YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Yohead111 - 16 days ago
Now I can play Bad Writing: The video game on nintendo switch!
Libra Super Star
Libra Super Star - 19 days ago
Yknow even knowing how bad yiik ended up being this trailer is still low key good in my opinion
200 ok
200 ok - 22 days ago
I like how the only thing that is good is the music from toby fox
some goat idk
some goat idk - 24 days ago
Lol this game failed
38th Meme Time Lord
38th Meme Time Lord - 24 days ago
A game for hipsters
Qeisama - 27 days ago
M for Mother-wannabe
Rinsux - Month ago
wow...the scott pilgrim fanfiction rpg looks so good
Kavi Jatelo
Kavi Jatelo - Month ago
wait no
Jacob A. Gallant
Jacob A. Gallant - Month ago
do NOT Get this game if you think it's gonna be like earthbound or something like that, it's just pretentious for the sake of it, also it's REALLY slow, a single normal battle can take up to 4 minutes.
Adriana Newsum
Adriana Newsum - Month ago
i want more on luigi's mansion 3!!!
The G-Wing
The G-Wing - 2 months ago
Yiik is the sound i'm making when i watch the dialogue
Jennifer Mabel
Jennifer Mabel - 3 months ago
Don't buy Yiiikes the game unless you like awful writing full of prose, uninspired worpd building, garbage gameplay, and a soyboy self-insert protagonist
I Iz
I Iz - 3 months ago
It’s a shame that the writing is pretty g a r b a g e
Darkfoxzvz 101
Darkfoxzvz 101 - 3 months ago
Mother 4 lookin aight
Dr Narwhal
Dr Narwhal - 4 months ago
I just felt like mentioning this, yesterday, seven years ago on February 19th. A girl by the name of Elisa Lam was tragically found do be deceased atop of a watertower in downtown Los Angels. The last known recorded account of this girl before her disappearance was footage from the security camera of an elevator in the Cecil hotel. Her disappearance has gone unsolved ever since 2013. I hope her soul finds peace and that more people will remember this girl's life. I'm glad that Yiik is bringing attention to this story. I hope that it will inspire people to finally solve the Elisa Lam case and bring about justice.
Dr Narwhal
Dr Narwhal - 4 months ago
Just got this game the other day. I'm only a short portion into it and I am absolutely in love. Every bit of this game is just bursting with personality. If you are someone like me who has played through the Mother series (Earthbound), I can definitely say that you will enjoy this game. It fills the drago-fang-shaped hole in my heart.
Chris Tullo
Chris Tullo - 4 months ago
Played this at E3. It's not like Earthbound... it's really boring.
Aleste the cat
Aleste the cat - 4 months ago
Soyboy simulator
Nathan Gore
Nathan Gore - 4 months ago
Crash 5 On switch please!!!!!!!!
Nicholas Morgan
Nicholas Morgan - 4 months ago
This is supposed to take place in 1999 right? Why does everyone look like current year soyboys, hipsters and tumblr trash? And I played this at a friends house and OH MY GOD the soyboy protagonist will NOT SHUT UP!
01MrBLA - 5 months ago
1. I remember seeing an ad for this game inside the 2064 R.O.M. game
2. I just hope this doesn’t turn into “Citizens of Earth”
While I did enjoy CoE, it just got repetitive after a certain point.
I’m Fat
I’m Fat - 5 months ago
I like how Nintendo posted a trailer for a game that basically rides Earthbound’s dick the whole time
Grant Choitz
Grant Choitz - 5 months ago
Mother 3 is here!
Geidi Primes
Geidi Primes - 5 months ago
Thomas Chung
Thomas Chung - 5 months ago
NeoJax - 5 months ago
Is this really related to the Y2K phenomena?
Dr Narwhal
Dr Narwhal - 4 months ago
In a Twilight Zone/Stranger Things type of way, yes.
lcjr - 5 months ago
BIG RON JANKINS - 5 months ago
This game is trash. Game takes forever to load. battles take about 12-14 seconds to load when they happen. don't let the earthbound vibes or trailer music fool you. I had high hopes but now i feel like i wasted 20.00.
: (
Higurashi97 - 5 months ago
Dafuq did I just watch?
