Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup

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James Charles
James Charles - 4 месяца назад
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Best Experiments
Best Experiments - Час назад
Rumaanah Bahadur
Rumaanah Bahadur - День назад
Brooklyn Tweedy
Brooklyn Tweedy - 2 дня назад
James Charles I wanna laugh wit you as you do my makeup❤️😩😂
Shailynn Schellhorn
Shailynn Schellhorn - 2 дня назад
Mah queen!(you are)
Samantha Ramirez
Samantha Ramirez - 3 дня назад
YAS SISTER(my cousin is a sister too)
Mayank Verma
Mayank Verma - 4 минуты назад
Oh god what has happened to this world😌
Sabiha Ibrahim
Sabiha Ibrahim - 28 минут назад
Hey brodar
Smadu Mihnea
Smadu Mihnea - 29 минут назад
Bruh Travis please react to this
Христо Иванов
Христо Иванов - 32 минуты назад
Do Billie Eilish's make up
Linda De La Rosa
Linda De La Rosa - Час назад
She sort of reminded me if Daniel Cohn when she said hi sisters along with James...
emma jane
emma jane - Час назад
3:50 i’m just dying😂😂😂 “sorry”
Rhidaya Bhat
Rhidaya Bhat - 3 часа назад
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Th K
Th K - 4 часа назад
Still waiting for the second video❤️
Miss Green 6
Miss Green 6 - 6 часов назад
Replace all the times he says 'Kylie' to Egg.
SophieJayne Campbell
SophieJayne Campbell - 7 часов назад
She’s so down to earth and I love it ❤️x
adam aljibori
adam aljibori - 7 часов назад
DolanDeprived Xo
DolanDeprived Xo - 9 часов назад
She's so pure, I'm living for it wtf
Paz and Soph
Paz and Soph - 9 часов назад
James for my birthday I got your sister hoodie I am so happy xxxxxx
Vitória Barbosa
Vitória Barbosa - 10 часов назад
ItsMeAlly - 12 часов назад
It’s funny how Kylie Jenner could be watching a YouTube video and be like I like this dude imma go do a video with him.
Yasmin msp
Yasmin msp - 13 часов назад
People talk smack about james charles and i be like dont talk about my sister before i sister smack you
Narine Petrosyan
Narine Petrosyan - 13 часов назад
KopyKatt Gaming
KopyKatt Gaming - 14 часов назад
Who else is watching James Charles in 2019!!!!!
S2D ENTERTAINMENT - 14 часов назад
What a mouth
chito chit
chito chit - 15 часов назад
Nomames weon casi se dan un beso :)
Tsm_ Fillipino
Tsm_ Fillipino - 17 часов назад
Poor Travis🤧
Nardos Negash
Nardos Negash - 17 часов назад
marlin ewen
marlin ewen - 17 часов назад
kylie who James is all i know
Amanda Best
Amanda Best - 19 часов назад
I think
Amanda Best
Amanda Best - 19 часов назад
Top10 Stories
Top10 Stories - 19 часов назад
I’m from the future in 2026 hru there are eggs and Kylie’s everywhere and hovering cars pretty cool but I got the new iPhone 67 awsomeeeeee tank this video is really old I like his new vids
Jade Edwards-Sali
Jade Edwards-Sali - 20 часов назад
*Sister shook*
Ashx _x
Ashx _x - 20 часов назад
Why is nobody asking how he got her like I’m SISTER SHOOK
cookies nerds lopez
cookies nerds lopez - 21 час назад
Kalie is so sweet and nice
Manu Vicart
Manu Vicart - 21 час назад
Why did you put the title in Spanish? No importa, Me encantoo ❤
Frenchie Love
Frenchie Love - 21 час назад
This is my first time watching James Charles and he is now like my favorite because he’s funny and he be SLAYING that makeup!
Brendan Roop
Brendan Roop - 22 часа назад
I love how James is just like, oh why I’m best friends with KYLIE FREAKIN JENNER!!!! Like wth lol!
Allie Reynolds
Allie Reynolds - 22 часа назад
Im sorry but i dont like kylie because its technally her fault people are doing the kylie jenner challenge
Just Trinitie
Just Trinitie - 23 часа назад
Hey Kylie
Siera (The Chosen One)
Siera (The Chosen One) - День назад
Niajaela Sykes
Niajaela Sykes - День назад
Do my makeup 😁😁😁😁😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣
will - День назад
Please god stop this video is painful just get to the point
Ava 607
Ava 607 - День назад
Everyone came for the thumbnail and didn’t get it 14 minutes in
J'Leigh Cross
J'Leigh Cross - День назад
My step sisters name is Stormi and she is 13 years old
jaylynn Gomez
jaylynn Gomez - День назад
I can't even count how many times I almost died of laughing 😁😁😜😜
Piggy Pig
Piggy Pig - День назад
Kylie is so pretty and James and Kylie would be a great couple! Srry, it was a thought that came to mind Xd
L3W15 JSP1LL - День назад
Kylie > Kendall
IzJusMe - День назад
What am I doing here. I don't even like makeup.
Aizza Aizza
Aizza Aizza - День назад
Pause at 0:05

no hate here
Jennifer Hanlon
Jennifer Hanlon - День назад
Oml I love Kylie Jenner
Ирина Грей
Ирина Грей - День назад
а на каких его видео есть немецкие или русские субтитры ?
