Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kris Jenner

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Juan Camilo Carlone
Juan Camilo Carlone - 16 hours ago
They definitely wouldn’t have understood
Sydney Terrell
Sydney Terrell - Day ago
Is it just me or does he give all the Kardashians the smoothie
Jasmine Zhao
Jasmine Zhao - Day ago
Did James just take school lunches from public schools?
Mark Zamoyta
Mark Zamoyta - 2 days ago
"Kris there's the crickets."
-James Corden
sunset videos
sunset videos - 2 days ago
Kris: im not eating a cricket
James: you might be

Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Woah It's Rida
Woah It's Rida - 3 days ago
We need James Charles here
Jaeda_ qu33n
Jaeda_ qu33n - 3 days ago
Nick Davila
Nick Davila - 4 days ago
i said HIGH 🌿🌿🌿🌿
Nick Davila
Nick Davila - 4 days ago
i smke weed tht easter egg
laramenke - 4 days ago
I loved the shade when he answered the question about Kanye
Sangeeta Dasappa
Sangeeta Dasappa - 5 days ago
The man is disgusting wit yhe ow tongue and bulls whatever.
123 IDKYOU - 5 days ago
Do this with the Jonas brother
jadyn sarah
jadyn sarah - 2 days ago
he did
Rave - 5 days ago
James likes the tongue I just know it
Satisfiers 2.1
Satisfiers 2.1 - 5 days ago
*I’m not eating a cricket* ahah I love her
Ełłe - 6 days ago
Hot sauce and deep fried butter ain’t even that bad
C A - 6 days ago
Anne Layong
Anne Layong - 6 days ago
Do this with Chris and Liam Hemsworth😍😂💙
Kendra Keuken
Kendra Keuken - 6 days ago
Can someone please explain to me why some celebrities try to hide secrets like that? Not that I’m trying to be rude I don’t get it I mean it’s pretty obvious that she engaged and the fact that she won’t come out and say it as if it’s a bad thing confuses me?
San Mood
San Mood - 7 days ago
Officially Heidii K.
Officially Heidii K. - 7 days ago
I have a feeling one of the questions would be “Whos your favorite daughter?” Idk I haven’t watch it yet!
Kayle Alonde
Kayle Alonde - 7 days ago
i love kris so much😁😍🤣😍😂😍🤣😍😂😍🤣😍😂😍
A - 9 days ago
I didn't realize Kris Jenner was so cool and chill
Jayden Salim
Jayden Salim - 9 days ago
DO JAMES CHARLES (I’m not gay he’s just funny)
Jayden Salim
Jayden Salim - 2 days ago
why tho idk
why tho
why tho - 7 days ago
he's like 19 right?
Yuri Murrieta
Yuri Murrieta - 9 days ago
I would take the hot sauce any time I’m Mexican so
Mackenzie Deaver
Mackenzie Deaver - 9 days ago
Literally, in every episode James said, “Who wrote these?”!!
why tho
why tho - 7 days ago
literally, under every single episode, someone comments, *"Literally in every episode, James says, 'who wrote these?'"*
Row se
Row se - 9 days ago
It's name is fill ur guts but nobody actually eat it...all of them just eat n throw it later 😒😒
Chetan Bhandari
Chetan Bhandari - 10 days ago
If you are still wondering, its not real....they make it look real!
why tho
why tho - 7 days ago
oh yeah, and where'd you hear that?
Gabriella Ana Maria
Gabriella Ana Maria - 11 days ago
Leave a like if James Charles should do carpool karaoke yasssss
Hannah Tam
Hannah Tam - 11 days ago
“Do you want me to pick something else?” Okay thats precious
m23 Kardashian
m23 Kardashian - 11 days ago
Deep fried butter actually looks good
m23 Kardashian
m23 Kardashian - 7 days ago
+why tho no cause you're obnoxious annoying rude like a 5yr
m23 Kardashian
m23 Kardashian - 7 days ago
+why tho how old are you
m23 Kardashian
m23 Kardashian - 7 days ago
+why tho because you're being rude and stalking me
m23 Kardashian
m23 Kardashian - 7 days ago
+why tho I reported you 🖕🏼🖕🏿🖕🏾🖕🏽🖕🏻🖕
m23 Kardashian
m23 Kardashian - 7 days ago
+why tho no you're stalking me I already watched this video
Drop Tooned Sk8 or Die Babby!
I hurd they mak chocolet covered grasshopers an their not kibbler kookies
Drop Tooned Sk8 or Die Babby!
