How The Bucks Went From One Of The Worst Teams Ever To The Best Team In The NBA

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Patrick Berg
Patrick Berg - 33 minutes ago
Great stuff insightful almost completely forgot about how they got Khris Middleton. Tiny bone to pick I don’t think they had long term plans for Monta Ellis they just wanted Bogut gone and whoever was behind the scenes that liked Monta Ellis was pushed out. At least that’s what I remember and stuff I was able to find from the newspaper. You might have a larger sources or more accurate information. That’s why I said tiny bone. Also, this is the first time I’ve watched (and I have subscribed) and don’t know how you pick topics and I realize interest in the Bucks is very limited but I would be interested someone with your talent to look back at the end of the Big Three of the Bucks when they went against the Sixers for conference championships in 2001 and why George Karl And/or others destroyed that team and traded Ray Allen to Sonics for Gary Payton who before and after trade said he would never stay in Milwaukee. I’ve always thought there must be more to the story and it looked to me it was purposeful and done on purpose to hurt Herb Kohl( owner)
Cooper Hoover
Cooper Hoover - Hour ago
Um you forgot about Brooke Lopez!!! He’s been a huge key.
Bleb Han
Bleb Han - 4 hours ago
Teams passed up on Giannis because they can't pronounce his name.
Bleb Han
Bleb Han - 4 hours ago
One of Bob Myers' few failures: Drafting Nedovic
Bleb Han
Bleb Han - 4 hours ago
Long story short, they drafted Giannis, and got rid of Jason Kidd.
Andre Bobowicz
Andre Bobowicz - 21 hour ago
Amazing video
Mah B
Mah B - Day ago
Totally disrespectful to brandon knight
Lebrick James
Lebrick James - Day ago
There not better than the warriors
Abhi Pokhrel
Abhi Pokhrel - Day ago
Eric bledsoe "I dont wanna be here" LOL
Pablo B
Pablo B - Day ago
Best team in NBA? How many rings they got?
OmniscientVirtuosity - 2 days ago
Way to shit on my boy Brandon Jennings... Smfh
Chicagorilla - 2 days ago
Is it just me or does Brandon Knight and Jennings look alike only because they have the same name😂😂
Craig Andrew
Craig Andrew - 2 days ago
That bj and Ellis and ersan and Larry sanders lineup got me to fall back in love with basketball even tho they weren't going anywhere
Diskubre Channel
Diskubre Channel - 2 days ago
this should how Lebron carry the CAVS before but he chose the easier path
now Giannis is a lot better than the self-proclaimed GOAT
Jeffrey Zheng
Jeffrey Zheng - Day ago
Cavs front office trash man
j jones
j jones - 2 days ago
Coach Budenholzer quit on the Hawks.
Perkens Labbe
Perkens Labbe - 3 days ago
Yall telling me u didn't see that guy double dribble
HectorelFather17 - 4 days ago
Forgot to mention ownership change. The new owners have made an incredible impact on this organization
836 MatSunBri
836 MatSunBri - 4 days ago
The NBA should make a rule where teams that win under 25 games are out of the top five lottery pick. That pushes those bad teams to at least make an effort to wins some games. Fans don't deserve watching their team tanking!
Aaron Gordon
Aaron Gordon - 4 days ago
Tanking takes both skill and luck. Teams like the sun has been tanking for a decade and they still haven’t made any upside turn around yet even with the talents of booker and ayton.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - 4 days ago
Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings fused sand turned into giannis
KingK21 !!!
KingK21 !!! - 4 days ago
Redd had a fantastic career.
Nathan Hulten
Nathan Hulten - 4 days ago
Bro could you imagine if instead of taking Jabari in 2014 just to let him walk, if they took Embiid! Giannis and the Process on the same team would blow minds
will ordonez
will ordonez - 5 days ago
Best team in the NBA?? I’m sorry I didn’t realize they beat Golden state for the Championship!!
Cluckles - 4 days ago
Golden state < dog shit
Smokey - 5 days ago
Bucks Did A Big Combat It’s Crazy I Hope They Win The Playoffs all the way they need a game plan to stop golden state
Niloc100x Niloc100x
Niloc100x Niloc100x - 5 days ago
I’m getting 2004 Detroit Pistons vibes!
Nuno Diniz
Nuno Diniz - 5 days ago
Conclusion: if you wanna build a great team, get rid of monta Ellis.
