GIANT Go!Go! Curry Challenge (x2) | Tokyo, JP

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Mato Boyo
Mato Boyo - Hour ago
ありがとう ございます
Alex Michalak
Alex Michalak - 2 hours ago
Camera mans laugh 😬
Der Ziegenflüsterer
Der Ziegenflüsterer - 3 hours ago
Was eine maschiene du bist
Rolexo - 11 hours ago
He has to go train he would be a so thick muscle man
Noobyz - 13 hours ago
Nese nese!!!!

David _
David _ - 15 hours ago
new video idea: how many people can I eat before the police catch me
wheezing - 19 hours ago
*_imagine if he did a collab w kinoshita yuta_*
wheezing - 19 hours ago
*_-also he's eating near the toilet-_*
Keano K
Keano K - 22 hours ago
That looks goood
Ronald Thomas
Ronald Thomas - 22 hours ago
I'm gonna call it Harambe curry.
Jacob Czyz
Jacob Czyz - Day ago
wow nice job Matt. 👍🙂👏👏
Defiant Shadow
Defiant Shadow - Day ago
“I’ll give myself an hour” finishes the first plate in 11 minutes
Everyday Bardy
Everyday Bardy - Day ago
Why doesn’t Matt sponsor exlax?
peter Joseph
peter Joseph - Day ago
You sure do more video like this be dope
Scott B.
Scott B. - 2 days ago
Poor taste in the comment about Mark Wiens he's paving the way for other food bloggers fellas.
Anton Carlos Luna
Anton Carlos Luna - 2 days ago
I left Tokyo 3 weeks ago
Michael James
Michael James - 2 days ago
Why dose he eat so much but is still so fuckin skinny?
日向からび - 3 days ago
Goku is proud of you matt
aftershock1 - 3 days ago
Can anyone ID the jacket he's wearing here?
Dee Ess
Dee Ess - 3 days ago
You should do a vid in Japanese 😎
Kewl boi
Kewl boi - 3 days ago
50 bucks for that amount of food that's not bad
Veterans For Trump
Veterans For Trump - 3 days ago
Oh japan. I miss you
Donna Wiri
Donna Wiri - 4 days ago
Not to be mean but who eats near a toilet
Angie Formento
Angie Formento - 4 days ago
Matt please notice my comment. Please do try Mang Inasal here in the Philippines. Then let us see how many rice can you take 😁😁
Sip 'n' Season Sundays'
Honestly that look good af.... I’m just still confused on how competitive eaters can open up their throats to eat such large chunks.
塩おにぎり - 4 days ago
NaibPlays - 4 days ago
Mat stonie: eats all this-
Toilet: *I'm gonna end this man's whole career*
NaibPlays - 4 days ago
matt finally bought a new phone
Profesor459 - 4 days ago
You proved to be the real pig. Congratulations and I wish you a lot of luck not to shit into your Asian pants.
Shaky Ÿ
Shaky Ÿ - 4 days ago
Matt stonie: *eats in 10 minutes*
Indian moms: hold my seasoning
Leda Niezle
Leda Niezle - 4 days ago
Now go and Throw everything up.
Like you always do.
ボールチョコ - 4 days ago
Gogocurry is from Ishikawa.🍛
I live in Ishikawa.
So I am very happy.😂💖
Thank you for eating.❕
I am always cheering for you from Japan.🇯🇵
Davian - 5 days ago
It hurts my ears when you bite the fork.
Musket 1107
Musket 1107 - 5 days ago
Alondra Rojas
Alondra Rojas - 5 days ago
Fork: * falls into curry*
Morgan: “now you gotta eat the fork”
May V
May V - 5 days ago
Oh I’ve been there it’s good
koukiこうき - 5 days ago
Jon the Misunderstood
Jon the Misunderstood - 5 days ago
"Matt eats this"
"Some guy walks by"
Guy: woah holy crap you ate all that?!
"Japanese guy walks by"
Japanese guy: meh
PointingOutObvious - 6 days ago
That restroom is conveniently right next to him. 😂😂😂😂😂
Reaper Sykko
Reaper Sykko - 6 days ago
2:20 Spot on Strictly Dumpling impression.
enderbrine 420
enderbrine 420 - 6 days ago
Aren't you supposed to stop the time after you finished what was in your mouth
LIMIT HITMAN - 6 days ago
Imagine if Matt is your roommate 😂
くじらねこ、 - 6 days ago
Pralay Aryan
Pralay Aryan - 6 days ago
U stuffed 5 kg in ur tummy? How man? How how how.
Miguel Celocia
Miguel Celocia - 6 days ago
》Los Random《 Del Fre Fire
Eres mi herue
0c0cpcpcpc k
0c0cpcpcpc k - 7 days ago
Soakinzx - 7 days ago
That looks like rice and beans with steak and lettuce or cheese but looks so good
Krillin 1993
Krillin 1993 - 7 days ago
Matt Stonie You ate the famous giant dumpling in Tokyo? If so did you filmed it?
uhavemooface - 8 days ago
I know the toilet you used probably doesn't work anymore.
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