Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Breaks Down What the Green New Deal Really Is

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Eire Mac Aodhagain
Eire Mac Aodhagain - 6 hours ago
Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Vs Candace Owens.? Let be honest she wouldn't stand a chance against our Conservative.
JC Martinez
JC Martinez - Day ago
Why should we pay for your education? My wife works her ass of at school and because of that is only left with $7,500 in student debt. Totally manageable and she earned it! No one should be entitled to free secondary education.
JC Martinez
JC Martinez - Day ago
Healthcare is not a right. Literally.
jrae - 2 days ago
Let's see how much she "earns" in the next few years, that is if she stays in office. Seth, you suck!
jmatt4life - 4 days ago
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a negative impact to her surroundings!
She needs to stop her ignorant, moronic video broadcasts!
Someone needs to introduce a motion/campaign to remove her from office!!!
Mike Frank
Mike Frank - 7 days ago
I guess this is where all the gullible people get their news from. You people live in a fantasy worldly by idiots.
KitkatFelix Cruickshank
How does she talk about a subject so much and still have no clue what she's saying
Atlas Ghost
Atlas Ghost - 8 days ago
I love her
FermentedGrains420 - 10 days ago
"They're suggesting the Green New Deal is about what we have to give up, what we have to cut back on"
Did she not read what she wrote? The whole thing is literally about what we have to eliminate and by when! In gavtvproposes nothing but vagueness as a solution!
Oskar Ngo
Oskar Ngo - 10 days ago
She must have an endless source of money somewhere.
At PNguyen
At PNguyen - 12 days ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the greatest inspiration to future generations to come… A real public servant and patriot of America…
Julian Amiet
Julian Amiet - 13 days ago
She actually said "renewable Resources".
Raymond Finch
Raymond Finch - 14 days ago
Then we don’t have to obey it dumbass
Raymond Finch
Raymond Finch - 14 days ago
Ask her where is the money coming from
Saltponds239 - 14 days ago
The Green New Deal? Its about a raise and the Franklin's right AOC?
Salvador Cota
Salvador Cota - 14 days ago
AOC is retarded.
She fails to realize that the government will only provide what it can afford.
What makes her think the government will be able to provide everybody a luxurious lifestyle with above average living conditions and nice spacious homes?
What world does she think we live in, lala land?
This is not some Disney fantasy, it's the real world.
Somebody needs to slap this chick back into reality.
Keira Sorrells
Keira Sorrells - 14 days ago
Agenda 21 revised
Kevin Novak
Kevin Novak - 15 days ago
You're so fucking stupid if you think that this thing will go into effect by it passing in the house. At the end of the day the president has a say if this goes into effect or not. Dont worry people this has no chance I repeat no chance of passing.
Omar Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez - 18 days ago
God bless you AOC but I'm a pessimist.
LilMOMMAson - 19 days ago
domestic demand for energy > supply of renewable energy
Without fossil fuels, the price of renewable energy would be so high that average Americans wouldn't be able to afford it.
Edward Sherwood
Edward Sherwood - 20 days ago
Thank god some adults in government, she would single handily destroy this country
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis - 20 days ago
This is how Climate Change can be fixed: Dr David Evans
Robert Hooks
Robert Hooks - 23 days ago
how could one even listen to sandy! for more than one minute? HER VOICE IS ANNOYING AS F#CK!! WTF?
John Bennett
John Bennett - 27 days ago
Well if she is so pro green deal, then someone should ask her, when was the last time you washed closes by hand, and hung them on the close line to dry????
pir8prod - 28 days ago
I know how she keeps in shape... Backpedaling!
The Magick Music Kingdom
The Magick Music Kingdom - 28 days ago
Renewable, clean energy is the way of the future. Whoever doesn't think so is living in the past. Time to get on board with AOC, her Green New Deal and cleaning up our beautiful planet
Islam Explained
Islam Explained - 28 days ago
She's funny lol
zizo 246
zizo 246 - 29 days ago
Knock there any real journalist !!!!?