KTD PLUTO - 5 days ago
The only time I've ever been proud to live in wisco besides packers
KTD PLUTO - 2 days ago
+twistr much of it
twistr - 2 days ago
U got cheese
Phillip Moore
Phillip Moore - 5 days ago
The best team in the NBA? Lmao
Jason - 5 days ago
he means based on record.. we all know that they have to still prove they can do it in the playoffs ... step 1 get out of the first round
caca yang
caca yang - 5 days ago
no love for brook lopez
Mr. Reese
Mr. Reese - 6 days ago
Great video. I liked how you broke down the Bucks' rise to prominence.
snow hedh
snow hedh - 6 days ago
Remember when there was no fans😂
Richard W
Richard W - 6 days ago
Take notes New York Knicks
Strugglebus181 Ps4
Strugglebus181 Ps4 - 6 days ago
Because of the logo change
410 Fblockcart
410 Fblockcart - 7 days ago
From 100th place to #1 victory royale
eksentrysyti - 7 days ago
So the trick here is to get Monta Ellis, let him play a few years, and then get rid of him. Then do some GM stuff, and a few years later, you get a top seeded team that has a good chance of winning a championship. Or three.
Worked for GSW. (Going for 4 rings now)
Working now for MIL. (Next team to be winning rings)
Will work for DAL in a couple more years. (Doncic and Porzingis? Just a couple years of fermentation and some extra help away from being $$$).
Jason - 5 days ago
more sad is that they turned down taking Stephen Curry for Andrew Bogut and chose to take Ellis instead. hhhhh
Anthony Joseph
Anthony Joseph - 7 days ago
The Bucks went from “I’ll take the lower seed” to “Tell the Eastern Conference and Warriors we finna pull up right now.”
Juicello - 7 days ago
What is the worst basketball team(s) currently in y'all opinions? I'd have to say the Nets, Wizards, Knicks and Hornets
Marcus Paolo Patam
Marcus Paolo Patam - 4 days ago
Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch - 7 days ago
How the warriors went from finals champions to finald champions to soon to be finals champions in 3 years....
Jaron Thompson
Jaron Thompson - 7 days ago
Anyone who ACTUALLY watches the Bucks, was not surprised by this year. Coach Bud was better than expected though 🤔
Jack park
Jack park - 7 days ago
DEfinitely not the best team in the NBA. that title still goes to Golden State until someone beats them in the Finals.
Melissa Schein
Melissa Schein - 4 days ago
With Demarcus Cousins getting injured, and maybe having to play the Rockets next round, good luck at winning another championship.
Derek John
Derek John - 8 days ago
You left out the ground breaking impact of signing Brook Lopez for like 3 mil
Walter Brown
Walter Brown - 8 days ago
The Milwaukee Bucks This Year ! NBA CHAMPION ! A Great Turn around Season ! If they can get through the first two rounds and when the NBA Eastern finals ! To me are they capable to beat the Golden State Warriors in the finals ?
Deven Dean
Deven Dean - 9 days ago
11:35 he said on the radio he was talking about the barbor shop he was at, at the time of the post 😂🤣🤣
GrandeFree Foundation
GrandeFree Foundation - 9 days ago
It’s makes me laugh that Anthony Bennett got drafted 1st overall and Greek freak 15th
Ingagi - 10 days ago
It does take patience, but it primarily takes luck. They're lucky they drafted and kept this 15th pick named Giannis
Campion - 10 days ago
its weird how much this video downplays just how much their success is based on giannis becoming a generational type player
Cyclonexman - 10 days ago
No mention of Monroe which was a notable free agent signing, which led to the Bledsoe trade
Savagebaum - 11 days ago
Imagine their being a video like this but with the Browns in the future
AKUMA K 86 - 11 days ago
its not luck it's just a nBA push. look for a new face of the nBA.
talclipse - 11 days ago
Oo people.ive seen this team too many times in the past.their ceiling is the ECF but nothing else.they will not get out of the east nor beat the Warriors..
Lucas Liso
Lucas Liso - 12 days ago
How about how they went from the best team ever (Wilt Chamberlain era) to one of the worst ever (as it was stated here)
iNameless - 12 days ago
You didn't have to take a shot at the Suns we already know the suck😭
Alphalamb Allegiant
Alphalamb Allegiant - 12 days ago
i still remember giannis being called poor man's durant in the early years. now hes an MVP player.
Shadows - Day ago
+Arion Starks "Ya'll know who I am!" -KD
Arion Starks
Arion Starks - 2 days ago
Alphalamb Allegiant Well he was. He had no shot and his game was very raw.
