Supermodel Doutzen Kroes's Guide to Age-Defying Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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KT Al - 23 hours ago
Wow that's a lot of foundation,she has naturally good skin,she doesn't need it
Leena John
Leena John - Day ago
You don't need any makeup
Christie Romine
Christie Romine - Day ago
OKAY SO I looked up what foundation she used in this video, and found an article listing it as the L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear 24HR Foundation. You’re welcome.
Sonia Baker
Sonia Baker - Day ago
JESSICA BIEL please Vogue!!!!!!
misskitty - 2 days ago
heavy foundation and too much under eye mascara for no reason gorgeous as she is
Bade Uzi
Bade Uzi - 4 days ago
Boyle makyaji ebemde yapar bune ya dalga mi geciyonuz bi bok yok makyajli cikip bizi yiyolar cirkin seyler
moaad5678 - 4 days ago
what foundation is she using???
Vaperkitten Reed
Vaperkitten Reed - 5 days ago
She is stunning, so beautiful....I hate to say I have never heard of here I am not up on models but she is amazing. I will be looking her pics up....Love to all...Kitten
Tiffany Marie
Tiffany Marie - 6 days ago
I miss you on VS ❤️❤️❤️
Giulia - 7 days ago
La mia preferita Doutzen!
Jeanette W
Jeanette W - 7 days ago
I hate that much make up. It's not good for your skin and it's not making women prettier. The opposite. A little make up is better.
Stteella - 7 days ago
What lipstain is that?
Лесёна Лесина
Зачем столько тона? Она красотка и так!
Eva Streit
Eva Streit - 10 days ago
Ahahaha she said "doei"
cali butler
cali butler - 11 days ago
shes so gorgeous
Di 8583
Di 8583 - 11 days ago
I really would love it if you can see what products were used.
JJ YC - 12 days ago
Why cover that immaculate skin with loads of foundation...
Fadwa Debuurt
Fadwa Debuurt - 13 days ago
Loved it !
 - 13 days ago
Lovely look and she is absolutely stunning, but perhaps too much foundation?
Mara Acosta
Mara Acosta - 14 days ago
Margaux Hemingway vibes
jazmar0822 - 14 days ago
The secret to not getting wrinkles is to be expressionless and don't smile too much. Trust me I'm in my 40's and everyone think I'm in my 20's
Bedelia Du Maurier
Bedelia Du Maurier - 14 days ago
Wow! So much foundation! You have such beautiful skin, you don’t need that.
esin sahin
esin sahin - 14 days ago
Please she is not 45 years old. 30s is the best.
Anjelica Violetta
Anjelica Violetta - 15 days ago
This is the most zoomed in vogue video i've ever watch in my entire life
Serra V
Serra V - 15 days ago
Georgina Rodriguez
Serra V
Serra V - 15 days ago
Gal gadot
Franco Valencia
Franco Valencia - 15 days ago
Sister Leah
Sister Leah - 15 days ago
Who else thinks she looks like an older version of lily reinheart
Notice Me ,sempai
Notice Me ,sempai - 16 days ago
“Age defying” bruh women don’t turn to dust when they hit30
Cassandra Diamond Lavender
love it when she lets out a bit of laugh.
Cassandra Diamond Lavender
soo cute. and that's before.
qiannan wang
qiannan wang - 17 days ago
She is so cute and natural
Serife Ruzgar
Serife Ruzgar - 17 days ago
34?! She looks like 44 but in a good way.
Chloe Sachikonye
Chloe Sachikonye - 17 days ago
3 pumps of foundation? my kinda girl
Brandi H
Brandi H - 19 days ago
Too bad nobody in the real world looks like her.
Fen Lin
Fen Lin - 19 days ago
She’s so weird
Ocellaris Saurus
Ocellaris Saurus - 10 days ago
Anny Vitória
Anny Vitória - 19 days ago
Doutzen beautiful
wed nesday
wed nesday - 20 days ago
Most beautiful women in the world 😍😍😍
wed nesday
wed nesday - 20 days ago
I almost always see famous people using their finger to apply foundations, makes me so happy
Lip fillers,Botox,top dermatologist in the city ,top brand makeup and yet you say you’ve a natural beauty! Amen to that
Ocellaris Saurus
Ocellaris Saurus - 10 days ago
But she does have an almost perfect face features tho, even without all of that
Nurul Amira
Nurul Amira - 20 days ago
her lips color amazingg
miyaza754 - 20 days ago
Foundation application 🤔😣
Carmen Marquez
Carmen Marquez - 20 days ago
Love your eyes 🤩🤩🤩
leyre lopez
leyre lopez - 21 day ago
So beautiful
anonymous nation
anonymous nation - 21 day ago
No doubt she's so beautiful with perfect skin...but the dumb thing she did with foundation and lipstick is just not ok....she didn't consider to apply foundation on forehead and the difference was clear....and also who does that finger thing when you have that brush to apply lipstick
makijato veliki
makijato veliki - 22 days ago
Omg, you don't need so much foundation on your face.
unnchy - 22 days ago
Beautiful woman
Ella Bobbie
Ella Bobbie - 22 days ago
When I lived in the Netherlands, my friend's babysitter (Babs was her name) babysitted Doutzen Kroes's children. I'm not even kidding
jeroen roland
jeroen roland - 22 days ago
Oh ik wil met Doutzen op de foto!! Je blinkt als een Prinsesje
Mine Mine
Mine Mine - 22 days ago
Jenny - 23 days ago
Youre so lovely 😘
K.M.J. Coutinho
K.M.J. Coutinho - 23 days ago
I started using eyecream at 48...THAT'S way too late, lieverd... 😀
Meri Dee
Meri Dee - 23 days ago
Wow she's so genuine.