Taylor Yasmine
Taylor Yasmine - Month ago
Love her
thisandthat - Month ago
all bartenders, you are qualified to apply for congress woman position.
No brains necessary. If you know what a garbage disposal is, than you
are over qualified.
John Sanders
John Sanders - Month ago
WOW the paying homeless people to stand in line for you, is something i'm sure many people were not aware of including myself Just so lobbyist can be the first and possibly only ones with access to elected officials. This is a broken system.
polachee - Month ago
You can choose to be one of the people, or, you can choose to be part of the machine. Choose.
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop - Month ago
4:58: But apparently AOC is dumb...
thescopedogable - Month ago
I know right
Sally Silva
Sally Silva - Month ago
This girl fills me up with Pride and Honor. She is a force to be reckoned with. She is waking people up.
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson - Month ago
The green new deal is a fucking joke explained by a simpleton dullard! Aoc needs to go back to what she does best laying on her back with her legs open and getting on her knees with her mouth open! Leave the thinking to people that are intelligent!
darth hideous
darth hideous - Month ago
She is far from dizty. She is just unassumingly brilliant.
marlo s
marlo s - Month ago
I love her 😍😍😍 she represents what the future should be and I’m so glad that she represents my home town
aoteagirl nz
aoteagirl nz - Month ago
doesnt it make that whole accusation from the right that AOC is just a left-wing version of Sarah Palin sound rather idiotic
jheetman - Month ago
health care is a right???? is food a right? is housing a right? is education beyond high school a right? are utilities a right? is your cell phone a right? is your car/transportation a right? I think what she is really trying to say is that we should all trust in her and her cronies to provide for us our basic "rights", regardless of who has the drive, wherewithal, motivation, ability, and resources to provide all these "rights" to the masses. I think Adolf Hitler tried this, if history serves me correctly, it didn't end well.
thescopedogable - Month ago
History does not serve you correctly you are a retard. How just how do you listen to her and come away with yeap she is just like Hitler? look America produces vate amounts of wealth by 2020 70% of all profit created in America will go to the 1% she is suggesting we spend that wealth on healthcare and education instead of endless war.
Arielle Turner
Arielle Turner - Month ago
Damn her eyebrows are just wow
snow man
snow man - Month ago
So it isn't about giving up anything? She's a fking liar
sean robbins
sean robbins - Month ago
She sure is pretty!
Edwin Alvarado
Edwin Alvarado - Month ago
Soon to be the first female president
TryingtoKnow - Month ago
Is the Green New Deal really AOCs brainchild? Like no one thought of these things before?
It's a United Nations Agenda 2030.
Here's USA version. Click on it and go deep
Ben Lirry
Ben Lirry - Month ago
The funniest thing about this whole interview was that she was suppose to give a better understanding of the whole plan but instead made it even broader. After the interview I have more question than before. How does health care relate to the green deal? How does she build infrastructure for green energy? How is she sure that this will work for America? Is it going to provide enough energy? How is she going to achieve this? How heavy is the toll on us tax payer? If she can’t specify these important details even in a interview discussing about the specifics of your plan that could only mean you are not confident enough to present it. If so, that makes you’re whole point invalid, not that I expect much from a shabby politician like her.
Carlos Lanza
Carlos Lanza - Month ago
Ben Lirry you should read the resolution and watch the town hall she did just a month ago. This monday there is another speech she is giving.
Chinedu Onwumere
Chinedu Onwumere - Month ago
I can tell nobody in this comment section has actually read the Green New Deal lol.
