GIANT Go!Go! Curry Challenge (x2) | Tokyo, JP

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mathew707 - Day ago
After his Food Challenge Matt goes home and asks “Hey Mom what’s for dinner”?
MeLoveUlongtime - Day ago
You didn’t eat the plate
ZeR0's BuLLeT
ZeR0's BuLLeT - Day ago
I literally want this so bad
SquiddyButler - Day ago
If you didn't talk so much you would save time
GOD彡LIKE Gaming - Day ago
Come india and try
Barabus Shibooboo
Barabus Shibooboo - Day ago
How big are his turds the next day tho??
Riyan Suteja
Riyan Suteja - 2 days ago
To indonesia 👍nasi padang
Ramesh Chandarana
Ramesh Chandarana - 2 days ago
When I skipped the video for few minutes he just skipped the whole food
Zombeh - 2 days ago
what jacket is that looks bad ass
California slim
California slim - 2 days ago
5.53 looks like he got a plunger up his ass 🤣
Christopher Flores
Christopher Flores - 2 days ago
You are my hero.
BravoFoxtrot LLC
BravoFoxtrot LLC - 2 days ago
What the hell do you do to burn that off? You must be a super hero!
knight gaming tv
knight gaming tv - 2 days ago
Now u gotta eat the fork......
Realises he's Matt
Oh fuck!!!!
منوعات عراقيه تش بش kinq
منو عراقي اهنا
CallOfPundy1192 - 3 days ago
Two bites left just cuz he wanted to beat 30 minutes lol
RonnyWho - 3 days ago
how long did it stay warm?
アンパンマン - 3 days ago
Boi Stickman
Boi Stickman - 3 days ago
Who the fuck eats rice with a fork?
朝日昇 - 3 days ago
do u know CoCo壱??
there is a very spicy curry:)
try it!!
Ritwik Negi
Ritwik Negi - 3 days ago
2.53 Matt stonie doing Tokyo drift
bhanuv mohan
bhanuv mohan - 4 days ago
Hi Matt I love u so much from India😘😘😘
R3RG彡 ÀLÂÑ - 4 days ago
Go to India and try the India's largest pizza
PT Kharisma Mitra Karya
Berhentilah makan sebelum kenyang
K1ng J4ck
K1ng J4ck - 4 days ago
He forgot to eat the fork
Mega Chris
Mega Chris - 4 days ago
me alergak.0o0 🍤
shahani - 5 days ago
Mat why dont you get fat? Instead your becoming thin...
SaltyGhoul - 5 days ago
Diru - 5 days ago
Rice make it more harder i think
Trewia 92
Trewia 92 - 5 days ago
Japanese Mcdonald's chicken chrispy bun challenge.👉👉👉
Trewia 92
Trewia 92 - 5 days ago
Japanese mcdonald's chicken mc nuggets challenge 👉👉👉
Kaiser Jarme
Kaiser Jarme - 5 days ago
Makes me want to get back to the Philippines and eat Mayinasal
Evil Koala
Evil Koala - 6 days ago
Top 10 visitors you dont want in your wedding
男人完美 - 6 days ago
I can eat one
寝癖大魔王 - 7 days ago
Quakles 3d1
Quakles 3d1 - 7 days ago
Man I’ve been to Japan and I should have been to the exact state in the exact city in the exact restaurant in the exact seat you were on
散歩谷 - 7 days ago
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson - 7 days ago
I threw up trying to do this
Void - Gaming
Void - Gaming - 7 days ago
This roleplay bs has to stop *lmao*
Erlang Erlang
Erlang Erlang - 8 days ago
Its that halal? If its halal i can eat that if i'm in the tokyo
Dark Nirrajim 666
Dark Nirrajim 666 - 8 days ago
Do you smoke weed before eat?
Jamie Rogers
Jamie Rogers - 8 days ago
Dude must have some huge shits
binnie’s - 9 days ago
Matt if you actually make an eating vid without the challenge it’d be totally fine. You can enjoy your food for the video at least for once.
Ameya Chudji
Ameya Chudji - 9 days ago
Except for the hair...doesn’t matt look like shaggy from Scooby Doo. Or is it just me who finds an uncanny resemblance !!!
Robert Martin
Robert Martin - 9 days ago
God dang those platters are massive
BRUH - 10 days ago
i should try eating with fork too
Leonz Fortunato
Leonz Fortunato - 10 days ago
How does it feel gaining 23 pounds in a half an hour? lol
Porkloafking - 10 days ago
How are competitive eaters so small in body size? i don't get it
SkinnyToadd** - 10 days ago
I figured that it was one plate each then I realized it's Matt we are talking about
Soen 101
Soen 101 - 11 days ago
In Okinawa japan it’s called CoCo Curry’s
ロドリゴルーク - 11 days ago
Swaroop s. Naik
Swaroop s. Naik - 11 days ago
Y do u eat sooo much?.. What kind of talent is that? . It's unhealthy! Nd waste of money 🤢🤢
Instead of dumping kgs of food into ur stomach , share ur food to those poor people ..Who rarely eats twice a day. I hope my message reaches u.
And.... This is my opinion 🙂
TrollKiller1PRO YT
TrollKiller1PRO YT - 11 days ago
How the fuck do u eat so much and stay so skinny
SUGA tongue technology A
SUGA tongue technology A - 11 days ago
Kidd_bleedem - 11 days ago
3:03 I know I'm not the only one that hates that... especially when it drops in a bowl of cereal
Pavel Pavlov
Pavel Pavlov - 12 days ago
What is he doing when the challenge is over - sleep or toilet bomb?
Sheina Quirino
Sheina Quirino - 12 days ago
boy rawet
Pursue with Marissa
Pursue with Marissa - 12 days ago
"let's give me an hour." ...finishes first plate in 11 minutes.
امنية صيف
امنية صيف - 12 days ago
من الخطأ الشائع ان تشرب الماء مع الاكل هذا يثقل معدتك و يشعرك بالشبع الشديد
هذه عادة غذائية سيئه
Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar - 12 days ago
How is he so lean
christian cabico delatorre
Try the filipino foodd like dinuguan ang papaitann hehe😂❤
Ivan Kvasov
Ivan Kvasov - 13 days ago
I and I just get a medium portion for my whole family😂😂😂
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