Adorable man who is body gaurd too God you handeld that well
Drop Tooned Sk8 or Die Babby!
I swear yu was about too just sip that like yu was mi sniffin a booger off jermain duppress little brother because he had manners but he was frontin cause he not even hurd of funkdafied
Drop Tooned Sk8 or Die Babby!
Yu are one of the best moms ever an i kina felt bad everytime you princesses said momabear wasnt allowed too be sexy exlusive fore daddy bear but she did fine an goldy locks had her own room an shelf in the fridge an spot at the table cause goldy locks es baby bears girlfriend
why tho
why tho - 7 days ago
are you high or something
Keezy G
Keezy G - 12 days ago
Ugly witch
Kara’s Production
Kara’s Production - 12 days ago
Angelo Pellicci
Angelo Pellicci - 13 days ago
4:10 notice how james recommends the cow tongue and then says no when she asks if he wants something else. James fucking loves the cow tongue
abby w
abby w - 13 days ago
not answering the engagement question means yes kris lmao
Eileen Johnson
Eileen Johnson - 13 days ago
Fun thing about cow tongue they use them to pick their nose 😂😂😂
Robin Rocha
Robin Rocha - 13 days ago
Kris is the Bomb! Love her!
Ane Toma
Ane Toma - 14 days ago
i dont get it why most americans hate sardines.
Leovil Beluso
Leovil Beluso - 14 days ago
Century egg
why tho
why tho - 7 days ago
*millennia egg
Unsubscribe - 14 days ago
Fill your guts or spill your guts
rick robinson
rick robinson - 14 days ago
every spill your guts reminds me of every first day of hell's kitchen
Dolan Dimples
Dolan Dimples - 15 days ago
Kris has had a lot more Botox than when I last saw her
Dalys Bishop
Dalys Bishop - 16 days ago
Spitters are quitters James. Either eat something completely or answer a question once in awhile.
Paulami Saha
Paulami Saha - 16 days ago
Kris is more Savage than her daughters😳
Mhiky Arylea
Mhiky Arylea - 18 days ago
Btw in my country we eat a cow tounge and everyone like it the cow tongue name is “sate padang” and it very veru delicious
drakeo bloody11
drakeo bloody11 - 18 days ago
this is the only thmbnail that james cordon is not on ,why ??,i mean when i look at it its like she gave them the photo and said :put this photo instead of me sharing it with james cordon
Madeleine Higgins
Madeleine Higgins - 18 days ago
They should invite Tom Holland.
Zaidoma Ri
Zaidoma Ri - 18 days ago
Honestly no offense but every time i see a Kardashian in this show i feel like james is so so so fake.
I feel like he doesn't like any of em
So pressured.
Tsering Namgyal Namgyal
Tsering Namgyal Namgyal - 19 days ago
He's cute
exclusive music
exclusive music - 19 days ago
plot twist: james secretly loves cow tongue (that's why he takes a huge bite every frickin time!) 👌
exclusive music
exclusive music - 19 days ago
love it how james answered the question & kris was still like "eat that egg!" 🤣👌
RoLiJenJi SeSaNieSoo
RoLiJenJi SeSaNieSoo - 19 days ago
thousand year old egg tastes good, I always eat that
Natalie van Aardt
Natalie van Aardt - 19 days ago
The cows tongue is eaten as normal meal in SA. You just have to cook it properly
dylan foster
dylan foster - 20 days ago
Now that’s a mother, she would rather drink something disgusting rather than throw one of her daughters under the bus
dylan foster
dylan foster - 20 days ago
Notice how they use different glasses for the hot sauce
Jay Singh
Jay Singh - 20 days ago
definitely the worst spill your guts or fill your guts, what a boring person
Manasandkook Talkers
Manasandkook Talkers - 20 days ago
If Tom Holland was playing this game,,,, “All the f****** secrets are out”
Anamari Cintron
Anamari Cintron - 17 days ago
Manasandkook Talkers If they talk about any movies he’s in like Avengers End Game, either he’s a dead man or he’s literally eating everything on their.
