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String Theory
String Theory - Day ago
She is saving a lot of time by not saying parmesan and pepper but "parm" and "pep". Great tip!
Kerri Janelle
Kerri Janelle - Day ago
looks delish! will definitely try 😋
JFW - 2 days ago
It cant be a one pot pasta dish if you're using 2 pots to make it.
Richard Gumede
Richard Gumede - 2 days ago
Just tried this pasta out and it is amazing!!!!
Sweet Techno
Sweet Techno - 2 days ago
That’s terrible...
Tia Trevino
Tia Trevino - 4 days ago
I guess had my stove to high because it came out stringy :/ or maybe it’s cause I added mozzarella?
Lizzie Brooks
Lizzie Brooks - 4 days ago
"This is a 12 minutes video on how to boil pasta and add cheese"
Sara Kellner
Sara Kellner - 5 days ago
I made this with sharp white cheddar cheese and it’s one of the best Mac and cheese recipes I’ve ever had! I’m never making Mac and cheese with a roux again!
Rajesh Tiwari
Rajesh Tiwari - 6 days ago
I love you
Rajesh Tiwari
Rajesh Tiwari - 6 days ago
Aniyah Cotton
Aniyah Cotton - 6 days ago
This is literally Alfredo but okay
George Semel
George Semel - 6 days ago
Not Mac and Cheese, it's just milk pepper and some parm on some shells, give me a break. I don't know how anybody can eat that boxed mac and cheese or even call it that. I am just a curmudgeon and you can do what you want, I have better uses for good Parm than for this.
Sprinkles 91
Sprinkles 91 - 6 days ago
please show us how to make a simple calzone! pleeeeease pretty please. gooey cheese inside, seasoned crust on top omg..
Sprinkles 91
Sprinkles 91 - 6 days ago
uhg, im to lazy for 2 pots today and my back hurts reactions really?:(
Sprinkles 91
Sprinkles 91 - 6 days ago
but she never told me what the unicorns name was😥
TeddyBear1287 - 7 days ago
1 pot meal = at least 2 pots and a couple more dishes
Abbey Ross
Abbey Ross - 7 days ago
I’ve been researching Mac & cheese and everyone makes their Mac differently. It’s interesting.
blondaibonsai - 8 days ago
When she said mouthfeel, I thought of Contrapoints 😂😂😂
August Denys
August Denys - 8 days ago
Is my hearing wrong or did she say this was a one pot recipe? Because I clearly see two...
Armando Gamboa
Armando Gamboa - 8 days ago
Not hating but why our girl Molly always look like she just escaped from some religious cult deep in the American Southwest?
Skywolf Games
Skywolf Games - 8 days ago
I tried making this and it tasted way to salty, I couldn't eat it.
Lawrence Patrick
Lawrence Patrick - 8 days ago
Camera needs to be closer so I can smell the pasta better.
Jebbie - 9 days ago
“It only needs a tiny bit” proceeds to add a handful of salt
Cory Becker-Warren
Cory Becker-Warren - 2 days ago
That was like two teaspoons lol
Edkaszwagrakobitybrat 1
Wtf is this... she has no fckn clue what's she doing...
Esoteric Wisdom Keeper
Esoteric Wisdom Keeper - 9 days ago
“The pasta water was seasoned”
Bratwurst Burger
Bratwurst Burger - 9 days ago
This is basically the Alfredo Carla made with different pasta
Hanae El Menani
Hanae El Menani - 10 days ago
This is the recipe Kalen reacted to 😂😂😂😂
Canela26 - 8 days ago
Hanae El Menani YESSS LOL i saw his video too, and he was right. Its bland and under-seasoned and really basic. Not good at all. I agreed with his reaction 100% xD. I think the people she gave it to taste at the end didn't like it either and thats why they didn't show their reactions lol.
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown - 10 days ago
This is barely mac and cheese never mind adult? Its literally 3 ingredients? Salty pasta water and strong 'parm' cheese? Wheres the roux? Wheres the breadcrumb top? Wheres the multiple cheeses including a MUST have cheddar? Wheres the bacon? xD
Foxsisters 625
Foxsisters 625 - 9 days ago
someone said it!
ches darko
ches darko - 10 days ago
i want her to be my gf
missmarauder2 - 10 days ago
This is barely a mac and cheese, let's be real.
Xinpackard - 10 days ago
Unseasoned mac & cheese
Irene Williams
Irene Williams - 10 days ago
I’m so happy to see someone else finally NOT using a roux for mac n’ cheese. All my friends and family think I’m crazy when I don’t but my pasta always come out delicious so.. 🤔😝
Levy Nguyen
Levy Nguyen - 10 days ago
Would have loved to see what happened in that pot where Molly cooked the sauce
Mirosalmar - 11 days ago
Where is the garlic at?🤭
Alyse H
Alyse H - 11 days ago
Mmmm creamy...watery...parm sauce...
"It's not quite thick enough"
Adds more water....
