Mumble Rappers React to Being Dissed by Eminem...

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Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - Hour ago
mumble rappers
J. Mtz.
J. Mtz. - 2 hours ago
@ 3:25, why does Take Off look like he got down syndrome???
Jrider 916
Jrider 916 - 4 hours ago
And this is why Eminem is my favorite rapper, that's alive.
Nasty Nase
Nasty Nase - 8 hours ago
FUCK EMINEM!!!!!!!!!!
maxel8333 - 8 hours ago
narrator you should put eminems ball's in your mouth
Idriss Soltan
Idriss Soltan - 8 hours ago
Mumble rapper
windel obligacion
windel obligacion - 9 hours ago
well that's how much we have in common.
Deathblooms 12
Deathblooms 12 - 9 hours ago
69 isnt a mumble rapper......
Danielle Swab
Danielle Swab - 10 hours ago
Mumble rappers
MasterChiefColin - 10 hours ago
I can't read.
Chthonian121 - 10 hours ago
69 isn't a mumble rapper... he's a yelly rapper
Lovelace Soirez IV
Lovelace Soirez IV - 11 hours ago
Mumble rapper
OG_REBIRTH 90 - 12 hours ago
Who else hates it when he says kamikazay instead of kamikaze
anubis2006noe - 12 hours ago
Too many ads on this vid. Ya'll gotta cut that out. Stop it. Just let the video play.
Slurp_YT - 12 hours ago
Demaro Ellis
Demaro Ellis - 12 hours ago
Demaro Ellis
Demaro Ellis - 12 hours ago
Mumble rappers
VivderGlobe836 logan
VivderGlobe836 logan - 12 hours ago
Justin Harris
Justin Harris - 13 hours ago
Mumble rapper
woodchuck norris
woodchuck norris - 13 hours ago
All the mumble rappers took the disses cause they ain't able to beat eminem in a diss battle and even they know that.
iMakebadmusic - 13 hours ago
We all know that moonman is the best rapper
Alchemist shady
Alchemist shady - 13 hours ago
mumble rappers
Epidemic - illen spree
Epidemic - illen spree - 13 hours ago
Mumble Rappers= Butthole Rappers
Me and the buds Vlog life
Me and the buds Vlog life - 14 hours ago
Me and the buds Vlog life
Me and the buds Vlog life - 14 hours ago
Mumble rappers
Me and the buds Vlog life
Me and the buds Vlog life - 14 hours ago
porter - 14 hours ago
mumble rappers
Owen Beesley
Owen Beesley - 14 hours ago
Mumble rappers
D0PEF1END - 14 hours ago
Sooooooo....where’s the reaction?
Jose Bonilla
Jose Bonilla - 18 hours ago
Mumble rappers
brother and sis Forever
brother and sis Forever - 18 hours ago
First:Eminem and Joyner
Next:Eminem and logic
After:logic and Joyner
Last:Ray da Royce and Eminem they will all destroy the mumble rap game

Edit:thanks for likes
Jordan Soumas
Jordan Soumas - 19 hours ago
The man narrating this has clearly never heard of pro era
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - 19 hours ago
......but isn't 69 like the exact opposite to mumble rap.. He yells..just sayin
Il Yas
Il Yas - 22 hours ago
Mumble rapper
Parker Adams
Parker Adams - Day ago
Bruh your voice is aids, plz delete your channel
MCcLc23 - Day ago
Sway fr looks like he could be the father of Dre from Power
Faizon Ervin
Faizon Ervin - Day ago
Mumble rappers
Dejavu Rain
Dejavu Rain - Day ago
roddy88 WDB
roddy88 WDB - Day ago
What the fuck is up wit the narrators voice lmaooo what accent is that!!???
evan nett
evan nett - Day ago
Mumble rappers
The Lit Show
The Lit Show - Day ago
I still don't understand why people think everyone uses "lil" to much. Its just common in nicknames lol
saziye ryan
saziye ryan - 11 hours ago
The Lit Show get a life, all of the sht new mumble rappers are called lil something, and there’s to many of em.
Hassan - Day ago
The Narrator’s emphasis on the letter ‘H’ hits hard
phillip jaworski
phillip jaworski - Day ago
Mumble rappers
Rina Dolar
Rina Dolar - Day ago
Eminem is real
Jaye Vaughn
Jaye Vaughn - Day ago
Mommble rappers
Hurricane Hubbs
Hurricane Hubbs - Day ago
I don’t get rapper fashion style at all. Since when was it cool to wear a Marlins jersey?
Lateralus Buds
Lateralus Buds - Day ago
Johnny - Day ago
Back with a vengeance
Case Barger
Case Barger - Day ago
The hidden message
Jesus Gomez
Jesus Gomez - Day ago
M is cool in all but thats how they make a living calm the fuck fown
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