - 15 hours ago
1 Biliion Views. Wow 😁😁😁📣📣
ngân nguyên
ngân nguyên - 15 hours ago
Noor AL hodaa alal
Noor AL hodaa alal - 16 hours ago
M. AbiDi
M. AbiDi - 16 hours ago
2019 ؟😁
Avauski Leatigaga
Avauski Leatigaga - 17 hours ago
*$ W I F T I E S*
How did we miss the fact that *"NO"* Taylors from the *"Speak Now Era"* Died in *LWYMMD MV* 😱🙉 OMG!!
Look what Taylor Do😱🙉🙊 OMFGGG!!!!
Nour Mohamed Mohamed
Nour Mohamed Mohamed - 17 hours ago
It's so amazing!?😍😍
مالي خلق احط اسم
here before TS7
Ariel Muñoz
Ariel Muñoz - 17 hours ago
Algo de música árabe le gusta hagan la onda de escuchar
Sober Traducciones
Sober Traducciones - 17 hours ago
3:32 wait... is that the TS7 Taylor? omg
MonsterFax RsA
MonsterFax RsA - 18 hours ago
Alex Black& white
Alex Black& white - 18 hours ago
I’m sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now,why?

Oh because she’s too busy dressing up in different ways 😂
Елизавета Балтийская
Дорогой клип
Mell-Marie White
Mell-Marie White - 18 hours ago
I like it talor
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