Melisa Maza
Melisa Maza - 23 days ago
She's Grace Kellys clone
Paloma Macedo
Paloma Macedo - 23 days ago
Vogue chama Laura Brito para fazer maks
Katrin Tobing
Katrin Tobing - 23 days ago
Are you kidding me?!?! You're still in your thirties (Doutzen Kroes) doing 'Age-defying glow' makeup?!?
Roller Girl
Roller Girl - 23 days ago
Why isn’t she saying what products she’s using?!! That’s frustrating. She probably won’t tell because it’s no doubt outrageously expensive 🙄
Monique Q
Monique Q - 23 days ago
Anyone know what she uses on her lips please?
Elizabeth Creem
Elizabeth Creem - 23 days ago
6:14 even when she messes her eyebrows up again they still look perfect
Aygul Hashimova
Aygul Hashimova - 23 days ago
Foundation? With her skin??? No way
Esta Qoey
Esta Qoey - 23 days ago
I thought she said," Hi I'm doctor Cruz"
무명의덕후 - 23 days ago
if i looked like her i wouldn't wear any makeup
Hinata Sakura
Hinata Sakura - 24 days ago
At 34 she looks much younger than many vlogers who are in their early 20's. She is a fresh and natural person.
hollyheat1 - 24 days ago
She is so beautiful. I love how she talks about her babies.
Felicia C.
Felicia C. - 24 days ago
Jeezus EFF she is so naturally stunning. Her skin.....!!!
Massiel Perdomo
Massiel Perdomo - 25 days ago
she is real life cinderella
Beloved One
Beloved One - 25 days ago
She is naturally beautiful. Her accent is so soothing. She could put me to sleep in a good way. Stay beautiful. All ages. ❤
Camila Balaguera
Camila Balaguera - 26 days ago
What a perfect human being.
N D - 26 days ago
So beautiful
Mystic Fire
Mystic Fire - 26 days ago
If I had her skin I’d never use foundations or concealer.. she better stop put so much make up on this perfect face
G At
G At - 26 days ago
Love you Doutzen but girl, we gotta blend that foundation on your neck.
Just anyone
Just anyone - 26 days ago
I wish I could also Massage the Foundation into my face the but then you would see all my pimples
Kid Wonder
Kid Wonder - 26 days ago
does anyone know what mascara that is hdjgh
Mari Roberts
Mari Roberts - 27 days ago
As if she’s 34 wtf
jsdreamz - 27 days ago
She's so pretty she can simply do her makeup and still looks like she's going on covers
alev çetingüç
alev çetingüç - 27 days ago
Show us more tutorials please.....
Jessica Caballero
Jessica Caballero - 27 days ago
Eres una Diosa hermosa🙇❤
newchicgal - 27 days ago
With such good skin, there is no need to pile on so much foundation and cover up the skin. What we want to see is the skin, not a foundation face mask. With only one pump of foundation and spreading it on area that needs a little coverage, she will look 10 years younger. Women looked aging because of heavy makeup.
Toot toot Imma dolphin
Toot toot Imma dolphin - 27 days ago
So fun! Easy & beautiful! Your little girl & probably so adorable & fun. Mine is 5 & LOVES make up! I barely ever wear's so funny to see their own personalities show..
whatthe heck
whatthe heck - 27 days ago
Omg sooo much Foundation 🙈🙈🙈
Inna Kolupaeva
Inna Kolupaeva - 27 days ago
Really, I screamed ‚NOOOO!!!‘ in my head when she put foundation on her gorgeous glowing skin. Why? Why? Why? XD
little bird
little bird - 27 days ago
Что то столько тонака нанесла.....и лицо как маска стало. Так неуверенно красятся, видно, что привыкли что их красят, но не они сами...
anny Vitória
anny Vitória - 28 days ago
Doutze tem olhos bonitos além de saber se maquiar 👍
anny Vitória
anny Vitória - 28 days ago
Doutze você é linda 😊
 - 28 days ago
Too much make up for such a clear skin.
Rosa Ortiz
Rosa Ortiz - 28 days ago
Am I the only one that finds the way she speaks super soothing??
Mia Via
Mia Via - 28 days ago
тональный на вв крем?)
Spenderr - 28 days ago
what mascara was that?
Spenderr - 28 days ago
Soooo obvs she is wearing a light application of foundation...
Young Park
Young Park - 28 days ago
Wow ..too much foundation ..even on the ears..
Romina Alamuddin
Romina Alamuddin - 28 days ago
Real life Barbie. I mean and she just started to use creams. Beautiful!
Maria Ljungström
Maria Ljungström - 28 days ago
34 is very young! This ageism must stop its insane
Anna Erofeeva
Anna Erofeeva - 28 days ago
why would she put so much foundaton on if she has naturally gorgeous skin??
ruciokas - 28 days ago
Your skin is so beautiful...Amazing video, thank you :)
Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy - 28 days ago
Where are the names of the products she used. Thanks.
Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy - 28 days ago
Where are the names of the products she used. Thanks.
cherriercheung - 29 days ago
Am I the only one thinking she looks younger and fresher before putting on the make up?
Dada Dud
Dada Dud - 29 days ago
Am i the only one who thinks that she totally looks like Brigitte Bardot
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
Claudia Okyere-Fosu - 29 days ago
Love 💕 it 😊
Abigail Thomason
Abigail Thomason - 29 days ago
I was a little confused that she started her concealer at the outer edge of her eyes so that by the time she got to the tear ducts where her darkness was, there was no product left to cover.
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