Taking Off My Fat Suit Prank

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Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon - 3 days ago
Women so predictable... no wonder women get hurt so easily... swoon over abs / money. Worst thing is you are addicted to it! God help women of this generation
Tiya Anderson
Tiya Anderson - 4 days ago
Haha I wonder how it feels to have a lumpy belly😂😂
Vidhya Romiyo
Vidhya Romiyo - 4 days ago
I actually want a fit man but not the one with damn abs
farida sinambela sinambela
Connor: take off shirt
Girl: wow six pack
Connor: free tuch
Girl: ok its feel cold
Girl: lick kis
Keishazi aka Keval Patil
I laughed when those ladies said,
"It worked". 😂😂😂😂😂
Alexandra Laye
Alexandra Laye - 7 days ago
To keep it real yes he looks great and he has worked hard for it but at the same time something is just not right
Lights Out
Lights Out - 8 days ago
You’re annoying bro.
EisenhowerRepublican - 8 days ago
Thats the type of dude who cries during sex.
Valeria Citera
Valeria Citera - 13 days ago
So having a little bit fat around the body is a turn off??🤔
Ronimusha fourthirty
Ronimusha fourthirty - 15 days ago
best body in a planet
Durn - 15 days ago
his type is pretty much
Female And Breathing
Graham Cracker
Graham Cracker - 17 days ago
THEESE comments are PRETTY strange..
Douggie G guy
Douggie G guy - 22 days ago
How many phone numbers does he have?
Suhana Singh
Suhana Singh - 22 days ago
In real life you are more fat
riski kurung
riski kurung - 22 days ago
apa gunanya kalian pamer kan otot
Pashmotatoe - 25 days ago
For all you haters, at least he's ripped.
Rigemupp - 26 days ago
Sub to me
the king
the king - 26 days ago
حلوو 😍
Redx Boone
Redx Boone - Month ago
Dude I literally did 500 sit ups today
KwadGamer005 - Month ago
This is the type of guy to literally fuck himself
games corner
games corner - Month ago
Bad lier 😂💔
Paul Bolin, M.D.
Paul Bolin, M.D. - Month ago
What a f***ing douchebag
Jonah Scott
Jonah Scott - Month ago
I wish that's how it works
-- - Month ago
This proof all girls are the same. Whores, Sluts, Hoes, Disgusting And Smelly Ass Still wanna cheat and betray and break boys heart. Wish they all die
Aiden Wild
Aiden Wild - Month ago
This is fucked someone needs to tell this guy that that's not how shit works
Night Draws
Night Draws - Month ago
Mc Donald Pamphile
Mc Donald Pamphile - Month ago
Nice bto work out more so cool
I just sub
Laina Lain
Laina Lain - Month ago
When he said, "have you hear of Connor Murphy" I got excited thinking he was talking about DEH, but that's just the name of his channel😂😂
Your average Youtuber
Your average Youtuber - Month ago
Connor: Siri call my girlfriend
Siri:witch one
Connor: 😏
Alvi Khan
Alvi Khan - Month ago
Anonymous User
Anonymous User - Month ago
This was posted on my birthday 💀
Ethan's Fun Toys
Ethan's Fun Toys - Month ago
That’s a way to get all the girls
eGeX Frostyツ
eGeX Frostyツ - Month ago
Abs digger
Kevin crumb
Kevin crumb - Month ago
Look at this dude lmao
Stormrage123 - Month ago
Cringe alert
T8 Y33T
T8 Y33T - Month ago
Show Off
Amanda Whitley
Amanda Whitley - Month ago
? He doesn't even look fat
Bill Freeman
Bill Freeman - Month ago
This is super motivational.
@Billy: You don't NEED to be ripped like this. Don't worry about it.
Dude.. go on GoogIe and type in "Unbreakable Confidence"
What you're looking for should be the top result.
Those guides are epic for getting rid of your insecurities and attracting women.
muhd adnan
muhd adnan - Month ago
I like your body very much
yellaBee Cals
yellaBee Cals - Month ago
Connor is my brothers name
Emman - Month ago
The comments have more content than the video hahahaha
Jatt Adventrous
Jatt Adventrous - Month ago
People who do not have six packs are getting offended by his videos lmao
Alyssa Moore
Alyssa Moore - 9 days ago
Then get one
Kaitlynn Hunsucker
Kaitlynn Hunsucker - Month ago
Its literally baggy clothes not a fat suit
Deacon Laymon
Deacon Laymon - Month ago
# lady's man
xVvix xnNix
xVvix xnNix - Month ago
He is so insecure about himself it's not even funny anymore .Connor you are worthy and enough no matter what you look like...
Hussein Ali
Hussein Ali - Month ago
جيد تعرف عربي
C r e a m
C r e a m - Month ago
I personally don't find abs attractive
Reaction Rebels
Reaction Rebels - Month ago
How many numbers dose he have???
Trixxar Par
Trixxar Par - Month ago
Good job on the gym work and diet. But try to gain some self confidence, the begging for approval and need for recognition from strangers is so cringy and weak.
Rebess - Month ago
I ain't close to abs but I ain't hating dang these quotes tho guys he's just doing his youtubey stuff and I ain't saying it cause I'm crushing he ain't my type but the hate tho daaaaaaaaaaamn lol
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