Pharsyde - 3 days ago
+Uğur Yılmaz duh Giannis is an underdog and he is better than KD hoe ass
Uğur Yılmaz
Uğur Yılmaz - 8 days ago
my interest in nba and giannis started lately, so i didnt know they called him that. that some harsh shit tbh. i'd say he performs better than KD imo. right now.
Bishme Rodriguez
Bishme Rodriguez - 12 days ago
I def think it's the freaks development but what you got to realize is that coach budenholzer also coached the Atlanta Hawks and back in 2015 the hawks had the number 1 seed in the even though its a surprise to see the bucks be the number 1 seed in the east but than again it's not because coach bud is one hell of a head coach
PackerBronco - 12 days ago
How do you turn a franchise around? It's take time, patience, some luck, good decisions ... AND GIANNIS
Jecky Cai
Jecky Cai - 12 days ago
FlyHigh Gaming
FlyHigh Gaming - 12 days ago
You could have just said they got Giannis
Jethro Matas
Jethro Matas - 12 days ago
It's all because of their great Coach Budenholzer... He understands the team and really knows how to use Giannis... #CoachOfTheYear #CoachBud
turdle2080 - 12 days ago
People need to give Brooke Lopez way more credit than he gets for this turn around. the Bucks went from being a completely mediocre defensive team, and terrible rebounding team to being the top of both those lists. Lopez does not have gaudy rebounding stats because he is ALWAYS clogging the lane, coming over to help on penetration, leaving the rebounds for giannis and the others.
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix - 12 days ago
The Pacers are going be deadly next year when fully heathy.
Omnipotent Being
Omnipotent Being - 13 days ago
1.) You left out the two most important pieces on the Bucks and that's the new owners in Wes Edens and Marc Lasry the Hedge fund billionaires who decided to run the Bucks like they do their business and attempt to crush everyone as fast as possible. They made all the moves. If they made a mistake they got rid of the mistake and plugged in the right piece to the pulse
2.) You forgot Splash Mountain in Lopez who's been a solid addition at the C position. He's a great rim protector and three point shooter for a big.
3.) You also forgot about George Hill who was recently the starting PG on a championship caliber team. He will provide them with solid vet leadership and experience in the playoffs while coming off the bench.
4.) They acquired Paul Gasol as well. He might not be playing yet but I can see him contributing some solid minutes off the bench in his final games in the postseason.
LouRok AP
LouRok AP - Day ago
Arnold Siador fave
Arnold Siador fave - 13 days ago
The bucks organisation trusted in their young core to develop become what it is now...meanwhile the lakers lack of it that they traded russel, randle...and again trying to trade their young core just for the sake of lebron's demand, who is already a 'has-been'...
Aristos Miliopulos
Aristos Miliopulos - 13 days ago
Good job
Michael Caruth
Michael Caruth - 13 days ago
Brogdon is now a member of the 50-40-90 club!
Ugo Eze
Ugo Eze - 13 days ago
You should do an opposite Milwaukee video on how Phoenix has become a dumpster fire; even the Nets are pulling their weight.
To paraphrase an old saying: the Suns of yesteryear is not walking through that door.
Tranzik - 13 days ago
Normal injury: 4-5 weeks
NBA injury: 800 months
cpthurme - 13 days ago
I really enjoyed watching the team with Brandon Knight, Zaza and co. Specifically Knight. He wasn't a positively impactful player, but I enjoyed his strengths such as first step and explosive attacking at the rim.
roque mercado
roque mercado - 13 days ago
Coach B is a very under rated coach, but very effective
Real XDFB - 13 days ago
Make a video on how stupid the lakers were to trade for Lebron and sell russel.
chris k
chris k - 13 days ago
List of what has made the Bucks from worst team to best team in the league
1) Giannis (GOAT)
2) Coach Bud (Team ball much better system than kids system)
3) trading Brandon Knight for Middleton
4) Drafting ROTY Brogdan (Most effecient player in the league)
5) Letting injury prone Parker walk. Allowed cap space to make moves for Lopez and Mirotic
6) Singing Bledsoe. Perfect point guard to play with Giannis due to his defence
angelo glorioso
angelo glorioso - 4 days ago
They traded Jennings for Knight, Middleton was 1 of the pieces thrown in to make the salary cap math work out.
Rai Reys
Rai Reys - 13 days ago
once this team got out of first round playoffs..You will see a deja vu..Championship after championship like jordan and pippen does.
