Taking Off My Fat Suit Prank | Connor Murphy

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Jyotir Aditya Maloo
Jyotir Aditya Maloo - 2 days ago
Is face looks so chiseled, how did he manage to fool all those girls into thinking he's fat?😒
Shyam Sharma
Shyam Sharma - 3 days ago
Superb dude
InfoVator - 9 days ago
Your best friend and lover is a mirror.
Lightbolt Gthd
Lightbolt Gthd - 14 days ago
This was so funny man😂😂
Russell westGoat
Russell westGoat - 17 days ago
People don’t understand how hard it is to get abs
ASWAL, DEAGO AH DEAGO - 19 days ago
هههههههههه صدمة ،
Something shocking
Dutch Blades
Dutch Blades - 20 days ago
Narcissism much?
Natasha Fleming
Natasha Fleming - 21 day ago
Elisha Cummings
Elisha Cummings - 25 days ago
kabinkiller - 26 days ago
I feel flexed on and envy him😣😧😦😧
impos sible
impos sible - 29 days ago
np bitch ill slap ur fucking face off if u dont get fat
Noah Thomas
Noah Thomas - 29 days ago
Tui Sigrah
Tui Sigrah - 29 days ago
Such a show off
Nixon Nopticus
Nixon Nopticus - Month ago
Work so hard like an year to get some roast beef vagina drilled by hundreds before you came? Seriously bro grow some dignity. Yuk its like paying 100000 for a car with thousands of miles in the odometer.
Maki - Month ago
How does he not have a girl yet?
Vichev Jr
Vichev Jr - Month ago
Very funny 😂😂😂
DLER - Month ago
Wow how
Nikhil Chugh
Nikhil Chugh - Month ago
No1 said Caloric Deficit 😂
Dynamic entry
Dynamic entry - Month ago
Connor: Hey Siri can you call Bae
Siri: I'm sorry connor but you cannot call your own number.
Muhammad Kaffa
Muhammad Kaffa - Month ago
Albi Pajaziti
Albi Pajaziti - Month ago
I’m jealous
Carson Dunn
Carson Dunn - 2 months ago
What the fuck did I just watch
WhatTheHawk38 - 2 months ago
Men aren't allowed to show off their body they clearly worked hard for? But women are allowed to? You people in the comments need to get over yourselves.
simply soothing
simply soothing - 2 months ago
everyone saying don't hate him for showing off his body since he's worked hard for it, but he can show it off while he's exercising or at the beach, where it can be REASONABLE TO BE SHIRTLESS
My BB Animals
My BB Animals - 2 months ago
I love u guy
Yixsa _YT
Yixsa _YT - 2 months ago
Dumb flex
FaZe 69 Dab MONK-
FaZe 69 Dab MONK- - 2 months ago
What a wanktard
Bryan Max
Bryan Max - 2 months ago
Ah the douchebag channel again. Why is this in my recommendation
gagan vishwkarma
gagan vishwkarma - 2 months ago
Give me some tips for I'm also look like Yours
gagan vishwkarma
gagan vishwkarma - 2 months ago
I'm Your Big fan man
Tayrone Uchiha
Tayrone Uchiha - 2 months ago
esse tem legenda❤️
Mike daknight
Mike daknight - 2 months ago
This dude can't go one episode without taking his shirt off. Presumptuous bastard.
BoshinTV - 2 months ago
Dude has a jaw that could cut through atoms...

“I em fet”
Howdy Partner
Howdy Partner - 3 months ago
Not a hater but can someone tell me what was the purpose of this video? I really don't get it.
Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon - 3 months ago
Women so predictable... no wonder women get hurt so easily... swoon over abs / money. Worst thing is you are addicted to it! God help women of this generation
Tiya Anderson
Tiya Anderson - 3 months ago
Haha I wonder how it feels to have a lumpy belly😂😂
Vidhya Romiyo
Vidhya Romiyo - 3 months ago
I actually want a fit man but not the one with damn abs
farida sinambela sinambela
Connor: take off shirt
Girl: wow six pack
Connor: free tuch
Girl: ok its feel cold
Girl: lick kis
Keishazi aka Keval Patil
Keishazi aka Keval Patil - 3 months ago
I laughed when those ladies said,
"It worked". 😂😂😂😂😂
Alexandra Laye
Alexandra Laye - 3 months ago
To keep it real yes he looks great and he has worked hard for it but at the same time something is just not right
Lights Out
Lights Out - 3 months ago
You’re annoying bro.
EisenhowerRepublican - 3 months ago
Thats the type of dude who cries during sex.
Valeria Citera
Valeria Citera - 3 months ago
So having a little bit fat around the body is a turn off??🤔
Ronimusha fourthirty
Ronimusha fourthirty - 3 months ago
best body in a planet
Durn - 3 months ago
his type is pretty much
Female And Breathing
Graham Cracker 订阅
Graham Cracker 订阅 - 3 months ago
THEESE comments are PRETTY strange..
Douggie G guy
Douggie G guy - 3 months ago
How many phone numbers does he have?
Suhana Singh
Suhana Singh - 3 months ago
In real life you are more fat
riski kurung
riski kurung - 3 months ago
apa gunanya kalian pamer kan otot
Pashmotatoe - 3 months ago
For all you haters, at least he's ripped.
Rigemupp - 4 months ago
Sub to me
Redx Boone
Redx Boone - 4 months ago
Dude I literally did 500 sit ups today
Redx Boone
Redx Boone - 2 months ago
Gray Elite
Gray Elite - 2 months ago
Redx Boone Nice🙏🏻
KwadGamer005 - 4 months ago
This is the type of guy to literally fuck himself
games corner
games corner - 4 months ago
Bad lier 😂💔
Paul Bolin, M.D.
Paul Bolin, M.D. - 4 months ago
What a f***ing douchebag
Jonah Scott
Jonah Scott - 4 months ago
I wish that's how it works
Satanist - 4 months ago
This proof all girls are the same. Whores, Sluts, Hoes, Disgusting And Smelly Ass Still wanna cheat and betray and break boys heart. Wish they all die
sprocky - 4 months ago
This is fucked someone needs to tell this guy that that's not how shit works
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