RoRo Zorro
RoRo Zorro - Month ago
Lmfao aoc saying “because he is a nimotoad” 👌🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥 slow burn that orange Buffon
Jeremy Hudgins
Jeremy Hudgins - Month ago
She most definitely should have been swallowed
peace-it-is - Month ago
I hated her but she seems to be rational and reasonable ans sensible
thescopedogable - Month ago
Yeah maybe you sould listen to a person instead of just believing fox smears
Liberation pocket
Liberation pocket - Month ago
I think both Democrats and Republicans that actually have realistic thoughts about issues can both agree that Cortez is the dumbest candidate. This retard actually said that cow farts harm the environment and also compared global warming to WW2. This isn't even because she's a Democrat, it's because she's completely ignorant about how the world works
Liberation pocket
Liberation pocket - Month ago
@thescopedogable agricultural climate change is one of the lowest gas emissions to climate change lol. It's like 10% of the total cause
thescopedogable - Month ago
The methane produced by cattle is one of the largest contributors to climate change and the green new deal wanted to invest in research into new cattle feed that would make them less gassy.
Sticks N Stones
Sticks N Stones - Month ago
Pretty woman....dumb as a box of rocks......let’s all vote for her
TryingtoKnow - Month ago
Here is a summary of what inspired the Green New Deal and indeed, intellectually dishonestly claimed by AOC to be the creator.
She a puppet of Soros and United Nations Agenda 2030
thescopedogable - Month ago
You are a fucking moron.
The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts - Month ago
Do you know what the green new deal really is. It is simple you can never get rid of gasoline cars, it is impractical. The only thing the deal will creat is a new high tax on owning a gasoline vehicle. A tax on the feul, a tax on faming animals, and so on. There won't be fewer farms with cow farts, just expensive hamburgers. The consumer always absorbs the taxes in the end. It is just a scam to tax the population. Free healthcare is a similar idea. Tax the population for their free healthcare, but under fund the industry. I live in Canada, I know what it is all about. She also think capitalism is about making money at the expence of the environment. Remember I live in Canada the only nation with socialism that seems to work. Why you ask does it work, it is simple we nationalised the natural resource industry. Alberta's oil industry has ravaged the environment. That industry is all that keep the socialist programs funded, poorly at that. Government never manages anything right.
rob ribant
rob ribant - Month ago
There are plenty of new jobs in the green new deal. For example. Giving people vacuum cleaner with long extension cords and placing them in cow pastures to suck up the Methane when the cows fart.
IIG - Month ago
Sexy woman. Even sexier brain.
Deborah O.
Deborah O. - Month ago
Just watched the documentary now on Netflix!
I am inspired!
Audiocronic - Month ago
I wonder if there’s anything other than hot fecal particles bouncing around in that skull of hers…
Emily Sikora
Emily Sikora - Month ago
If this planet is going to survive climate change and the disasterous consequences that are encroaching and already manifesting in horrific, life threatening and expensive ways, it’s her policies and legislation that are going to save us, or at least make an important pivotal difference. If Congress and the joke of an administration let her.
Popeye 99
Popeye 99 - Month ago
It looked like her head was going to pop when everyone cheered about healthcare.
allil87 - Month ago
She’s great. People show some support. She’s fighting for your rights
topkhani - Month ago
topkhani - 2 days ago
@Logaweed And main stream news is for under educated retired old men who are hanging on to delusions of racist by gone days.
topkhani - 21 day ago
@Logaweed Better to be radical than a complacent ignoramus who happily lets CEOs ship all our jobs offshore. Who lets his government work for special interest and not for us. who is not a good steward of our air, land, rivers and oceans.
Logaweed - 23 days ago
topkhani I don’t watch any mainstream news regularly. My opinions have been formed on her by just seeing speeches of her talk and Twitter. She’s a radical fool.
topkhani - 23 days ago
@Logaweed that's on Fox News. We are not laughing we are delighted, ecstatic, in bliss and hopeful.
Carolyn Grinberg
Carolyn Grinberg - 2 months ago
Ahahaha Trump IS a nematode.
