Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kris Jenner

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TOUR MANIA - 9 hours ago
I think James love that cow tongue....
Nina Hosk
Nina Hosk - 10 hours ago
Do this with Gigi Hadid,Josephine Skriver,Ariana Grande,Selena Gomez and Liam Payne.
Harley McQueen
Harley McQueen - 19 hours ago
I'm not eating a cricket
You might be!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha
LANDONS POV - 19 hours ago
I'm surprised she didn't go for that black bull penis.
LANDONS POV - 19 hours ago
She's the worse
Flawless B queen
Flawless B queen - 20 hours ago
James like tongue 👅 😂😂😂😂😂
Austin - 2 days ago
Oh gosh please change the cow's tongue, James already get used to it and those celebs keep giving him the cow's tongue thinking he'd grossed out 😂
Cattleya Marie Palacol
Cattleya Marie Palacol - 2 days ago
The 1000 year old egg tastes good!!!!
mcdv - 2 days ago
In France, we eat Blood head cheese and Cow tongue and it's delicious (not sorry)
Carolina Correia-Pegoraro
i like how kris actually swallows her food when james spit it all out
Aly&g Gaby
Aly&g Gaby - 2 days ago
I think the best one was deep fried butter
m. - 3 days ago
the money ones are probably questions they can't answer even if they wanted to.
Liora Izmailov
Liora Izmailov - 4 days ago
Well if you would have 1000-year-old egg That place would smell like death
Viktoria Page
Viktoria Page - 4 days ago
kris being a mood
Rachel White
Rachel White - 4 days ago
they probably got the cow tongue from fairlife😤
Rose - 4 days ago
by eating the cricket she admitted to it really... just wants to save it for the KUWK show...
Diana Cruz
Diana Cruz - 4 days ago
Crickets are actually good with chili and lemon
aruwa Abdelmagid
aruwa Abdelmagid - 4 days ago
He does like the freakin disgusting ugly horrific COW TOUNGE👅🤮
I am_ me
I am_ me - 5 days ago
I seriously think he should try this with Trump😁😜
Keena TheUnicorn
Keena TheUnicorn - 5 days ago
"This is like a drive thru."😂😂😂
Keri Schultz
Keri Schultz - 5 days ago
Love that she never spat anything out. Hard core!
Rodge Pascual
Rodge Pascual - 5 days ago
A thousand year old egg is actually the century egg and it is super delish
Isabella Cooper
Isabella Cooper - 5 days ago
I want to get famous just so I can go on James Corden
Lacey Ryan
Lacey Ryan - 6 days ago
cardi b needs to do this
Karim Yaniv Almedina Romero
Maaan he’s getting use to these foods.. they should add new ones
Krusades - 6 days ago
Corden sure does enjoy the god damn cow tung!
Nora Blades
Nora Blades - 6 days ago
kris: “oh lordie”
Cabello _____
Cabello _____ - 7 days ago
The 1000 year old egg is actually not bad , you know...
I always eat it at the wedding party
Norma Aguirre
Norma Aguirre - 7 days ago
*blurrs out hand as if we don’t know what she’s doing*
larturors - 8 days ago
What's her talent? Gold digger?
Alice Dube
Alice Dube - 8 days ago
that blood head cheese looks a lot like the cow blood and pig tongue jelly from the Jonas brothers episode lol
Destiny Rodriguez
Destiny Rodriguez - 8 days ago
They should do more episodes playing this game with WWE superstars.
sweetdaz - 9 days ago
They never swallow? They just spit it out? Well then answer the fucking question then fat boy??
fahrgeschäft tester
fahrgeschäft tester - 10 days ago
Hey James can you do a Carpool Karaoke with Clean Bandit ?
fahrgeschäft tester
fahrgeschäft tester - 10 days ago
Hey James can you do a carpool Karaoke with mabel
fahrgeschäft tester
fahrgeschäft tester - 10 days ago
Hey James can you do a carpool Karaoke with Ria Ora ?
fahrgeschäft tester
fahrgeschäft tester - 10 days ago
Hey James can you do a carpool Karaoke with bebe rexha ?
