Supermodel Doutzen Kroes's Guide to Age-Defying Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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mslenalena1 - Day ago
Doutzen looks just like Grace Kelly😍
Janeen DeRieux
Janeen DeRieux - Day ago
What are the Brands she is using?
Maria Gabriela
Maria Gabriela - Day ago
Am I the only one who thinks that that foundation does not match her skin undertone?
DragonScorpio - Day ago
Absolutely stunning🌼 and lovely to listen to 🌸
Ruth Grady
Ruth Grady - Day ago
She applied gobs of foundation when she actually needed NONE! Really?
Jessica Burchell
Jessica Burchell - 2 days ago
I'm turning 31 in August. I guess I'm treating myself to some eye cream this year! Also, I'm switching back to satin pillowcases only.
Dylan d
Dylan d - 3 days ago
She is so not beautiful looks like an average auntie not a girl .
Laura M
Laura M - 6 days ago
aaaaaaaalllllllllllll models have tinted brows i swear
Li Fong
Li Fong - 6 days ago
Victoria’s Secret owes her a fantasy bra!! Nowadays any girl can get one.
Елизавета Уманец
Yes, do not forget neck, cause the tone colour and skin totally different...
French Anthony
French Anthony - 7 days ago
Total natural beauty!
Sophia Bruscato
Sophia Bruscato - 10 days ago
E ela eh maravilhosa obv
Sophia Bruscato
Sophia Bruscato - 10 days ago
manoo olha o banheiro dela???? que sonho
Deborah Miller
Deborah Miller - 11 days ago
My gosh, she’s so young...why does she want to slather her face in a blanket of concealer and foundation!?
Kelly Le
Kelly Le - 11 days ago
Absolutely stunning I’m just.. wow she is so beautiful
siddhi ubale
siddhi ubale - 14 days ago
You don't need foundation, that was unnecessary!
Rachel - 15 days ago
Half of her neck (natural color) is very fair and rosy and the foundation she brought down to the rest of her neck looks so yellow next to it ...even supermodels can't match their foundation it seems 🧐
Loes n
Loes n - 16 days ago
One of the most beautiful women of the world💗👌👏
Justine Price
Justine Price - 17 days ago
when she lets her hair fall down i think i just died and my mind didn't function for a good ten seconds
Wonder Woman Heart
Wonder Woman Heart - 21 day ago
Amazonian warrior here!
adeline wurzer
adeline wurzer - 21 day ago
she's beautiful but her mama did not teach her well. u need to start taking care of ur skin at like age 13, wether u have good skin or not. she's lucky she's a celebrity and has money or her skin would look awful.
Vale xd
Vale xd - 25 days ago
All the models look very different without makeup,but still very beautiful
Ira Mun
Ira Mun - 27 days ago
anthony anthony
anthony anthony - 29 days ago
Don't doubt Doutzen lol
tricia B.k
tricia B.k - 29 days ago
she looks 40
My Gamez
My Gamez - Month ago
omg she doesnt foundation
tunes4all - Month ago
These tutorials make me feel ugly
pantirapalm - Month ago
She is beautiful and her skin is flawless. But my god, her foundation doesn't match her body at all. It's like her neck is floating because of the thick layer of foundation.
Ranjini Na
Ranjini Na - Month ago
Dude, her skin is perfect! I thought she already put foundation when she started or something!
Saizampuia Gonzalez
Saizampuia Gonzalez - Month ago
You don't need foundation,
Wendy French
Wendy French - Month ago
Pointed down eyebrows are the least of my concerns in the morning. List products please
Gris Silvestre
Gris Silvestre - Month ago
La amooooo ❤️😍😍❤️❤️❤️😍
Mary Lee
Mary Lee - Month ago
Why is she putting on makeup? And what exactly is she trying to conceal, her natural flawless beauty? Ridiculous.
Anny Vitória
Anny Vitória - Month ago
Doutzen kroes beautiful
Fatima Ali
Fatima Ali - Month ago
Beautiful FULLSTOP!
Lisa Chaney
Lisa Chaney - Month ago
She's my fave model, I could listen to her all day she's so ears "little red things" so cute hehe
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Mommy 💓 sending some luv on the way to your husband , baby's and you.
theditti1010 - Month ago
If I were Doutzen...sigh. Doutzen, you can be without makeup, bald, you would be even beautiful.
MimiTheHamster - Month ago
That face doesn’t need makeup. That face was why makeup was created, so the rest of us normies can look like angels too
Ann R
Ann R - Month ago
She has such a calming voice.
Le Belfields
Le Belfields - Month ago
She reminds me of Denise Richards in wild things
Is the beauty of the two equal? Doutzen Kroes or Alessandra Ambrosio
Shirley Chen
Shirley Chen - Month ago
Raíza Fontes
Raíza Fontes - Month ago
eu realmente amei!
Yasmin ؘ
Yasmin ؘ - Month ago
this will b my fav video forever
Tigress - Month ago
Can you please show and list all the products used. If you show all the videos without this information is not very helpful. Thank you
Feis iya
Feis iya - Month ago
Where can you die your eyebrows blonde in the netherlands???
Мария - Month ago
a ton of foundation... this is plaster))))
Janet L
Janet L - Month ago
She's absolutely stunning and her complexion is flawless. One of my fave models
tolya A
tolya A - Month ago
She seems like she is doing make up for the first time by herself.
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