REBMX - 5 months ago
yiiks more like YIIKES haha gotem
?! - 5 months ago
Soyboy the RPG
Striver of Strength & Beyond
I finished the game and honestly thought it was a cool experience. It had the trippy surrealism and setting I was looking for after playing games like EarthBound, Off, and Undertale. The writing, pretentious or not, made me question my own actions and environment in real life. Battle gameplay kept me on my toes even though it got dull and repetitive after a while. Nice characters (execution of Alex along with the climax could have been much better though) Music’s a hit or miss. Some of the tracks are cool while others are “meh”. Overall nice game. I don’t regret waiting 3+ years for it. 8.0/10.0
Ume Sama
Ume Sama - 28 days ago
I’m surprised you sat through the writing
Majestic Lion
Majestic Lion - 5 months ago
YIIK? More like Yuk.
Tim W
Tim W - 5 months ago
Def would recommend users who enjoys playing trippy, fun, and weird RPGs like
Shadow hearts
A little of paper mario
And if you like retro 90s feel.
Ultraman619 - 19 days ago
I wouldn't, writing is atrocious...it has potential but seriously the exposition is soo bad, it explains 1 thing several different times..the combat is decent though
Blue - 5 months ago
Interesting. Has an Earthbound kinda vibe...
Super JaMAalRIO
Super JaMAalRIO - 5 months ago
Wildly Odd and Unique! I'll keep my eye on this one!
Imamanboy 777
Imamanboy 777 - 5 months ago
Mother 4 is looking great.
Dr Narwhal
Dr Narwhal - 4 months ago
Travis looks so old ;u;
Tanner Simmons
Tanner Simmons - 5 months ago
Hey, this game is incredible and y'all should buy it.
Just saying.
TheRubberSoup - 5 months ago
is this an out of season April fools joke
Being Cool Is For Nerds
Being Cool Is For Nerds - 5 months ago
8 hours into this and I absolutely adore this game. People who love quirky surreal experiences and Atlus style games will be all over this. Cult classic for sure.
Dr Narwhal
Dr Narwhal - 4 months ago
Being Cool Is For Nerds
Being Cool Is For Nerds - 5 months ago
Finished it and holy crap, it was so good!
Atomix IGN
Atomix IGN - 5 months ago
How is this not a Grasshopper Manufacture production?
If Suda 51 did the outline for EarthBound 4
Happy Happy Cultist
Happy Happy Cultist - 5 months ago
I have now lived long enough for Nintendo to release a video with swear words on their channel.
Fritz EYOK
Fritz EYOK - 5 months ago
a psychedelic undertale?
Brian McDowell
Brian McDowell - 5 months ago
I love this game. I don't understand all the negativity.
Snail Gazer
Snail Gazer - 5 months ago
The conglomerate of a Buzzfeed editor who skimmed the first Scott Pilgrim book and thought it looked really cool then played 10 minutes of Earthbound and thought he got the jist and then tried to make a game with all his hipster indie friends.
Dr Narwhal
Dr Narwhal - 4 months ago
It is actually about a couple of real life events and accounts mixed in heavily with sci fi. Most notably about the Y2K phenomenon, the disappearance of Elisa Lam, and the accounts of Aleister Crowley.
piolless - 5 months ago
This is a game about millenials and how they see the world that surround them and everything that is offensive for them
Dr Narwhal
Dr Narwhal - 4 months ago
No it isn't
DevinShadowV - 5 months ago
Vetuyasha - 5 months ago
Mentosium - 5 months ago
Played this at Pax Prime 2015, wasn't my thing but it was very well made! :D
lordofthesmash - 5 months ago
Nintendo dropping s-bombs in their official videos?
Never thought I'd see the day.
André Preza
André Preza - 5 months ago
This Ed Sheeran simulator looks really interesting
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust - 5 months ago
What a shame that the game is a tedious mess, and the characters are so unbearable
petermitchelll - 5 months ago
Final Hipster Fantasy
JorgeyGari - 5 months ago
Scrungis - 5 months ago
mads - 5 months ago
not that it's a good reason but the only thing keeping my from wanting this game is that the main character looks so unrelatable and boring. if there was an option to at the very least play as a girl a la persona 3 maybe i'd be more interested.
Nopants 404
Nopants 404 - 5 months ago
I'll probably just get it for YuriOfWind tbh.
Fake Name
Fake Name - 5 months ago
I like the enemy and level designs in this trailer. Other than that, it's not for me.
dúskurinn - 5 months ago
nintendo hire this guy CryZENx
Lord Ziz
Lord Ziz - 5 months ago
I really can’t understand why everyone seems to be hating on this game before playing it. Just because it’s “post-modern” doesn’t mean it’s bad. I have heard some complaints about not liking the main character, which isn’t good, but if the world and gameplay are interesting I’d still be willing to give it a chance.