Tristan Kress
Tristan Kress - 4 days ago
fahrgeschäft tester who the fuck
Tanya Rathore
Tanya Rathore - 10 days ago
Kris is low-key managing this show by telling james to give her hot sauce🤣
* Mushii_Potato *
* Mushii_Potato * - 10 days ago
Billie Eilish needs to play this game! She’ll ask “Where are the avacados?”
Karen J
Karen J - 10 days ago
Do one with Cole Sprouse ❤️
Kookie Stole My Heartu
Kookie Stole My Heartu - 11 days ago
“Ok, eat your egg”.
Uzma Zia Hashmi
Uzma Zia Hashmi - 11 days ago
Do one with shawn mendes
Now That’s the Tea
Now That’s the Tea - 11 days ago
Plot twist: James actually loves this and does this so he can eat it
Mason McDixon
Mason McDixon - 12 days ago
sad when he can't get real celebs
Your free style dance move teacher
Please do Chris Pratt!! That would be SO FUNNY!!
Big Chungas
Big Chungas - 12 days ago
Low Key Butter deep fried butter sounds delish
Luisa Elena Duarte
Luisa Elena Duarte - 12 days ago
Please do one with Kylie like if u agree
Lilliana Sullivan
Lilliana Sullivan - 12 days ago
He tried she cancelled last minute saying she was sick and then paparazzi revealed a picture of her out with her daughter 😂
Wictor Lisowski
Wictor Lisowski - 12 days ago
I want Justin Bieber on this
Veronica Rojas
Veronica Rojas - 13 days ago
Cardi b or kevin hart
ornella tannous
ornella tannous - 13 days ago
Kris giving the middle finger is priceless
Anna German
Anna German - 13 days ago
Sigrit Sepp
Sigrit Sepp - 14 days ago
Its funny. The cow thong is in estonia a delikatess 😂😂😂
Just a chanal
Just a chanal - 14 days ago
Kris Jenner is such an classy old lady you can't see so often
Tanya Paliwal
Tanya Paliwal - 14 days ago
You know what people, I think James purposely doesn’t give his guests the cow’s tongue and the other more disgusting ones because he enjoys em.
Ps: I personally the cow’s to tongue is his favourite
Disappointment :/
Disappointment :/ - 14 days ago
this is so fake
Tanya Paliwal
Tanya Paliwal - 14 days ago
Kim and kris resemble the most.
imaginary world
imaginary world - 14 days ago
No offence for the show but is it okay to exhibit animals part for fun purpose.If it's for survival it is fair enough to some extent but for gaming purpose ,totally disrespecting and annoying.
Iwanna Vslk
Iwanna Vslk - 15 days ago
Honestly i love Kris!!She is so funny a queen
Just Carly101
Just Carly101 - 15 days ago
Think the perfect spill your guts or fill your guts contestant: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki. Please
Rebecca - 15 days ago
What did James say at 3:49?
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie - 15 days ago
I want to see Cardi B play this 😂💀 think of the sounds “EAAEAEEAH”
onika meel
onika meel - 8 hours ago
Eeeew nobody wanna see her dirty ass
Emma B
Emma B - 16 days ago
Literally nobody chooses hot sauce
Finn wolfhard’s bae
Finn wolfhard’s bae - 16 days ago
i need bts and nct doing this-
Battle Royale Gaming
Battle Royale Gaming - 17 days ago
Out of all of her daughters , Kendall is the one
who has the closest look like her
niharika kmm
niharika kmm - 18 days ago
Shouldn't the 1000 year old egg be in the museum!?
Vienne He Yinzhen
Vienne He Yinzhen - 18 days ago
1000 years old egg is yummy, I eat it all the time
D e l i n q u e n t d o l l
Cow’s tongue is actually delicious!!