Nadien - 11 days ago
*Kalen has entered the chat*
Delphine Ndiaye
Delphine Ndiaye - 11 days ago
So the only ‘seasoning’ is pepper......okay
blondaibonsai - 8 days ago
Delphine Ndiaye What else do you put in your Mac n cheese? I like mine the way she made it but then garlic might be good too
Jimmehftw - 11 days ago
"It only needs a tiny bit" - smashes a whole handful of salt into the pasta. Americans. No wonder you're overweight and heart diseased.
Jessie Baker
Jessie Baker - 11 days ago
If this is the one that Kalen reacted to, then I'm afraid
NerveyNerve93 - 9 days ago
Jessie Baker it is 😂
Marcus Savina
Marcus Savina - 11 days ago
There's zero shills on youtube that sell me ANYTHING..... but when molly recommended that pepper grinder, I almost bought it immediately
ri394 - 11 days ago
Jenna Kirsch
Jenna Kirsch - 12 days ago
She loves her cheese
Brittney Wright
Brittney Wright - 12 days ago
I have never in my life seen macaroni and cheese prepared quite like this. I'm shook
Bruno Trujillo
Bruno Trujillo - 12 days ago
Amazing, now a video titled "I make Mac and cheese on Molly"
Laura Lindsay
Laura Lindsay - 12 days ago
Did Kalen reacts react to this?? I just watched him react to a recipe almost identical and he lost his mind lmao hilarious. I dont think I want to use pasta water....
Edited for spelling
Laura Lindsay
Laura Lindsay - 11 days ago
+Hye-Jin Kweon probably why I am not a chef. Hahaha and serve my family boxed mac and cheese. Everyone loves a good ol box of KD
Hye-Jin Kweon
Hye-Jin Kweon - 11 days ago
Most chefs use pasta water.
SeaBass - 12 days ago
Love that pasta wourder.
Alfred Banuelos
Alfred Banuelos - 12 days ago
Baked mac with panko crumbs is the only way to eat it
bennihaha87 - 12 days ago
I know this didn’t taste good at all
Michael Fahlgren
Michael Fahlgren - 13 days ago
It's not a one pot..
Etien Jasonson
Etien Jasonson - 13 days ago
5 ounces of Parmesan?!? That’s some costly Mac & Cheese...
Linus Ajenat
Linus Ajenat - 13 days ago
Devin Bauer
Devin Bauer - 14 days ago
It bothers me so much when people call any noodle and cheese dish “Mac and cheese” since the Mac is for macaroni specifically not for all your ol small pasta
Devin Bauer
Devin Bauer - 11 days ago
Rainyciin we are all free to have differing opinions. Not a big deal.
Rainyciin - 11 days ago
+Devin Bauer I know, I was tired when I posted that. Though I still disagree with the idea that you shouldn't call any pasta with cheese sauce mac and cheese.
Devin Bauer
Devin Bauer - 12 days ago
Rainyciin Mac and cheese is a noun not a pronoun. A pronoun would be ( I, she, he, they, it, etc.) those are words that take the place of a noun where as Mac and Cheese have a very clear definition being a descriptive noun.
Rainyciin - 12 days ago
Why? If someone told me they were making noodles and cheese I'd assume they were making noodles and putting cheese in them. "Mac and cheese" is a pronoun now, not a description.
Francis Eyre
Francis Eyre - 14 days ago
Thomas Hughes
Thomas Hughes - 15 days ago
This feels closer to cacio de pepe then mac and cheese, but its literally macaroni with cheese so what do i know
Devin Bauer
Devin Bauer - 14 days ago
Thomas Hughes except it’s not macaroni it’s conchiglie sooo there’s that....
ellie - 15 days ago
That looks bland as hell
JumLee - 16 days ago
Is Molly ENGAGED?!?!?
Nah Iduntolja
Nah Iduntolja - 16 days ago
I want to like Molly but she is definitely bottom tier BA staff. Her videos just aren't interesting 🤷🏻‍♂️
Pluveo - 16 days ago
Why isn't anybody talking about the mouthfeel?
L Martinez
L Martinez - 17 days ago
So basically it’s and Alfredo sauce and shells were used instead of fettuccine.
L Martinez
L Martinez - 14 days ago
Abigail Bent. traditional Alfredo doesn’t use cream. That is typically added as a cheaper option to parmigiano reggiano. Traditional Alfredo is butter and parmigiano reggiano melted in which creates the creamy texture. However many chefs are using cream now because just butter and parmigiano becomes quite expensive.