Pinkjesus Pk
Pinkjesus Pk - 13 days ago
Not the best team but ok
Ryan Ramirez
Ryan Ramirez - 14 days ago
gsw vs bucks... refs make it happen lol
Ryan Ramirez
Ryan Ramirez - 14 days ago
Giannis already has it..what he need was go signal from coach and confidence....
Ryan Ramirez
Ryan Ramirez - 14 days ago
simple.. its 3words only.. gi aa nniss
Rodrigo N.
Rodrigo N. - 14 days ago
Just look at the Spurs man. Never tanking, always players from free agency or from their developement program on the G league... alongside having the greatest coach ever
Zero Chub
Zero Chub - 14 days ago
14 min video just to say GIANNIS
Avery Magpayo
Avery Magpayo - 14 days ago
imagine dirk on the bucks
-- - 15 days ago
Kidd defense was the real issue. 25 in the league. Jesus. The offense was boring ISO stuff but it was still a Top 10 offense.
c j
c j - 15 days ago
Denver is better team than Bucks, as are GSW
christopher kettler
christopher kettler - 16 days ago
Gianis that is
christopher kettler
christopher kettler - 16 days ago
This is why teams shouldnt tank
JBreeze99 - 16 days ago
All the best teams in the NBA draft great players later in the draft or traded for a higher pick if they have it. Teams need to stop talking
CezrDaPleazr - 17 days ago
Bucks are nice
CezrDaPleazr - 17 days ago
Brandon Gette
Brandon Gette - 17 days ago
They were so bad because of what happened to Larry Sanders.
John Snakes
John Snakes - 17 days ago
They drafted that guy out of Greece, that’s why. Pretty much the only thing you had to say for this video
Azeema Rifaat
Azeema Rifaat - 17 days ago
Notice when ginnias changed his hair he started to become the mvp
The Slug Boi
The Slug Boi - 17 days ago
"How did they do this?"
How else? Giannis the Greek Freak!
Driver Nirvana
Driver Nirvana - 17 days ago
Could have summed up this video in two words: Coach Budenholzer
The guy coached a team with a starting five of Al Horford, Paul Millsap, DeMarre Carroll, Kyle Korver, and Jeff Teague to 60 wins and an Eastern Confernce Finals berth. Even went undefeated for an entire month (never been done before or since).
I was confident that if he went to the Bucks, he would transform them into a championship contender. Coach Bud was Coach Popovich's assistant for 17 years before taking the HC job in Atlanta, and by far Popovich's best apprentice. He knows how to develop and make the most of the talent he has, so it's no shocker that Giannis exploded with an MVP-caliber season.
Never had a superstar player--finally got one in Wisconsin. I always thought he's a top 5 coach in the NBA, but he kinda sucked as a GM. I was bummed to see him leave Atlanta, but honestly, I don't miss him. I like Coach Pierce and what the Hawks front office is building in Atlanta.
I got the Bucks in the Finals. They have what it takes to beat Golden State.
alberto cisneros
alberto cisneros - 18 days ago
Does this video implies that the Bucks are better than the Warriors?
Tom s
Tom s - 18 days ago
And the bucks still get disrespected by nba media and analyst. We can win 70 games and nobody is going to give us credit they will pay attention to James Haden’s 50 point game but fail to mention he went 6-23 from 3pt. Stephen a is a retard that says Milwaukee cannot be successful because it is a small market in a not so great tourist attraction
Brian H
Brian H - 18 days ago
Key to success is to not trade your young players away after 2 years in the nba
* cough * * cough * Lakers
Jeremy Austin
Jeremy Austin - 18 days ago
I'm not a sports fan anymore but good luck to the bucks I'm glad their finally having a great season
Zorain - 18 days ago
best team? you need atleast 1 championship to be called best team in nba ..thats a good joke though lol
NamesJeff - 19 days ago
I would like to know the names of "this guy" in the video instead of doing research myself...
jacobi so cool
jacobi so cool - 19 days ago
Aye this is the guy from agent 00 channel when he was trolling swante😂
Nightowl333 - 19 days ago
Could you even imagine if the Bucks would have drafted Joel Embiid instead of Parker that year!? My god that wouldnt even be fair. Its amazing how in hindsight one draft pick can be so important. Luckily it still worked out.
vsd bts
vsd bts - 20 days ago
the most impactfull player on Bucks game is Brook Lopez
DJ November
DJ November - 20 days ago
when giannis is gonna euro step, you know yo fucked
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