In Vietnam, everyone eats it!
Allison Ann
Allison Ann - 19 days ago
D e l i n q u e n t d o l l i dont eat it . are you even vietnamese?
Casey L
Casey L - 19 days ago
Shes such a mood...💗
Fe Michaels
Fe Michaels - 19 days ago
Why is everybody so pretty
iicookieii - 19 days ago
Do it with Tom Holland
Ella Inolino
Ella Inolino - 20 days ago
well I wish you'd meet Vice Ganda of Philippines
Nazish Kamal
Nazish Kamal - 21 day ago
Mommy jenner to James even after his elaborate answer to the question, EAT YOU'RE EGG...😂
Elsie Zhang
Elsie Zhang - 21 day ago
I rlly don't get why ppl r so afraid of the 1000 yr egg it's like a normal type of food for some ppl
Diane Reese
Diane Reese - 21 day ago
So stupid. James just takes a bite then spits it out. Dumb.
Elena 5.5 DEN
Elena 5.5 DEN - 22 days ago
James u kinda dumb u can search up the answer of how much u got paid for peter rabbit
sara kusserow
sara kusserow - 22 days ago
I loved how James was so proud of that cow toge and when he put it in his mouth he gaged
Musical Scientist
Musical Scientist - 23 days ago
James should get Stevie Wonder to do this!! 😂😂
bella2019 - 23 days ago
Kourtney is who she would cut
Pascarelli - 24 days ago
Fill her guts
wyt 007
wyt 007 - 24 days ago
you can see how much kris wanted James to eat the egg after what he said
jcdranzer25 - 25 days ago
Kris Jenner came out seeming dumb.
I Love Loisse
I Love Loisse - 25 days ago
ohhh lordy
vtb 6887
vtb 6887 - 25 days ago
We need Taylor Swift playing this game
Kitty 129
Kitty 129 - 13 days ago
vtb 6887 Yeah, I can just imagine her reactions to this 😂
wise and old
wise and old - 26 days ago
Ana Samardzic
Ana Samardzic - 27 days ago
Do that with Shawn please
Gracie Hughes
Gracie Hughes - 27 days ago
They care about there family so much like Kim ate something rank so that her sisters will be protected from us finding out if they preg... no nice 😍🥰😍
Leen Aldakkan
Leen Aldakkan - 28 days ago
I just gotta day one thing...
That deep fried butter looks GOOD
Erry Berry
Erry Berry - 28 days ago
Me eating lunch while watching this...

I lost my appetite
in search of stage.
in search of stage. - 28 days ago
I tried to deepfry butter and it...........just vanished
Maitei Aguilera
Maitei Aguilera - 28 days ago
Sofia Vergara should be on this
Dorel David
Dorel David - 29 days ago
spoiled celebrities
mvmvplugs - 29 days ago
7:16 sounded like a fart lmfao
Allison Maciel
Allison Maciel - 29 days ago
People actually eat cow’s tongues. It’s a normal thing in a lot of countries. It tastes really good under the right cooking and condiments 😹
William Nelson
William Nelson - Month ago
Y is her face like that that family need to stop why can they see they look awful all that work frozen
Micheal Gaming
Micheal Gaming - Month ago
Nice finger kris
Karen Aguilar
Karen Aguilar - Month ago
I ate cow tongue and it’s actually nice
LFC shankss
LFC shankss - Month ago
They really like black guys dont they has katelin/bruce got one yet ?,
Emiliano Cotera
Emiliano Cotera - Month ago
Cow tongue is actually expensive asf ranging from 140-200$ and when prepared properly with spices and everything it is deliciously tender and great!
Nadia Boateng
Nadia Boateng - Month ago
Who agree if we had Shawn mendes
Just Lean
Just Lean - Month ago
I like how they call it a thousand year old egg instead of century egg lmao
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