Abigail Bent
Abigail Bent - 14 days ago
Alfredo is usually make with cream, and ""authentic"" Alfredo isn't made with milk at all. So 🤷
Riley Kendall
Riley Kendall - 17 days ago
Kayla burget
Kayla burget - 17 days ago
Kalen was right, to say the least lmao,
And she must really love to say the word emulsified 😂
Joe Grasso
Joe Grasso - 18 days ago
Thats 2 pots dumass
makenna Hutchinson
makenna Hutchinson - 18 days ago
Honey! that is Alfredo not Mac and cheese
byron Rideaux
byron Rideaux - 18 days ago
I'm sorry but that monstrosity was not even remotely close to Mac and Cheese, first of all your supposed to use Macaroni noodles, multiple types of cheeses, and an oven so the top layer can be crunchy, what this woman made was some boiled shells with some cheese that dissolved in the water, FYI you don't use parmesan cheese in mac and cheese
a1b2changed - 18 days ago
Its not "adult" mac n cheeze. Its just "white people" mac n cheeze
a1b2changed - 18 days ago
Never trust the recipe of someone who calls black pepper "black pepp".
a1b2changed - 18 days ago
I am sorry that looks really bad and bland
Champion Animations
Champion Animations - 19 days ago
I think kallen on Ellen reacted to this
Champion Animations
Champion Animations - 17 days ago
+Delaney Dalton yeah it bothered me too, but Its not him, it's the producers that chose it
Delaney Dalton
Delaney Dalton - 17 days ago
Yeah he did. It kind of bothered me that he muted a culinary chef and critiqued her even though she was explaining everything she was doing. There are many flop Mac and Cheese recipes, but he choose to pick on this one for some odd reason.
sophie - 20 days ago
molly never sounds sure of herself
Jygga - 21 day ago
The comment section really knows how to sour a guilty pleasure like Bon Appetit...Supposed to fun and lighthearted and all about food, yall mad over her using two pots...😤
Ramon Toyens
Ramon Toyens - 21 day ago
Sicky wicky
Erik Arnald
Erik Arnald - 22 days ago
She is so cute
Francisco Leite
Francisco Leite - 25 days ago
I wonder if Chris amazing posture is real or just for the camera. Either way I'm proud of him.
Grace El
Grace El - 26 days ago
Made this and it was delicious! Would recommend taking all of the pasta out of the pot straight after you are done cooking. We left the leftovers in the pot while we ate and the remainder of the sauce split :( still yum though! Also added sautéed brocolli for a bit of veg and it worked really well
b1hunid - 28 days ago
I had your food baby this morning. I'm so in love.
Laone Mokgosi
Laone Mokgosi - 28 days ago
I really love this channel. 🙌🏾
Moritz Lederer
Moritz Lederer - 29 days ago
I have a feeling molly is watching brooklyn 99
jazmin zavala
jazmin zavala - Month ago
fxing boring. whoops.
Charlene FR
Charlene FR - Month ago
really makes me think of their alfredo recipe, why don't use more than one cheese?
Jasminder Sikka
Jasminder Sikka - Month ago
Very unhealthy
Oxim2100 - Month ago
2:55 where is your affiliate link in description for this pepper mill
Michael Mosseri
Michael Mosseri - Month ago
Watching this on Passover (can't have most wheat products) wanna kms
M Gil
M Gil - Month ago
Like that there is no flour to deal with!!
NotTheStatusQuo - Month ago
Seems suspiciously like Alfredo.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson - Month ago
Am I the only one really bothered by all the dishes being called mac & cheese that don't even use macaroni?
Sristy Mohanty
Sristy Mohanty - Month ago
Is it just me or does she really resemble Dakota johnson
ANgEL oF DEaTH - Month ago
molly watch "food war" anime if u like making food
Chris James
Chris James - Month ago
Damn when you going to make somthing that doesn't cause heart disease or diabetes
Michaela Diaz
Michaela Diaz - Month ago
I know the chefs at BA are pretty liberal with salt but I really think Molly and the loved ones she cooks for need to get their BP checked. I made this recipe and it was SO good before the addition of the saltiest pasta water of all time.
W B - Month ago
"pro chefs"
Jessie Maduka
Jessie Maduka - Month ago
The Queen of emulsified sauces
Hindope - Month ago
So you used 2 pots, lmao
Illiyas Yefanov
Illiyas Yefanov - Month ago
Rusty Sword
Rusty Sword - Month ago
Pretty weird looking macaroni - haven't seen macaroni shaped like conchiglie before
hyam e
hyam e - Month ago
I know this tasted weak as hell
QQ - Month ago
Doesn't it damage a blender if you run it without a liquid?
W B - Month ago
yes and no. yes, if you run it without a liquid and full of diamonds and rocks and wired straight into a 1000v generator. no, if you are grinding a soft delicate cheese inside it for literally 3 seconds.
W B - Month ago
think about what you're saying.
Shelise B
Shelise B - Month ago
Might as well have stuck to the Annie Mac and cheese .. least favourite BA recipe 🤢🤕🤮
Joel Borden
Joel Borden - Month ago
Shelise B agreed. And her delivery leaves a lot to be desired.
William Hadrian
William Hadrian - Month ago
Molly has changed the way I look at Pasta water, other cooking vids talk about it, but Molly actually executes its use quite often, and I appreciate it
g - Month ago
she's really cute
Richard Carson
Richard Carson - Month ago
molly's milkers all day err day
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