Mojo Jeinxs
Mojo Jeinxs - 2 months ago
How green is that what watch she’s wearing ? I wonder if she has leather shoes? And if they’re not leather are byproducts of petroleum. How does she get around on a bicycle solar powered car? What products does she use on her hair that don’t pollute the environment when manufactured? The razor she uses to shave her legs is it a straight razor does she use a plastic disposable? This woman is a moron.
thescopedogable - Month ago,format&cs=srgb&_=9faefab75c06b49cfcf18e1394c50376
Jinehba Chavez
Jinehba Chavez - 2 months ago
Green New Deal is something. We need something. If it doesn't work bring something else to the table, lets hear it
Refuze2Lose - 2 months ago
I am so in love with her. Its so great to not only have a young person in congress but a young hispanic women
Joe Guzman
Joe Guzman - 2 months ago
She's smarter than a tomato
spacejockey - 2 months ago
because he's a nematode? :) burn!!!
CalviNNation - 2 months ago
I love seeing the ignorant congregate underneath videos of left leaning late night hosts political tom foolery.
Vikash Loitongbam
Vikash Loitongbam - 2 months ago
Here's what you need to know,
1. USA spends the highest amount of money on climate mitigation i.e making infrastructure green compliant.
2. USA has one of the highest emissions reducing quota, which it meets.
3. Companies in the USA are required to be green compliant or face taxes.
4. The Paris climate agreement and CBD basically cracked down on USA's emission reduction quota while giving a free hand to 2nd and 3rd world countries.
5. Oh, and they wanted to set up a climate fund for 2nd world countries to avail green tech from USA, to be funded by USA and EU.
Good thing Trump pulled out of that God awful agreement.
Who do you think pollutes the most, India or Brazil or USA. Wanting green new deal is basically wanting to bankrupt the taxpayers pockets. Entire infrastructure to be overhauled, govt dictating the health industry, taxpayers paying salary to those who don't want to work.
And this woman doesn't even understand polity, so AOC, is the "Resolution" going to be a binding or non- binding?? Liberals are so open minded their brains are falling out!!
Your grammar probably sucks
99% of society agree with "what we need to accomplish in the next 10 years". The tough part, actually
executing it! Let's not pretend that she's some ground-breaking innovator. A bunch of 12-15 year old
SJWs skipping class and "protesting" the government isn't the solution. How about getting back in the library
and figuring out how to become part of the solution, pathetic leftist extremists....
A L - Month ago
Your grammar probably sucks By the time we actually graduate college and are able to get into politics or create these solutions, it’ll be too late. We have 11 years to turn things around. As minors, this is the most we can do to be heard.
Adam Jones
Adam Jones - 2 months ago
I disagree with AOC on almost all of her policies, but I like the way this interview was conducted. However, under real scrutiny or questioning, her policies and proposed deal (10 year vision) would fall apart - as it has done.
William Sastard
William Sastard - 2 months ago
Adam Jones at this point, anything other than trickle down scamenomics will be better. Most of the green new deal is laid out with funding. I don't see the problem with it. It helps us where we need it. All it asks is for people to earn what they deserve and the people that have been stealing the profit off workers labor finally pay their fair share. 70% tax on income over 10 million a year will affect people that have been paying zero for 40 years and amassed that income by wage theft. Please research wage theft and corporate welfare. Its been about fucking time to end the free ride for all the entitled lazy elite criminals.
speeda waaagon
speeda waaagon - 2 months ago
This woman is an idiot
Leonard Coe
Leonard Coe - 2 months ago
Fun fact can do your part to make the new deal happen ..render your car inoperable ..walk to work premade products and reuse vegan you grow in your yard without using petrochemicals for pest control ..go pre industrial other words ..good luck and thanks for helping
Sylvia - 2 months ago
She's an idiot.
snow man
snow man - 2 months ago
This chick doesn't live in reality. The green new deal is garbage. She refuses to do a real interview because she's weak
Reticuli - 2 months ago
Agenda 21 renamed and remarketed. You know it's bullshit because they're still not mentioning flex cars or methanol.
Novaasi - 2 months ago
ill informed bint
send it
send it - 2 months ago
SO with this new green deal I can move to the US and get paid because I'm unwilling to work. Thanks, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for funding my lazy ass.
StrangeLove - 2 months ago
But it's a massive expansion of the power of purchase to the federal government. What could possibly go wrong?