Vlad Dascaliuc
Vlad Dascaliuc - 5 months ago
Interested at first because of the Thumbnail, taken back by its looks, then interested again by its weirdness.
SuperAvocado - 5 months ago
South Park and Earthbound had a baby
LozerClub - 5 months ago
Weird. I love it.
Fellow Nine year old.
Fellow Nine year old. - 5 months ago
I want to yeet my money at nintendo for this
dragonfirebunsenburner - 5 months ago
this game looks amazing
king eagle
king eagle - 5 months ago
I like this
Veronica Martinez
Veronica Martinez - 5 months ago
I wonder if there will be a future movie dedicated to Nintendo.... what do you think? Nintendo...
Also when I watched this video or started it... my device started to like spaz out like there were like someone what of like glitch particles or something you know and when the video stoped the glitching stopped... this is the biggest minor incovienece I ever had...
KakashiSFS1110 - 5 months ago
This is an spiritual succesor to earthbound maybe?
Shadow Bocksin
Shadow Bocksin - 5 months ago
It's like persona and earthbound had a baby and this is the offspring.
C Ries
C Ries - 5 months ago
This trailer is way better than all the other footage of the game I've seen
TrashLord Lord of the Trash
This game is either going to be REALLY good or a pretentious mess
Dr Narwhal
Dr Narwhal - 4 months ago
First one for sure
S̨a̢d͠ ̡M͢o͝nt́i̧
S̨a̢d͠ ̡M͢o͝nt́i̧ - 5 months ago
Second one
Danny Pham
Danny Pham - 5 months ago
So, like Earthbound for adults...
LISA : The Painful RPG, anyone?
DigitalWorlds - 5 months ago
"have you noticed how weird things have been?" ... yea i would say it looks weird alright :v
III - 5 months ago
Hahahaa she said don't believe everything you read on the internet and I use the internet! Haha that's relatable I like that character and this game take my money
RogelioDelaToro - 5 months ago
Y2K: A SoyBoy Story
Toro Kuro
Toro Kuro - 5 months ago
The animation is a little too stiff to fit the overall art style of the game in my opinion.
acridPaladin - 5 months ago
Its a shame the game is actually super terrible and will have you hating the ginger, the main protagonist and self insert of the dev.
Every game element used is done in such a poor and refined way it only adds to the disappointment.
And i never thought id be able to use the word cringe in the right way. But you will this gsme have you groaning at all the terrible junk it says in an attempt to be witty
ARCADE THEATRE - 5 months ago
Finally. After all these years. It's finally here!
Interlabz - 5 months ago
Yeah no
Anthony de hijar
Anthony de hijar - 5 months ago
Should i get this or skyrim? Hmmm
BlackGoldSaw 707
BlackGoldSaw 707 - 5 months ago
Hmm...the Mother vibes are strong...I like it.
Zhello - 5 months ago
Wow. Nintendo must've been chewing on some 5 gum.
Justin St-Georges
Justin St-Georges - 5 months ago
I'm sorry to be negative but don't buy this game. It's insultingly awful in every aspect
Samurai Forever91
Samurai Forever91 - 5 months ago
The feels Earth Bound if instead xygas we had Y2K scare of the 90s. Since Earth Bound was released in the 90s.
Hiro120_X - 5 months ago
This looks so trippy I love it!
Bryan Kopkin
Bryan Kopkin - 5 months ago
TheReaperCometh - 5 months ago
looks like a generic pile of Indie garbage tbh :/
HAHAoriginal - 5 months ago
Finally, an accurate representation of the year 2000
ajaich89 - 5 months ago
We live in a society
JSTR - 5 months ago
Just awful.
G - 5 months ago
Is that audio a stylistic choice?
Solar Frost
Solar Frost - 5 months ago
Toby Fox music!!!
Ragamuffin Skullman
Ragamuffin Skullman - 5 months ago
Is this Undertale 3?
Pessimistic Optimist
Pessimistic Optimist - 5 months ago
Wow, it looks even trippier than before
GonBluV - 5 months ago
That's gonna be a yikes from me fam
Enigma2K99 - 5 months ago
Man, Earthbound/Mother really f***ed those kids up, didn't it?
Manas Malla
Manas Malla - 5 months ago
Is this a 3rd party edgy earthbound?
venezuela0076 - 5 months ago
Hipster: The Game :V
Discount at the dollar store
This looks almost as trippy as the music video for Sicko Mode
Discount at the dollar store
0:17 I hope this means Nintendo is promoting capitalism
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