GIANT Go!Go! Curry Challenge (x2) | Tokyo, JP

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Victor - 2 hours ago
You make it look so easy! I tried this plate when I was in Tokyo and I could only get through 2/3 of it. That white rice is crazy man!
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese - 5 hours ago
If my mom watched him eat this I swear lol
randal campbell
randal campbell - 6 hours ago
Morgan has grown on me
Juju On That Beat
Juju On That Beat - 7 hours ago
Lol what makes me laugh is you can actually hear matt stonie inhaling his food sometimes if you look for it. No longer a saying people.
Juju On That Beat
Juju On That Beat - 7 hours ago
5:50 take a lap, it's all over xD
Potato Games
Potato Games - 7 hours ago
Do you eat normally 😂😂
LollipopAnimations 2008
LollipopAnimations 2008 - 8 hours ago
Stephen Curry has left the chat
Nicholas Lai
Nicholas Lai - 12 hours ago
izet hoxha
izet hoxha - 16 hours ago
This dude should be fat as hell eating all that shit
Geebop Baluba
Geebop Baluba - 19 hours ago
Curry is nasty SHIT.
Thien Pham
Thien Pham - 20 hours ago
That is INSANE!!
ボォォーン笑笑 - 21 hour ago
Aki - 22 hours ago
You know you get it free if u eat in 30min? Or at least that was the deal back then. I think they still do it tho!
fghfhg1212121 - Day ago
He should meet some Japanese pro eater
Andre George
Andre George - Day ago
I use to get high off of CoCos in Okinawa, I don't know how at least 1 hasn't made it to New York yet
evicencio31863 - Day ago
mbadmofo - Day ago
It is a freak show, nobody can inhale like the Stoner can.
Prisca G
Prisca G - Day ago
My question is do they throw up after this? Im sorry, but if I eat half of that plate Ill be in the bathroom throwing up or with a massive stomach ache. Also, how doesnt he get fat? I eat lettuce and I look like a cow.
Robert Vega
Robert Vega - Day ago
Bro you're like pac man!! Cheers to you. 🍺
Danny Mccullagh
Danny Mccullagh - Day ago
KiDD ViDD - Day ago
He's in Tokyo doesn't even use chop sticks
Filip Stibůrek
Filip Stibůrek - Day ago
Youre little bit smažka
DreadVill_510 - Day ago
U da man
David Maruli
David Maruli - Day ago
its funny finding someone eat rice using fork
Wee binnie C
Wee binnie C - Day ago
Is it even possible to digest all that?. Or is it a two fingers down the throat job.
K Y - Day ago
俺は日本人だー(I am Japaneseー)
Bud Bub
Bud Bub - Day ago
Matt: eats all this
Toilet: please no me have kids
呉ビングザ - 2 days ago
Koyena Sen
Koyena Sen - 2 days ago
Try Bahubali Thali in India..... it's a Indian platter contain with 35 dishes
Vincii Avanceña
Vincii Avanceña - 2 days ago
Whats the name of the restaurant?
cherry parmar
cherry parmar - 2 days ago
How to increase 5kg Weight in 30min.
Saleh Hashmi
Saleh Hashmi - 2 days ago
honestly I cud eat one tray no probs....
Leandro the
Leandro the - 2 days ago
corbucci eats da um pau em você
Aqui é Brasil porra kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Asian Wanderer
Asian Wanderer - 2 days ago
I could eat one cuz I love curry, but two.... I’d waste it. Looks great though, and congrats.
Rick Maldoo
Rick Maldoo - 2 days ago
モモペンしょう - 2 days ago
greatm mman
greatm mman - 2 days ago
tanboy kun versi bule
Slayer of Demons
Slayer of Demons - 2 days ago
What the fuck dude. I shit bigger than you and you can eat my entire weeks meal plan in one sitting.
Captain Infinite
Captain Infinite - 2 days ago
What did i tel ya?? If you did this combination to the manny pacman challenge you did, You will finish it
Piano kid
Piano kid - 2 days ago
Me:watch Matt stone videos
Me:try too
Stomach exploded
KKomchi - 2 days ago
damn matt your face getting more chiselled
Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali - 2 days ago
How are you thin
blaine gab
blaine gab - 2 days ago
How r u not getting fat? Hahahaha
diegoyo97 - 2 days ago
Dumb Monk
Dumb Monk - 2 days ago
My stomach feels full watching this lol
While eating oatmeal
Kristanto Tan
Kristanto Tan - 2 days ago

Do you speak Japanese!?
If so I am very happy!!!
Joe Smoe
Joe Smoe - 2 days ago
Does your stomach have a portal to another dimension. Where all the food go???? How have your gut not exploded yet.
Krishna Sivakumar
Krishna Sivakumar - 2 days ago
Highway go go

If you know what I mean
Emma White
Emma White - 2 days ago
He literally has the jaws of a model.
Trekkinguy 1701
Trekkinguy 1701 - 3 days ago
Stonie describes his turds
David Reynoso
David Reynoso - 3 days ago
It take me 1 hour just to eat 1 plate
i’m a huge mistake
i’m a huge mistake - 3 days ago
I wonder how he does on the toilet eating things like this. 🤔 this made me hungry btw. 🤤😫
Zulslayer Raids
Zulslayer Raids - 3 days ago
oh that was rice
John Maru Quiring
John Maru Quiring - 3 days ago
Stops time with food still in his mouth. That's not right.
jolo zafra
jolo zafra - 3 days ago
Me: oh. Matt Stonie
Brain: Dont watch it you'll get Hungry
sarabeth sesma
sarabeth sesma - 3 days ago
I thought those plates were photoshopped to look bigger in the thumbnail....
ty brown
ty brown - 3 days ago
Someone please, just tell me... do eaters at this level keep it down or wait 72hrs to poop/breath again?
Samir Mishra
Samir Mishra - 3 days ago
If my Asian mom saw him eat, she would Feed him our whole fridge
kagazuki - 3 days ago
Tape worm?
Bambi Tarantino
Bambi Tarantino - 3 days ago
Eat rice with fork?

Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn
Skylar Hebert
Skylar Hebert - 3 days ago
Truly eats like he is in an anime
pinoi78 - 3 days ago
Looks like an appetizer.
Free Fire - Aokijii11
Free Fire - Aokijii11 - 3 days ago
ssc killa
ssc killa - 3 days ago
Give me 10g weed and I can do this too
Jons Joy
Jons Joy - 3 days ago
Wow ... did they have to carry you out ... cause you couldn't walk 😅😂😂
Jons Joy
Jons Joy - 3 days ago
I legit feel sorry for the camera man ... I start drooling when you start eating 😅
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar - 3 days ago
Hey did u meet Naruto there?
Ramzi Benmerzoug
Ramzi Benmerzoug - 3 days ago
Matt Stonie: Walks into the bathroom

Toilet: Aw Sh*t, here we go again.
lstpyroo - 2 days ago
Been seeing this like 10 times
Avery Daniel
Avery Daniel - 2 days ago
The toilet got too clogged to the point where they had to get a new one 😂
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz - 4 days ago
Man i hate the ratio of too much rice to not enough curry..
mario the great
mario the great - 4 days ago
Holy shit dude. Hats off too you sir.
mad world
mad world - 4 days ago
If Matt stonie turned to a zombie we all screwed
aldira BP
aldira BP - 4 days ago
Doctor :For your health.. chew 30 times
Matt : yes i did.. chew 30 times for a monster plate of curry..
Doctor : -_-
Random VD
Random VD - 4 days ago
2:21 you can't buy that reaction....pure masterpiece
Piotur Mamadoup
Piotur Mamadoup - 4 days ago
1 is never enough for Matt
Arda Abacı
Arda Abacı - 4 days ago
Aman Canan Karatay görmesin
Sofia Grace Nadela
Sofia Grace Nadela - 4 days ago
New from ur channel,
And its really awesome
mạnh nguyễn
mạnh nguyễn - 4 days ago
Thằng này chết chưa?
dangerous guy
dangerous guy - 4 days ago
I'm feeling very hungry so I want one platter. Yes, I can finish one
NightDancer Gaming
NightDancer Gaming - 5 days ago
I just don't get it, if you were like 300 pounds all right, but you are skinny where all the food goes?
Jessica Wiebe
Jessica Wiebe - 5 days ago
Food should be swallowed before the timer ends.
Man you're a beast! I couldn't eat 1/100th of anything you eat.
Jessica Wiebe
Jessica Wiebe - 4 days ago
Philippe van den Dungen thanks for the clarification! My bad...
Philippe van den Dungen
In competitive eating everything that's in your mouth, when the timer stops, counts.
Izuru Kamukura
Izuru Kamukura - 5 days ago
They should pause it when he talks
LastDayonEarthSurvival Gameplay
How r u not overweight?
ML Trollolol
ML Trollolol - 5 days ago
How about Morgan
Alex Ventura-Pski
Alex Ventura-Pski - 5 days ago
That looks soo dank!
Isabella Valencia
Isabella Valencia - 5 days ago
Ten minutes in
Matt: I finished the curry hand me the other one
Steve Pasquale
Steve Pasquale - 5 days ago
The people behind the counter were probly like O_O when he ate it all
Sébastien Humbert
Sébastien Humbert - 5 days ago
You got rid of a lung to have more space in...
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto - 5 days ago
No click bait.right.
Peter Merida
Peter Merida - 5 days ago
Sana ol kahit marami kainin di tumataba..😥😥
Ako ang tagalog na comment na hinahanap nyo!!😁😂
Red - 5 days ago
It low key annoys me that he ate the meat first then white rice after on its own
Derek Holden
Derek Holden - 6 days ago
Oishī. I need to actually buckle down and learn the language, but that's one of the few phrases I remember, and that plate looks the part
Purtty Crispy
Purtty Crispy - 6 days ago
Damm that food looks good
Sassy 〽️
Sassy 〽️ - 6 days ago
how the fuq is he not fat yet
WhosACatImaCat :3
WhosACatImaCat :3 - 7 days ago
let me ask the audience
Thwompthing - 7 days ago
there's this place in okinawa i ate at all the time called something like Cocoichiban and it had the best fake curry I've ever had in my life. their pork and chicken is just phenomenal, and mix that with curry sauce and a bunch of melted cheese and OMFG. oh, steamed rice too. man i miss that place. us military folks were always there. best food i ever had.
John Smith
John Smith - 7 days ago
How’s he not getting fat looks the same in all his videos 😱😱😱
Jackie See To
Jackie See To - 7 days ago
Wow looks good
Yeet Creeper
Yeet Creeper - 7 days ago
Local man paralyzed after eating two Curry’s
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