Joaquin Mendoza
Joaquin Mendoza - 20 days ago
Cow tongue is good if you cook it right lengua tacos are bomb
Talia Crooke
Talia Crooke - 20 days ago
Do it with Harry Styles
Wictor Lisowski
Wictor Lisowski - 20 days ago
Ok eat your egg 🥚
Blue Green Algae 2.0
Blue Green Algae 2.0 - 21 day ago
Why don't they just quit
Phoebe Hello
Phoebe Hello - 21 day ago
The egg isn’t bad I eat it every week
Bontica Lavender
Bontica Lavender - 21 day ago
She is ONE HELL of a LOYAL MOM ;)
Mr Poptart
Mr Poptart - 21 day ago
James is the goat with not trying to make kris leave the show because she doesn't want to do something
Aryaman Anand
Aryaman Anand - 22 days ago
Cows are religious to Hindu's......
PSY CHO - 22 days ago
Bring bear Grylls to the show
Matthew Wisniewski
Matthew Wisniewski - 22 days ago
People are starving in the world, and not to mention those poor animals died in vain
Jay - 22 days ago
What a disgusting old whore!
Randeep Kaur
Randeep Kaur - 22 days ago
Can you add rat
Scarlett Isaac
Scarlett Isaac - 23 days ago
My friend said 1000 years old is delicious
Trish - 23 days ago
Why must celebrities be filled with so much entitlement? The dickheads... then their team goes and does damage control For Them. This is why people think so highly and make such a big deal over the humble ones, because its just not common.
Rusky Bizness
Rusky Bizness - 23 days ago
Gotta give it to her. Most people don’t even eat the food, they just spit it out
Declannjae Default
Declannjae Default - 24 days ago
Everytime there's a female guests particularly the kardashians James gives them the bull Penis to drop some hints for after the show
JeyRelentless - 25 days ago
She basically said “Tune in” 😂
MorganAnne143 - 25 days ago
Yooo we have deep fried butter on a stick at our state fair
Lyla Meece
Lyla Meece - 25 days ago
Wait isn’t that cheese the same as the tongue in the Jonas brother spill or fill.... James explainnn
Hitler’s Cat
Hitler’s Cat - 25 days ago
We need Chris Pratt on this!
Moon Fall
Moon Fall - 25 days ago
Kris: Do you want me to pick something els-
Yash Sonawane
Yash Sonawane - 26 days ago
I think they should do this with bill gates
ThePumpkinLover - 26 days ago
Do it with Harry Styles already
Thereal_samara AA
Thereal_samara AA - 26 days ago
We need kourtney and Kylie and I don’t know how to spell kourtney right sry
Lionel Max
Lionel Max - 26 days ago
Thereal_samara AA they did invite kylie but she rejected
arianna p
arianna p - 26 days ago
Moon Fall
Moon Fall - 25 days ago
arianna p ikr
Scarlett Playz
Scarlett Playz - 27 days ago
I swear James like cow tongue, he takes a huge bit EVERYTIME.
ECKO723119 - 27 days ago
I see alot of kendall and kim in her
Taline Agamy
Taline Agamy - 27 days ago
i bet she faked drinking that sardine
Mickey ʕ•ٹ•ʔ
Mickey ʕ•ٹ•ʔ - 27 days ago
I think James secretly likes the cows tongue
Moon Fall
Moon Fall - 25 days ago
Mickey ʕ•ٹ•ʔ so true sis
letu weldu
letu weldu - 28 days ago
james: im gonna give you the crokies
kris: no give me the hot sauce
mauricio ramos
mauricio ramos - 28 days ago
Kris: okay eat ur egg
Michelle Glass
Michelle Glass - 29 days ago
Everytime I see the food I just remember that in México we eat all of it with some salsa 🤦‍♀️
elizkrit643 SCS
elizkrit643 SCS - 29 days ago
I swear the cow tongue looks worse and worse every time
ℛiadh ℂhohra
ℛiadh ℂhohra - Month ago
Refusing to answer the ring question was a definite yes anyway
Malachite - Month ago
Look at kris's face, and then look at her hands 🤯
Jea - Month ago
Me if i go home late and explain why to mom 4:01
Dani P
Dani P - Month ago
James answers question
Kris “now eat the egg”
NatalieAnn - Month ago
Aysel Amr
Aysel Amr - Month ago
I think you spelled CHRIS JENNER wrong cuz i saw other YouTube videos that spelled it like that but i don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ how it is spelled maybe like that or like that
But if anyone knows how it is spelled then plz tell me in the replies
BTW i love the kardashians and james and the jenners
hbriger23 - Month ago
Aysel Amr you are retarded if you really like their family you would know it’s KRIS Jenner
_ PayH6 _
_ PayH6 _ - Month ago
If Tom Holland was on here, all secrets would be revealed...
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