David Santosuosso
David Santosuosso - 2 months ago
Ur brainwashed that's the real case!
ncrdisabled Submarine vet
ncrdisabled Submarine vet - 2 months ago
I work in the coal mine for 25 years and i think it will make us lose our jobs
SuperBullies1 - 2 months ago
The Green New Steal is the attempt of radical Leftist to control the World Economy by extreme taxation and lies. While at first, the 1% will be the target, then 30% then 60%. Eventually in the name of "equality," everyone will be under the thumb of an overbearing ruling class. So while we're waiting for our weakly bread ration, members of the "Ruling Class" will be flying above observing the serfs. They naturally will eat better food, live in large homes, drive fine automobiles, and live a life of privilege and opulence. No Green New Steal!
David Aboud
David Aboud - 2 months ago
Why don't they just do the new deal in all the Democrat run cities. Show some leadership and demonstrate how great it is. Ban cars and planes. Force people to renovate their homes and tax local peoples and businesses to cover costs. After about 5 years everyone else will see how marvelous it is and be dying to join up. Or not.
Angelo Jamaica
Angelo Jamaica - 2 months ago
this about says it all
Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton - 2 months ago
Not every government service, performed by government,
should be expected to earn a profit or even break-even, like military protection
from foreign invaders, or healthcare, it’s the duty of government to provide,
protect and serve…
G. Cal
G. Cal - 2 months ago
Rep Ocasio Cortez could be a Human-Alien Hybrids?. I'm really suspicious of her because the way she talks or maybe she under Hypnosis. Human-Alien Hybrids is a demon that possess the body instead of having a soul
Yokie Miller
Yokie Miller - 2 months ago
She should of taken on that moron that went after Kerry. She'd make mincemeat out of him. I am curious as to why the lobbyists are in those congressional hearings. All I can think of is intimidation. Remind those congressmen/women who pays them.
Sophia McGilvray
Sophia McGilvray - 2 months ago
AOC and the Green Ordeal are both bad for America.
Vamonos Recio
Vamonos Recio - 2 months ago
Uneven eyebrows don't trust her it all
Andronico Velarde
Andronico Velarde - 2 months ago
I respect all women around the world, but this one is so stupid.
Jason H
Jason H - 2 months ago
Great tits!
free spirit love to
free spirit love to - 2 months ago
If people don't see how remarkable this lady is and guess what they don't know what is
Shirley Ybarra
Shirley Ybarra - 2 months ago
Shirley Ybarra
Shirley Ybarra - 2 months ago
She better wake up and tell rhe latin PEOPLE the truth about who they represent before you start throwing words around that has nothing to do with the real problem. If you"re only goal is to give FREE HOUSING FREE EDUCATION FREE WELFARE TO THE LATIN PEOPLE YOU ARE JUST A HINDRANCE TO THE PROBLEM. LATIN breeding with black african is the downfall of the latin. WAKE UP OCASIO YOU'RE KIND DOES NOT REPRESENT MY WHITE LATIN RACE That still stems from the original EUROPEAN country. You represent the BLACKS like the the ones who are destroying this country
Shirley Ybarra
Shirley Ybarra - 2 months ago
Ana Ramirez
Ana Ramirez - 2 months ago
latin refers to latin america which is not european in orgin, dingus.
PPS AKA PPS - 2 months ago
This is not a photoshopped picture of a bartender Cortez
Sharon Formation
Sharon Formation - 2 months ago
Gtfo with your bullshit
MrFlyingSourcer - 2 months ago
What is she on? How does she expect to do all of this trash in 10 years? Go back to school you dumb arse
Cathy - 2 months ago
Davethreshold - 2 months ago
What Trump-Trolls are not aware of is that she is FIVE TIMES more intelligent than any of you are. You have to be an intelligent person to realize that, so I do not blame you all for missing it. I kind of pity you.
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini - 2 months ago
“...cautious democrats”... well, duh, they fear shaking up the status quo in corporate wealth acquisition. It’s not just the republicans who are corporatists... It’s a duopoly and both parties are corporatist.
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