Evie - День назад
It is sister spooky 😉😘 xxx
Никита Караев
Никита Караев - День назад
Привет! Давай познакомимся!
Arzum Oner
Arzum Oner - День назад
My sister has your pallet sister James
Mirko Krajnović
Mirko Krajnović - День назад
You are beutiful sister.....😍😍😍😍😍
ExTrEmEbAsS BoOsTeR - День назад
I am called Travis but not scott
Sauceej - День назад
God i thought it was bebe rexha on the thumbnail
Jackson Storm
Jackson Storm - День назад
Best boy from a boy
Ivy Hui
Ivy Hui - День назад
James, you should be Kylie Jenner's New York personal makeup artist
Destiny Nicolee
Destiny Nicolee - День назад
kylie is so dope!!!!! i love yallllll
3 princess j's
3 princess j's - День назад
she so sweet i love you both😘💖
Tawnya Holland
Tawnya Holland - День назад
Sister spooky
WhyDoPeopleUseYTInTheirYTName? YT
WhyDoPeopleUseYTInTheirYTName? YT - День назад
Makeup. On. An. Egg
Terisa. gacha
Terisa. gacha - День назад
Wow kylie looks so cute
Lubna khan
Lubna khan - День назад
James nice attitude is making Sister Kylie so happy!
chaparrita Rivazz
chaparrita Rivazz - День назад
Beautiful, love James and Kylie, so exited 😘
Emyly Bautista
Emyly Bautista - День назад
Give a like if u love em
Drew Kennedy
Drew Kennedy - День назад
Burn him 🤒🔥
Catherine H. S. H. S.
Catherine H. S. H. S. - День назад
I think you like her james
Aliana Rosa
Aliana Rosa - День назад
I love this video! 💗
naomi silva
naomi silva - День назад
Idk why but she kinda reminds me of Danielle Cohn
Danni Vlogs!
Danni Vlogs! - День назад
James you a e the best makeup artist!
Johnmark Miller
Johnmark Miller - День назад
James and Kyle brother and sister
So many people call me Kylie Jenner but my name is Kyleigh
CherryTree - День назад
Dang I love that some celeb's personalities are the same or even better off show. Kylie is awesomeee
Alex Graceee
Alex Graceee - День назад
You know you have made it as a youtuber when you collaborate with Kylie fricken Jenner yesssssss
Shaun Musson
Shaun Musson - День назад
Why does he sound like a girl?
Sarah George
Sarah George - День назад
I know that you to love each
Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson - День назад
OMG James you talk so fast
gaming with dan gaming with dan
gaming with dan gaming with dan - День назад
James do u go into the girl bathroom ir boys
Random Person
Random Person - День назад
The girl bathroom
potao man
potao man - День назад
Can u do makeup on a egg 🥚
Random Person
Random Person - День назад
KOOL AIDS - День назад
do you see what he does with his tongue to talk like that
AG Official
AG Official - День назад
Do makeup on an egg!!!!
F K - День назад
Who else believes Kylie And James Should make a palette Together ❤
faze taco
faze taco - 2 дня назад
Fight Larry
Sisters World
Sisters World - 2 дня назад
Dang I’m this is sooo weird but I ship this♥️♥️😂
Daisy Keane
Daisy Keane - 2 дня назад
Stop saying hey sisters your being burst say hey J CH squad
Daisy Keane
Daisy Keane - 2 дня назад
Marcello Saymmon
Marcello Saymmon - 2 дня назад
I love you guys
Garcia Marianna
Garcia Marianna - 2 дня назад
James try to do make up on an egg
Gemma - 2 дня назад
How does he even do this I’m sister shook 🤯
falterfigure - 2 дня назад
WHY did she say you should try YouTube when she came in knowing you do YouTube? confused ?
panktriv - 23 часа назад
she was kidding
nessa rd
nessa rd - 2 дня назад
james is so beautiful
yorglassmane - 2 дня назад
Was she hard to get ahold of dude?
Jaydenand Tajane
Jaydenand Tajane - 2 дня назад
i love this
Juan Guerrero
Juan Guerrero - 2 дня назад
2:12 wheres the next video at?
TAESITO 4EVER - 2 дня назад
Te amo.
Y amo que pongas los títulos en español, porque no entiendo Inglish haha/jaja
Cat Berry
Cat Berry - 2 дня назад
February 2019 anyone 😂😂
Zandr Prod
Zandr Prod - 2 дня назад
Catherine Ferguson
Catherine Ferguson - 2 дня назад
these Are like my 2 #1 FAV people!!!!!
Miguel Garciaa
Miguel Garciaa - 2 дня назад
James u the best
Asma Ali
Asma Ali - 2 дня назад
I bet his sister sweating under that sweater 😓
Mehdi Haidari
Mehdi Haidari - 2 дня назад
Brooooooooooooo or ssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss
Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams - 2 дня назад
James you are amazing at makeup!!!
Mimi McD
Mimi McD - 2 дня назад
James: do you know what we’re doing?
Kylie: no all I know is that your going to use the pallet and I’m going to be a skeleton
Ruth Fowler
Ruth Fowler - 2 дня назад
Hi my name is Suzie and in school I got kicked out of sisters but then you made me feel better by looking at your vids and some other people got kicked so we all made are own one with me lily and hamila
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